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Similar cialis WHEW!!!!!  Yesterday’s Mets-Rockies game is like trying to eat a Carnegie Deli sandwich, similar cialis where do you begin?

Similar cialis I’ll start with Johan Santana who has topped everyone’s expectations so far this season. Similar cialis  Santana relied on fastball/change up combo and I hate using this word, similar cialis battled. Similar cialis If you want to take Johan to task (I don’t know why you would) his walk rate 4.13 BB/9IP is high but as he progress through the season that should drop. Similar cialis  The main thing that separates Santana from Mark Prior and Chen Ming Wang, similar cialis the two pitchers who have had the same surgery as Santana, similar cialis is he is a superior pitcher than either two. Similar cialis Prior was more a thrower than a pitcher and Wang is a back of the rotation guy, similar cialis Santana is an anchor. Similar cialis Since his 1.1 IP performance in Atlanta on April 17 th, similar cialis his last two starts have been outstanding, similar cialis having  pitched 12.2 innings and given up 1 earned run dropping  his season ERA from 3.97 to 2.25. Similar cialis See how easy life is with a solid #1 pitcher.

Similar cialis Well somewhat easy I guess. Similar cialis I have no problem with Terry Collins pulling Santana after 6 innings in a start where Johan had thrown 105 pitches in his last start with an extra day rest. Similar cialis  So far the program the Mets have put together for Santana has been working so why get greedy, similar cialis besides with the exception of Frank Frisco, similar cialis the back end of the bullpen has been good. Similar cialis Now would I have gone with Miguel Batista in the 7th inning? No, similar cialis I’d have gone with Bobby Parnell, similar cialis but when I thought about why TC would go with Batista in that spot, similar cialis I thought it would be to show confidence in Batista after that awful start last Monday, similar cialis putting him a spot to succeed. Similar cialis Collins is the anti-Joe Girardi, similar cialis he’s more a feel and from the gut kind of manager, similar cialis he knows when a player needs a confidence boost and when a guy needs a day of reflection from the bench. Similar cialis Binders? Terry Collins doesn’t need no stinkin’ binders. Similar cialis Batista pitched a fine 7th inning and things were moving along nicely until………………

Similar cialis We could scream and yell about home plate ump Paul Emmel squeezing the strike zone on Jon Rauch especially on the Michael Cuddyer at bat (as per pitch f/x, similar cialis Rauch only hit the strike zone with a pitch once but look at the 4th and 5th pitch of the AB, similar cialis can we have some consistency please !)But the Carlos Gonzalez at bat was the at bat to look at. Similar cialis Rauch’ first pitch was a strike that was called a ball after that Rauch lost all control of the strike zone. Similar cialis Getting Cargo there would have left Fowler on first with 2 out but instead it’s 1 out runners on first and second with Troy Tulowitzki up. Similar cialis Rauch starts off with two straight strikes and then gets Tulo to hit the next pitch back to him for a 1-3 put out and it looked like Rauch was getting out of this jam until of course the Cuddyer base on balls and out goes an irate Jon Rauch and in comes Tim Byrdak to face Todd Helton with the bases loaded.

Similar cialis Just like that, similar cialis a slider that was middle in took away a stellar start by Santana, similar cialis a breakout game for Ike Davis, similar cialis the continued wonderment of Kirk Nieuwhenhuis, similar cialis the continued rejuvenation of David Wright and of course a 4 run lead, similar cialis went for naught as the ball of Helton’s climbed to the upper reaches of right field for a Grand Salami. Similar cialis Heads of Mets fans were hung, similar cialis obscenities were screamed, similar cialis scapegoats were being named, similar cialis jobs had to be terminated, similar cialis but this Mets team laughs at your lack of faith, similar cialis you think they packed all those cowboy clothes to wear to Houston for a loss, similar cialis HELL NO!!! This Mets team does not go quietly.

Similar cialis I guess it’s due to the Mets having had some bad managers the last few years from Art Howe, similar cialis the Admiral James Stockdale of baseball managers (Who am I ? Why am I here?) The insecure and overmatched Willie Randolph and the “is it payday”?  skipper Jerry Manuel , similar cialis we are still getting used to the passion of Terry Collins.

Similar cialis TC has learned a hard lesson in baseball, similar cialis his last three managerial stints ended very badly and he had to go back to baseball purgatory as a minor league coordinator to rebuild his resume. Similar cialis Give the man credit, similar cialis he could have left baseball, similar cialis gone to a 9 to 5 job and just be another working stiff, similar cialis instead he went back to the bushes and rebuilt his reputation as baseball man and worked on what were his short comings. Similar cialis  If it weren’t for the financial fallout from the Madoff mess, similar cialis Collins wouldn’t have gotten this shot. Similar cialis He got the job because he came cheap and this cheap investment is paying dividends.

Similar cialis Collins holds players accountable, similar cialis you know Ike Davis was mad to be pinch hit for and I’m sure he was livid to be out the lineup but he wasn’t producing and as TC said I have faith in my players but it’s about the team and it’s about winning. Similar cialis Since that time of his benching and with some work with hitting coach Dave Hudgins, similar cialis Ike has picked up his hands and maybe using his anger as a positive, similar cialis has started to look like the Ike we love. Similar cialis Give tons of credit to Ike for his two run single in the top of the 11th that proved to be the game winner but don’t forget the manager for instilling a mindset into this team that they are a good baseball team and to the other 24 players who refuse to give up.

Similar cialis  

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United healthcare viagra

United healthcare viagra I hope it will stop raining today for a couple of reason, united healthcare viagra I’d like to harvest the robust crop that has blossomed in the rice paddy that used to be my back yard lawn and I want to see Chris Schwinden pitch in game 1 of today’s Mets-Braves double header.

United healthcare viagra Schwinden is another of these out of nowhere Mets stories that have been making the team interesting to watch. United healthcare viagra Schwinden, united healthcare viagra drafted in 2008, united healthcare viagra has never been considered a prospect by those who follow and report on the Mets minor leaguers. United healthcare viagra Even though Schwinden has been a pitcher who throws strikes and rarely walks a batter, united healthcare viagra although this season with the Bison, united healthcare viagra his walks are up more than they have in his three year Minor League career (3 per 9IP from 2 per 9IP) but his hits to innings pitched was less for the first time in his career.

United healthcare viagra Schwinden has been compared closely to Dillion Gee as both have a pretty good grasp on how to pitch by staying ahead in counts and moving their pitches to different areas of the strike zone. United healthcare viagra Neither has a real out pitch but again Schwinden like Gee, united healthcare viagra seems to have a good head on his shoulder and a game plan going into each start.

United healthcare viagra Again it’s a great move by the front office promoting Schwinden and rewarding his outstanding season in Buffalo with a major league start. United healthcare viagra Knock ‘en dead Chris!      

United healthcare viagra  

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Who should not take viagra What’s worse than watching a baseball game in September that’s meaningless? How about watching a meaningless baseball game in September being played in “Your Name Here” Stadium in South Florida in front of dozens of fans with an hour plus rain delay? Then when the game resumes your team in this meaningless contest has the lead and the pitcher who is thought to be the closer of the future comes in and blows the save for the fourth time in nine chances, who should not take viagra but his ass is saved by a player who you couldn’t give away at least three times this season getting the game winning hit?

Who should not take viagra So is the tale of Bobby Parnell and Nick Evans. Who should not take viagra Parnell has been given the opportunity to show he should be the closer for the Mets from now until whenever but he has shown that he does not have the qualities needed to be effective at that position. Who should not take viagra Parnell has a flamethrower for a right arm but has a ton of trouble locating pitches for strikes. Who should not take viagra He also has this nasty habit of giving up a hit and then falls apart by falling behind in the count to the next batter who either walks or gets a nice juicy fastball or a flat slider to mash at. Who should not take viagra It’s not just the pitches that are ineffective; it seems Parnell loses some nerve and confidence when he’s behind the 8 ball. Who should not take viagra  Small fires become forest fires for him on the mound.

Who should not take viagra It looks as though the manager who has shown a lot of faith in him is starting to doubt if Parnell can close out games:

Who should not take viagra “Well, who should not take viagra we’re going to talk to Bobby tomorrow, who should not take viagra” Collins said. Who should not take viagra “I mean, who should not take viagra there’s a couple things (pitching coach) Dan (Warthen) had talked about with him, who should not take viagra a couple of little pitch-location stuff that he’s just got to be able to make. Who should not take viagra He’s got to make some pitches. Who should not take viagra

Who should not take viagra “He’s got a great arm and he’s got really great stuff. Who should not take viagra But the bases on balls hurt him. Who should not take viagra Getting behind in the count hurts him. Who should not take viagra You saw the first hitter, who should not take viagra he went right at him with good fastballs, who should not take viagra got ahead of him in the count, who should not take viagra and throws him a slider and it’s a mismatch. Who should not take viagra But you’ve got to be able to get ahead.

Who should not take viagra It has got to be deflating  to the team to have Parnell blow as many saves as he has and Collins made be sensing some frustration in the clubhouse so why not take Parnell out of this roll and let him work on getting his mind as well as his pitches back to where he can be effective. Who should not take viagra There is too much talent in that right arm to give up on Parnell, who should not take viagra but Terry Collins wants to end this season on a winning note as well as evaluating players who have a future with the Mets and who doesn’t. Who should not take viagra  Using a committee of Manny Acosta, who should not take viagra Jason Isringhausen  and the neophyte Josh Stinson looks to be the way to go for these final weeks of the season.

Who should not take viagra As for Nick Evans, who should not take viagra how can you not root for him? He’s been tossed on the scrap heap time and again but never gets discouraged and when he gets opportunities, who should not take viagra as he is now playing 1st base on a nightly basis, who should not take viagra he is producing with his bat and his glove. Who should not take viagra From trolling around the team you can tell the players hold Evans in high regard as they know how hard he works to stay in the big leagues and if he can continue to produce like he has, who should not take viagra and impress the manager like he has, who should not take viagra he will have a spot on the 2012 Mets 25 man roster.

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Viagra joke

Viagra joke It was quite a night at Citi Field last night. Viagra joke The SNY crew set up shop in the Pepsi Porch and I don’t know who enjoyed it more, viagra joke Gary, viagra joke Keith and Ron or us fans watching on TV. Viagra joke Between Ron wearing a glove like a Little Leaguer hoping to catch a ball or Keith buying hot dogs for him and his mates, viagra joke it was one of the more enjoyable Mets games I’ve watched in awhile. Viagra joke   

Viagra joke There was a little bit of everything last night. Viagra joke R.A. Viagra joke Dickey showing all those of little faith that he is a legit big league pitcher and one I hope is around here for some time. Viagra joke After falling behind 4-0, viagra joke Dickey got himself back on track and as much as I love to watch a pitcher dominant a lineup, viagra joke when you see a guy start out shaky but refuse to panic and think out what pitches are working and which one isn’t and then have the ability to make adjustments on the fly is just as great to watch. Viagra joke If Mike Pelfrey could just have a sliver of R.A. Viagra joke Dickey’s guile and pitching smarts we would be talking about locking him up to a multi year deal instead of hoping he gets non-tendered in the off season.

Viagra joke Angel (El Kabong) Pagan has not been very good this season in the field and at bat. Viagra joke Pagan is another player that I’m sure will be part of a big discussion in the Mets front office meetings as to whether he’s worth bringing back next season or not. Viagra joke Pagan, viagra joke like the rest of this team is an easy guy to root for. Viagra joke He’s worked his way back from oblivion of the bushes to be a bonafide big leaguer. Viagra joke In Pagan’s defense he is not a leadoff hitter and is not comfortable in the 1 or 2 spot of the lineup. Viagra joke This season his best offensive production as come when he is slotted in the 5 or hole. Viagra joke So last night was the right spot for Pagan in the bottom of the 10th when he drilled his walk off home run. Viagra joke Good for Angel and good for the Mets. Viagra joke This is a day to reflect on the goodness of Pagan, viagra joke we’ll have all winter to debate is fate as a Met going forward.

Viagra joke The stories today are all about Carlos Beltran and what is most likely his farewell game at home as a Met. Viagra joke If anything last night was his going away party. Viagra joke The crowd seemed to feel the same way. Viagra joke I was hoping that after Beltran launched his 2 run homer in the 5th to tie the game that the fans at Citi Field would prolong their enthusiasm to the point that Carlos would come out for a curtain call. Viagra joke When was the last time a Mets player came out for bow after a home run? With today being a day game and the temperature climbing toward 100 degrees I wonder how many folks will show up for the game today (besides the day camp kids for whom the 12 noon start was scheduled for) but it would be nice if the fans gave Beltran a standing O in his first at bat to the point where he steps out of the box and doffs his helmet. Viagra joke We’re going to miss him.

Viagra joke Congrats to Mr. Viagra joke and Mrs. Viagra joke Josh Thole on the birth of their son Cameron and how about Daddy Josh hitting RBI single in the 8th to tie the game at 5. Viagra joke I hope someone saved the ball to give to Thole as it would be a great conversation piece between him and his son when he gets older to relive the night after his birth daddy got a big clutch hit for the Mets.

Viagra joke Jason Pridie will start in LF for the Mets today for Jason Bay who is nursing a sore hammy. Viagra joke Bay claims his hip and leg have been bothering him for a few days and this doesn’t seem too serious. Viagra joke I know we’d all love to see Bay take a seat on the bench but we shouldn’t revel in an injury that puts him there. Viagra joke Mike Francesa had one of the few good points he makes every now and then about calling the Pirates about taking Jason Bay off the Mets hands for 50 cents on the dollar. Viagra joke Bay is owed $35 mil over the next three seasons so if the Mets offer Bay to the Pirates along with $17-$18 mil they would save $17-$18 mil. Viagra joke I doubt the Bucs would do this but Bay did have a great six years in Pittsburgh so maybe he Bucs need a love re-connection. Viagra joke Can’t hurt to ask.

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Buy cialis online uk Well, buy cialis online uk if anything comes as a positive out of breaking the winning streak last night, buy cialis online uk it’s that we won’t see the black uni tops hopefully for a while. Buy cialis online uk I’d say it’s a safe bet the all grays will be in play tonight.

Buy cialis online uk Strange line on Chris Capuano last night. Buy cialis online uk  Cap had no problem throwing strikes (67/27 K/BB ratio) and he was ahead in the count from the start with 21 first pitches to the 28 batters he faced were strikes. Buy cialis online uk The Nats did knock him around for 10 hits but no walks but only 2 K’s. Buy cialis online uk Weird.

Buy cialis online uk The 4th inning did Cap in as the Nats started teeing off but it was a bizarre sac/fielder’s choice thingy with fat ass Livan Hernandez getting in Josh Thole’ way as he couldn’t get around El Gordo. Buy cialis online uk But when the smoke cleared is just a one run Nationals lead. Buy cialis online uk The pitch that Cap regretted the most was the one he threw to Ian Desmond in the 5th , buy cialis online uk that went  over the right field fence to give DC a two run lead. Buy cialis online uk  That home run hurt more as the Mets came back in the 6th when Ike Davis (of course!) doubled home Carlos Beltran to make it a one run game again.

Buy cialis online uk Okay, buy cialis online uk I’ve seen enough of Willie Harris for a while, buy cialis online uk time to put Harris on the shelf . Buy cialis online uk A little bit of Willie Harris in our lives is good, buy cialis online uk a lot of Willie Harris? No good.

Buy cialis online uk Either play Jason Pridie every day until Angel Pagan comes back or bring up Captain Kirk for a taste of the big leagues but really enough Willie Harris, buy cialis online uk he’s not an ever day player.

Buy cialis online uk I’m sure Big Pelf will be on a short leash tonight between battling the flu and not having a great track record against the Phuck Phaces, buy cialis online uk if he starts getting knocked around in the first or second inning, buy cialis online uk I’m sure Terry Collins will go right to Dillion Gee as this management cares about wins not hurting players feeling.

Buy cialis online uk I’m so anxious for Ronnie Paulino to be activated and joining the big league team for the simple fact, buy cialis online uk I’m not convinced Ronnie Paulino actually exists.

Buy cialis online uk It’s nice when there is competition of a roster spot, buy cialis online uk as it lit a fire under Josh Thole to get that bat going to stay in the bigs. Buy cialis online uk That was one of the biggest problems in the past for the Mets, buy cialis online uk a sense of entitlement of a job, buy cialis online uk that is no more.

Buy cialis online uk I want all of you to go over to the Real Dirty Mets site and wish Ed Marcus a/k/a Rusty Jr. Buy cialis online uk a very happy birthday.

Buy cialis online uk So now the Skill Sets are ready to give some juice to whoever buys into a minority share of the club. Buy cialis online uk According to the NY Post (line up for your grain of salt) the Skill Sets will grant veto power to the new investor as it pertains to team payroll and player contracts. Buy cialis online uk If all this is true and comes to fruition (again it’s in the Murdoch fish wrap) this could a huge boost for the Mets organization. Buy cialis online uk What the organization needs is injection of fresh money and fresh ideas and most of all someone who doesn’t have a Skill Sets bloodline sitting in the boardroom. Buy cialis online uk Everyone who is a decision maker except for the Baseball Ops division is related in some way or the other. Buy cialis online uk It reminds me of when I worked for Century 21 department store; every department manager of the store was a member of the Gindi family. Buy cialis online uk It didn’t matter if they were competent as long as they were a Gindi. Buy cialis online uk Now we just have to hope the new partner is a Stu Sternberg clone.

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Pfizer mexico viagra Com’on you didn’t think the Mets would lose every game this season did you?  And what a game it was, pfizer mexico viagra give credit to Terry Collins for going radical by using Chris Capuano and R.A. Pfizer mexico viagra Dickey on their throw days in relief. Pfizer mexico viagra Why waste those pitches in the pen. Pfizer mexico viagra  Collins checked the data available to him that revealed Larry Jones going 1-7 against Capuano which I guess was foreign to Freddi Gonzalez who batter Larry for Freddie Freeman (whenever I hear the name Freddie Freeman I think of Freddy Cannon and the song Palisades Park) then having R.A. Pfizer mexico viagra Dickey come in for quick inning in the 7th followed by Izzy and K-Rod.  I’m sure Tony LaRussa is distraught over not coming up with this strategy when he invented baseball.

Pfizer mexico viagra Dillon Gee showed up at the Ted like a homeless man with no glove, pfizer mexico viagra no spikes but was ready for service. Pfizer mexico viagra Gee’s bags were lost between Providence R.I. Pfizer mexico viagra and Philadelphia and to make things worse Gee did not arrive in the ATL until 1AM. Pfizer mexico viagra So with Bobby Parnell’s glove and Josh Thole’s spikes and a spare suit of Mike Nickeas (who will need that suit for the next profession he has because he ain’t cut out for big league baseball)  in his locker, pfizer mexico viagra but forth one of the better starts by a Mets starter this season. Pfizer mexico viagra Gee will get at least one more start as a fill in for Chris Young and Collins has said that Gee will most likely go back to Buffalo so he can continue to pitch on a regular basis but if he has another strong outing like yesterday, pfizer mexico viagra with the shape this pitching staff is in, pfizer mexico viagra how do you send him back to Triple A ?

Pfizer mexico viagra Matt Harvey had another strong outing for St Lonesome yesterday going 5 innings in the Baby Mets 4-1 win over Ft. Pfizer mexico viagra Myers. Pfizer mexico viagra In 16 innings pitched so far this season Harvey has not given up an earned run while striking out 20 and walking just 6. Pfizer mexico viagra It will quite interesting to see how the front office handles the 24 year old first round pick in the 2009 entry draft. Pfizer mexico viagra  A couple of more of these solid starts and Harvey could see himself fast tracked to Binghamton by late May.

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Viagra without prescription

Viagra without prescription Just heard the sad news that former NY Giant, viagra without prescriptionand the man who hit the most famous home run in baseball history, viagra without prescription Bobby Thomson has passed away.

Viagra without prescription I had the great pleasure of meeting Thomson and if you didn’t better, viagra without prescription you’d never know he was not just an ex-baseball player but a player who hit the Shot Heard Around The World. Viagra without prescription He was very soft spoken and awfully polite when I met hm at an event to commemorate the 1951 season (my dad was a die-hard Giants fan and Thomson and Carl Hubbell were his two favorite Giants of all time)  but when the name of Sal Yvars was brought up, viagra without prescription it brought out the Scottsman’ temper. Viagra without prescription Yvars was the player who claimed he gave Thomson and other Giants tip offs on what pitches were coming by stealing the opposing catchers signs using a telescope while Yvars was perched by a window in centerfield of the Polo Grounds.

Viagra without prescription Condolences to the Thomson family

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Generic viagra online

Generic viagra online Somewhere in the city of Detroit, generic viagra online Armando Galarraga is wondering, generic viagra online why couldn’t Jim Joyce been part of Dale Scott’s umpire crew?

Generic viagra online So now the precedent has been set, generic viagra online any call can now be over turned. Generic viagra online So if there is a close pick off play at any base, generic viagra online the team can now ask the umpires to caucus to get a consensus on whether the runner was safe or out. Generic viagra online Same now with ban-bang plays at first base, generic viagra online or close plays at the plate or on the other bases.

Generic viagra online Let’s get one thing straight, generic viagra online the ball never hit Scott Rolen, generic viagra online so for Crew Chief Dale Scott to proclaim, generic viagra online it was all about getting the play right, generic viagra online well they failed. Generic viagra online If anything it should have been called a ball and the count on Rolen 3 and 2. Generic viagra online Scott should also be ashamed as should home plate ump Jerry Meals for allowing second base umpire, generic viagra online Dan Iassogna to be the guy to change that call, generic viagra online since Iassogna was 120 ft away and Meals right on top of the point of inpact. Generic viagra online Scott threw his home plate man under the bus and Meals by not telling Iassogna to shut the fuck up loses his credibility as well.

Generic viagra online With all that, generic viagra online Big Pelf was not very good last night and the reversed call and having his strike zone squeezed tighter than a fly’s ass didn’t help him either. Generic viagra online Pelf had no command of his pitches last night as he kept falling behind in the count and if there is one team you don’t want to be at 2-0, generic viagra online 2-1 it’s the Reds. Generic viagra online  It’s good thing Pelf didn’t make the All-Star team as he needs the days off to regroup and not let’s this recent slide of his turn him back into 2009 Mike Pelfrey

Generic viagra online Patrick Flood looks at the high wire act that is Frankie Rodriguez. Generic viagra online The fact that Flood points out that Rodriguez has converted 83 % of his saves as Mets closer is the same rate that Armando Benitez had as a Met made my acid reflux flow like a BP oil rig.

Generic viagra online Kevin Millar nearly missed doing the Mets-Nats game on Saturday as he was delayed getting out of Texas where he makes his home due to Hurricane Alex. Generic viagra online As a precaution, generic viagra online FOX asked SNY for permission to hire Ron Darling for the day as the game analyst. Generic viagra online SNY refused saying that Darling’s contract calls for him to only work outside SNY for TBS. Generic viagra online SNY did the same thing to Kevin Burkhart when FOX ask permission to have Burkhart do play by play on a FOX Saturday game.  Is SNY paranoid? What were they afraid of by letting Darling or Burkhart do games for FOX? I guarantee no one is calling about grabbing Gary Apple or Kirk Gimenez. Generic viagra online In fact the only SNY personalities with any personality are the guys doing Mets games, generic viagra online the rest of the day on SNY they’d be better off running infomercials. Generic viagra online If you’re ever suffering from lack of sleep just turn on SNY Sportsnite no matter whom the anchor is they’ll lull you into a coma.

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Viagra And Lisinopril

Buy viagra online cheap Some observations from last night:

Buy viagra online cheap The first couple of innings were rough to watch as Big Pelf was throwing and throwing and the Twins were fouling off and fouling off pitch after pitch. Buy viagra online cheap Pelf said after the game that it was a tough game from him as he threw 77 of his 117 pitches for strikes but the twins must have fouled off 50 of them as he has done all season, buy viagra online cheap the Season of Big Pelf.

Buy viagra online cheap Uhh anyone still want to deal off Daivd Wright and Jose Reyes?  Anyone? Com’on you haters show your faces.

Buy viagra online cheap Let’s also end the hate for Carlos Beltran. Buy viagra online cheap If he is ready and can play center field then that’s where he’ll play. Buy viagra online cheap It is much easier for Angel Pagan to shift over to right field and he and Frenchy can form a nice little twosome there, buy viagra online cheap plus Beltran, buy viagra online cheap when he does make it back, buy viagra online cheap will need maybe two days off a week to help with that knee so don’t worry all you Pagan fans, buy viagra online cheap Angel will get playing time. Buy viagra online cheap Don’t over think this folks just enjoy the fresh bat in the lineup.

Buy viagra online cheap I can’t figure out Jerry Manuel. Buy viagra online cheap When the Mets lose his post game presser is like a night at the Laugh Factory, buy viagra online cheap when they win it’s like he’s planning a wake. Buy viagra online cheap Strange.

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Cialis transdermal

Cialis transdermal The big story coming out of last nights Mets game is what is the reaction of the other 24 players to the the handling of John Maine. Cialis transdermal After getting lifted last night after 5 pitches Maine looked like a guy praying for a life line. Cialis transdermal When the cavalry came to the rescue in the persons of Jerry Manuel and Old School Warthen, cialis transdermal instead of being thankful for saving him, cialis transdermal Maine gets all pissy with the manager.

Cialis transdermal

Cialis transdermal After the game and let me say SNY you suck! Why can’t we see Jerry Manuel’s post game presser live? Why do I have to wait through the insufferable Garry Apple to hear the John Maine pitty party that you promoed as must see, cialis transdermal if it’s must see then let me fucking see it! I’ll say this, cialis transdermal it was worth my wait but I shouldn’t have to wait and after I see and hear Maine’ melt down, cialis transdermal  I want to hear Bobby O break it down not Gary Fucking Apple!

Cialis transdermal Back to Maine, cialis transdermal finally J-Man and Old School are starting to take no prisoners with this team and the pitching staff. Cialis transdermal If J-Man is going to get the boot he’s not going down without a fight. Cialis transdermal You, cialis transdermal David Wright take the day off. Cialis transdermal What, cialis transdermal you don’t agree with that? Too fucking bad, cialis transdermal grab some pine.  John Maine, cialis transdermal there is either something wrong with your arm or your head and since you couldn’t break a pane of glass in any of your last starts and your delivery was in slow motion so badly that  Old School Warthen asked you if your ok and  you say yeah even though your mechanics and body language say different. Cialis transdermal In other words John Maine your are a selfish prick. Cialis transdermal Your whole post game rant was me-me-me-me and that has been a problem around here for too long. Cialis transdermal Even the golden boy David Wright acted a like a me-me guy when Manuel told him he needed a day off. Cialis transdermal I think we can all thank Fredi Gonzalez for mangers finally standing up to players and setting them straight.

Cialis transdermal I also think that closed door meeting with the Mets brass had something to do with this as well. Cialis transdermal Maybe J-Man told Jeffey and Omar “look if I’m going down then I’m going down with a fight and I’ll do it by any means necessary”

Cialis transdermal First Manuel pulled Ollie Perez from the rotation then sat Wright down now he’s called out Maine and how about Old School with his quote on Maine being a “habitual liar” when it comes to his health? The gloves are off Mets fans, cialis transdermal if J-Man and Warthen are going down then they going down fighting with bare knuckles. Cialis transdermal It’s about time.

Cialis transdermal Manuel and Old School know the next six games will decided their fate. Cialis transdermal 0-6 and it’s over, cialis transdermal 4-2 their safe, cialis transdermal 3-3 a toss up, cialis transdermal 6-0 then we may look back at that meeting in Atlanta might as the turning point of the season .

Cialis transdermal Tonight the Mets will honor the 2000 NL Champs. Cialis transdermal  There will be a pre game ceremony attended by Mike Piazza, cialis transdermal Edgardo Alfonzo, cialis transdermal Turk Wendell, cialis transdermal John Franco and Rick Reed. Cialis transdermal One other player will make an appearance, cialis transdermal Mike Hampton. Cialis transdermal I’m just hoping the fans attending tonight’s game don’t embarrass themselves and the fan base by booing Hampton. Cialis transdermal I wasn’t happy when he decided to leave after one year as a Met but he was the MVP of the 2000 NLCS and by leaving the draft pick the Mets received was used to draft David Wright, cialis transdermal so just for those two contributions he should get applause.  

Cialis transdermal How Bobby Valentine is not invited to tonight’s game is a disgrace and shows the short sightedness and pettiness of the Mets ownership. Cialis transdermal What are they afraid of Mets fans actually cheering at $iti Field?

Cialis transdermal Castillo to the Rox? Does that mean Daniel Murphy to second base? HELL YEAH!!!!

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