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Viagra facts uk Last night on Pro Baseball Central, viagra facts uk we had Brian Costa, viagra facts uk Mets beat writer for the Newark Star-Ledger on as a guest and when I asked him how things were down in St. Viagra facts uk Lonesome, viagra facts uk he felt bad about letting us know the weather is very Un-Florida like, viagra facts uk temps in the upper 30’s and 40’s, viagra facts uk as he knew as we were speaking, viagra facts uk  we here in the NY Metro area were in the midst of a snowstorm.

Viagra facts uk I know it’s the “in” thing around these parts to bitch and moan about this awful winter weather and believe me I’ve had enough of this shit as much as the next irate New Yorker , viagra facts uk but what gets me is the shock of some people that the month of February sucks, viagra facts uk weather wise that is. Viagra facts uk It’s always sucked. Viagra facts uk It’s winter, viagra facts uk we live in the Northeast get over it.

Viagra facts uk Speaking of last night’s PBC, viagra facts uk in addition to Brian Costa, viagra facts uk we also had John Delcos join us as well as Mike Henderson of Nationals Pride, viagra facts uk who gave us some great insight into the Nationals and what to expect from the DC team this season. Viagra facts uk So while you’re vegetating during this “Snow-Acain” click on the to the podcast here at Kranepool  Society or at our page on Blog Talk Radio and sit back, viagra facts uk relax and be entertained .

Viagra facts uk One more piece of news about myself and Blog Talk Radio. Viagra facts uk I’m putting together my own radio progam on the network called, viagra facts uk THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN, viagra facts uk and the first episode will air tonight at 11PM ET. Viagra facts uk This will be like a test run and will run until 11:30PM but this Wednesday March 3rd, viagra facts uk  I will do a full hour show  that will air live from 5PM to 6PM ET (when you first start a show on Blog Talk Radio your options are a bit narrow)

Viagra facts uk Whereas PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL is a Mets intensive show, viagra facts uk THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN will encompass all news and views from MLB and a smattering of other sports topics that are newsworthy. Viagra facts uk I also want to bring on bloggers and baseball writers from other teams to get a more broad view of the happenings  around MLB. Viagra facts uk  But a big part of what I want to do with THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN, viagra facts uk is to interview authors of baseball and other sports books along with folks at SABR who write outstanding essays in the various publications that SABR publishes.

Viagra facts uk I’ve received a lot of books and publications and after I read them, viagra facts uk I find myself asking questions on how the subjects were researched and many more who, viagra facts uk what, viagra facts uk where and how’s.

Viagra facts uk I am in touch with many of these writers and bloggers and I’m putting together a guest list, viagra facts uk so you can keep checking here at Kranepool Society for those announcements and if you’d like to be a guest on the show just drop me an e-mail at sinymets@aol.com

Viagra facts uk So if you’re up late tonight tune in and call in the call in number for THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN is (646) 727-2465

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Maybe it’s that phenomena of the Mets playing down to the competition as they come off a 2-4 abbreviated road trip against the Bucs and Nats the suck and suck more teams of baseball and now the biggest three weeks of the Mets 2009 season starts tomorrow here in the Greatest City on the Planet against the Phucking Phillies in the biggest series of the season.


To start off this series I sat with an enemy correspondent , pfizer soft viagra Bill Bear of Crashburn Alley who has been a guest on PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL and a guy I like to e mail back and forth during the season as I like to be an annoying ball breaker but even though Bill has a major character flaw being a Phucking Phillies fan he’s a good guy and is always great when he comes on PBC and I like his in depth stat work on Crashburn Alley so click here to read the Q & A I did with Bill .


Over at Jorge Says No they have a very good interview with Wally Backman who is now managing in the Northern League for the Joilet Jackhamers. Pfizer soft viagra Backman of course would love to get a shot at a big league managerial job and the hard work as a player and perseverance as a manager at the most obscure outposts of baseball only make his resolve stronger. Pfizer soft viagra Maybe some day he will be back in Flushing where his work ethic and passion for the game would be a boost for the organization and the fans.


Doug Branch at Mets Merized Online is getting drawn and quartered for a post that suggests that the Mets might look at being sellers and if they do maybe Carlos Beltran would be the guy to trade. Pfizer soft viagra Well if you read the comments Branch is called out for not only suggesting that the Mets become sellers but think about trading Beltran. Pfizer soft viagra I won’t speak for Branch but as for myself I’ll say I don’t want the Mets to be sellers and I don’t want to deal off Beltran but as I wrote in a post over the weekend maybe it’s time for the front office and ownership to take stock in what it is the team and what this franchise is looking to accomplish. Pfizer soft viagra The reason I think like this is that as much as I think Omar Minaya has done a pretty good job he could do much better and I never feel like there is a plan in place or a course of action for this team. Pfizer soft viagra Sure Omar went out and retooled the bullpen to the point it’s one of the best in baseball but he never addressed the need for a left fielder with power and seems to be more enthralled with finding players left on the side of the curb than being creative in making a deal for bona fide major league talent. Pfizer soft viagra


It is good though to see the Mets fan exuding passion like the commentators are doing on that site and of course here. Pfizer soft viagra Too bad that ownership is to inept to realize what a great fan base they have.



The Mets Police checked out the cuisine at Highlander Stadium and found it to be overpriced and bland just like its tenants.


After watching my kid’s soccer games yesterday I had to make a trip to the mall to buy a sports jacket (one that didn’t have METS or an NY on it but a sports jacket that adult men wear. Pfizer soft viagra The two that I own are way too big and my son is graduating from grammar school this Friday and I need to dress up like a grown up so hence the sports jacket. Pfizer soft viagra I guess it’s a shame that a soon to be 51 year old man owns just two pair of slacks but 12 pairs of jeans, pfizer soft viagra and has more than 200 t-shirts and maybe three dress shirts, pfizer soft viagra one pair of shoes but  2 pair of Cons’ 3 pair of running shoes, pfizer soft viagra 2 pair of basketball shoes, pfizer soft viagra and 2 pair of baseball cleats and the only neck ties I have are hand me downs from my brothers. Pfizer soft viagra I’d be more than happy to live everyday in shorts, pfizer soft viagra a t shirt, pfizer soft viagra flip flops and my Mets cap) when I returned home I relaxed by watching the Padres-D’Backs game that went to 18 innings. I picked the game up in the 10th inning and when it ended in the 18th I realized the D’Backs bullpen did not give up a hit from the 10th to the 18th inning an extra inning no hitter! The D’Backs blew a 6-0 lead and the Padres had shortstop Josh Wilson pitch the 18th and he almost got out of jam with two on and 0-2 count on Mark Reynolds before Reynolds put one just over the right field wall. Pfizer soft viagra Wilson by the way was a D’Back just a month ago before he was claimed by the Padres. Pfizer soft viagra Even stranger was of the 27, pfizer soft viagra000 plus who were in attendance for the beginning of the game morphed into empty seats by the 18th inning.


I’ll leave you with this from Henry Aaron on the release of Tom Glavine and the apology from John Schuerholz:


“I wouldn’t have said anything if I were John Schuerholz. Pfizer soft viagra I think that was a mistake, pfizer soft viagra because it was a no-win situation in his case, pfizer soft viagra as much as [Schuerholz] tried to patch up the differences, pfizer soft viagra” Aaron said. Pfizer soft viagra Then he laughed, pfizer soft viagra adding, pfizer soft viagra “This is the first time I’ve ever been on management’s side. Pfizer soft viagra I mean, pfizer soft viagra Glavine got paid very well through the years to play here, pfizer soft viagra and there’s never a good way to handle these situations. Pfizer soft viagra But if you’re the Braves, pfizer soft viagra you’ve got to throw those kids out there and let them pitch. Pfizer soft viagra If you’re Glavine, pfizer soft viagra you have to be gracious enough to step aside.”


Why don’t the Glavines of any sport do so? “The hardest thing for anybody — especially athletes — is to wake up in the morning and realize everything has stopped for them, pfizer soft viagra” Aaron said. Pfizer soft viagra “The cheering. Pfizer soft viagra The booing. Pfizer soft viagra The traveling. Pfizer soft viagra All the things that you used to be doing are no longer there, pfizer soft viagra and it’s hard for you to realize that, pfizer soft viagra along with the idea of losing all of the money that I made. Pfizer soft viagra It’s just not there any more.


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