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Canada online pharmacy viagra What’s worse than watching a baseball game in September that’s meaningless? How about watching a meaningless baseball game in September being played in “Your Name Here” Stadium in South Florida in front of dozens of fans with an hour plus rain delay? Then when the game resumes your team in this meaningless contest has the lead and the pitcher who is thought to be the closer of the future comes in and blows the save for the fourth time in nine chances, canada online pharmacy viagra but his ass is saved by a player who you couldn’t give away at least three times this season getting the game winning hit?

Canada online pharmacy viagra So is the tale of Bobby Parnell and Nick Evans. Canada online pharmacy viagra Parnell has been given the opportunity to show he should be the closer for the Mets from now until whenever but he has shown that he does not have the qualities needed to be effective at that position. Canada online pharmacy viagra Parnell has a flamethrower for a right arm but has a ton of trouble locating pitches for strikes. Canada online pharmacy viagra He also has this nasty habit of giving up a hit and then falls apart by falling behind in the count to the next batter who either walks or gets a nice juicy fastball or a flat slider to mash at. Canada online pharmacy viagra It’s not just the pitches that are ineffective; it seems Parnell loses some nerve and confidence when he’s behind the 8 ball. Canada online pharmacy viagra  Small fires become forest fires for him on the mound.

Canada online pharmacy viagra It looks as though the manager who has shown a lot of faith in him is starting to doubt if Parnell can close out games:

Canada online pharmacy viagra “Well, canada online pharmacy viagra we’re going to talk to Bobby tomorrow, canada online pharmacy viagra” Collins said. Canada online pharmacy viagra “I mean, canada online pharmacy viagra there’s a couple things (pitching coach) Dan (Warthen) had talked about with him, canada online pharmacy viagra a couple of little pitch-location stuff that he’s just got to be able to make. Canada online pharmacy viagra He’s got to make some pitches. Canada online pharmacy viagra

Canada online pharmacy viagra “He’s got a great arm and he’s got really great stuff. Canada online pharmacy viagra But the bases on balls hurt him. Canada online pharmacy viagra Getting behind in the count hurts him. Canada online pharmacy viagra You saw the first hitter, canada online pharmacy viagra he went right at him with good fastballs, canada online pharmacy viagra got ahead of him in the count, canada online pharmacy viagra and throws him a slider and it’s a mismatch. Canada online pharmacy viagra But you’ve got to be able to get ahead.

Canada online pharmacy viagra It has got to be deflating  to the team to have Parnell blow as many saves as he has and Collins made be sensing some frustration in the clubhouse so why not take Parnell out of this roll and let him work on getting his mind as well as his pitches back to where he can be effective. Canada online pharmacy viagra There is too much talent in that right arm to give up on Parnell, canada online pharmacy viagra but Terry Collins wants to end this season on a winning note as well as evaluating players who have a future with the Mets and who doesn’t. Canada online pharmacy viagra  Using a committee of Manny Acosta, canada online pharmacy viagra Jason Isringhausen  and the neophyte Josh Stinson looks to be the way to go for these final weeks of the season.

Canada online pharmacy viagra As for Nick Evans, canada online pharmacy viagra how can you not root for him? He’s been tossed on the scrap heap time and again but never gets discouraged and when he gets opportunities, canada online pharmacy viagra as he is now playing 1st base on a nightly basis, canada online pharmacy viagra he is producing with his bat and his glove. Canada online pharmacy viagra From trolling around the team you can tell the players hold Evans in high regard as they know how hard he works to stay in the big leagues and if he can continue to produce like he has, canada online pharmacy viagra and impress the manager like he has, canada online pharmacy viagra he will have a spot on the 2012 Mets 25 man roster.

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Cheap viagra uk I had the pleasure last night to attend a presentation at Bloomberg headquarters  by Bloomberg Sports, cheap viagra uk  updating those of us in attendance, cheap viagra uk on the new features that have been added to their baseball analytical application and the unveiling of their Fantasy Football application. Cheap viagra uk I came away quite impressed with both products.

Cheap viagra uk Bloomberg Sports is really making a name for itself when it comes to statistical applications dealing with baseball and the football program, cheap viagra uk which is in pre-production, cheap viagra uk should be just as compelling to fantasy sports players, cheap viagra uk fans and media types alike.  

Cheap viagra uk The first presentation of the evening was a detailed look at the analytical program that Bloomberg Sports has made available to all 30 MLB teams. Cheap viagra uk Part of the presentation dealt with the batter/pitcher match up, cheap viagra uk where every pitch a pitcher has thrown to that batter is broken down to pitch type, cheap viagra uk pitch location, cheap viagra uk velocity, cheap viagra uk and the break of each pitch. Cheap viagra uk There are pie charts that record what pitch type the pitcher has thrown in every conceivable count.   As an added bonus, cheap viagra uk you can click on each individual at bat in the batter/pitcher confrontation and see video of the at bat. Cheap viagra uk The pitcher/batter used in last night’s demo was a Stephen Strasburg/Lastings Milledge matchup where ahead in the count to LMillz, cheap viagra uk Strasburg broke off a hellacious curve ball that Milledge’s initial reaction was the pitch was coming up and in or him and as he was bailing, cheap viagra uk the ball broke right over home plate for strike three. Cheap viagra uk STUNNING!!!!!

Cheap viagra uk For fans, cheap viagra uk Bloomberg uses the technology to help you win your fantasy league, cheap viagra uk in fact when you subscribe to the Bloomberg Sports application, cheap viagra uk you can sync your team into the app and have Bloomberg’s extensive stats and analysis show you the pluses and minuses of your team.

Cheap viagra uk The Fantasy Football package will work the same but right now if you play Fantasy Football on, cheap viagra uk the Bloomberg stat package will be included in the price of the game. Cheap viagra uk If you wish to purchase the app separately (if you play on Yahoo or ESPN) it will cost you a very reasonable $7.95.

Cheap viagra uk Both application are well worth it for fantasy players and non-fantasy players alike.

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