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Viagra wholesale Oakland A’s getting ready for a trip to Citi Field

Viagra wholesale Anyone else upset that the riveting Mets-Angels series is over? The Mets sure played yesterday like it was an exhibition game to the point where I feel Terry Collins pulled Jon Niese the way a hockey coach pulls his goalie to wake up his team. Viagra wholesale Granted, viagra wholesale Niese was far from sharp yesterday as he had no feel for his curve, viagra wholesale leaving the Angels running to the batter’s box for that first pitch fast ball, viagra wholesale the Mets defense especially the Ginger Turner, viagra wholesale let Niese down and the rest of the team looked sluggish. Viagra wholesale I’m sure the club will perk up when those  Swingin’ Oakland A’s come to town tomorrow. Viagra wholesale Thank God the Mets miss Vida Blue and Ken Holtzman this time around.

Viagra wholesale David Wright was out early at Citi Field playing catch and taking ground balls while kneeling down. Viagra wholesale Wright should be ready by February when he reports to Cardinals spring training camp in Jupiter FL

Viagra wholesale At least there was a Wright sighting, viagra wholesale where in the world is Ike Davis?

Viagra wholesale Went to Cyclones-Baby Highlanders game yesterday with the added attraction of Phil Hughes making a rehab start. Viagra wholesale Kevin Kernan was there too; in fact he sat a section over from me. Viagra wholesale   

Viagra wholesale First impression of some of the Cyclones, viagra wholesale I like what I saw in Daniel Muno both at bat but he made. Viagra wholesale Third baseman Richard Lucas for a guy with some heft played some nice “D” and first baseman Luke Stewart reminds me of Lucas Duda with his size, viagra wholesale hopefully as the season goes on he’ll show some power.

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Viagra cartoon pic courtesy of Bob’s Blitz

Viagra cartoon No Mets game last night so I tuned into the NY Highlander-Chicago White Stockings game from the South Bronx. Viagra cartoon I had two options on where to watch the festivities, viagra cartoon ESPN or YUCK. Viagra cartoon The one outlet I wanted to watch it on CSN-Chicago (I know I’m in the minority but I enjoy listening to Hawk Harrelson do White Sox games) was blacked out because MLB Extra Innings feels that since I live in a NYC zip code I enjoy watching the YUCK Network, viagra cartoon which could not be further from the truth. Viagra cartoon In fact, viagra cartoon I rarely watch the YUCK Network, viagra cartoon but last night I did and all I can say is, viagra cartoon whatever SNY is paying Gary Cohen, viagra cartoon Ron Darling, viagra cartoon Keith Hernandez and Kevin Burkhardt they are getting away cheap, viagra cartoon in fact if I were the agents for those gentleman I would use tape of the games on YUCK to get my clients big pay raises.

Viagra cartoon I started off watching this game on ESPN and was quite happy that Sean McDonough was the play by play man. Viagra cartoon Then when I heard Rick Sutcliffe and Aaron Boone chiming in, viagra cartoon I ducked for cover. Viagra cartoon Sutcliffe always sounds like he had a few Rob Roy’s before the game and Boone brings nothing of substance to the telecast. Viagra cartoon In fact these three men in a booth is a disaster on every sporting event except for Mets games on SNY. Viagra cartoon Gary, viagra cartoon Keith and Ron are the gold standard for the three man booth. Viagra cartoon The Mark Jackson, viagra cartoon Jeff Van Gundy duo would work very well as a three man booth if the third man wasn’t Mike Breen.Put Marv Albert with those two and you’d have the basketball version of sports broadcasting nirvana.

Viagra cartoon So back to YUCK I go and as I tune in Michael Kay brings in Kim Jones to the broadcast. Viagra cartoon Jones is a very good nuts and bolts reporter having been the Giants beat writer and general NFL correspondent for the Newark Star-Ledger but as a “personality” well she’s lacking in that department . Viagra cartoon When she fills in on WFAN she comes off at times as a female version of Mike Francesa, viagra cartoon but anyway, viagra cartoon Kay brought her in to take about Phil Hughes and his “dead arm”. Viagra cartoon Jones went on a dissertation that made me think Highlanders fans have a problem comprehending information as Jones spoke…….very……..slowly…….and…..accented……some….key…..words……in…..her……report……like….it…..was…..remidial…….tv………watching……….

Viagra cartoon The fact that she reported that Hughes stopped his throwing session because his arm felt very heavy, viagra cartoon to me was a major story and one if I were of the Highlander persuasion would cause me some alarm. Viagra cartoon When Jones threw it back to Kay, viagra cartoon he acted like it wasn’t a big deal. Viagra cartoon To his credit, viagra cartoon Al Leiter, viagra cartoon a man we all know who pitched in the big leagues, viagra cartoon showed the kind of concern I would have thought the newly wed Mr. Viagra cartoon Jodi Applegate would have. Viagra cartoon  As Leiter spoke about the effects of this on the Highlanders and on Hughes himself, viagra cartoon Mr Applegate asked “Al did you ever go through a dead arm period”? Now if Leiter and Kay weren’t BFF’s I’m sure Letier would have exposed Kay for the fraud he is. Viagra cartoon Just about every pitcher deals with a dead arm problem, viagra cartoon mostly in spring training but the bounce back after a day or three and Leiter was making it known that this situation with Hughes could be very serious. Viagra cartoon I guess Kay was more concerned with going home and having some Chicken Parm and then sharing the wedding bed with Madame’ Applegate.

Viagra cartoon For an extra added attraction, viagra cartoon former Met Philip Humber, viagra cartoon now a ChiSox pitcher was in the midst of no hitting the Bronx Bastards. Viagra cartoon It was hard not to know the BB’s were hitless as Kay mentioned it every ten seconds. Viagra cartoon When Alex Rodriguez got the first Highlander hit in the 7th    there was a sigh of relief coming from the YUCK booth because not only was the calamity of the Highlanders being no hit averted but now it was time for some good old fashion  Mets bashing, viagra cartoon everybody take your pants off WOOOOO-HOOOOOO.

Viagra cartoon Kay went into full rant about the Mets never having been on the celebratory side on a no-no but of course pitchers who at one time toed the rubber for the Amazin’s have and of course he couldn’t wait to felate  his partner Leiter by bringing up his no hitter against the Colorado Rockies when he was a Marlin.

Viagra cartoon After ten minutes more of the reading of names of former Mets pitchers who pitched no hitters with clubs other than the Mets I was done.  I watched the rest of the game on ESPN which was more entertaining anyway as Rick Sutcliffe was on his 5th drink by the time I tuned in.

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Online viagra next day delivery This should be played in the Texas Ranger P.A. Online viagra next day delivery system

Online viagra next day delivery Someday, online viagra next day delivery when that someday will be I don’t know, online viagra next day delivery but someday a big league manager is going to have the brains and the confidence to do away with the role of the closer. Online viagra next day delivery Maybe that day will be when Mariano Rivera retires, online viagra next day delivery which may not be for another ten years but I hope that whoever is hired by the Mets makes on of his first command decisions that the day of saving your best arm for just the ninth inning is over. Online viagra next day delivery The only team that can still say they have a legitimate  pitcher to finish a game are  the Highlanders and until mangers like Texas’ Ron Washington, online viagra next day delivery get this though their thick skulls, online viagra next day delivery they just might win more baseball games than they lose.

Online viagra next day delivery If Nolan Ryan is going to be the new tough guy in the Rangers front office when he claims that it’s time to re-evaluate the way bullpens are used and develop starting pitchers who should be conditioned to pitch deep into their starts, online viagra next day delivery he might like to have a little sit down with Washington today before game two and let him know, online viagra next day delivery when the game is on the line and you feel you’ve gotten all you can out of your starter, online viagra next day delivery bring in the best arm you have in the pen.

Online viagra next day delivery I’m not looking to kill Ron Washington here as he managed the way every big league manager would have in that eighth inning, online viagra next day delivery plus Darren Oliver and Darren O’Day needed to step up and how in the world does Ian Kinsler have a brain fart in the eighth getting picked off?

Online viagra next day delivery The Rangers had the Highlanders on the ropes and bleeding but they lacked that killer instinct, online viagra next day delivery that solid knockout punch, online viagra next day delivery hopefully they can turn the page and go out today and tattoo Phil Hughes, online viagra next day delivery if not, online viagra next day delivery the who gives a shit what Cliff Lee does in Game 3?

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How does viagra work You know what? I’m glad Terry Ryan said he wasn’t interested in interviewing for the Mets GM job, how does viagra work I’d want nothing to do with anyone from the Minnesota Twins organization.  It’s one thing to lose a series to the Bronx Bastards but the Twinkies laid down like dogs. How does viagra work No fight whatsoever.

How does viagra work If your a Twins fan and what I’m saying here pisses you off and you say that my Mets suck , how does viagra work so who am I to call out a team for failure, how does viagra work remember this, how does viagra work the Mets at least split their six game this season with the Highlanders and there are only two teams the Pinstriped Pricks  fear the Mets and the Red Sox.

How does viagra work Oh so Phil Hughes is now a great pitcher after last night’s performance. How does viagra work As I said in the comments section to our resident Highlander contributor, how does viagra work Michael all Highlander fans were shitting themselves silly over their starting rotation and now after playing a team that gave up, how does viagra work they think they have three Cy Young candidates. How does viagra work They’ve all but forgotten their bastard child AJ Burnett, how does viagra work who will have to pitch in the ALCS  and kicked to the curb Javier Lopez, how does viagra work who is awaiting deportation to the National League.

How does viagra work Oh yeah I got my Highlander Hate on in full glory!!!!!

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Cialis transdermal If anyone is going to $iti Field tomorrow night, cialis transdermal I’d suggest that when Carlos Beltran comes up for his first at bat, cialis transdermal you stand up and give him a hand. Cialis transdermal Beltran backed up the talk last night as he tried to 7-10 split Chase Utley and Wilson Valdez in the 7th inning. Cialis transdermal Beltran’s only regret is that “he didn’t hit anyone”. Cialis transdermal Too bad this didn’t happen in August as the incident has seemed to give the club a little spark. Cialis transdermal It’s also a shame that the manager wasn’t fired in August and another voice brought in to challenge the manhood of the players as Utley and the Phuck Phaces have, cialis transdermal the second half of the season might have been much different.

Cialis transdermal I posed the question on Twitter last night, cialis transdermal other that Ton’s O Fun Sabathia, cialis transdermal what starting pitcher on the Highlanders would you take over any of the Mets starters? The only pitcher who got any mention from the Bronx side was Phil Hughes but would you take Hughes over Big Pelf? Hell to the No! Someone mentioned Ivan Nova which tells you the state of the Highlander rotation when Burnett and Vasquez got nary a Tweet. Cialis transdermal By the way Mets fans, cialis transdermal it may be time for us to get into full Tampa Bay Ray mode as the GP Stu Steinberg, cialis transdermal of the Canarsie Steinberg’s, cialis transdermal  grew up a full blooded  Mets fan and I believe is still a Mets season ticket holder. Cialis transdermal It won’t be a total loss for the Bronx Bastards if they go one and done in the post season, cialis transdermal it will give the maintenance crew enough time to set the Jerry Kenny Memorial in Fossil Park for an April unveiling.

Cialis transdermal What makes this September easier to take over last September is the fact that, cialis transdermal a new GM and manager will be hired, cialis transdermal that Ike Davis and Josh Thole have certainly shown they belong in the big leagues, cialis transdermal that the pitching staff has the potential to be good to solid next season as RA Dickey should be back, cialis transdermal Big Pelf continues to mature mentally, cialis transdermal Jon Niese continues his progression and the emergence of Dillon Gee as a solid 4 or 5 in the rotation. Cialis transdermal The team will miss Johan Santana for sure and hopefully they can add another vet arm in the winter (money permitting and a savy front office man to boot) so I’m getting a bit more optimistic about the future than I had been say a month ago. Cialis transdermal It all depends on who get the GM and managers spot if my optimism will bloom into down right excitement.

Cialis transdermal Steve Popper says it’s time for Mets ownership to go all out and hire Bobby Valentine as the next manager of the Mets. I have to say with all the young talent and the need for a much needed shot of enthusiasm both on the field and in the stands if the Mets don’t go full bore for BV it will be a big mistake. Cialis transdermal This team as it will be loaded with young players and veterans who need to be challenged and no one does that better than Valentine.  This whole Utley incident has shown a light on Jerry Manuel that proves he’s not fit to manage. Cialis transdermal Instead of saying in his post game presser that “ well that’s how we played back in the day” and “I would think the players would respond” He should have closed the clubhouse door after the game and told his players that the Phillies have played you guys for chumps for four years now and will keep playing you for chumps until you fight back. Cialis transdermal No one is saying to clear the benches (although that would be fun) but there comes a time when the manager had to challenge his player’s manhood, cialis transdermal their pride to tell them it’s time they stopped squatting to pee and stand up like men. Cialis transdermal That’s not Jerry Mnauel’ style and that’s why we’re also rans again in 2010.

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