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Prescription cialis Last week Angel Pagan arrived late to $iti Field, prescription cialis the Mets had no problem with this since Pagan contacted management that he a family issue to take care of.  No problem. Prescription cialis The next day while I was reading the Daily News, prescription cialis it was reported that Pagan was taking his daughter to the doctor and afterwards got jammed up in traffic getting to the game. Prescription cialis Again no problem, prescription cialis but was it any of our business that Pagan was late due to taking care of his daughter ?  No.

Prescription cialis A.J. Prescription cialis Burnett shows up at Camden Yards with a black eye. Prescription cialis He goes on to pitch the Highlander’s to victory, prescription cialis when questioned after the game about how he got yoked in the eye, prescription cialis Burnett gave the MSM nothing. Prescription cialis When Pee Wee Cashman was asked about the black eye he said it wasn’t any of his business and if Burnett keeps pitching like he did Friday with the eye, prescription cialis Pee Wee would look to blacken his eye at every start. Prescription cialis HA HA HA so funny.

Prescription cialis Highlander pitching coach Dave Eiland leaves the team for about four weeks in June for what was called personal reasons. Prescription cialis When asked about Eiland , prescription cialismanager Joe Girardi told the media he was taking care of a personal matter and that’s all you’re getting.

Prescription cialis Staten Island Yankees pitching coach Pat Daneker, prescription cialis lost his World Series ring when after spending a night in a drunken stupor with a prostitute. Prescription cialis The story came and went. Prescription cialis Were any of these stories our business? Nope and the Highlanders made sure it stayed that way.

Prescription cialis How is it the Highlanders get to clam up on incidents involving their personnel but the when a Mets player takes his kid to the doctor the details are printed in the paper’s ?

Prescription cialis Maybe when The Skill Sets re-configure the front office and the way the baseball ops does business, prescription cialis they also pick up from the Highlanders the gift of allowing no leaks to the press and also letting them know when to go fuck off.

Prescription cialis Blogging at this site will be sporadic over the next week as I’ll be on the move as our office is getting a face lift with a badly needed paint job and a new carpet. Prescription cialis Our office could have double as a set for the old NYPD Blue TV show. Prescription cialis So during the daytime I’ll be all over the city but mostly in Queens with no computer access. Prescription cialis So anything  I do post will be at night if I’m not exhaust from gallivanting from boro to boro.

Prescription cialis

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