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Adverse side effects of viagra I’m sure many of you have read the stories concerning former Philadelphia Inquirer baseball writer Bill Conlin and the sickening accusation that he sexually abused children, adverse side effects of viagra some who were his niece and nephew, adverse side effects of viagra over 40 years ago. Adverse side effects of viagra It’s so sad that these people have had to carry this burden around with them for all these years and now due to the statute of limitations, adverse side effects of viagra Conlin cannot be arrested and prosecuted for the alleged crime he committed which is a shame. Adverse side effects of viagra    

Adverse side effects of viagra I bring up Conlin here because I got an e mail to moderate a comment on this sight from a poster named Edgy DC who found a post I wrote here back in November 2007 about a feud I had with Conlin back then via e mail. Adverse side effects of viagra  Check out the post from November 23, adverse side effects of viagra 2007 where I discussed with Conlin that a Phillies blogger wrote about how he felt David Wright was more deserving of the NL MVP award than Jimmy Rollins. Adverse side effects of viagra The back and forth I have with Conlin is pretty comical but with the severity of the allegation against Conlin now, adverse side effects of viagra I feel bad I didn’t wait for outside Shea Stadium and beat the living shit out of him. Adverse side effects of viagra    

Adverse side effects of viagra Big thank you to Edgy DC for finding this post and linking it back

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No blogging for the weekend as I’m off the U.S. Keyword order viagra Military Academy in West Point for a weekend camping trip with my sons Boy Scout troop. Keyword order viagra Even though the troop has a strict no electronics policy when it comes to these trips, keyword order viagra the subversive that I am will sneak a radio in my bag to try to listen or at least get a score of this weekend Mets-Phillies series. Keyword order viagra Hopefully my tent mate won’t turn me in and have my ass hauled off to the stockade. Keyword order viagra


Sure it’s a big series but I think it’s to the Mets benefit that they are playing in Philly since they are so concerned about fan reaction. Keyword order viagra Remember the words of Bobby Knight, keyword order viagra “when you start listening to the people in the stands, keyword order viagra you end up joining them”. Keyword order viagra It seems that it’s not a lack of focus with the Mets but misplaced focus that is doing them in.


On that subject a must listen is Mike Silva’s interview with Kevin Kernan of the NY Post  that connects the paranoia of the owner and front office rubbing off on the uniform personnel. Keyword order viagra Silva’s comment says it all:


   The Mets have a reputation for trying to control the news around their club. Keyword order viagra It never works and often makes things even worse in the long run. Keyword order viagra How can you expect your players to toughen up when management has an equally, keyword order viagra if not worse, keyword order viagra thin skin? What’s next? You’re going to throw the fans out and play in an empty stadium so you don’t hear any boos? Keep playing like this and you might not need to worry about that.


HOME RUN  Mike!!!!


David Lennon calls out the lack of intestinal fortitude of the Mets:


Often, keyword order viagra it’s hard to pin down the intangibles with numbers, keyword order viagra but not in this case. Keyword order viagra With Wednesday’s loss to the Marlins, keyword order viagra the Mets (9-12) stumbled to 1-10 when trailing after six innings. Keyword order viagra After seven, keyword order viagra they are 0-11.


The newest member of the Douche Bag Hall of Fame is Philadelphia Inquirer columnist John Gonzalez. Keyword order viagra Its guys like Gonzalez that makes the demise of newspapers easier to take. Keyword order viagra If a blogger ever wrote a poorly put together piece like this Buzz Bissinger would go to his mother’s basement and kick his ass. Keyword order viagra I’d call Gonzalez a rank amateur but the fact that he lives and worked in Philadelphia is punishment enough. Keyword order viagra For a fan base that for vast majority of its existence has been apathetic towards it’s baseball team, keyword order viagra they really need a good strong glass of shut the fuck up. Keyword order viagra Phillies fans are starting to make Highlander fans tolerable.


Shrek and Johnny Bench Santos are safe for a while longer and Brian Schneider is still feeling the effects of a sore calf. Keyword order viagra Take your time Bri.


Enjoy your weekend and while your snug in your bed think of me sleeping in the woods and don’t smirk.


LET’S  GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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Whoever came up this World Baseball Classic bullshit tournament needs a punch in the face. Cialis for woman You want to play a trumped up fantasy type game like this do it on a computer or X-Box. Cialis for woman When it comes defending my country, cialis for woman I’m all in but when it comes to baseball my heart is Blue and Orange. Cialis for woman All I care about are the New York Mets and what spring training is for is to evaluate my team to see if we’re ready for the upcoming season and with this WBC, cialis for woman that goal is taking a back seat and that pisses me off.


The Pudge to the Mets rumors are back and hotter and heavier as the team may be trying to give Shrek a prod in the ass or maybe they are just sick and tired of his underachieving.


As per Mike Silva NYBD, cialis for woman the Philadelphia Inquirer is running a poll on which Mets collapse was the best the 2007, cialis for woman 2008 or the on this upcoming season. Cialis for woman Silva does a great job taking the paper to the wood shed but I’d say to Mike and all Mets fans just let these Philly Phuck heads be. Cialis for woman It will be fun watching them embarrass themselves as they have no idea how to handle success. Cialis for woman The whole town is like trailer trash winning the Mega Millions Lottery, cialis for woman they will self-destruct soon. Cialis for woman


You get the feeling at some point the U.S Dept of Justice will throw in the towel on trying to prosecute Barry Bonds. All this is a waste of Federal Agent manpower, cialis for woman clogging the courts and a big waste of money. Cialis for woman Just blame it all on the Bush Administration we’ll all understand.


I would pay money to watch Lou Pinella beat Steve Philips’ ass.


Just the thought of D-Wright lockering next to Jimmy Rollins and Derek Jeter makes me want to heave

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