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Drug viagra There is a growing segment of the Mets fan base that have quite the thick craniums, drug viagra they have a problem of figuring out fact from fiction and if they are not directly told the facts about something they have a tough time comprehending events that go on in the Mets front office.

Drug viagra Terry Collins is Jason Bay’s Kevlar vest; question after question to Collins at his press conferences deal with answering questions about Bay and the bullpen but now Bay is the beat the dead horse subject of the week. Drug viagra Collins has tried and tried to resuscitate Bay’s offensive game even though it flat lined a long time ago. Drug viagra From where I sit, drug viagra I can see the baseball ops folks telling Collins it’s time to cut bait on Bay but Collins asked for more time with the front office saying Bay has the end of the road trip to show a pulse or he’s done.

Drug viagra Back from a 6-5 trip Collins was met at the door by Sandy Alderson with his hand up saying here is how we will deal with Jason Bay, drug viagra he will now play against left handed pitching only. Drug viagra No discussion. Drug viagra  Now fast forward to the afternoon and the quote by Alderson pertaining to Bay:

Drug viagra “Certainly, drug viagra there are times when it is appropriate to eat a contract; there are other times when it is not. Drug viagra Jason Bay is not going anywhere, drug viagra nor is his contract.”  

Drug viagra Does that mean you will see Jason Bay in LF for the Mets in 2013?  Of course not. Drug viagra As Alderson stated there are times to eat a contract when it’s appropriate, drug viagra on August 8th it’s not the time to chow down on dead presidents. Drug viagra Why would you? The plan going forward is to platoon Bay with Jordany Valdespin in left and I’d guess Mike Baxter and Scott Hairston will spilt the time on right, drug viagra which is the best game plan available right now.

Drug viagra If you are a Mets fan who wants Jason Bay out of town, drug viagra you had better root hard that he shows some ability to produce some offense against left handed pitching so it makes him a more attractive trade chip.

Drug viagra So today Alderson explains that Bay is still a Met and will be a Met for the rest of the season, drug viagra he will try hard to deal Bay to save some Skill Sets cash but please don’t tell me you are that naive to think that plan C, drug viagra buying out Bay’s contract has not been discussed. Drug viagra You don’t believe the GM should tell you today “yeah Bay looks done as Sunday dinner and no one is ringing my phone to obtain him. Drug viagra Can you blame them? Yup we are up the creek without a paddle”

Drug viagra Do not be shocked and dismayed if Bay reports to St. Drug viagra Lonesome in February if he’s not dealt its part of the plan but I would bet Jason Bay won’t be on the opening day roster in 2013.

Drug viagra  

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Us cialis  

Us cialis What else is there to say about last night’s game than what Terry Collins said in his post-game presser :

Us cialis “I haven’t the faintest idea. Us cialis I don’t know if it’s fatigue. Us cialis I don’t know what it is. Us cialis We didn’t run the bases. Us cialis We didn’t play good defense. Us cialis We didn’t drive in the runs we needed to drive in. Us cialis It was a combination of a lot of things. Us cialis We didn’t pitch very goodl. Us cialis It was the worst Dillon’s pitched probably in awhile… We’ve played two bad baseball games here. Us cialis We are a better team than what we’ve played.”

Us cialis I’m not buying the fatigue factor at all, us cialis it’s not like Collins is running out the same eight guys game after game, us cialis in fact everyday seems like there is a different lineup. Us cialis  Two areas that were a big problem last year and are still a big problem this year, us cialis the defense and the bullpen have to be addressed soon or the feel good first three months of this season will be forgotten fast.

Us cialis As much as I love Daniel Murphy the leash on his 2nd base job is getting shorter and shorter. Us cialis 28 is getting another start today against the Cubs but it could be Collins is ready to go to a platoon of Murph and Ronny Cedeno . Us cialis Last time I was at Citi Field sitting in on Collins’ pre game press conference, us cialis the question of Murhpy’s slump came up. Us cialis What was interesting in Collins response was he and hitting coach Dave Hudgens had told Murphy to take a break with watching video and taking batting practice in the indoor cage, us cialis which sounded to me like Collins was cryptically saying Murphy suffered from paralysis from analysis. Us cialis  Collins also spoke on how Murphy keeps changing how he holds his hands from at bat to at bat along with his stance in the batter’s box. Us cialis For all the hard work and dedication that Murphy puts in it seems like Collins is hinting that he’s overdoing it and needs to relax.

Us cialis The one thing that should save Ike Davis from a fine and suspension is the incompetence of umpire Manny Gonzalez. Us cialis Gonzalez blew the pick off call in the 8th inning last night and Ike just put his glove on the umps arm which is an automatic ejection but I’d hope Gonzalez apologies to Ike today for blowing that call.

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Viagra chinese medicine I watched none of yesterday’s game due to my son scheduling his Boy Scout Eagle project which had us painting hop-scotch boards, viagra chinese medicine box ball courts and a huge map of the United States with each state in various colors, viagra chinese medicine a very time consuming but rewarding chore and now all he needs to do is file his paper work and he will officially be an Eagle Scout. Viagra chinese medicine Yes my wife and I are bursting with pride.

Viagra chinese medicine From reading the stories on the game and watching the highlights it seems home plate ump Larry Vanover was implementing the ameba strike zone as there were 14 walks called, viagra chinese medicine 10 by Mets pitchers and an out of character umpire argument by Jason Bay (leading to Terry Collins getting tossed)and speaking of Bay, viagra chinese medicine I’m sure the front office staff of Sandy Alderson and Co. Viagra chinese medicine are trying to figure out what can be done with Bay. Viagra chinese medicine I did catch TC on with Francesa after the game, viagra chinese medicine and Collins hinted that dropping Bay in the lineup is step one. Viagra chinese medicine Tomorrow night you could see Bay drop to 7th and Thole moved to 2 hole with Murph at 3, viagra chinese medicine that is if Wright is still out of lineup which we should know more today on DW’s status. Viagra chinese medicine But back to Bay, viagra chinese medicine I don’t care if the club was still flush with Madoff money, viagra chinese medicine releasing Bay and handing him a check for $35 mil, viagra chinese medicine would be a move of last resort. Viagra chinese medicine TC alluded that if the drop in batting order didn’t work for Bay, viagra chinese medicine then a platoon with a lefty hitter was next. Viagra chinese medicine Now if the Skill Sets gave Alderson the green light in releasing Bay, viagra chinese medicine it would have happened already as I think it’s safe to say the he is as worn out as you are at watching Bay in the batter’s box. Viagra chinese medicine  I have to think if Bay continues this downward spiral in the next month a major move will be made by the Alderson to remove Bay from the team.

Viagra chinese medicine Break from baseball tonight as the NY Rangers get their first round series underway against the Ottawa Senators. Viagra chinese medicine Rangers in 5

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Cialis iop

Cialis iop A few quick hits:

Cialis iop Yesterday we were told not to worry about Lucas Duda’s balky back that he was rested yesterday to spare him a long bus ride and he will be good to go today when the team buses to Viera (90 min trip) to meet the Nats. Cialis iop Well, cialis iop Duda wasn’t on that bus and will sit out again today.

Cialis iop David Wright we were told will take a day or two off with some discomfort in his rib cage, cialis iop nothing serious just a precaution. Cialis iop Wright has yet to play this week.

Cialis iop Pedro Beato has some soreness in the rotator cuff but it’s nothing serious a little rest and he should be fine.

Cialis iop Scott Hairston still has not responded to treatment of his re-strained oblique muscle and it looks like he will not start the season on the 25 man roster making a tissue thin bench even thinner.

Cialis iop But don’t worry we’re told, cialis iop it’s early in spring these are little nagging things that will work its way out. Cialis iop In the Brooklyn neighborhood I grew up in there was an old saying “Don’t worry is doing 15 years in Sing Sing”

Cialis iop This is why Mets fans hang and cringe on every pitch that Johan Santana throws as we know it’s just a matter of time before his arm falls off.

Cialis iop Can a team use the disabled list for players that have a psychological injury? I ask this because if you can, cialis iop Jason Bay is a candidate for shutdown. Cialis iop Reading the stories on how Bay is placing his feet differently in the batter’s box and thinking so much about his approach at the plate to where he knows he needs to be more selective and lay off pitches off the plate it just seems his biggest problem is he’s thinking too much and not reacting at all at the plate. Cialis iop It seems he spends his at bats thinking about 1, cialis iop001 ways to get a hit and while his head is filled with all this distraction, cialis iop he’s become absent minded to reaction to pitches. Cialis iop  That Capt Kirk/Jason Bay platoon in left field looks better and better every day.

Cialis iop When did Omar Minaya become the GM of the NY Jets? So Eli Manning coming off a Super Bowl win, cialis iop the second of his career and his second Super Bowl MVP award restructures his contract down instead of asking for a well-deserved raise so his team has money to sign players that will help the Giants add to their trophy case while the Jets extend the contract of Mark Sanchez whose leadership qualities are questioned in his own locker room. Cialis iop Stunning.

Cialis iop I’m not saying you can’t win a Super Bowl with Mark Sanchez, cialis iop you can, cialis iop but you have to have a plan and signing free agents with questionable character is not the way to do. Cialis iop Rex Ryan preached “ground and pound” but the Jets do not practice that mantra. Cialis iop It still amazes me how Mike Tannenbaum stays below the Jets fans radar, cialis iop if I were a Jets fan I’d want him fired.

Cialis iop For all of us Mets fans who want the Skill Sets to sell the team, cialis iop let’s be careful what we wish for. Cialis iop  If the Mets were up for sale, cialis iop Jim Dolan and his Cablevision billions will be front and center with a bid. Cialis iop Now if I knew Dolan would treat the Mets like he does the Rangers, cialis iop it wouldn’t be too bad but if he’s hands on like he is with the Knicks that would be an unmitigated disaster.

Cialis iop The Mets need another Nelson Doubleday to take over ownership of this team. Cialis iop  I found this article from the New York Observer from October 30th 2000, cialis iop right after the Subway World Series, cialis iop that details how Doubleday and Freddy Skill Sets had opposite views on how the direction of the team and of Shea Stadium.

Cialis iop In the beginning, cialis iop Doubleday Publishing owned 95 percent of the team. Cialis iop Mr. Cialis iop Doubleday gained a reputation as a hands-off owner who let general manager Frank Cashen make all the baseball decisions. Cialis iop The strategy paid off in 1986, cialis iop when a Mets team filled with young players cultivated by Mr. Cialis iop Cashen won the World Series

Cialis iop And when it came to Shea Stadium, cialis iop Nelly D was in favor of renovation to save money and to preserve Shea:

Cialis iop Mr. Cialis iop Wilpon’s allies maintained that the stadium controversy was just a misunderstanding. Cialis iop Mr. Cialis iop Doubleday, cialis iop they say, cialis iop simply did not know the status of Mr. Cialis iop Wilpon’s negotiations. Cialis iop That may be true, cialis iop but Mr. Cialis iop Doubleday apparently hasn’t changed his mind. Cialis iop “I’m not particularly interested in seeing a whole lot of taxpayer money going into a New York Mets fancy-dancy stadium, cialis iop” Mr. Cialis iop Doubleday told The Observer while watching batting practice before Game 3 on Oct. Cialis iop 24. Cialis iop “We could [renovate Shea Stadium] over three years, cialis iop section by section. Cialis iop This is a pretty nice place to play ball.”

Cialis iop I don’t know how much of Doubleday’s wanting to renovate Shea rather than build Citi was more his love of Shea or using that money to better the on field product or if it was just Nelly breaking Freddy’s balls. Cialis iop Either way I like Doubleday’s style.

Cialis iop Attention New York Rangers Fans: Keep Calm, cialis iop Carry On Coach Torts will get this team to “Fuckin’ screw it on straight”

Cialis iop  

Cialis iop <>

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Viagra brand That is the patch the Mets will wear this season in remembrance of Gary Carter. Viagra brand I’d still like to see all uniform personnel wear CARTER 8 uni tops for a game and auction them off for charity

Viagra brand

Viagra brand You can’t have it both ways. Viagra brand You can’t be a Mets fan who feels Terry Collins is being a hard ass to Ruben Tejada for not getting to camp early and then complain that the team isn’t very good.

Viagra brand Collins is stressing to his team that they have to work harder than anyone else and be  focused better than anyone else if they are to succeed this season. Viagra brand You can see from the early interviews of TC down in St. Viagra brand Lonesome that he wants his team to stick it up all the naysayer’s asses and show that the Mets are a winning baseball team.

Viagra brand The maturation of Matt Harvey continues to be an early training camp story line. Viagra brand As Josh Thole has raved about Harvey’s pitch repertoire, viagra brand the manager and coaches, viagra brand especially Wally Backman, viagra brand have raved about his willingness to get their advice on what he needs to do to reach the big league level. Viagra brand Sandy Alderson is on the record as saying Harvey will not break camp with the Mets but Harvey is determined to make that a difficult decision, viagra brand it’s hard to get giddy over Matt Harvey.

Viagra brand Same for Jeurys Familia who along with Harvey was profiled in the NY Daily News today as two guys who are competing for a job in the big leagues but have grown close as teammates and hope to join the big league club together at some point this season.

Viagra brand It’s so early in spring training but from reading stories about the mood of the camp and camaraderie  of the players, viagra brand the Mets are staring to give me a feeling that they could be baseball version of the New York Rangers.

Viagra brand If Jason Bay struggles against right handed pitching as he did last season, viagra brand the more reason to root for Kirk Nieuwenhuis to make the team as a platoon partner for Bay in LF. Viagra brand No one in the front office will say it but I bet the leash on Bay is short this season especially if he struggles against rhp.

Viagra brand  

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Viagra prescriptions We’ve reached the point in the season where it’s not so much about the wins and losses, viagra prescriptions although a .500 finish would be psychologically  satisfying I guess, viagra prescriptions it’s more about what do we have here, viagra prescriptions what’s worth keeping and what has to be discarded, viagra prescriptions kind of like cleaning out your basement after taking on water (I must report, viagra prescriptions no Mets artifacts were adversely effected in my basement taking on some water, viagra prescriptions although an American Girl doll took a bit of a hit so I guess a trip to the 5th Avenue flagship store is in my immediate future) that’s why I don’t understand what is taking Terry Collins so long to place Lucas Duda in RF and let Nick Evans (Evans reminds of an old nag that runs at Aqueduct during the winter in calming races and never has anyone put in a claim and week after week keeps running over the inner dirt track in freezing weather just hoping to find a home in Kentucky to graze in the grass for the rest of his eternal life) and Whitestone Mikey platoon at first base.

Viagra prescriptions It seems the biggest obstacle with Duda was his acceptance of being a big leaguer, viagra prescriptions gain the confidence to believe in himself, viagra prescriptions that he is a Major Leaguer. Viagra prescriptions  As he has become an everyday player the past month or so, viagra prescriptions Duda has realized that he is of big league timber and that confidence is showing at the plate and in the field. Viagra prescriptions  One of the reasons Collins wanted to leave Duda at 1st base where he is most comfortable and get his bat going. Viagra prescriptions Well, viagra prescriptions the bat and the head are going very good, viagra prescriptions so now would seem to be a good time to take the next leap and insert Duda as the everyday RF’er.

Viagra prescriptions Other positive Mets news from last night besides the end of the 5 game losing streak and Izzy getting his 300 save was the signing of some of the remaining picks from the June draft . Viagra prescriptions The three picks who signed that stand out are of course Brandon Nimmo, viagra prescriptions signed over slot which is a reason to celebrate in itself, viagra prescriptions infielder Phil Evans and RHP out of Baylor, viagra prescriptions Logan Verrett as the Mets front office worked right up to the deadline to get these players signed. Viagra prescriptions  Good job by Paul DePodesta and his staff in putting together what most folks proficient in evaluating amateur talent claim, viagra prescriptions a very good Mets draft.

Viagra prescriptions So you thought the Mets forgot about their 50th Anniversary, viagra prescriptions HA! No way, viagra prescriptions in fact the word is out that next year’s home uni will have a 1962 flavor to it and the blue top with orange piping and numbers will be back next season on a limited basis and as a regular alternative uniform top in 2013. Viagra prescriptions I hope next year they  go with no name on the back of the home uniform top and no number on the front along with having the players wear white sanitary socks and blue stir ups. Viagra prescriptions Please don’t half way this, viagra prescriptions even the cap should be of the darker blue of the era, viagra prescriptions and WEAR THESE UNIFORMS FOR EVERY HOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put the snow whites in moth balls until 2013 and place the black hats with the blue brims in a bonfire!

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Viagra chemical structure Another solid start by Jon Niese  and his ever improving curve ball led the Mets to a series win over the Brewski’s . Viagra chemical structure The same Brewski’s who have the best home record in baseball were a late inning Mets collapse away from being swept at home.

Viagra chemical structure These Mets are perplexing to say the least. Viagra chemical structure As much as the rash of late inning collapses infuriate us, viagra chemical structure this is not the same old Mets. Viagra chemical structure Lose a four run lead and lose a game you should have won? No problem, viagra chemical structure come back the next day, viagra chemical structure forget yesterday and win the next game. Viagra chemical structure  A post season berth this season is pie in the sky I know but the renovation of the mind set of this organization is progressing very nicely. Viagra chemical structure The culture of the “woe is me attitude” had been eradicated, viagra chemical structure replaced with “keep plugging along”. Viagra chemical structure It’s very refreshing.

Viagra chemical structure Jason Bay seems to be a very nice guy who is working his ass off to get his bat back to where it should be. Viagra chemical structure He knows what’s at stake and he has been a team guy when Terry Collins has approached him to either drop him in the order or to put him on the bench. Viagra chemical structure His team first attitude is great. Viagra chemical structure But this is big league baseball where winning and losing are paramount to what is to be accomplished and if Bay has to sit or be platooned or relegated to rehab in St Lonesome with a “wink-wink” DL stint, viagra chemical structure then so be it. Viagra chemical structure Sandy Alderson said during the off season that salary will not determine who plays and we’ve seen that with the moves he’s made so far this season. Viagra chemical structure Now comes word that Lucas Duda will be called up from Buffalo and Nick Evans will be DFA. Viagra chemical structure Duda is not here to ride the pine; he will play some LF and 1B. Viagra chemical structure Not sure if TC will go strict platoon with Bay/Duda or give Justin Turner and Ruben Tejada some days off and move Murph to 3rd with Duda playing 1st but what bringing up Duda does is give TC more flexibility and some much needed production from a corner position.

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Viagra price comparison It’s like this and like that and like this and uh
It’s like that and like this and like that and uh
It’s like this and like that and like this and uh

Viagra price comparison  

Viagra price comparison It’s hard not to get excited watching Dillon Gee pitch; he’s like a combination artist/illusionist on the mound. Viagra price comparison To be a successful pitcher you have to be able to deceive the batter and Gee’s pitch of deception last night was a cut fastball. Viagra price comparison Gee felt his slider would not be effective after throwing his pre-game bullpen so he decided the out pitch of the night would be a combination of his two seamer with a bit of cutter movement and his changeup, viagra price comparison add that  to his fastball and the Braves hitters were off balance all night. Viagra price comparison No matter what happens for here on this season, viagra price comparison Dillion Gee’s starts are a must watch for Mets fans.

Viagra price comparison Terry Collins is using his last option with Jason Bay by dropping him to the 6th spot in the lineup. Viagra price comparison If he can’t get it together there then it’s time to bring up Lucas Duda or F-Mart to platoon in LF with Bay or as Mike Silva suggests, viagra price comparison ask him to go to Buffalo to work out whatever problems it is he’s having. Viagra price comparison If it comes down to where he’s spooked by Citi Field then Bay has a big decision to make, viagra price comparison right now with his contract he is untradeable and he’ll to make to some big time concessions to go to a team where  hitting the ball over the left field seats is a bit easier.

Viagra price comparison More debate over the subject of retiring Gary Carter’s #8. What gets lost in this debate is the fact that the Skill Sets are so clueless when it comes to the history of the team, viagra price comparison that’s why when you read the recent magazine articles where Freddy Skill Sets claims his love for the Mets is pure 100 % BULLSHIT. Viagra price comparison He’s a Brooklyn Dodger fan who never got over the team leaving Brooklyn. Viagra price comparison He and the rest of this dysfunctional ownership have no appreciation for those you have worn the Mets uniform or for you and me who love the team, viagra price comparison they have to be shamed into doing anything positive when it comes to this team. Viagra price comparison As Mets fans we want something to celebrate, viagra price comparison the negativity has drained most of the life out of the fan base.

Viagra price comparison On this day in 1973, viagra price comparison the Mets made Lee Mazzilli out of Lincoln High School in Brooklyn their first pick in the MLB Entry Draft. If you’ve read this site for a while you know I’m not a big Mazzilli fan. Viagra price comparison  I was a sophomore at FDR High in Bensonhurst when Mazzilli was drafted and though I had never met him I heard a lot about him, viagra price comparison not any of it complementary from players on the varsity baseball team.  When Mazzilli came up with the Mets he’d frequent a few of the Bensonhurst/Bay Ridge spots my friends and I hung out in and he acted like an ass anytime I saw him. Viagra price comparison When he was traded to the Rangers in ’82 it was the best thing for him, viagra price comparison he needed to be taken down a notch or two.

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Viagra cream It was nice to see Terry Collins get pissed off last night even if it wasn’t a total tirade I mean the way Collins acted at his post-game presser was the kind of demeanor Earl Weaver had ordering breakfast, viagra cream but it was nice to see a Mets manager show passion instead of the “hey, viagra cream shit happens” attitude of Jerry Manuel and the deer in the headlights way of Willie Randolph.

Viagra cream Collins said there will be changes, viagra cream but really what changes can be made? The easiest move would be to release Willie Harris as he has lived up to his rep as a Mets killer even while wearing the Mets colors. Viagra cream Harris made a grave mistake when he said he pined for the days of the camaraderie of the Nationals clubhouse. Viagra cream He should have been cut that day. Viagra cream  It’s bad enough that Harris can’t hit for shit, viagra cream his baseball IQ is as minuscule as his OPS. Viagra cream Not getting the force at third base and not knowing to go home on a sharp groundball with the bags juiced are the stupid baseball plays that have been tolerated around here for too many years. Viagra cream Good bye Willie Harris.

Viagra cream If Collins really wanted to send a message he’d go to Sandy Alderson and ask for Lucas Duda or F-Mart to come back up and make left field a platoon with either player and Jason Bay. Viagra cream Remember when we heard player salary wouldn’t be taken into account when making on field personal decisions? Well it’s time for Bay to grab some pine and if he has a problem with that either have his agent find a team to take him off the Mets hands or work out a buyout. Viagra cream I’ve seen enough of Bay, viagra cream nice guy but he’s spooked by Citi Field to the point that he stands so far off the plate he might as well try to hit from the dugout steps.

Viagra cream Not much you can do with the bullpen. Viagra cream As Bobby O said last night, viagra cream this runs in cycles, viagra cream the pen has gone from sugar to shit the last couple of weeks so hopefully they can sweeten themselves in the right direction. Viagra cream At this point though, viagra cream you could send Bobby Parnell back to Buffalo as he’s closer to driving a UPS truck as he is to being the closer of the future. Viagra cream It’s one thing to throw 95+ mph but to throw that hard and straight over the plate you get your tits lit up in the big leagues. Viagra cream Problem is who comes up? Manny Acosta has been great out of the Bison pen and John Lujan, viagra cream who looked good in spring training, viagra cream would be a nice candidate but really Alderson is at the bottom of the minor league pitching barrel. Viagra cream    

Viagra cream You have to feel for Terry Collins. Viagra cream He’s trying so hard to stay confident with his Buffalo Soldiers and maybe they are just not up to the task. Viagra cream No matter what level of baseball you’re talking about, viagra cream if you give the opposition 4, viagra cream 5, viagra cream 6 outs in an inning you will lose the majority of your games no matter what. Viagra cream Then add in an impotent offense that can’t get past 3 runs in a game, viagra cream well then you have nights like last night. Viagra cream Collins’ Buffalo Soldiers are starting to crumble as badly as Saddam Hussein Republican Guard. Viagra cream I hope Collins has a better luck than ol’ Saddam

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Cheap viagra uk After getting sick and tired of having a co-worker tell me how great the Highlanders are and how bad the Mets are, cheap viagra uk right before the season I decided to make a bet that the Mets would have a better record than the Highlanders at the seasons end. Cheap viagra uk The winner takes the loser to Katz’s Deli for lunch and the loser has to wear a t-shirt or jersey of the winner’s team. Cheap viagra uk After I shook on this bet, cheap viagra uk I got a bit queasy, cheap viagra uk not over the prospect of paying for pastrami and knish but the idea of wearing any type of Highlander clothing makes my skin crawl.

Cheap viagra uk When I told people of this wager, cheap viagra uk Mets fan and Highlander fan alike, cheap viagra uk they gave a look like I was a bit off in the head or more off than usual, cheap viagra uk and believe me I doubt what I did as well, cheap viagra uk but a glance at the standings this morning, cheap viagra uk  shows all is not lost:

Cheap viagra uk Highlanders 20-15

Cheap viagra uk Mets  17-20

Cheap viagra uk The next 13 games for the Highlanders are against the Red Sox, cheap viagra uk Rays, cheap viagra uk Orioles, cheap viagra uk Mets and Blue Jays so I’m rooting for a nice 3-10 slide for the Bronx Bastards. Cheap viagra uk I’m feeling Pretttttty, cheap viagra uk Prettttty, cheap viagra uk Prettttty good about my wager so far. Cheap viagra uk I may not win the bet but I want to make my wagering  partner sweat a bit.

Cheap viagra uk Speaking of the Highlanders, cheap viagra uk I bet Pee Wee Cashman has the Mets bullpen over the arsonists he has in his.

Cheap viagra uk If Lucas Duda wasn’t suffering from a back injury he would have been the choice to replace Ike Davis at first base and some are calling for Josh Satin to get make the jump from Bingo to Flushing but Satin is not on the 40 man and with Nick Evans not hitting, cheap viagra uk it came down to bringing up Fernando “ $10 Co-Pay “ Martinez instead.  Seems Terry Collins will just give F-Mart a spot start here and there and some pinch hitting duty during his hopefully short stay while Ike recuperates from his ankle woes . Cheap viagra uk To me this makes no sense since Jason Bay has done nothing at the plate why not platoon the two in LF until Ike gets back and if Martinez is playing well then leave it be. Cheap viagra uk If Bay doesn’t like this idea, cheap viagra uk with all due respect, cheap viagra uk tough shit. Cheap viagra uk Send a message hot bats stay in the line up limp lumber hits the bench.

Cheap viagra uk By the way, cheap viagra uk why is Chin-ling Hu still here?

Cheap viagra uk Nice right up in the Daily News on Darren Meenan of The 7 Line. Cheap viagra uk I wear my In Dickey We Trust t-shirt proudly

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