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Generic cialis sale Down in St. Generic cialis sale Lonesome, generic cialis sale it’s a day off for both the big league and minor leaguers but for the Skill Sets it’s far from an off day in fact it’s day one of the most important fortnight of their lives as the Madoff trustees claw back suit finally makes its way to court with jury collection and optimistically, generic cialis sale opening arguments.

Generic cialis sale There has been some speculation that there could be a settlement reached today with the thinking being maybe both sides knowing that they are dealing with a floor amount of $83 mil and a ceiling of $386 mil but if you’re Irv Piccard and the Madoff victims the thought has to go through your mind “will I ever see any money from the Wilpon’s”?

Generic cialis sale Do the Skill Sets have $83 mil? I have no idea, generic cialis sale I do know they don’t have the funds to assemble a decent bench for their baseball team or enough funds to fortify the depth of their starting pitching, generic cialis sale so if I had to guess $83 mil might as well be $83 billion. Generic cialis sale   

Generic cialis sale I’m with the majority of Mets fans who would rejoice if the Skill Sets were to sell, generic cialis sale but the one caveat I throw out there before I donate a bunch of cardboard boxes for the Freddy, generic cialis sale Uncle Saul and Jeffy to pack their bags and get out of Flushing is, generic cialis sale who is going to buy the team?

Generic cialis sale If you tell me there is some big fancy Wall Street mogul or one of the Titians of industry that will follow the Nelson Doubleday way of running the team which is to let the baseball operations people run the show and make sure the bartenders have a heavy pour, generic cialis sale well then I’m all in.

Generic cialis sale If you tell me that another member of the lucky sperm club or a guy with money who loves to see his name in the paper and feels he’s a “baseball guy” and wants to run the team his or her way, generic cialis sale then maybe keeping the Skill Sets isn’t as bad as it seems. Generic cialis sale I mean as bad as Jeffy Skill Sets is, generic cialis sale he’s not worse than David Samson is he?

Generic cialis sale See anger over ownership is the same as anger over a manager when the team is going bad, generic cialis sale everyone screams fire the manager but when you ask “ok but who is the replacement”, generic cialis sale you get crickets.

Generic cialis sale See if you are going to dump a manager or in this case an owner, generic cialis sale you have to have a better replacement ready to take over.

Generic cialis sale I am certainly no fan of the Wilpon’s, generic cialis sale their meddling (Jeffy in particular) in how the team is run is the reason the club is in the mess it’s in right now. Generic cialis sale They’ve always worried more about winning the back pages of the tabloids in December and January than building a solid foundation to keep the team in contention for years to come. Generic cialis sale But again is it better to have the Skill Sets as owners or James Dolan? The devil you know is sometimes better than the devil you don’t know. Generic cialis sale      

Generic cialis sale  

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Remember this? Mex’s power nap!

Viagra canada generic I don’t know if it’s the calm before the storm or a sign that the Mets will remain dormant in winter time news but there is absolutely  nothing baseball wise coming out a of Flushing. Viagra canada generic I can get pushing the new uni and all the pomp and circumstance for this season 50th Anniversary but for the love of Casey Stengel is there any baseball news of substance coming from the front office?

Viagra canada generic Here’s what we’re stuck with today as “Mets news”

Viagra canada generic Lenny Dykstra fucked up his life and now is in rehab and when he gets out he will be a new man and yada yada yada. Viagra canada generic You know what, viagra canada generic Frank Cashen should be given more credit than he ever has for when you look back at the Mets of the 80’s for all their on field success there were a lot of them who couldn’t handle the fame, viagra canada generic fortune and everything that goes with it (I thank you all-Freddie Mercury) . Viagra canada generic With all the celebrations of the ’86 Mets maybe we should reflect more on this bunch as failures, viagra canada generic who if they had any kind of self-control would have won multiple championships.

Viagra canada generic Adam Rubin writes about the Skill Sets asking for a non-jury trial when their case against the Madoff trustees goes to trial next March. Viagra canada generic  The judge in the case however ruled in favor of Piccard so the case will be heard by a jury. Viagra canada generic I agree with Michael Kline who feels the Skill Sets will be hurt by a jury trial as this case is complex and a jury of 12 laypeople may not get the whole understanding of the facts to make a fair judgment. Viagra canada generic  A jury trial will hurt the Skill Sets for sure.

Viagra canada generic Please Sandy gives us something to chew on, viagra canada generic a bone, viagra canada generic anything………………………..

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Advice viagra On the heels of Freddy Skill Sets “I’ve been duped “speech last week comes another leak of information from Irving Piccard via his media mouth piece the NY Times in which we’re told that Sterling Equities was the clearing house for all transactions and recruitment of new investors for Madoff Madness. Advice viagra In this article the only guy who it seems had half a brain when it came to this shady operation was Larry King’s accountant David Blouin. Advice viagra Blouin wanted to know a few things about the investment that King made with Madoff, advice viagra like the small incidental of what exactly are you investing in?

Advice viagra That’s one of the questions that the MSM forgot to ask Freddy and Jeffey last week, advice viagra did anyone ever think that Madoff was investing in any illegal activity? Madoff investments were always showing profits nearly double what other legitimate investment banks were doing and when asked how or what he was investing in Madoff gave everyone the brush off. Advice viagra No one thought that maybe some faction of organized crime was involved here?  Was Freddy and Uncle Saul so caught up in the greed is good of Madoff that they didn’t care where this money was going as long as the profits kept rolling in? I guess we won’t find out until this case is settled but you’d think by now the Skill Sets would smarten up and work out an out of court settlement before more of their dirty laundry is revealed in the Paper of Record.

Advice viagra So I guess as someone who is a Luis Castillo basher I should apologize as we learn that Looie didn’t come to camp early due to his brother having surgery. Advice viagra  Well I would if only Castillo was adult enough to let the club know what was going on. Advice viagra I have no personal dislike for Castillo as I’ve never met him , advice viagramy dislike is for his deteriorating baseball skills and the fact he has one more year on his contract. Advice viagra Again, advice viagra Castillo and Oliver Perez are the faces of failure that are still around from the last front office regime. Advice viagra The Alderson Group has rid itself of minor league execs, advice viagra coaches, advice viagra instructors and the strength and conditioning staff has been overhauled as well so it puzzles me, advice viagra why not drop these two players and show the fan base you really are for change. Advice viagra The Mets might sell a few extra tickets if they showed this commitment to cleansing the losers.

Advice viagra I don’t feel this cut off point of clubhouse card games comes solely from the manager. Advice viagra It’s no secret that the Mets clubhouse the last few years has become the equivalent of a NYC Public School classroom when a substitute teacher is in charge, advice viagra utter chaos. Advice viagra The lack of accountability from its inhabitant’s causes what some would say, advice viagra is a silly and insulting rule. Advice viagra By laying it out now, advice viagra Collins did the right thing letting the players know that there will be a cutoff point on the leisure part of their day. Advice viagra It also helps as we get to hear who squawks the most over this.

Advice viagra The one thing that worries me is, advice viagra if Collins has a bunch of rules. Advice viagra Remember when Willie Randolph took over and brought his Highlander mentality to the Mets? No long hair, advice viagra no facial hair, advice viagra no loud music in the clubhouse all of these were rescinded as the year went on because if you want to be stick up your ass dolt then stay in the Bronx. Advice viagra I also remember the Dark Days of Jeff Torborg who tried to ban beer on the team plane. Advice viagra Torbog had an aversion to alcohol due to alcoholism in his family to which David Cone told the skipper, advice viagra“well, advice viagra just make sure your family takes another flight” as he and Eddie Murray loaded several cases of Heineken onto the team charter.

Advice viagra Is there a Mets fan who doesn’t  like Mookie Wilson? I seriously doubt it.

Advice viagra The Johnies are back in the Top 25 the bandwagon will fill up rather quickly in the next month or so better reserve your seat now!!!!!!

Advice viagra Very disappointed in the Broadway Blueshirts yesterday in their loss to the Flyers at MSG. The Rangers in the first half of the season were a hard working bunch that even in defeat could say they gave all they had. Advice viagra The second half of the season so far the opposite is true but in the rare exceptions of a few (Callahan, advice viagra Dubinsky, advice viagra Staahl, advice viagra Girardi, advice viagra and the dynamic duo of Ryan McDonagh  and Michael Sauer) the fight is just not there with this team. Advice viagra Add in the lack of a snipper and the woeful PP what was once thought of hockey in April as inevitable at MSG is now on the brink of collapse. Advice viagra  The turnaround will have to come from within as Slats Sather should not go crazy at the trade deadline as there is not one player who the Rangers could acquire that will propel them to Stanley Cup contenders. Advice viagra This team is young and very talented but it needs time to blossom.

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Us cialis The NY Times has a couple of interesting items pertaining to the Wilponzi’s and Citi Field. Us cialis The cost of a trial between Madoff victim trustee Irving Piccard and the Skill Sets could put the Freddy and Uncle Saul into financial ruin but so could an out of court settlement. Us cialis Either way the Skill Sets are fucked it’s just a matter of which way will be less painful.

Us cialis The Citi Field story is hilarious as the author thinks this would be a good time to drop the Citi name and the millions that come with it, us cialis and rename it Shea Stadium. Us cialis A real nice thought but with the Skill sets hurtin’ for dough it will never ever happen. Us cialis In fact don’t be surprised the Champions Club is not renamed the Medellin Club.

Us cialis Back in December when I attended the Mets Holiday Party, us cialis I got to speak to David Wright. Us cialis As I wrote back then, us cialis it seemed that Wright was happy for the change in leadership in the front office and the manager’s office. Us cialis  He didn’t come out and say it but from the conversation you could tell there was no accountability in the clubhouse amongst the players and the manager, us cialis knowing he was out of a job mailed it in that last two months of the season. Us cialis Wright even said that so far in his Mets career “I only have one NL East Championship and that is not enough” No one can question Wright’s work ethic on and off the field for the Mets and it seems like he is ready to be an ally to Terry Collins and sell his style and message. Us cialis From reading stories today, us cialis Wright also seems to be ready to throw his veteran weight around in the clubhouse. Us cialis Why not, us cialis the understated way of doing things hasn’t worked so with managerial backing, us cialis Wright may be ready to step up as the team’s vocal leader. Us cialis That doesn’t mean being a “rah-rah “ guy it means getting guys to work harder and also take responsibility in the wins and losses and getting his teammates to sharpen their focus. Us cialis  

Us cialis Ed Marcus (a/k/a Rusty Jr) continues his series of the Top 50 Mets of All Time with Number 29 David Cone. Us cialis The Cone for Ed Hern deal is one of the all-time steals in baseball history. Us cialis Cone was a lighting rod on and off the field for the Mets as Ed points out in his piece.

Us cialis The Mets have hired 48 year old Brad Andress as their new strength and conditioning coach. Us cialis In reading Andress’ bio, us cialis it’s interesting to see that he assisted Clint Hurdle when he was with the Rockies in travel scheduling and administrative duties. Us cialis I’d bet that Andress will do the same with the Mets since that was part of Charlie “Make Me An Offer” Samuels tasks when he wasn’t  pilfering the Mets clubhouse. Us cialis   

Us cialis I could definitely live with Tampa Bay Rays owner Stuart Sternberg of the Canarsie Sternberg’s buying the Mets. Us cialis This is so good it will never happen. Us cialis My biggest fear is that M. Us cialis Donald Grant has some grandchildren running around from a love child he had with Joan Payson with a robust trust fund and ends up buying the Mets. Us cialis (Tip of the Mets cap to Metsblog for the link to Cork Gaines story)

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