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Viagra in mexico Dear Mets Diary, viagra in mexico

Viagra in mexico WOW, viagra in mexico it has been a while since I’ve written to you. Viagra in mexico How ya been? Me? I’ve been very busy with two kids graduating and going on to college and high school and moving my office from Manhattan to Downtown Brooklyn (just a 15 minute walk to the Barclay Center which if Walter O’Malley had his way would have been a fifteen minute walk to Ebetts Field II) then add in getting entrenched in the Celtics-Knicks playoff series (I hope the C’s didn’t leave all they had left on the court yesterday) and the NY Rangers getting ready to battle for the Stanley Cup (nice to see the Blueshirts in full “jam” mode but getting the hottest team in the NHL in the Caps and that prick with ears Ovechkin is going to be a rough series I know it) I’ve kind of neglected my duties of writing about the Mets. Viagra in mexico Problem is, viagra in mexico there’s not much to write about.

Viagra in mexico I’m not saying I’m not following my beloved Amazin’s but other than the days/night Matt Harvey starts (by the way Happy Matt Harvey Day) there really isn’t much to get overly excited about this team. Viagra in mexico In fact after a month of the season, viagra in mexico they are still as bad as they were the last half of last year and what’s worse I don’t see how they can improve?

Viagra in mexico With yesterday’s loss to the Phuck Phaces (4th loss in a row) the Mets will now have FIVE consecutive losing months since July of last season. Viagra in mexico  The bullpen has been beaten up this first month and though it looks bad on paper, viagra in mexico they reason the pen has been so ineffective is the Mets use about 4 relievers a game. Viagra in mexico Unless the pen consists of Mariano Rivera, viagra in mexico Goose Gossage, viagra in mexico Rollie Fingers  and the 1990 Cincinnati Reds Nasty Boys, viagra in mexico no bullpen can withstand that type of work load. Viagra in mexico Add in that Terry Collins and Dan Warthen have an awfully tough time knowing when and who to go to in relief situations, viagra in mexico you have the big time mess the Mets are in now. Viagra in mexico It would be nice if the Mets starting pitching could go more than 5-6 innings a start as well as it would take the pressure of the beleaguered  bullpen and also take the strategic thinking out of the minds of Collins and Warthen. Viagra in mexico   

Viagra in mexico The offense is pathetic too. Viagra in mexico I wish I knew what the hell is wrong with Ike Davis, viagra in mexico is he just in a slump or are the rumblings of him being uncoachable true?  Or is it too many people telling Ike what to do that he has a sensory overload on how to hit? The answer is probably a little bit of both. Viagra in mexico Right now the best move the Mets could make is to bring up Josh Satin to be Ike’s 1st base partner in a straight platoon. Viagra in mexico In 24 AB’s vs. Viagra in mexico LHP in Triple A Satin has a slash line of .333/.429/.583 sure it’s a very small sample size but ask yourself this, viagra in mexico would it be better to have Josh Satin on the big club roster or Marlon Byrd?

Viagra in mexico It seems that Juan Lagares is now the flavor of the week in centerfield as the Mets it seems haven’t a clue on how to put the outfield together. Viagra in mexico The only constant is Lucas Duda who has shown, viagra in mexico shall I say, viagra in mexico Confidence, viagra in mexico at the plate and has put together a very nice April, viagra in mexico although those 8 Rib Eye Steaks don’t look very meaty. Viagra in mexico Lagares can cover tons of turf in the centerfield which is a big help to The Big Lebowski in left and in right Mike Baxter has not looked too good in the outfield this season but he seems to have that Hawk Harrelson TWTW factor which I agree with Hawk you need and it’s something that sabermetrians can scoff at and ridicule but it is something that is sorely lacking in this team. Viagra in mexico The Will To Win. Viagra in mexico I see it in Baxter and most definitely in Matt Harvey and Captain David and #IMWITH 28 as well but collectively as a team I’m not feeling it. Viagra in mexico  

Viagra in mexico It doesn’t seem as if the fan base is feeling it either. Viagra in mexico The social media soap box known as #MetsTwitter has been abuzz the last few days with wonderment over not if Terry Collins will be relieved of his managerial duties but when it will happen and who will take over. Viagra in mexico  I would like to say this kind of talk is premature and that Collins can only work with the lousy hand he’s been dealt but I have to admit the last 48 hours has me thinking that change may do the Mets some good. Viagra in mexico  

Viagra in mexico This team needs some kind of a shakeup, viagra in mexico and by the way has anyone seen or heard from Sandy Alderson? Remember when Fab Freddy Skill Sets opened up his yap after Michael Bourn signed with the Tribe to proclaim that the team has the financial wherewithal to spend on players to make the club better?  If that’s the case then why is the GM bouncing players from Vegas to NY? How about some good ol’ fashion GM’ing by making a deal that will bolster not only the team on the field but the fans in the stands? Why should the Mets fan care about this team if management and ownership don’t seem to?

Viagra in mexico In a perverse way, viagra in mexico I hope the Marlins take 3 straight from the Mets (sorry Matt Harvey maybe you lose 1-0 in a complete game where you strike out 15 walk none and the only hit you give up is a Giancarlo Stanton HR) as then maybe Sandy Alderson will make some kind of move.

Viagra in mexico The Mets have been given a pass in the media so far as the New York Sports fan is in fully engulfed in the Knicks playoff run and the always entertaining sitcom, viagra in mexico The Jets of Florham Park, viagra in mexico but eventually Mets fans are going to start to rumble and the media is going to need something on an off day to write about and as we all know in NYC nothing sells papers and makes ratings rise like a catastrophe and the Mets are headed in a catastrophic direction.

Viagra in mexico Sometimes those Yogi-isms are so true and make a ton of sense. Viagra in mexico The Mets are headed for the fork in the road, viagra in mexico where will they take it? Also it does get late early and after five consecutive losing months the sun made be setting on the Mets.

Viagra in mexico So Mets diary I have bared my soul, viagra in mexico I hope I can write to you more frequently and in a more optimistic way as well. Viagra in mexico I have to confess the losing is getting to me. Viagra in mexico I’m so tired of blown late inning leads and multi game losing streaks God-awful at bats and 3 error games. Viagra in mexico Right I’m not confident there will be a positive turnaround for a while.

Viagra in mexico Lets Go Rangers!!!!

Viagra in mexico  

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Viagra samples  

Viagra samples  

Viagra samples If we thought Thursday night was a great night with the Bronx Bastards season ending, viagra samples Friday night was even better as the Phuck Phaces Phrom Philly went down in a heap to the Red Birds of St. Viagra samples Louis. Viagra samples Now believe me, viagra samples I am no fan of The Genius but as Dick Channey once said “in order to beat the bad guys, viagra samples you have to be a bad guy” and this instance, viagra samples as Mets fans we had to root for the bad guy.

Viagra samples The fallout in Philly is great because the whole town woke up this morning realizing they are back to being a worthless sports town again. Viagra samples The Dream Team Iggles are a nightmare and the Flyers having shipped off half their team in the off season will be fighting for a playoff spot in the NHL Eastern Conference. Viagra samples The best news for Philly sports fans is the NBA lockout so they don’t have to subject themselves to the stink that is the 76ers.

Viagra samples A couple of items I read today stuck out to me, viagra samples one is from our friend Metstradaums who not only reminded me about Gary Mathews Sr. Viagra samples “Mets are crybabies” line but also points out the Jimmy Rollins went silent after the game and then there is this quote from Jim Salisbury’ Phillies Insider column:

Viagra samples Long after the stadium had emptied, viagra samples and after most of the players had dressed and left the clubhouse, viagra samples Shane Victorino reached into his locker and pulled out a sheet of World Series tickets marked for games in Philadelphia. Viagra samples He looked at them wistfully then tore them in pieces and dropped them into the trash bin as he headed for the door and another cold winter.

Viagra samples Ha! Ha! Ha! Suck it Shane!

Viagra samples Over at The Real Dirty Mets Ed “RustyJr” Marcus has a terrific interview posted that he did with Howard Stern Show producer and longtime Mets fan, viagra samples Gary Della’Abate

Viagra samples Tony Plush is taking a lot of heat for his choice of words following last night’s Brewers win over the D-Backs but really why even have a reporter on the field after a game like that? We all know what Sam Ryan was going ask Morgan anyway, viagra samples “describe how you’re feeling”? “Describe that at bat”? Why do networks even bother? In fact, viagra samples what we got from Nyjer Morgan was great, viagra samples same as what we got from Tim Lincecum last year a big fat ‘FUCK YEAH”!!!! Between Morgan’s reaction and Prince Fielder blowing off Ryan and going over to Pedro Gomez of ESPN made it one of the best post games ever. Viagra samples  Let’s face it if the Mets ever win another World Series, viagra samples I’ll be FUCK YEAH-ing people all winter.

Viagra samples Even worse was Craig Sager’ prolonged inane questions to Chris Carpenter, viagra samples who just pitched the game of his life and as his body language showed he wasn’t happy to have to answer questions from a La Gage aux Folles castmember reject while his teammates were celebrating.

Viagra samples If the Brewers played in Citi Field, viagra samples the Skill Sets money woes would be over, viagra samples the place would be packed ever night, viagra samples they have a lot of 86ers in them personality wise.

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Uk viagra sales Just when you thought the Mets would fold up the tents and head into the off season with the refrain of “Same Old Mets” from the Flushing Faithful, uk viagra sales echoing in their ears, uk viagra sales  they not only reverse course but do so in impressive fashion.

Uk viagra sales After dropping 4 in a row to the Brewski’s and Phuck Phaces, uk viagra sales the fan base was going over their fall/winter plans just glancing at SNY or tuning in to Howie, uk viagra sales Wayne and engineer extraordnaire, uk viagra sales  Chirs Majkowski   but then something amazing happened, uk viagra sales two of the most unlikely players, uk viagra sales Nick Evans and Mike Pelfrey led the team to a win against the Phuck Phaces to save face since the Philly Phucks embarrassed the Mets in the first two games of the series.  After the off day, uk viagra sales Chris Capuano gave SNY some winter programing by pitching the game of the year for the Mets. Uk viagra sales  If you don’t think this was the game of the year, uk viagra sales find a clip of Howie Rose making the call of the final out as it was classic Howie, uk viagra sales staying in professional mode but letting you know there is still a lot of Mets fan in him.

Uk viagra sales Then came the hurricane and the Bravos ran out of town and in came the Fish and a good ol’ twi-nighter at Citi Field. Uk viagra sales The first game was started by Mets fan fav R.A. Uk viagra sales Dickey who was stellar as usual but this time he got the WIN but personal wins are not what Robert Allen Dickey is about:

Uk viagra sales “Wins and losses are nice, uk viagra sales but it’s not the metric that I measure my season by, uk viagra sales” Dickey said. Uk viagra sales “If the team gets the win, uk viagra sales I know it sounds cliche, uk viagra sales but that’s what you want as a starting pitcher, uk viagra sales to go out there, uk viagra sales put up quality starts and the result be a win for your club. Uk viagra sales So that’s what I try to focus on. Uk viagra sales We’re playing pretty good ball right now.”

Uk viagra sales Then in the second game, uk viagra sales Dillion Gee had a great bounce back game which is quite encouraging in such a young pitcher. Uk viagra sales Maybe it was having Jose Reyes back, uk viagra sales or maybe the it was the BP Jersey’s the team wore or maybe Old School Dan Warthen threatened to send Gee into the Iron Triangle draped in a suit of pork chops to fight off the pit bulls (are people really surprised there are dogs roaming 126 Street chop shops? They ‘ve been there since Jack Fisher and Joe Christopher were Mets) whatever, uk viagra sales  it’s stellar pitching and the mighty bats of The Dude and DFA Evans have the team back on track.

Uk viagra sales Another reason why you should be proud of your NY Mets. Uk viagra sales A kid was stuck between the eyes last night by a foul ball. Uk viagra sales Justin Turner saw the kid get hit and it made him sick to his stomach, uk viagra sales he was so bad off he had to go confide with Nick Evans who also watched the flight of the ball strike the young man. Uk viagra sales Turner was still worried about the kid after the game that he tried to get info on how he was, uk viagra sales and sent word on Twitter he was still waiting and hoping to hear from the boy’s family. Uk viagra sales Justin Turner is a good man.

Uk viagra sales The Mets are also ready to make a PSA for an Anti-Bullying Campaign:

Uk viagra sales  The New York Mets today announced the launch of an anti-bullying public service awareness campaign designed to educate and support our children about all forms of bullying. Uk viagra sales The PSAs will begin airing today, uk viagra sales Monday, uk viagra sales August 29, uk viagra sales during games at Citi Field and on SNY to help deliver the message to the broadest audience. Uk viagra sales

Uk viagra sales  

Uk viagra sales  

Uk viagra sales  

Uk viagra sales Jason Bay, uk viagra sales Chris Capuano, uk viagra sales R.A. Uk viagra sales Dickey, uk viagra sales Daniel Murphy and David Wright are among the players who participated in tapings for the segment.  The content was developed in conjunction with StopBullying.gov, uk viagra sales an official U.S. Uk viagra sales Government Web Site managed by the U.S. Uk viagra sales Department of Health and Human Services and U.S. Uk viagra sales Department of Education.

Uk viagra sales The Mets place a high priority in supporting children in the community.  For 18 years, uk viagra sales the organization has been a proud sponsor of the Student Athlete Leadership Conference Series, uk viagra sales a mentoring program that includes an anti-bullying and civility message with particular attention paid to language and behavior that is derogatory and offensive based on racial, uk viagra sales sexual and ethnic biases.  Over the years, uk viagra sales thousands of high school athletes have been trained to promote positive activities to hundreds of thousands of elementary school students across Long Island. Uk viagra sales

Uk viagra sales This is another great job by Mets management and their outreach in the community. Uk viagra sales I would hope they would also add  “It Gets Better” video to help stop the attacks and homophobia that Gay and Lesbian teens face too many times in their everyday lives.

Uk viagra sales  

Uk viagra sales  

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Lowest price viagra It feels like the Mets are in a holding pattern as is the fan base and yours truly as we wait for the spike show to drop a/k/a the trade of Carlos Beltran.

Lowest price viagra It’s not a matter of if but a matter of when and how much teams with post season aspirations are willing to pay and by pay I mean with a top notch prospect. Lowest price viagra Sandy Alderson has made it known that he will cover the Beltran nut for the remainder of his contract but he must have one of your finest farm hands in return.

Lowest price viagra So, lowest price viagra how bad do the Giants need Beltran’s bat to repeat as World Champions? How much will Theo Epstein pay to add a solid bat and right fielder to put the fear of ash into the American League? How about the Phuck Phaces? I have no problem dealing with the enemy but I doubt they have the prospect we need to deal. Lowest price viagra Step right up those who feel they can make a run at the World’s Championship but be prepared to pay the freight as Sandy Alderson means business.

Lowest price viagra If I had my druthers, lowest price viagra I’d love to see Beltran go to the Old Towne Team and contribute to another post season and with any luck a World Series championship.  He deserves it.

Lowest price viagra Terry Collins passed his first test early in the season getting the Mets off the matt after a 5-13 start to go 42-35 after that with a team, lowest price viagra the main stream media ridiculed as less than major league quality. Lowest price viagra Collins went from a question mark choice as manager to a Manager of the Year candidate. Lowest price viagra The final exam for Collins and his new found leadership qualities will come as soon as Beltran is sent away.

Lowest price viagra As we of the Blue and Orange persuasion know too well, lowest price viagra in prior seasons, lowest price viagra poorly managed Mets teams would lay down and died in the second half of seasons. Lowest price viagra This was due to the Laissez-Faire attitude of the previous field bosses. Lowest price viagra  How Collins gets this Mets team to finish will be what Mets fans will remember most of this season. Lowest price viagra I don’t mean wins and losses I’m talking about giving 100 % busting ass to win games. Lowest price viagra If this team continues to play like it has with passion and determination it has all season then we’ll know the “same ol’ Mets” are no more.

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Canada viagra

Canada viagra  

Canada viagra  

Canada viagra After a week sleeping in a tent in the woods of upstate New York listening to wolves howling in the middle of the night and having nightmares of a bear in a Highlander uniform attacking me in my tent, canada viagra I can say without a doubt that it’s good to be home.

Canada viagra Not just because I missed my wife and daughter but I missed watching the Mets as well. Canada viagra I haven’t felt that way in a couple of years so yesterday it was nice to hit the couch with a cold drink and a meal without dirt and bugs in it and watch the through ass kicking the Mets administered on the Phuck Phaces. Canada viagra  The offense was explosive with bench mob members Scott Hairston and Nick Evans busting out and the Mighty Celtic Daniel Murphy (.349/.408/.465 RISP .383/.408/.489 RISP w/2 out) continuing his solid season but again it was the pitching of Jon Niese that stood out. Canada viagra  Niese has stepped up as a solid starter for the Mets not just for 2011 but for season beyond. Canada viagra  Niese is not an ace but he will be a good solid 2 or 3 for the Mets for years to come.

Canada viagra I’ll get into more stuff tomorrow as I’m still trying to get my back to straighten up again and get my system reintroduced to edible food. Canada viagra Even with all those drawbacks a week away with my son on a camping trip is worth every mosquito bite and bad meal and sleeping in less than ideal conditions.

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Generic supplier viagra You can look at the Mets reaching the .500 mark as nothing to celebrate, generic supplier viagra as .500 means you’ve reached a level of mediocrity. Generic supplier viagra But if you look at the overall standings of the National League, generic supplier viagra that .500 mark is much more impressive, generic supplier viagra especially in the light of injuries and starting pitching rotation led by two neophytes, generic supplier viagra a philosopher, generic supplier viagra a reclamation project and a schizophrenic. Generic supplier viagra  

Generic supplier viagra Taking the Phuck Phaces out of the equation, generic supplier viagra and their NL and MLB leading 43-26 record, generic supplier viagra the Mets are a mere 5 games back of the SF Giants (39-29) for the second best record in the league. Generic supplier viagra For those who feel it’s never too early to follow the NL Wild Card standings, generic supplier viagra the Mets are 3.5 games behind the Cardinals for the NL Wild Card spot.

Generic supplier viagra All this without the two corner infielders who provide power, generic supplier viagra the Ace of the starting rotation and the Left Fielder (although 2 hits and an SB for Jason Bay maybe just maybe it’s the start of his renaissance) an emotional baseball mess, generic supplier viagra it’s quite impressive that the Mets are in the race for a post season berth. Generic supplier viagra If anything comes as a positive so far this season is the culture of failure has been eradicated on the field and in the clubhouse. Generic supplier viagra Maybe it will move to the owners level as well but that would take a giving the blind sight kind of miracle that doesn’t happen too often. Generic supplier viagra   Like Rome, generic supplier viagra Flushing was built in a day.

Generic supplier viagra Scott Kazmir has been released by the Angels, generic supplier viagra he can be picked up for the major league minimum. Generic supplier viagra I don’t think a Mets reunion will happen but I could see the Highlanders signing him and assigning him to Scranton/Wilkes Barre because they are DES-PER-ATE for starting pitching. Generic supplier viagra   

Generic supplier viagra I wish the Mets would announce that the next time Johan Santana will pitch for the team in February 2012 in St. Generic supplier viagra Lonesome.

Generic supplier viagra Last night I had the honor of being a guest on the Seamheads Podcasting Network’s Fantasy Baseball Show on Blog Talk Radio it was a fast paced hour of great baseball talk a very worthy listen. Generic supplier viagra http://www.blogtalkradio.com/seamheads/2011/06/16/highlight-reelseamheads-fantasy-baseball-show

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Cialis brand name

Cialis brand name ……..Your New York Mets were winning 13 of their last 20 games. Cialis brand name While you were worrying about what will happen in July, cialis brand name the Mets have a winning record on the road so far this year going 10-9 and so far on this current road trip they are 3-1.

Cialis brand name The Mets pitching staff has posted a team ERA under 3 (2.86) for the month so far, cialis brand name led by a light’s out bullpen that is a baseball best 4-1 with a miniscule .052 ERA.

Cialis brand name Frankie Rodriguez has converted his last 11 save opportunities  and Jason Isringhausen has been outstanding as the 8th inning set up man. Cialis brand name With Pedro Beato, cialis brand name the best reliever in the pen before he was injured and Bobby Parnell on the DL, cialis brand name Taylor Buchholz and Ryota Igarashi have stepped up to fill the void. Cialis brand name Spaceman Byrdak when allowed by Terry Collins, cialis brand name has been doing his LOOGY thing holding left handed batters to a .231 average.

Cialis brand name We know that Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran have been carrying the offense of late (even before hi s injury Ike was slumping a bit) and that D-Wright and J-Bay have been in deep slumps (could last night ignite their bats ?) but look at the records of all the teams in MLB, cialis brand name with the exception of the Phuck Phaces (I’m loving the resurgence of the Tribe but I’m not ready to put them on a level of the Phuck Phaces yet) there is no great team in baseball, cialis brand name hell, cialis brand name the overrated Highlanders are but 4 games over mediocrity.

Cialis brand name So instead of obsessing on where to trade Jose Reyes, cialis brand name Calros Beltran and David Wright, cialis brand name maybe you should shut down Twitter for a night and enjoy your NY Mets. Cialis brand name  I’m taking the pledge to stay off Twitter during Mets games as I’m starting to see the light that Josh Thole saw, cialis brand name some of you folks make rooting for the Mets a fucking chore. Cialis brand name The constant doom and gloom over every at bat is really tiring. Cialis brand name Yes D-Wright has not been productive but  I urge you to read this post by James Kannengieser at Amazin’ Ave on Weighted On Base Average (wOBA) postion by position, cialis brand name as tough a season as DW has had he still ranks 3rd in wOBA  among all 3rd basemen in MLB.

Cialis brand name So instead of going  “you suck “ to “your great”  from one tweet to the next, cialis brand name just sit back and enjoy this team and see how it plays out on the field instead of on Twitter.

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Buying viagra online The injury bug has bitten the Mets again, buying viagra online and the fan base is ready to go off the deep end. Buying viagra online Message to my fellow Mets fans, buying viagra online every team gets injuries; the good ones overcome the losers’ sit and lament. Buying viagra online Take a look down I-95 at the Phuck Phaces, buying viagra online those are key injuries and still they have the best record in baseball, buying viagra online oh I’m sorry Mets fans did I hurt your feelings?  I don’t think any fan base in sports cry’s more than Mets fans do when a player gets hurt and unfortunately the manager is starting to fall into the make excuse mode as it pertains to David Wright , buying viagra online if Terry Collins feels that the back and neck problems Wright is experiencing has led to his piss poor plate production, buying viagra online then sit him down, buying viagra online otherwise keep your feelings to yourself.

Buying viagra online Very hard to criticize Sandy Alderson for signing Chris Young, buying viagra online it was a gamble that didn’t work out. Buying viagra online Same as taking Brad Emaus as a Rule 5 pick. Buying viagra online Eamus didn’t work out and he was cut, buying viagra online Young couldn’t stay healthy now he’s gone as well. Buying viagra online Pedro Beato was a Rule 5 that works and so far Chris Capuano  a wounded pitcher, buying viagra online who so far is healthy and working out fine. Buying viagra online  Shit happens and you deal with it, buying viagra online that’s the Alderson way.

Buying viagra online We can’t be shocked about Young, buying viagra online disappointed yes, buying viagra online but not shocked. Buying viagra online He had bicep problems earlier and a history of shoulder trouble so every pitch could have been his last.

Buying viagra online If Willie Harris is not an ex-Met by lunch time I will be very disappointed. Buying viagra online I can’t believe this is the same player who struck fear in Mets fans hearts but he has still kept his reputation as a Mets Killer, buying viagra online but this time as a member of the Mets. Buying viagra online The fact that terry Collins said that Harris ran on his own, buying viagra online there by throwing him under the bus, buying viagra online tells you the manager as had enough, buying viagra online let’s see if the GM agrees.

Buying viagra online You can add Chin-lung Hu to the cut him list to he may be the worst player the Mets have had since Mike Glavine.

Buying viagra online I thought Keith Hernandez was going to jump out of the booth last night after  Josh Thole took a 3-1 pitch and then walked in the 6th with second and third 2 outs and the pitchers spot on deck. Buying viagra online  Mex wigged out that Thole “had two Rib Eye’s “ in scoring position and the pitcher up next would settle for a walk and not battle to drive those Rib-Eyes home. Buying viagra online  I’m with Keith here, buying viagra online 3 and 1 with two runners in scoring position and you take the pitch? I’ll give you the rookie mistake and hopefully young Josh learns from that.

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Buy viagra on line Another game another win, buy viagra on line and the Tea Party Mets fans have quieted down as there isn’t anything to get hysterical about.

Buy viagra on line I’m not ready to block out the month of October yet on my calendar, buy viagra on line as the caliber of opponent  has not been challenging during this win streak but again good teams put the bottom feeders away and it’s made this weekend’s games in Philly a must see.

Buy viagra on line Chris Young admitted after the game that his command was off but he hadn’t pitched in over two weeks and at 88 pitches he made the mark that club set for him. Buy viagra on line The home runs were a product of not being able to hit his spots but then again they were all solo shots.  The big test will be today for Young when he gets to the park. Buy viagra on line If he feels as good as he said he did last night after the game, buy viagra on line then it’s a win and if he does feel fine to make his next start, buy viagra on line then you’ll see Dillon Gee go back to Buffalo.

Buy viagra on line It also helps that the bullpen has settled in to a groove and Terry Collins has a reliever for every situation. Buy viagra on line The back end is set with Taylor Bucholz and Pedro Beato as 7th inning or 8th inning guys depending on the status of set up man deluxe Jason Issringhausen followed by closer for now Frankie Rodriguez.  You also have Tim Brydak and Ryota Igarashi as the LOOGY/ROOGY Yin-Yang and the Gee/Carrasco long man role. Buy viagra on line It’s always nice when relievers know their set roles. Buy viagra on line It’s a beautiful  thing.

Buy viagra on line I’m looking forward to Friday night’s game against the Phuck Phaces just to see who catches Big Plef. Buy viagra on line  Even with Joe Blanton going for the Phuck’s, buy viagra on line I be surprised if Josh Thole is behind the plate. Buy viagra on line I could see Mike Nickeas or Ronnie Paulino getting the task to talk Pelfrey through his start. Buy viagra on line The Mets could activate Paulino and keep Nickeas up going with three catchers for this game only and sending Dillon Gee back to Buffalo. Buy viagra on line Then after the game send Nickeas to Buffalo as well and bring back DJ Carrasco to take up long man duty in the bullpen. Buy viagra on line If Nickeas catches Pelfrey then it would give Paulino a chance to work with Pelf between starts. Buy viagra on line Listen, buy viagra on line if finding a personal catcher for Mike Pelfrey translates into quality starts then I’m all for it. Buy viagra on line Josh Thole shouldn’t be upset, buy viagra on line it’s not personal it’s business.

Buy viagra on line I guess we won’t be hearing any of the stupid trade Ike talk anymore huh? How about Ike for MVP?

Buy viagra on line I’m ready to throw some batting practice today to my team so I have go out and re-stock the medicine cabinet with some Extra Strength Tylenol and some Icy-Hot patches. Buy viagra on line Later!

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Professional cialis There were a few interesting Mets news items so while I try to wake up and start to focus on the series with the Phuck Phaces let’s take a gander:

Professional cialis The Pedro Feliciano Highlander/Mets feud just won’t end. Professional cialis The Mets, professional cialis particularly Old School Dan Warthen, professional cialis seem to be the most level headed in this whole deal. Professional cialis Warthen told the truth, professional cialis that the Mets felt giving Feliciano a multiyear deal was dumb since they worked the shit out him the last three years. Professional cialis Now Pedro has a broken heart and had decided to take his frustrations on, professional cialis Ike Davis? What the hell did Ike do to you Perpetual Pedro? Very surprised by the way Feliciano has reacted. Professional cialis He always came off as muy macho. Professional cialis I guess when you don those Highlander pinstripes in turns you into a whinny bitch.

Professional cialis Speaking of Old School, professional cialis it seems he’s like Felix the Cat as he unveils his bag of tricks, professional cialis on wheels no less.

Professional cialis There are still plenty of tickets left for the Friday home opener and for Saturday’s game you could get a ticket for the less than the price of a Shake Shack burger. Professional cialis When I clicked on the Mets website I see they have now added a coupon for a $10 credit for food or merchandise to be used the day of the game you purchase tickets for. Professional cialis At least there is a sign of creativity coming out of Citi.

Professional cialis People ask me why I’m not a big Mike Piazza fan, professional cialis well read this and click on the link to the radio interview of Piazza and Roger Clemens and that should explain why.

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