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Similar cialis When I turned on my computer this morning there was a e-mail from the New Yorker with a link to a story written by Jeffery Tobin about Freddy Skill Sets and the rise and fall of the Skill Sets financial world. Similar cialis There are quotes it seems from Bernie Madoff, similar cialis that makes both Freddy and Uncle Saul look like a couple of patsies when it came to finances.

Similar cialis The real bombeshell though is Freddy’s take on some of players, similar cialis these comments are sure to start a violent shit storm with the Mets fan base.

Similar cialis The piece is long and I’m going to read it now so here’s the link so you can get a gander of it for yourself. Similar cialis Sometime later this morning I’ll be back with some comments but from reading Mets Blog and Adam Rubin’s Mets Blog this morning, similar cialis losing two of three to the Highlanders will be a fart in the wind after this story gets it fill of eyeballs.

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Viagra drug interaction I agree 100 % with Terry Collins that Luis Castillo should have gotten to camp early since his job is on the line. Viagra drug interaction You would think a guy who the majority of Mets fans look at with distain and a big part of the failures of past management knowing that there are three guys lining up every morning in St Lonesome, viagra drug interaction auditioning for the manager to be the next Mets 2nd base Idol. Viagra drug interaction No matter which side of the Castillo fence you fall on, viagra drug interaction every Mets fan has to agree that at this stage of his baseball career, viagra drug interaction Castillo cannot just waltz into camp with a cavalier attitude that was tolerated in years past in this organization. Viagra drug interaction  Whereas Castillo would have been met with and hug and a laugh by management in the past he will now be greeted with a “Where the fuck have you been”? It’s about time.

Viagra drug interaction My doubts about Terry Collins are starting to lessen. Viagra drug interaction When I met him at the Mets Christmas Party the first questioned I had for him was about getting this team to be more aggressive and passionate and to stop being patsies for the division. Viagra drug interaction I told Collins in my opinion, viagra drug interaction every team in the NL East thinks of the Mets as a bunch of chumps, viagra drug interaction how do you change that mind set? Collins assured me that was one of the first things he wanted to change. Viagra drug interaction He tried not to disparage his predecessor but he said he agreed with me about the team allowing the opposition to intimate them and it will be a big part of his job to change that immediately. Viagra drug interaction  From reading John Harper’s story today, viagra drug interaction it looks like Collins has started his one for all all for one campaign:

Viagra drug interaction Indeed, viagra drug interaction the new manager of the Mets thinks it’s important to instill some toughness, viagra drug interaction some brothers-in-arms spirit, viagra drug interaction in his ballclub. Viagra drug interaction Remember the famous Chase Utley take-out slide of Ruben Tejada last September? The one the Mets took without retaliation?

Viagra drug interaction Collins wouldn’t have stood for such a passive response.

Viagra drug interaction “In Philly there would have been a fight, viagra drug interaction” he said Friday, viagra drug interaction “no doubt about it.”

Viagra drug interaction Collins made it clear he wasn’t looking to criticize Jerry Manuel when I asked him Friday how he would have handled such a situation. Viagra drug interaction In fact, viagra drug interaction he said a manager always walks a fine line on such matters, viagra drug interaction as not all players respond well to being put in a position where retaliation is expected.

Viagra drug interaction “But there’s still an unwritten code about how to protect your teammates, viagra drug interaction” Collins said. Viagra drug interaction “So I do believe in situations like that, viagra drug interaction there’s a right way to handle it.

Viagra drug interaction “And that’s something that starts right here in spring training. Viagra drug interaction That’s going to be part of my message on Monday when I speak to the team. Viagra drug interaction We’re going to bring a team together and we’re going to watch each other’s backs.”

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