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Gerchu.phpbbx.de viagra I wrote this yesterday but caught up with a ton of work so I couldn’t post it so what the hell, gerchu.phpbbx.de viagra let it fly today

Gerchu.phpbbx.de viagra There is no more reactionary fan base of any team in this town like Mets fans. Gerchu.phpbbx.de viagra This fan base goes from euphoria to despair in a Manhattan minute. Gerchu.phpbbx.de viagra Take yesterday’s game for instance.

Gerchu.phpbbx.de viagra After winning the last two series against the Pirates and Padres (yes we know Keith the Padres are bottom feeders) the fan base was sky high but then a look at the upcoming schedule made some apprehensive of what will happen to the Mets by the end of the month. Gerchu.phpbbx.de viagra A look at the records of the Mets upcoming opponents should really rattle the Mets faithful:

Gerchu.phpbbx.de viagra Dodgers  32-16

Gerchu.phpbbx.de viagra Nationals 29-19

Gerchu.phpbbx.de viagra Orioles 29-20

Gerchu.phpbbx.de viagra Rays 29-20

Gerchu.phpbbx.de viagra Reds 27-21

Gerchu.phpbbx.de viagra Cardinals 27-22

Gerchu.phpbbx.de viagra Mets 27-22

Gerchu.phpbbx.de viagra Highlanders 26-22

Gerchu.phpbbx.de viagra Phillies 26-24

Gerchu.phpbbx.de viagra Cubs 16-32

Gerchu.phpbbx.de viagra The teams I worry about in this stretch are the Dodgers, gerchu.phpbbx.de viagra Nats and the Rays as they have outstanding pitching and could very easily shutdown the Mets offense. Gerchu.phpbbx.de viagra What makes this a mine field for the Mets is these teams come at them one after the other. Gerchu.phpbbx.de viagra So if the Mets tread water for the next 31 games and go 16-15 that would leave the club at 43-37 heading into July and the half way mark of the season. Gerchu.phpbbx.de viagra I’d be happy with that.

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Cialis generic viagra There are loses, cialis generic viagra bad loses and I can’t believe it loses which is where I’d file last night’s stunner. Cialis generic viagra To have a 4-0 lead handed to our Ace against a team that has scored the least runs in all of baseball and to do it with a Buffalo flavored lineup, cialis generic viagra it looked like this would be one the best wins of the season, cialis generic viagra but then in the 7th with one on, cialis generic viagra Santana served up an 87 mph meatball fastball to the Pirates version of Mike Nickeas, cialis generic viagra Mike McKendry, cialis generic viagra that was deposited over the left center field wall to tie the game at 4-4.

Cialis generic viagra Santana seemed to labor from the 4th inning on as he lost command of his fastball and it seemed ironic that Santana who has had a tough time recording a win when he was out pitching the opposition would be in position to get a win in game where he was ordinary at best.

Cialis generic viagra The Mets had a good shot at taking the lead back in the 8th as Kirk Nieuwenhuis got a pinch hit single to lead off the 8th and made it 3rd on a Ronny Cedeno ground out and a wild pitch, cialis generic viagra runner on 3rd 1 out all the Mets need is a fly ball but up steps Mike Nickeas who of course strikes out. Cialis generic viagra I wish Terry Collins would give Rob Johnson the bulk of the playing time while Josh Thole recuperates. Cialis generic viagra Nickeas just cannot hit and his defensive prowess quite frankly is overrated. Cialis generic viagra  I’m guessing that Johnson‘sore thumb is still a problem and the reason he’s not behind the plate every day. Cialis generic viagra  After Nickeas failed to get Nieuwenhuis home, cialis generic viagra it was left to Andres Torres and his icicle of a baseball bat to get the job done and of course he failed as well with his shitty little ground out 4 to 3.

Cialis generic viagra When Nickeas, cialis generic viagra Torres and Ike Davis are in the same lineup they are 3 automatic outs add in the pitchers spot that 4 outs so multiply that by say 4 times through the order, cialis generic viagra that  16 of the 27 outs you get in a game that you are giving away. Cialis generic viagra Nickeas shouldn’t start another game, cialis generic viagra Torres is ready to be regulated to 4th outfield status and Ike it seems is a DL activation away from becoming a Buffalo Bison. Cialis generic viagra When Vinny Rottino gets the nod over you, cialis generic viagra lefty or no lefty, cialis generic viagra it’s safe to say you’ll be headed upstate soon.

Cialis generic viagra Now if the top of the 8th didn’t piss you off enough, cialis generic viagra the Mike Baxter-Kirk Nieuwenhuis mix up of Neil Walker fly ball sure had to. Cialis generic viagra Simple “Fundies” right there, cialis generic viagra it’s the centerfielder is king of the outfield and to their credit both Baxter and Kirk took responsibility for the screw up for what became the winning run on 3rd base. Cialis generic viagra As bad an offensive team as the Bucs are, cialis generic viagra they at least were able to get the runner on 3rd home with less than 2 outs.

Cialis generic viagra  

Cialis generic viagra  

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Real viagra online Not much from me today between running around doing errands and it being so damn hot, real viagra online lots of perspiration not much inspiration today.

Real viagra online Loved what I saw from Johan Santana last night. Real viagra online I guess he got tired of of all the “what’s wrong with Santana” from the fans and media. Real viagra online It’s not just that he told Jerry Manuel to go sit down but he pitched a complete game shutout against a Reds team that is the best hitting team in the league.

Real viagra online Great post by Eric Simon on Amazin Avenue today on the educating fans on how to read saber stats and understand what the numbers tell us.  Gary Cohen got the ball rolling on this with his take on BAPIP during this past weekends telecast. Real viagra online Simon picked up on this and by explaining what the number tell us will hopefully convert the non-sabermetic believers .  I have to admit the one class I cut out of regularly during high school years  was math. Real viagra online I hate math and sometimes when I read the sabermetric sites, real viagra online the charts and graphs lose me, real viagra online just tell me what time it is I couldn’t give a shit how the clock was made and it seems Eric Simon is going to help me out and tell me the time of day.

Real viagra online Speaking of saber vs. Real viagra online non saber check out this video

Real viagra online If the Pirates take Eddie Kunz for Octavio Dotel then we have a deal

Real viagra online Check out my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN Radio show from last night as myself and Dan Epstein author of Big Hair and Plastic Grass, real viagra online A Funky Ride Through Baseball and America in the Swinging 70’s

Real viagra online Don’t forget the polls are open at MetsGrrl and Mets Minor League Blog to vote in the primary for Howard Megdal for Mets GM

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Drug viagra According to Jon Heyman the Mets have interest in my dark house pick for the pen, drug viagra the Pirates closer Matt Capps.  Great minds think alike Omar

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