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Herbal viagra reviews David Brooks has an op-ed piece in today’s NY Times trying to explain to those not of our Blue and Orange persuasion, herbal viagra reviews that once you hitch your fan wagon to the New York Mets, herbal viagra reviews you’re hooked for life.  This paragraph really does sum up what we as Mets fans believe:

Herbal viagra reviews So I’ll die a Mets fan, herbal viagra reviews exaggerating their potential, herbal viagra reviews excusing their deficiencies. Herbal viagra reviews This week, herbal viagra reviews in Florida, herbal viagra reviews I even detected new virtues in the team. Herbal viagra reviews In the early days, herbal viagra reviews the Mets were lovable losers, herbal viagra reviews then miraculous winners, herbal viagra reviews then, herbal viagra reviews in the 2000s, herbal viagra reviews big-spending disappointments. Herbal viagra reviews Now they are young and frisky, herbal viagra reviews enthusiastic and charming. Herbal viagra reviews I’ll enjoy following this team and exaggerating its promise. Herbal viagra reviews I have no choice but to love the Mets. Herbal viagra reviews Just as I have no choice but to hate the Phillies.

Herbal viagra reviews Brooks is totally on target about this edition of the Mets, herbal viagra reviews they’re an easy bunch to root for.

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Generic viagra in uk It feels like the Mets are in a holding pattern as is the fan base and yours truly as we wait for the spike show to drop a/k/a the trade of Carlos Beltran.

Generic viagra in uk It’s not a matter of if but a matter of when and how much teams with post season aspirations are willing to pay and by pay I mean with a top notch prospect. Generic viagra in uk Sandy Alderson has made it known that he will cover the Beltran nut for the remainder of his contract but he must have one of your finest farm hands in return.

Generic viagra in uk So, generic viagra in uk how bad do the Giants need Beltran’s bat to repeat as World Champions? How much will Theo Epstein pay to add a solid bat and right fielder to put the fear of ash into the American League? How about the Phuck Phaces? I have no problem dealing with the enemy but I doubt they have the prospect we need to deal. Generic viagra in uk Step right up those who feel they can make a run at the World’s Championship but be prepared to pay the freight as Sandy Alderson means business.

Generic viagra in uk If I had my druthers, generic viagra in uk I’d love to see Beltran go to the Old Towne Team and contribute to another post season and with any luck a World Series championship.  He deserves it.

Generic viagra in uk Terry Collins passed his first test early in the season getting the Mets off the matt after a 5-13 start to go 42-35 after that with a team, generic viagra in uk the main stream media ridiculed as less than major league quality. Generic viagra in uk Collins went from a question mark choice as manager to a Manager of the Year candidate. Generic viagra in uk The final exam for Collins and his new found leadership qualities will come as soon as Beltran is sent away.

Generic viagra in uk As we of the Blue and Orange persuasion know too well, generic viagra in uk in prior seasons, generic viagra in uk poorly managed Mets teams would lay down and died in the second half of seasons. Generic viagra in uk This was due to the Laissez-Faire attitude of the previous field bosses. Generic viagra in uk  How Collins gets this Mets team to finish will be what Mets fans will remember most of this season. Generic viagra in uk I don’t mean wins and losses I’m talking about giving 100 % busting ass to win games. Generic viagra in uk If this team continues to play like it has with passion and determination it has all season then we’ll know the “same ol’ Mets” are no more.

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