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How to make your own viagra You know who I feel bad for in this whole Michael Bourn saga? The young man the Mets draft with the 11th pick in the entry draft because if he doesn’t turn into the next coming of Willie Mays or Walter Johnson he will be scared for life.

How to make your own viagra So the Mets finally free up money to make not only a competitive offer but an offer that Bourn was eager to sign, how to make your own viagra if the reports are accurate, how to make your own viagra that Bourn’s first choice was the New York Mets. How to make your own viagra So a bit of a silver lining for Mets fans to embrace here that the Mets were in position to make an offer on a free agent and the free agent wanted to be a Met. How to make your own viagra The only thing it seems between Bourn flying around Citi Field as a Met or going elsewhere was that priceless 11th pick and Scott Boras doing his Scott Boras thing, how to make your own viagra taking his clients best offer and trying to get an even better best offer. How to make your own viagra  Remember his midnight phone call to Pee Wee Cashman when Carols Beltran was to become a Met where he all but begged Pee Wee to match the Mets offer. How to make your own viagra While it seems that the Mets and Bourn were just a signature away, how to make your own viagra Boras came back with an offer from the Cleveland Indians that matched the Mets offer and went one better with a 5th year option based on goals reached in that 4th year . How to make your own viagra Did that scare off Sandy Alderson?  Did it piss him off that maybe he was being played by Boras? Could be a little of both.

How to make your own viagra Who knew that not sucking enough in 2012 would hurt the Mets for 2013? Maybe going on a bit of tear after the 16-1 embarrassing loss to the Phillies wasn’t the best thing that could have happened late last season.  The big question I have is why did it take the Mets this long to contest the clause in the CBA on compensation for the inability to sign a draft pick? When going over the CBA didn’t anyone, how to make your own viagra not just the Mets but any team, how to make your own viagra look at that clause and say, how to make your own viagra “something is wrong here”. How to make your own viagra It’s ridiculous that the Pittsburgh Pirates get rewarded for incompetence and not doing their due diligence in know what it would take to sign RHP Mark Appel last season. How to make your own viagra   I’m not taking the Mets and Sandy Alderson off the hook here either they totally dropped the ball on this, how to make your own viagra even without the Bourn signing shouldn’t the Mets GM have been fighting  to get to the 10th pick anyway since the Mets had the 10th worst record in baseball?

How to make your own viagra All through this Bourn saga, how to make your own viagra I’ve wavered back and forth and now that it’s done and Bourn is not a Met because of this 11th pick and more importantly the slot money the Mets would lose. How to make your own viagra I’m pissed off that Alderson couldn’t finish the deal with Bourn/Boras.

How to make your own viagra That fact that Bourn, how to make your own viagra if he signed with the Mets would have been the second best  everyday player on the team, how to make your own viagra he also would have added speed at the leadoff spot, how to make your own viagra a bonafide top notch centerfielder and most important the message that the Mets are back in the baseball business. How to make your own viagra All of these factors in my opinion outweigh a draft pick and a couple of million dollars of slot money. How to make your own viagra Signing Bourn would have boosted the fan base moral and made the baseball establishment sit up and take notice.

How to make your own viagra Bourn to the Mets would have capped off a fantastic off season for Alderson. How to make your own viagra He signed David Wright to 8 year deal, how to make your own viagra he dumped Jason Bay and he show his onions trading R.A. How to make your own viagra Dickey in turn making the Mets future look brighter. How to make your own viagra That’s what has me puzzled over not signing Bourn. How to make your own viagra Why not sign him and then go to the MLBPA and argue the stupidity of the compensation rule. How to make your own viagra If you have the balls to trade not only a reigning CY Young Award winner but also one of the most popular Mets players in recent history, how to make your own viagra why lose your courage over a draft pick? Roll the fucking dice.

How to make your own viagra Alderson made a terrific offer to Bourn/Boras who in turn said I see your offer of 4 years and raise you a vesting option on a 5th. How to make your own viagra Alderson looked at his cards showing an 11th round pick on a player who odds are will never make an impact on the Mets, how to make your own viagra and the slot money, how to make your own viagra which I believe is more important to Alderson that the pick itself and said I’m out. How to make your own viagra That’s what has me mad as hell, how to make your own viagra Alderson found a strange time to lose his nerve. How to make your own viagra He should have matched the Indians offer. How to make your own viagra He’d have been a hero today. How to make your own viagra I hope to hell he has another plan up his sleeve if not he should lay low and stop with the wise ass jokes , how to make your own viagra I’m really not in the mood.

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Viagra report NEWS: Mariano Rivera tears his ACL

Viagra report UH OH! First let me say I feel very badly for Mariano as he is the greatest closer of all time and from all you read and hear he’s a first class guy and I won’t criticize him or the Highlanders for allowing him to shag fly balls in batting practice since he has been doing this his whole career but as a Mets fan I have to say if this were Johan Santana or R.A. Viagra report Dickey who suffer this freak injury the Mets would be eviscerated from every keyboard and microphone in the NY sports media universe.

Viagra report It’s the same as the Bronx Bastards keeping Nick Swisher on the active roster with bad hammy, viagra report remember how the Mets and Omar Minaya were smacked upside down for actions like this but Pee Wee Cashman never gets hammered for any of his bone head moves in this town. Viagra report NYC sports media is Shillsville.

Viagra report Just to show how fair and balanced I am when it comes to the New York Highlanders, viagra report I received a copy of Marty Appel’s new book   Pinstriped Empire: The New York Yankees from Before the Babe to after the Boss (Published by Bloomsbury USA) and I cannot wait to read it. Viagra report I have had the pleasure of meeting Marty and various SABR events and have read all his books so I know Pinstriped Empire will be a winner.

Viagra report NEWS: Mets Need A 5th Starter……

Viagra report And it won’t be Matt Harvey. Viagra report Or Jeurys  Familia or Zack Wheeler so says Sandy Alderson and of course that’s the correct course of action. Viagra report Right now there are three choices to fill Big Pelf’s spot (did you ever think at any time in your Metsfandom life you say to yourself “WOW I miss Mike Pelfrey”? ) Miguel Batisita is one of the choices and quite frankly I’ve seen enough of Batisita and his total ineffectiveness so why not send up Jeremy Hafner and give him the next shot or even better how about Alderson doing some good old fashion GM’ing and make a deal for a pitcher as I said yesterday Jason Marquis would be a great fit.

Viagra report NEWS: NY Knickerbockers go down 0-3 to the Miami Heat

Viagra report As many of you know I am not a Knicks fan, viagra report my allegiance is to the Boston Celtics. Viagra report Since my C’s didn’t play last night I watched the Knicks-Heat game and my question to Knicks fans is how do you root for Carmelo Anthony ? My God, viagra report how overrated is this guy ? Again being a fan of the Celtics I’m spoiled watching Paul Pierce, viagra report Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen drag their old bones up and down the court for one last run at Banner 18 but the hype for Carmelo Anthony just escapes me. Viagra report    

Viagra report  

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Cheapest viagra world After getting sick and tired of having a co-worker tell me how great the Highlanders are and how bad the Mets are, cheapest viagra world right before the season I decided to make a bet that the Mets would have a better record than the Highlanders at the seasons end. Cheapest viagra world The winner takes the loser to Katz’s Deli for lunch and the loser has to wear a t-shirt or jersey of the winner’s team. Cheapest viagra world After I shook on this bet, cheapest viagra world I got a bit queasy, cheapest viagra world not over the prospect of paying for pastrami and knish but the idea of wearing any type of Highlander clothing makes my skin crawl.

Cheapest viagra world When I told people of this wager, cheapest viagra world Mets fan and Highlander fan alike, cheapest viagra world they gave a look like I was a bit off in the head or more off than usual, cheapest viagra world and believe me I doubt what I did as well, cheapest viagra world but a glance at the standings this morning, cheapest viagra world  shows all is not lost:

Cheapest viagra world Highlanders 20-15

Cheapest viagra world Mets  17-20

Cheapest viagra world The next 13 games for the Highlanders are against the Red Sox, cheapest viagra world Rays, cheapest viagra world Orioles, cheapest viagra world Mets and Blue Jays so I’m rooting for a nice 3-10 slide for the Bronx Bastards. Cheapest viagra world I’m feeling Pretttttty, cheapest viagra world Prettttty, cheapest viagra world Prettttty good about my wager so far. Cheapest viagra world I may not win the bet but I want to make my wagering  partner sweat a bit.

Cheapest viagra world Speaking of the Highlanders, cheapest viagra world I bet Pee Wee Cashman has the Mets bullpen over the arsonists he has in his.

Cheapest viagra world If Lucas Duda wasn’t suffering from a back injury he would have been the choice to replace Ike Davis at first base and some are calling for Josh Satin to get make the jump from Bingo to Flushing but Satin is not on the 40 man and with Nick Evans not hitting, cheapest viagra world it came down to bringing up Fernando “ $10 Co-Pay “ Martinez instead.  Seems Terry Collins will just give F-Mart a spot start here and there and some pinch hitting duty during his hopefully short stay while Ike recuperates from his ankle woes . Cheapest viagra world To me this makes no sense since Jason Bay has done nothing at the plate why not platoon the two in LF until Ike gets back and if Martinez is playing well then leave it be. Cheapest viagra world If Bay doesn’t like this idea, cheapest viagra world with all due respect, cheapest viagra world tough shit. Cheapest viagra world Send a message hot bats stay in the line up limp lumber hits the bench.

Cheapest viagra world By the way, cheapest viagra world why is Chin-ling Hu still here?

Cheapest viagra world Nice right up in the Daily News on Darren Meenan of The 7 Line. Cheapest viagra world I wear my In Dickey We Trust t-shirt proudly

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Generic viagra canadian Today is the 35th Anniversary of Rick Monday saving the American flag from being burned by a couple of assholes at Dodger Stadium. Generic viagra canadian What made this attempt at flag burning even more galling back then was the country was getting ready to celebrate the Bicentennial.  I hope those two morons in the picture that tried to light the flag on fire have had 35 years of misery.

Generic viagra canadian So much for same old Mets. Generic viagra canadian  As we see no matter your contract, generic viagra canadian if you don’t produce, generic viagra canadian you can be replaced and Sandy Alderson is calling the shots.

Generic viagra canadian After Dillion Gee’ start on Saturday, generic viagra canadian Terry Collins stated in his post-game press conference that it would be better to have Gee pitch on a regular basis in Buffalo than in the Mets bullpen. Generic viagra canadian Well, generic viagra canadian the GM had a different idea, generic viagra canadian keeping Gee and shipping D.J. Generic viagra canadian Carrasco out to the Bison. Generic viagra canadian The names bantered around that would be effected by solid outing by Gee were Chris Capuano or Chris Young and I felt Jon Niese could be the odd man out, generic viagra canadian I have to say I never thought about Carrasco getting the boot to Buffalo. Generic viagra canadian Who the hell knew that Carrasco had options? Sandy Alderson that’s who.

Generic viagra canadian Ronnie Paulinohas had another set back with a strained rib cage so that means the  Nickeas /Thole catching combo lives on.  When it comes time to activate Paulinoit may be Thole who gets sent back to Buffalo. Generic viagra canadian Thole has not done much with the bat and it looks like he will not be behind the plate when Big Pelf pitches (we will know if Nickeas catches Pelfrey on Friday when he is scheduled to go up against the Phillies and Joe Blanton) so Thole has a week or ten days to get the bat going or he could be gone.

Generic viagra canadian Ian O’Connor has written a book on Derek Jeter and part of the book was excerpted in the NY Post yesterday. Generic viagra canadian  It does not portray El Capitan’ in a very good light. Generic viagra canadian Not much earthshattering here, generic viagra canadian Jeter hates A-Rod, generic viagra canadian St Joseph of Torre favored Jeter over Rodriguez, generic viagra canadian and Pee Wee Cashman  doesn’t have much love for Jeter who told Jeterwhen A-Rod was having his problems withHighlander fans and with his admittance to steroid use and not having The Captain stand by his side that “he has to lead them all” a big shot to the legend of the Jeter leadership fairy tale which takes a bigger hit when Cashman tells CC Sabathia during his contract negotiation the he needs him to help fix a fractured clubhouse.

Generic viagra canadian I interviewed Tyler Kepner of the NY Times on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN last Wednesday as we talked about the bookDerek Jeter: From The Pages of The New York Times, generic viagra canadian where we spoke about the A-Rod/Jeter relationship and how much of the Jeter leadership portrait is fact and fiction.

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Viagra success stories What’s not to like? 2 of 3 on the road from the Fish to start the season is as good as it gets. Viagra success stories Last year the road was a scary place for the Mets who didn’t win a road series until beating the Orioles during last June’s inter league play. Viagra success stories Not only was this an impressive road series victory but it was against a division rival that seems to give the Mets fits.

Viagra success stories No one on the Mets roster can complain this weekend about playing time as Terry Collins used the whole roster, viagra success stories just about, viagra success stories in all three games.

Viagra success stories What more can be said about Willie Harris ? A HR today a couple of doubles in his last game, viagra success stories and 4 RBI as well as Howie Rose said last night on the radio, viagra success stories “what took so long for the Mets to get this guy”

Viagra success stories Ike Davis hit a blast in the 3rd off Javy Vasquez who is just a mess on the mound, viagra success stories almost as much a mess as the Marlins D. Viagra success stories It’s that god awful defense that holds the Fish back from being a legit contender.

Viagra success stories Usually the April Fools gag that was perpetrated by the SNY employee who played the Family Guy clip mocking the Mets losing on opening day, viagra success stories would have the club say, viagra success stories see we can take a joke” but with all the negative vibe being generated from the ownership mess and unprofessionalism by the main steam media, viagra success stories whoever was guilty of the prank has to be fired immediately. Viagra success stories If the organization is going to take a stand and stop allowing itself to be a patsy for no talent hacks like Fillip Bondy in the NY Daily Lupica, viagra success stories then this is a good place to start.

Viagra success stories I don’t see how the Mets look bad as per the comments that Pee Wee Cashman made about Pedro Feliciano being “damaged goods”. Viagra success stories If any one should be embarrassed its Pee Wee. Viagra success stories  When Old School Dan Warthen heard Cashman’s comments I guess he got a laugh as he said “why do you think we didn’t resign him”? Didn’t Pee Wee know that Gary Cohen gave Feliciano the name “Perpetual Pedro” for a reason?  He led all of baseball in pitching appearances the last three seasons and to Feliciano’s credit, viagra success stories he asked for the ball everyday, viagra success stories the only real gamer on the club the last two seasons. Viagra success stories Warthen knew Pedro was on his last legs (or arm) and I’m sure he recommended to Sandy Alderson to take a Pasadena on PP. Viagra success stories Maybe someone in the Highlander front office could show Pee Wee the Baseball-Reference website, viagra success stories it might be helpful when he makes his next player move.

Viagra success stories Jason Isringhausen felt a twinge in his back as he pitched in a minor league game today. Viagra success stories Alderson comes up smelling like a rose once again.

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Viagra in india Well the honeymoon between me and the Mets have hit its first rocky spot. Viagra in india  I don’t know whose ideas this was but it was beyond bad.  Instead of making lame video’s mocking BREAKING NEWS on SNY (please Kevin Burkhardt, viagra in india tell me there was a rifle pointed at you as the reason you agreed to do this commercial) how about lowering the price of tickets and making some different ticket packages with decent discounts as a way to sell tickets. Viagra in india Oh even better , viagra in india show a video of construction workers taking out the seats behind the plate that no one sits in and replacing them with a nice hard plastic seat, viagra in india the kind YOUR REAL FAN BASE likes to park it’s ass in.

Viagra in india 2yrs/$8mil for Pedro Feliciano? Congrats to you Perpetual Pedro for committing that heist. Viagra in india  Pee Wee Cashman has been exposed so far this off season, viagra in india proving his can only strength as a GM is throwing stupid money at players. Viagra in india If I’m Andy Petitte, viagra in india I ask for $30 Mil and a private plane that brings me home after my start and back again a day before my next one , viagra in india odds are Pee Wee will give in.

Viagra in india

Viagra in india I can’t believe I didn’t mention this week that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame finally got two things right. Viagra in india First, viagra in india they finally voted Darlene Love into the Hall, viagra in india an honor that was waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy overdue, viagra in india then they denied Bon Jovi induction honors. Viagra in india That dreck that Bon Jovi spews is NOT Rock and Roll.

Viagra in india R.I.P. Viagra in india Don Van Vilet a/k/a Captain Beefheart

Viagra in india Let’s hope that Ollie Perez keeps up his sucky ways and gets his overdue release.

Viagra in india Can we please close the chapter of the Omar Minaya era. Viagra in india There is no need to give him a job in the organization just cut the check. Viagra in india The new administration talks about not being hamstrung in releasing people who are owed money, viagra in india so prove it Omar, viagra in india OP and Castillo need to go.

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Buy cheap generic viagra Well hopefully the fan base as calmed a bit now that the new field boss is in place and the GM is telling you for the umpteenth time that the Mets will not be big players in the free agent game but I still think that Alderson & Co. Buy cheap generic viagra will pull off a major trade this offseason.

Buy cheap generic viagra I would not be shocked to see Jose Reyes playing elsewhere in 2011, buy cheap generic viagra with teams like the Giants, buy cheap generic viagra Red Sox, buy cheap generic viagra D-Backs (if they trade Stephen Drew) and the Rays looking for shortstop help, buy cheap generic viagra I’m sure the GM’s of those teams have Sandy Alderson on speed dial.  While Reyes did not have a great season in 2010, buy cheap generic viagra I’m sure the Giants or Red Sox would bet that he’ll bounce back and at one year and $11 mil it might be worth it for them to make an offer. Buy cheap generic viagra If you could get a starting pitcher and some prospects for Reyes, buy cheap generic viagra you have to think about pulling the trigger on a deal.

Buy cheap generic viagra Adam Rubin has the info on Ollie Perez start last night for Culiacan of the Mexican Winter League. Buy cheap generic viagra Seems Ollie had a good night with four scoreless innings. Buy cheap generic viagra His trade value has never been higher!

Buy cheap generic viagra Can we forget about all this Jeter to the Mets or Jeter to the Red Sox (that would be a dream come true) or Jeter to anyplace else but the Bronx. Buy cheap generic viagra   Jeter has two choices, buy cheap generic viagra sign with the Highlanders or retire. Buy cheap generic viagra I doubt he’s ready to hang up his limited range as he nears 3, buy cheap generic viagra000 hits and it’s clear the message being sent is like a store saying we will beat any competitors  prices, buy cheap generic viagra Pee Wee Cashman has laid down the challenge if you can get better than 3yrs/$45 mil take it. Buy cheap generic viagra  It is shocking though that a player like Jeter, buy cheap generic viagra who the Highlander hierarchy have built up over the years like a figure out of Greek mythology, buy cheap generic viagra now treat him like an aging beauty queen.

Buy cheap generic viagra I had a great time last night talking to Doug Gladstone, buy cheap generic viagra author of Bitter Cup of Coffee and former Mets outfielder George Theodore , buy cheap generic viagra check out the show here at the show page or here at Kranepool Society on the lower right side bar.

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Viagra canada

Viagra canada Take out that Mets jacket.  Bend the brim of your Mets cap. Viagra canada Start putting some cash away to buy tickets to the 2011 season, viagra canada my fellow Mets fans  WE ARE BACK!!!!!!!!

Viagra canada Our suffering summer has been replaced by a spectacular autumn. Viagra canada This has been the best October the Mets have had in 24 years. Viagra canada  First the Highlanders and Phuck Phaces went down in flames. Viagra canada  Then the cretins of the Mall of the South Bronx have been exposed by Mrs. Viagra canada Cliff Lee who was subjected to taunts, viagra canada thrown objects and general fan disobedience to the point that Pee Wee Cashman better rethink putting all his eggs in a Cliff Lee free agent basket. Viagra canada Then the news today that CC Sabathia’s knees have given up holding up all that girth to the point his meniscus ripped, viagra canada you had to wonder if the baseball gods decided that we Mets fans have had enough penance and are now due a reward.

Viagra canada The adults of the Skill Sets family have taken to bring back credibility, viagra canada accountability and authority by naming Sandy Alderson as the new GM of the New York Mets. Viagra canada The pride in Flushing has returned.

Viagra canada Maybe I’m going a bit overboard on the Alderson hiring but I can’t hide my giddiness. Viagra canada Sandy Alderson was the name that first popped into my head when it was a fait accompli that Omar Minaya was done as the baseball boss. Viagra canada It just made so much sense to hire Alderson, viagra canada the man had everything that was needed to bring back the respect this organization has lacked for years.

Viagra canada There is a segment of Mets fans who wanted the young hipster type of GM and I’d have had no problem with that but in Alderson you get the Mr. Viagra canada Myiagi of baseball execs. Viagra canada Alderson was baseball analytical before baseball analytical was cool. Viagra canada Billy Beane, viagra canada Theo Epstein and Paul DePodesta (a name to keep an eye on Mets fans as he could be brought in to the Alderson Cabinet) all learned the trade from Alderson.

Viagra canada This hiring also sends word to fan base that the days of Little Jeffey meddling in adult decisions are over. Viagra canada A man of Alderson’ resume and stature in baseball did not take this job to have a no nothing like Jeffey lurk over his shoulder. Viagra canada This is Freddy and Uncle Saul putting Jeffey in the time out chair.

Viagra canada It looks as if Friday will be the day that Alderson will enjoy his day in the sun at Citi Field for his inaugural presser and I can’t wait to hear what his plan of attack is. Viagra canada It’s nice to have a guy in charge that has a plan, viagra canada we haven’t had that around here since the days of Frank Cashen.

Viagra canada The biggest decision Alderson will have will be to name a manager. Viagra canada A majority of Mets fans want Wally Backman to get the job and I would count myself as a Backman supporter. Viagra canada  From reading this post from Mike Silva’ NY Baseball Digest, viagra canada Backman could be exactly the guy Alderson is looking for. Viagra canada Backman has no problem being a manager that carries out the organizational orders from the GM. Viagra canada From reading the quotes in Silva’s post, viagra canada Backman to me, viagra canada looks like a strong choice for manager.

Viagra canada That discussion will be now on the front burner and I have a ton of faith that whoever Alderson picks he will do his due diligence on that choice. Viagra canada It’s so nice to have someone in charge that makes me feel optimistic that the Mets will be back as one the best teams in baseball.

Viagra canada By Friday the weather in NYC will be what it should be; autumnal so it would be nice is all Mets fans wear their Mets jackets or sweatshirts to celebrate the new day dawning in Flushing as the Alderson Era begins.

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Order usa viagra online Last week Angel Pagan arrived late to $iti Field, order usa viagra online the Mets had no problem with this since Pagan contacted management that he a family issue to take care of.  No problem. Order usa viagra online The next day while I was reading the Daily News, order usa viagra online it was reported that Pagan was taking his daughter to the doctor and afterwards got jammed up in traffic getting to the game. Order usa viagra online Again no problem, order usa viagra online but was it any of our business that Pagan was late due to taking care of his daughter ?  No.

Order usa viagra online A.J. Order usa viagra online Burnett shows up at Camden Yards with a black eye. Order usa viagra online He goes on to pitch the Highlander’s to victory, order usa viagra online when questioned after the game about how he got yoked in the eye, order usa viagra online Burnett gave the MSM nothing. Order usa viagra online When Pee Wee Cashman was asked about the black eye he said it wasn’t any of his business and if Burnett keeps pitching like he did Friday with the eye, order usa viagra online Pee Wee would look to blacken his eye at every start. Order usa viagra online HA HA HA so funny.

Order usa viagra online Highlander pitching coach Dave Eiland leaves the team for about four weeks in June for what was called personal reasons. Order usa viagra online When asked about Eiland , order usa viagra onlinemanager Joe Girardi told the media he was taking care of a personal matter and that’s all you’re getting.

Order usa viagra online Staten Island Yankees pitching coach Pat Daneker, order usa viagra online lost his World Series ring when after spending a night in a drunken stupor with a prostitute. Order usa viagra online The story came and went. Order usa viagra online Were any of these stories our business? Nope and the Highlanders made sure it stayed that way.

Order usa viagra online How is it the Highlanders get to clam up on incidents involving their personnel but the when a Mets player takes his kid to the doctor the details are printed in the paper’s ?

Order usa viagra online Maybe when The Skill Sets re-configure the front office and the way the baseball ops does business, order usa viagra online they also pick up from the Highlanders the gift of allowing no leaks to the press and also letting them know when to go fuck off.

Order usa viagra online Blogging at this site will be sporadic over the next week as I’ll be on the move as our office is getting a face lift with a badly needed paint job and a new carpet. Order usa viagra online Our office could have double as a set for the old NYPD Blue TV show. Order usa viagra online So during the daytime I’ll be all over the city but mostly in Queens with no computer access. Order usa viagra online So anything  I do post will be at night if I’m not exhaust from gallivanting from boro to boro.

Order usa viagra online

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Viagra tablets no prescription As much as I would have loved to win that game yesterday I can’t be too upset with Big Pelf, viagra tablets no prescription he struggled with command and he made two big mistakes to Texieria  and the killer the 2 run homer to Curtis Granderson but as the Highlanders stated after the game, viagra tablets no prescription they’d rather face a hard thrower like Pelf than junkballers like Jamie Moyer and Hisinori Takahashi.

Viagra tablets no prescription If you are a Highlander’s fan I am sorry to give you the bad news that the Era of the Bronx Robber Baron is over. Viagra tablets no prescription It ended after Friday night’s game when that skanky Lady GaGa paraded herself into the Highlander locker room in her underwear after a loss to the Amazin’s. Viagra tablets no prescription I can guarantee you that not only would Pee Wee Cashman been fired on the spot but Hank and Hal would have been put up for adoption if the Boss was still in charge. Viagra tablets no prescription For an organization that takes such pride in its uniform to have a no talent trollop like GaGa wearing the Highlander jersey must have Marilyn Monroe rolling in her grave.

Viagra tablets no prescription John Maine has become a problem. Viagra tablets no prescription I had Tweeted that no way Maine goes back to the rotation if or when he comes back to the big league team and should be used as a reliever. Viagra tablets no prescription But as General Manager Candidate Howard Megdal pointed out to me, viagra tablets no prescription Maine is still not throwing hard and he has not shown he’s suitable for bullpen duty as he does not show the ability to get up and get warm to come into a game. Viagra tablets no prescription As always Howard is right on the mark and that’s why he needs to be named the nest GM of the NY Mets.

Viagra tablets no prescription Mike Silva tackles the Maine question as to DFA or trade John Maine for a reliever from a team looking to start selling off talent. Viagra tablets no prescription I think it comes down to John Maine’ Mets career is just about done.  In fact if the Mets can’t trade Maine and they do DFA him it will show they are serious about winning, viagra tablets no prescription if you don’t produce then you’re gone. Viagra tablets no prescription Its PRO baseball no one gets hot dogs after the game.

Viagra tablets no prescription Very nice feature in todays Daily News on Big Pelf and how between embracing fatherhood and working with Harvey Dorfman on the mental side of the game. Viagra tablets no prescription Big Pelf also talks about his estranged dad  and how that has motivated him to be a better father to his son.

Viagra tablets no prescription Happy Fathers day to all the Dads out there I don’t know about you but everyday for me is Fathers Day

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