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Real cialis online Here they are your 1979 NEW YORK METS…………………

Real cialis online Marc Carig who covers the Mets for NEWSDAY after working the Highlanders beat asked a question on Twitter the other day about the Mets of 2012 and how they compared to the Mets of the late 1970’s. Real cialis online The late 70’s had the same feeling of despair and by 1979 Shea Stadium had become a place Mets fans avoided (attendance of 7, real cialis online000 a game were the norm back then) The negativity from Mets fans still centered over the trading of Tom Seaver to the Reds in 1977. Real cialis online That alone makes the late 70’s far far worse in my eyes than what’s happening now in Flushing.

Real cialis online There are some stark parallels between the 70’s and what’s going on now in Flushing, real cialis online ownership was a problem then as it is now. Real cialis online In October of 1975, real cialis online Joan Whitney Payson died and nearly took the Mets franchise with her to the beyond. Real cialis online Her husband Charles Payson wanted no part of running the Mets so it was left to his daughter Lorinda de Roulet and the dastardly rat bastard M. Real cialis online Donald Grant. Real cialis online Where Mrs. Real cialis online Payson had no trouble spending money on the team, real cialis online( she wanted desperately to bring Willie Mays back to NYC after see acquired the Mets she made an offer to Horace Stoneham to name his price for the contract of Mays. Real cialis online  In one of the few times that Stoneham was lucid he turned the offer down) Grant held on to every penny.

Real cialis online Today the Mets biggest problem is ownership and its lack of financial resources, real cialis online not just to add talent but to make mistakes disappear like Jason Bay. Real cialis online The team is in a free fall right now that has a very 70’s feel t to it and what makes this second half gag job so bad is 2013 looks no better. Real cialis online Why?, real cialis online because no one in the Mets ownership group can come out and tell the truth about the teams financial status. Real cialis online Management wants its most prize possession, real cialis online its season ticket holders, real cialis online to make a financial investment in the team in the form of purchasing tickets but won’t let them know what they are buying into, real cialis online so why would anyone buy in?

Real cialis online The biggest problem with this ownership is their lack of transparency as opposed to the 70’s when we knew that M. Real cialis online Donald Grant was a miserable pick and he had no problem living up to that reputation. Real cialis online  This lack of being truthful with the fan base has turned Sandy Alderson into Fred Astaire. Real cialis online Whenever Alderson is interviewed, real cialis online the first question is always about payroll and what it will be next season, real cialis online at this point is when Alderson pulls out the straw hat and cane and does the ol’ Wilpon soft shoe. Real cialis online  

Real cialis online I’ve never understood why the Skill Sets could never be honest with their fan base? You would think that someone in the organization would try to get them to change the way they disseminate their message?  I’ll give the Skill Sets this much, real cialis online as inept and awfully clandestine they are in conducting their baseball business , real cialis online they haven’t reached M.Donald Grant status yet on my despicable meter but knowing them they’ll keep trying.

Real cialis online If you haven’t read Jason Fry’s piece on the Faith and Fear site please go read it now. Real cialis online Hopefully someone in the organization will show this to Freddy Skill Sets and try to get him to realize the Mets fans may be leaving the piss off stage of fandom to the apathetic stage of who gives a shit?

Real cialis online I don’t know how Terry Collins does it night in and night out trying to put a positive spin on the ineptness of his team. Real cialis online  Collins is treading on dangerous ground here going from a guy protecting his players to looking like he has no clue. Real cialis online Bobby Ojeda has been as big a Collins supporter as there is but last night even he couldn’t take it anymore calling out the players for sitting out claiming they’re tired. Real cialis online Ojeda went on a rant about how that’s the difference between a winning team and a losing team. Real cialis online He was 1, real cialis online000 % on point. Real cialis online For once I’d love for Collins to come out and say that he’s let his team know that the difference between being a winning team and a losing team is desire. Real cialis online Right now the Mets seem to have no desire to finish strong, real cialis online something Collins has been preaching during this second half slide. Real cialis online It’s not throwing his players under the bus; it’s holding them accountable by calling them out for playing lousy baseball.

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Zocor alternative viagra Time for some Metscellaneous:

Zocor alternative viagra I thought Terry Collins struck the right cord with his State of the Team address yesterday, zocor alternative viagra why strive for mediocrity and why put that type of thinking in his players heads. Zocor alternative viagra Collins has to make this team believe they can play with any team in baseball, zocor alternative viagra that’s his job and his players have to know that they are being held accountable.

Zocor alternative viagra All I know about Johan Santana status so far is what I read from the folks in St. Zocor alternative viagra Lonesome covering the team, zocor alternative viagra and it’s great that TC feels Santana will be his opening day starter but I’ll stick with my Memorial Day weekend target date for Santana.

Zocor alternative viagra Ruben Tejada will report to camp by Saturday, zocor alternative viagra he would have been in camp already but he had visa problems. Zocor alternative viagra Every year there is always a player (Ronnie Paulino last year) who has issues with their papers to play baseball in this country. Zocor alternative viagra You would think this would be #1 on their to do list in the off season.

Zocor alternative viagra Charlie Samuels is an A-1 scumbag who got off rather easy from ripping off the Mets for the years he did. Zocor alternative viagra Samuels was fined and given probation but no jail time for stealing Mets uniforms and other items that he got autographed and held on to, zocor alternative viagra to supplement his retirement fund, zocor alternative viagra plus he has to make financial restitution to the Mets, zocor alternative viagra and the State and City of New York. Zocor alternative viagra Samuels worked for the Mets for 34 years which means he started back in the Payson/DeRoulet era and now is banned from Citi Field, zocor alternative viagra MCU Park and Digital Domain Park as well. Zocor alternative viagra  Good riddance Charlie, zocor alternative viagra and shove those black jerseys and caps up your arse.

Zocor alternative viagra The Mets are one of the teams that Scott Kazmir has on his list of teams he’d like to sign with. Zocor alternative viagra Sorry Scott your ship has sailed and we have no place for an Oliver Perez wanna be.

Zocor alternative viagra Check out this outstanding job by Rob Castellano putting together Mets Jeopardy

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As much as the Mets tried to give the Pirates last night’s game they couldn’t as the Pirates are well, generic viagra the Pirates.  Watching the Pirates and realizing their seventeen years of sucking at baseball, generic viagra The Beatles Let It Be plays in my head with a few changes in the lyrics:

When i find myself in times of trouble

Mother Payson

 comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom, generic viagra

  be grateful  you are not a Pirates fan

Jon Niese stepped up big last night putting forth an effort that could force the Mets to keep reusing Ollie Perez MRI showing his tendonitis over and over again (would anyone object to seeing OP on the 60 day DL? I didn’t think so) Niese had great velocity and command of his fastball and his curve his is out and out nasty.  In fact he went with his fastball early in the game then mixed his break ball and off speed pitches in a nice blend later in the game as his 95 pitches were spilt in an outstanding 67/28 K/B. Generic viagra The other impressive part of Niese game last night besides zero walks was his mound demeanor which was calm, generic viagra cool and collected. Generic viagra I know this start was against the Pirates not exactly a NL powerhouse but it was still had to be a big confidence boost to Niese.


Forget Gary Sheffield, generic viagra Ryan Church better not turn his back to the north of the state as the F-Mart buzz is getting louder.

Still no sign of Brain Stokes. Generic viagra I’m starting to wonder is there really a Brian Stokes or is he a figment of my imagination?

Com’on  Koos you got to pay the IRS man, generic viagra Hopefully Koosman won’t be in jail when the 69 celebration takes place.

I want to like Ed Coleman I really do. Generic viagra I’ve met him and he is a great guy but he gives you NOTHING during his Mets reports on WFAN. Generic viagra This morning he was on with Richard Neer and Neer asked about rumors that JJ Putz has had some arm trouble and all Coleman could say was “I don’t know about that” How can you be around the team everyday and not know if Putz and the Mets are hiding something here. Generic viagra Com’on Ed put a little effort in the job will ya.

J-Man is hit with a one game suspension for bumping inept umpire Bill Welke. Generic viagra If Manuel gets a game off, generic viagra Welke should get at least a 5 game seat for that embarassing wrong call of interference. Sandy Alomar Sr. Generic viagra runs the Mets today 



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Link online suggest viagra Lift a Rheingold today Mets fans it’s our brithday:

Link online suggest viagra The new National League entry is New York is officially named the “Mets.” Not Metropolitans, link online suggest viagra just Mets. Link online suggest viagra At a ceremony at the Savoy Hilton, link online suggest viagra owner Joan Payson swings a bottle of champagne and after three unsuccessful whacks turns the job over to a waiter who uses a bottle opener. Link online suggest viagra The “Mets” was the choice among the 10 finalists: Continentals, link online suggest viagra Burros, link online suggest viagra Mets, link online suggest viagra Skyliners, link online suggest viagra Skyscrapers, link online suggest viagra Bees, link online suggest viagra Rebels, link online suggest viagra NYBs, link online suggest viagra Avengers, link online suggest viagra and Jets. Link online suggest viagra The original list was 644 names from 9, link online suggest viagra613 suggestions. Link online suggest viagra The Metropolitans nickname had been used by the New York American Association team in the 1880s.

Link online suggest viagra via baseball-reference.com/bullpen

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