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Search herbal viagra  

Search herbal viagra I’m getting ready to head out to Citi Field for opening day so I really don’t have the time to go into a detailed post but hopefully I will have a nice recap of the day events this evening.

Search herbal viagra Couple of things though:

Search herbal viagra Two Boots Pizza will now be severed at Citi Field. Search herbal viagra This is great news for tow reasons, search herbal viagra one, search herbal viagra it delicious pizza and two, search herbal viagra the owner of Two Boots Phil Hartman is a lifelong Mets fan so it’s nice to see the Mets take care of one of our own, search herbal viagra

Search herbal viagra The Mets players, search herbal viagra coaches and Terry Collins will be wearing CARTER 8 BP jersey’s today before the game. Search herbal viagra The pre-game ceremony will be quite emotional today as Carter’s family will throw out the first pitch. Search herbal viagra Bring lost of Kleenex.

Search herbal viagra Seems the Skill Sets were the villains  in the scheduling of the home and home games against the Highlanders to close out spring training. Search herbal viagra A real stupid and greedy move.

Search herbal viagra The organization should re-think the selling of tickets for the Party City Deck in left field from group sales to individual tickets. Search herbal viagra From the feedback I’m getting, search herbal viagra if sold for $100 a ticket with all the amenities included would make it the most popular seat in Citi Field.

Search herbal viagra Later everyone, search herbal viagra LET’S GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Search herbal viagra  

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Viagra store in canada Every year the Mets host a welcome home dinner for the club. Viagra store in canada The dinner is usually held in some high-falutin establishment where folks wear their fancy clothes, viagra store in canada eat horses-doovers and are as stiff as M .Donald Grants corpse.

Viagra store in canada Now I know that is not the place you or I would ever darken a doorway, viagra store in canada no for us, viagra store in canada real life working men and women Mets fans our Welcome Home Dinner known as AMAZIN’ TUESDAYS is tonight at Two Boots Tavern  at 384 Delancey St on the LES. Viagra store in canada  For this event the NYC Transit System has provided transportation via the F line to Delancey St or the J, viagra store in canada M, viagra store in canada or Z line to Essex St and the B or D line to Grand St.

Viagra store in canada Your host for the evening Mr. Viagra store in canada Phil Hartman will be on hand to offer you a great exchange program where you give him a baseball card of a Mets player and in turn he buys you a beer. Viagra store in canada No white wine drinkers here friends!   

Viagra store in canada The Master of ceremonies for the evening Mr. Viagra store in canada Greg Prince has a star studded line up of guests to talk Mets baseball on a fine spring evening. Viagra store in canada The festivities get under way at 7PM, viagra store in canada so adorn yourself in your finest Mets threads and join your fellow Mets fans at Two Boots tonight.

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Find viagra online I had the pleasure of attending the first of three AMAZIN’ TUESDAY’S at Two Boots last night and right about the time Paul Lukas started his Mets uniform exam, find viagra online I realized that the “core” of the Mets is not David Wright, find viagra online Jose Reyes, find viagra online Carlos Beltran, find viagra online or Johan Santana. Find viagra online Not even close, find viagra online the real “core” of the NY Mets is you, find viagra online me, find viagra online Lukas, find viagra online Greg Prince, find viagra online Matt Silverman, find viagra online Jon Springer, find viagra online Caryn Rose, find viagra online Phil Hartman and Mike Stefanos.

Find viagra online There should be a venue like Two Boots in $iti Field that is if the ownership of our favorite team even gave two shits about us. Find viagra online There were no corporate types at our gathering just fans with Mets shirts and in Lukas’ case a fan with blue Mets stirrups. Find viagra online This wasn’t a wine and cheese crowd that arrived by limousine, find viagra online just a bunch of folks who work real jobs by day and took the subway to enjoy some great pizza and beer and discuss their favorite baseball team. Find viagra online  In fact this was a hardcore fan fest last night. Find viagra online  Imagine if the Skill Sets had the foresight to open up the Ebbits Club and name it “Le Shea” and serve beer, find viagra online pizza, find viagra online burgers and allow fans to bring in a piece of Mets memorabilia to decorate the place. Find viagra online By the way Phil Hartman gave me a great idea. Find viagra online He is trying to cover the walls of the restaurant with baseball cards. Find viagra online My wife wants me to re-wall paper our downstairs bathroom, find viagra online so today I will go through about 10, find viagra online000 baseball cards and find the cards worthy to be used as a wall covering.

Find viagra online You knew this wasn’t for the fly-by night Mets fan when Lukas began to hand out answer sheets for his Mets Uni Quiz (what is the stiching used on the Mets uniforms called? What player’s name couldn’t fit on his uni shirt when the Mets wore Mercury Mets uniforms? ) and boy did he mean business. Find viagra online I drifted in and out of the quiz along with Mike Stefanos as Mike and I were fixated on the big HD screen watching Ollie P try to gain control of his run away fastball and fall behind on just about every batter. Find viagra online We also marveled at the mind boggling approach the Nationals batters were taking like swinging on 2-0. Find viagra online Our commentary during the game was Keith Hernandez-esque:

Find viagra online Me: “look at Dan Werthen on that top step ready to bounce to the mound”

Find viagra online Mike: Yeah, find viagra online he looks like he’s ready to kill Perez

Find viagra online Me: True, find viagra online he’s thinking “should I shoot him, find viagra online strangle him, find viagra online or just beat his brains in with a blunt object”

Find viagra online The next scheduled AMAZIN’ TUESDAY is set for August 25th, find viagra online if you  doubt  your passion for the Mets , find viagra onlineif you’re fed up with inept ownership, find viagra online you have to know you are not alone. Find viagra online There are a lot of people with the same feelings you do. Find viagra online So if you are losing your Mets religion you need to come to Amazin Tuesday just to save your Mets fan soul and to embrace the fact that you are a Mets fan.

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