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Viagra pfizer 50 mg The NY Mets are looking for a few good Moms to join in a panel discussion giving feedback to the club on how to make the Citi Field experience better as a family event. Viagra pfizer 50 mg  This is quite an astute move made by the club as any man with kids knows it’s Mom who keeps everything progressing in the right direction.

Viagra pfizer 50 mg Moms never fall asleep on the couch when watching their kids. Viagra pfizer 50 mg Moms never hold up take out menus and say “what would kids like for dinner? Italian? Chinese? Or how’s about a trip to Micky D’s? And no woman who has ever bore children has ever sat down and watched Sponge Bob Square Pants and laughed out loud? None. Viagra pfizer 50 mg You know why? Moms have that special pragmatic way of handling things that Dads are just not equipped with. Viagra pfizer 50 mg  So the Mets reaching out to the Moms of the fan base is quite frankly a stroke of genius.

Viagra pfizer 50 mg The organization is trying to make a strong effort to make your day at Citi Field one you would want to do again. Viagra pfizer 50 mg Let’s be honest here, viagra pfizer 50 mg the male baseball fan can deal with a dirty bathroom or a rude usher and a Schmohawk or two acting up with the hops and barley hit their brain, viagra pfizer 50 mg but Moms do not tolerated any of that and I’m sure the women who sign up for this panel will have ideas and opinions on how to make a day at Citi Field one that is enjoyable and find practical ways to utilized the staff and amenities at Citi Field in a better more efficient way .

Viagra pfizer 50 mg I still don’t think even a panel of Moms can work to get Dads to admit that short cut he knows to beat the traffic on the Grand Central was a big mistake.

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Cialis samples It’s nice that the teammates Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez have left behind in the Mets clubhouse have nothing but high praise and fond memories of their released comrades but as has happened in the Mets clubhouse over the last few years, cialis samples the big picture is out of focus, cialis samples it is no longer business as usual as the new front office has made it known accountability is back in Flushing.

Cialis samples Maybe that’s why Jose Reyes is a bit stunned by the event of the past few days. Cialis samples He’s never seen anything like it before in his 8 years as a Met. Cialis samples There has never been accountability in the clubhouse, cialis samples the former GM and managers made excuses the way parents do for their delinquent kids. Cialis samples Thankfully those days are over. Cialis samples Last year the Mets put up a sign in the clubhouse proclaiming Prevention and Recovery in dealing with injuries, cialis samples this year’s motto should be “Produce or Get Cut Loose”

Cialis samples Enough of the negativity here are some positive vibes as we stand one week away from opening day 2011:

Cialis samples The Mets pitching staff overall has been terrific this spring, cialis samples pitching to a 3.87 ERA (good for 5th best in the NL) It helps that the defense has been tight, cialis samples committing just 22 errors.

Cialis samples As a team, cialis samples  the Mets have hit at a .267 clip, cialis samples drilling 53 doubles and more importantly 83 walks good for 3rd most in the NL.

Cialis samples Ike Davis and Daniel Murphy lead the team in Rib-Eye Steaks with 10 apiece

Cialis samples Scott Hairston is hitting a blistering .425/.500/.725

Cialis samples When Chin-Lung Hu was obtained from the Dodgers he was known as great glove shaky bat but so far this spring he’s gotten 10 hits in 34 AB’s of the 10 hits 3 were doubles plus he stolen 2 bases.

Cialis samples Chris Young and Chris Capuano have been more than effective this spring. Cialis samples Young has thrown 20.1 innings with a 1.33 ERA and a miniscule 0.89 WHIP. Cialis samples Capuano has pitched 10.2 innings with a tidy 1.03 WHIP and just two walks. Cialis samples  

Cialis samples Last night I was a guest on the Who’s On First: The Seamheads . Cialis samples Com Radio Hour for a panel discussion to make our picks for division winners, cialis samples wild card, cialis samples pennant and World Series winners along with league MVP’s and Cy Young Award winners. Cialis samples It’s would be well worth your while to check out the podcast as there were some real out on a limb picks by the panel with great  analysis to back them up.

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