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Statistics on viagra I just hope a week from Thursday the weather is better than today in NYC. Statistics on viagra I’ll take the sunshine but this morning at 6AM it was 31 degrees which meant I had to retrieve my winter coat from my basement closet. Statistics on viagra I hate wearing my winter coat.

Statistics on viagra Speaking of a week from Thursday, statistics on viagra I’m more than ready to get the season started as it will put up and shut up time and we get to talk about games that count. Statistics on viagra  But before we do there is some Mets Miscellany to discuss.

Statistics on viagra ITEM: Johan Santana Decreased Velocity

Statistics on viagra There was a bit of a panic in Metsville yesterday as the beat writers were sending Tweets from the frontline on Johan Santana’s start. Statistics on viagra It seems all the JUGS guns had Santana with less than Autobahn numbers, statistics on viagra along with an ineffective first inning sent the sky is falling Mets fans out in droves.

Statistics on viagra It would be great if Santana was hitting 90+ but according to the stories from the game his velocity increased as the game went on. He walked 3 in the first inning but then regained his command to settle in and pitch very well:

Statistics on viagra  “I was struggling locating my fastballs, statistics on viagra” Santana said. Statistics on viagra “I threw two-seamers. Statistics on viagra And, statistics on viagra then, statistics on viagra by the time I threw my breaking ball, statistics on viagra I wasn’t able to throw strikes. Statistics on viagra But then I made some adjustments and I started hitting the inside corner and I was better after that. Statistics on viagra … It was just one of those days where things take a little longer. Statistics on viagra That’s all it was.”

Statistics on viagra See what gives you optimism with Santana that he will come back to form is he’s a very smart pitcher and knows exactly how to execute and how to adjust. Statistics on viagra I didn’t think we’d see Santana until the end of May but now I’ll be disappointed if Santana is not on the Citi Field bump on opening day.

Statistics on viagra ITEM: David Wright Back In Action

Statistics on viagra Good to see Wright back in action but let’s see if (when) he can go a couple, statistics on viagra three days straight without aggravating his stomach injury. Statistics on viagra As Wright stated there is getting into physical shape and then there is game shape. Statistics on viagra Wright will be off today but then I’d like to see him play the rest of the week .

Statistics on viagra ITEM: Chris Young Signs Minor League Deal

Statistics on viagra Never have enough arms. Statistics on viagra Low risk high reward but there are still some Mets fans  that will knock this signing because that what those Mets like to do.

Statistics on viagra ITEM: Carlos Beltran pays Jon Niese $10K

Statistics on viagra Someday I’d love to carry that kind a coin around with me to just write a check to a co-worker for cosmetic surgery. Statistics on viagra I’d have my office look like the waiting area of the Bunny Ranch.

Statistics on viagra ITEM: Texas Rangers Release Connor Jackson

Statistics on viagra We are going to see a bunch of these releases as Jackson fits the description of players signed to minor league deals who are guaranteed $100 K if they are still in camp on March 30th. Statistics on viagra The Rangers are hoping to strike a deal with Jackson to start the season in the minors but it wouldn’t be bad for the Mets to swoop in a sweeten the pot a bit to add Jackson to the 25 man squad as he’s a right handed bat who can play the corner outfield spots and 1st base.

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