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Oral viagra  In honor of the Mets playing the Indians this weekend

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Oral viagra I was all pumped up for last night’s Ravens-Broncos game, oral viagra even with the usually silly bullshit pre-game hoopla that the NFL loves that probably says more about the American viewing public that the league and the NFL (give the people what they want, oral viagra I guess) itself. Oral viagra So after the insufferable Ryan Seacrest came on the field, oral viagra I was begging, oral viagra PLEASE, oral viagra PLEASE  LET”S HAVE THE KICK OFF!!!!!!! Next thing you know Al (I’ve got the horse right here, oral viagra his name is Paul Revere…) Michaels tells me there is a weather delay due to lighting in the area. Oral viagra “Sigh”, oral viagra something’s telling me check my At Bat app and watch some baseball.

Oral viagra I tuned into the Yankees-Red Sox and let me just give a few observations on that experience:

Oral viagra Michael Kay is not a good baseball play by play man. Oral viagra I’m not trying to be nasty here, oral viagra after listening to him for a few innings he doesn’t have the voice or the right style or cadence you need to announce baseball games.

Oral viagra Where were all the Yankee fans? Lots of empty seats and the big ball orchard in the South Bronx. Oral viagra Just goes to show, oral viagra there is no such thing as a diehard Yankee fan.

Oral viagra The Yankees sure could use a catcher.

Oral viagra With the exception of Robinson Cano, oral viagra there is no everyday Yankee I’d take over the Mets starting 8.

Oral viagra It’s painful to watch Nora Desmond Derek Jeter play shortstop

Oral viagra Just looking at the Red Sox with those scraggly beards makes me itchy.

Oral viagra Joba Chamberlain sucks

Oral viagra I switched back and forth from Ravens-Broncos to Yankees-Red Sox, oral viagra when the Yankees started to make a game out this in the 7th inning; I abandoned the football game and stuck with baseball. Oral viagra For all the hype the first game of the NFL had and I bought into the hype, oral viagra it took Yankees-Red Sox to show me that baseball is still KING!  

Oral viagra Scott Kazmir will match up with Zack Wheeler tonight in Cleveland in a game of Mets Phenoms’ past and present.  I found the post I wrote after the Kazmir-Victor Zambrano trade from 9 years ago WOW!

Oral viagra I’m starting to be swayed by Lucas Duda as the 2014 Mets first baseman. Oral viagra I think the front office might be leaning in that direction as well. Oral viagra A tandem of Duda/Josh Satin in 2014 at 1st base may not be too bad. Oral viagra It is amazing how comfortable and more confident Duda is when playing 1st base. Oral viagra Duda reacts to playing left field the way I do when my wife asks me to clean out the garage.

Oral viagra I don’t understand some Mets fans upset that the club hasn’t called up Ruben Tejada to take over for Omar Quintanila. Oral viagra Do you think Sandy Alderson is enjoying watching Q or Justin Turner play shortstop instead of the 23 year old Tejada? Don’t you think with all the holes Alderson has to fill this off season, oral viagra he wishes shortstop wasn’t one of them? Don’t you think the reason that Ruben Tejada is not up with the big club is Ruben Tejada? Alderson let the fan base know in a non-sugar coated way that Tejada’s work ethic sucks and his time in the bushes is for him to reflect if he really wants to be a big leaguer and if he does, oral viagra he needs to work and work harder to make it. Oral viagra This is nothing new with Tejada, oral viagra Terry Collins has had a red ass over Tejada, oral viagra the last two seasons, oral viagra not because he dislikes Ruben but because he sees a talent being wasted by a piss poor attitude and work ethic. Oral viagra You want to be angry about Q starting at short every game? Direct that anger where it belongs, oral viagra at Ruben Tejada.

Oral viagra I’d love to see Hunter Pence in right field for the 2014 Mets

Oral viagra How about taking a run at obtaining Jose Bautista? You have to figure with the Jays ownership can’t be happy with the way this season has gone after investing money and trading for players they felt would lead them to the post season.

Oral viagra Joey Bats will make $14 mil next season and in 2015, oral viagra with a team option in 2016 for $14 mil or a $1 mil buyout. Oral viagra Bats solves your power problem and left field problem as well .

Oral viagra Oh by the way, oral viagra the Blue Jays play the Twins tonight. Oral viagra So what? The pitching matchup is R.A. Oral viagra Dickey vs. Oral viagra Mike Pelfrey. Oral viagra  

Oral viagra The Irish will kick some Blue and Maze ass tomorrow night.

Oral viagra  

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Cheapest viagra Metsblog has a link from Neil Best of Newsday stating that former Texas Rangers and current San Diego Chargers radio play by play man Josh Lewin, cheapest viagra is the favorite to replace Wayne Hagin in Mets radio booth.

Cheapest viagra Hagin just never clicked with Mets fans, cheapest viagra myself amongst them, cheapest viagra as he had that generic radio announcers voice and always seemed to be a second or two behind the action on the field. Cheapest viagra The Hagin/ Howie Rose partnership just never seemed like it meshed with Howie being “one of us” and Hagin not having a Mets or NYC connection.

Cheapest viagra Lewin is a curious choice as it seems he left the Rangers due to his other commitments of doing baseball on FOX Saturday Baseball and his gig with the Chargers. Cheapest viagra Lewin enjoys tossing out a lot pop culture quotes during broadcasts to the point it becomes forced and a distraction. Cheapest viagra Being that Lewin was born in Rochester NY and grew up in the Boston area, cheapest viagra he has knowledge of what the East Coast/NY fan is looking for in a sports broadcast so this could be a very interesting hire by the Mets.

Cheapest viagra With Lewin having Sports talk radio show experience as well maybe he could add working Mets Extra and taking phone calls or who knows him and Howie could take phone calls during games.

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Purchase viagra online Last night while watching the Mets-Cards game and enjoying the return of Jose Reyes and short timer Carlos Beltran, purchase viagra online I went back to a bad habit that I thought I had overcome, purchase viagra online going on Twitter while watching the Mets. Purchase viagra online I tried breaking this habit because I couldn’t take the fill in the player’s name “You Suck” and then when said player comes through the same Tweeters comeback with fill in the player’s name “I<3 you”. Purchase viagra online It get tiring. Purchase viagra online Well last night I guess I’d had enough as Jose Reyes made his second great play at short. Purchase viagra online Bases loaded 1 out and Albert Pujols  at bat against Bobby Parnell and the Mets holding a 2 run lead. Purchase viagra online Pujols hits a ground ball at the 2nd base bag Reyes snares hit and touches the bag while trying to avoid getting wiped out by the runner gets a laser beam throw off to Lucas Duda for the double play. Purchase viagra online An outstanding play if there ever was one.

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Purchase viagra online Now the play by play of than call by Gary Cohen was as usual perfect. Purchase viagra online Well to everyone but 1050 ESPN’s Don LeGreca. When I read that Tweet I was ready to scream, purchase viagra online this guy works with arguably the worst play by play man in baseball in Michael Kay (John Sterling sucks as well, purchase viagra online I know but at least Sterling is entertaining, purchase viagra online Kay makes homicidal thought run through your mind) so I had to take matters into my own fingers and tweet back to Mr. Purchase viagra online LeGreca. He in turn tweets back that he is a big fan of Gary’s (don’t give that first name basis bullshit you just ripped the guy for an over the top call when in fact it was a great call and you look like a horses ass) and that wasn’t the point of the Tweet. Purchase viagra online Then what was the point? Saying the DP started by Reyes was routine? That makes you ignorant. Purchase viagra online Saying that Cohen’ call was “over the top” that just makes you look jealous and petty.

Purchase viagra online  

Purchase viagra online I think I’ll Tweet LeGreca back (before he blocks me) about he felt about his boss Kay and the way he not only ruined the Derek Jeter 3, purchase viagra online000 hit call with his constant” listen to me try to make the moment mine” diatribe when Jeter homered and then how he went on to felate The Captain the rest of the game.

Purchase viagra online See that is the glory of Twiter, purchase viagra online you say stupid shit and then your set straight. Purchase viagra online Let’s see who pisses me off tonight.

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Buy pfizer viagra online I guess I missed the vote to have Al Michaels and Bob Costas call the 4th and 5th innings of tonight’s Mets-Giants game on SNY, buy pfizer viagra online while Gary Cohen and Ron Darling go over to the MLB Network to call the innings in their broadcast booth. Buy pfizer viagra online  I don’t mind Michaels who is more associated with the NFL( and the 1980 USA hockey team as well) than he is with baseball even though he was a top notch baseball play by play man early in his career. Buy pfizer viagra online I could do without Costas who is way too pretentious for me. Buy pfizer viagra online I subscribe to the if it ”ain’t broke don’t fix it” school of thought especially when it comes to watching the Mets. Buy pfizer viagra online      

Buy pfizer viagra online What a tragedy last night in Arlington, buy pfizer viagra online where Josh Hamilton went to flip a ball to a fan after the third out of the inning and the fan leaning over to catch it, buy pfizer viagra online fell 20 ft landed on his head and died. Buy pfizer viagra online The fan a 39 year old fireman was at the game with his son who was reported to be 8 or 9 years old. Buy pfizer viagra online This is heartbreaking for the family but also for Hamilton who was reported to be distraught over the event. Buy pfizer viagra online  I’m not one to be a reactionary type when freak accidents occur but I think it’s time to stop the ball toss in the stands. Buy pfizer viagra online I’ve written here many times how I hate the bullshit Pepsi Patrol t-shirt launches into the stands. Buy pfizer viagra online People turn into total assholes when some two dollar t shirt is blasted into the stands. Buy pfizer viagra online It’s totally ridiculous. Buy pfizer viagra online The same with foul balls. Buy pfizer viagra online I have never caught a foul ball at a game and I could care less if I ever do. Buy pfizer viagra online I have five full buckets of baseballs in my garage it doesn’t matter to me if it’s a ball from a Major League game. Buy pfizer viagra online I’d rather keep all my bones and extremities intact than have a ball with Bud Selig’s name on it.

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Try viagra for free As a guy who has trouble balancing a check book, try viagra for free all this financial talk of the Skill Sets and the financial stability of the franchise has my head aching. Try viagra for free What The Skill Sets knew and when they knew it about the Madoff Ponzi scheme is still not known and if an out of court settlement comes about, try viagra for free we may never know but what we do know is the brand of the New York Mets has been tainted.

Try viagra for free Maybe this is why the organization has embraced the Mets blogging community, try viagra for free why not go to the folks whose love for the team is undying and let them be involved in events that we never dreamed we’d be a part of. Try viagra for free I am very much appreciative of the organization for the opportunity they have given me with access to Sandy Alderson, try viagra for free Terry Collins and various players but the folks the organization really needs to reach out to you guys who read this site and other Mets blogs and buy the tickets and watch SNY and buy team merchandise because you are the life blood of the franchise.

Try viagra for free The news of the Skill Sets cash call could not come at a worse time. Try viagra for free Season ticket sales are down and there doesn’t seem to be a big demand for single game tickets either, try viagra for free those go on sale in March. Try viagra for free The biggest argument and it is a very fair criticism, try viagra for free is that the ticket prices are way to high. Try viagra for free Now add in the news that the Skill Sets are strapped for cash most fans will feel that by buying a ticket to a Mets game will be paying for the Skill Sets Defense Fund. Try viagra for free I’m not saying it is but that’s the perception.

Try viagra for free A couple of pluses could come out of this firestorm. Try viagra for free Yesterday I attended SABR DAY at Foleys Bar in Manhattan an event that was put together by SABR and Baseball Prospectus. It was a great afternoon of baseball talk with baseball fans and writers. Try viagra for free Two of the panelists were Mets play by play man, try viagra for free Gary Cohen and Newsday baseball writer, try viagra for free Ken Davidoff. Try viagra for free When the Q & A session began the Skill Sets money woes came up. Try viagra for free Cohen didn’t have much to say on the topic and with good reason I guess, try viagra for free but Davidoff claimed that as far as the baseball operation goes it may be good for the team. Try viagra for free It seems this had been brewing for some time and Davidoff confirmed what I’ve been told for years and what I’ve written about here, try viagra for free that Jeffey Skill Sets is a big part of the problem. Try viagra for free Between Jeffey and Omar they wanted to be friends with everyone from players to front office people and anytime a tough decision had to be made neither man could pull the trigger. Try viagra for free The Tony Bernazzard firing is a prime example, try viagra for free the team had to be humiliated by the media before they’d let Bernazard go as he was friends with both Jeffey and Omar. Try viagra for free Davidoff stated this will not happen under Sandy Alderson as he will not tolerate it. Try viagra for free The panel consensus was by putting Alderson in charge it takes Jeffey out of the baseball ops decision making except on money issues. Try viagra for free So if there is a plus out of this fiasco it’s muzzling Jeffey. Try viagra for free If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard folks who cover the team say “Now there is an adult in charge” well, try viagra for free you’d be looking at a 25 % owner of the Mets.

Try viagra for free The Mets will have to really work hard on marketing this team for 2011 and beyond. Try viagra for free The best way to start is by ripping out those club seats behind home plate and replace them with seats that honest to goodness baseball fans can purchase. Try viagra for free Not only would be good business but it go a long away to getting some positive baseball atmosphere in Citi Field. Try viagra for free Every time you tune into a Mets game on TV, try viagra for free those seats are empty because the ticket holders for those seats couldn’t care less about the game going on as long as the free booze and food are flowing in the Delta Club. Try viagra for free The organization lowered some ticket prices but they are still ridiculous. Try viagra for free The Skill Sets have taken a massive hit on their credibility, try viagra for free if they want to win the fans back they have a lot of wooing to do. Try viagra for free This is year three of Citi Field and the place still has no identity. Try viagra for free Is it a playground for the well to do? Is it a food court with a ball park attached? How games have you sat in your seats watching a game a looked out toward centerfield marveling at the line of people who stand on line waiting to buy a hamburger? When people would rather wait on a line for a half hour to forty-five minutes for a burger than watch your team, try viagra for free you have a problem.

Try viagra for free It’s time Mets ownership comes to the realization that in order to make this franchise great again it has to embrace the working stiff Mets fan. Try viagra for free One thing you know about us working stiffs, try viagra for free we are loyal to the team and we show up and support the club in good times and in bad. Try viagra for free Not like some rich thieving scumbag who but a knife in the Skill Sets back.  You want to sell 25 % of the club? Just make the real true blue and orange Mets fan feel like you actually care about them and make the Citi Field experience that wants fans to  come back rather than say good riddance and I guarantee you’ll see so much success that this cash call will be just a bad dream.

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Selling viagra Again it’s one of those days where the minutia in my head is overflowing so the floodgates are now open:

Selling viagra As any Mets fan I am concerned for the health of Jose Reyes but I’m trying to get a handled on the hysteria over the revelation of Reyes having an overactive thyroid . Selling viagra I guess it’s due to the fact that my wife has had problems with her thyroid for years and takes Synthroid for an under active thyroid and it hasn’t been a huge hindrance to her so that leads  me to think Reyes will be fine. Selling viagra You want something to worry about, selling viagra worry about the bullpen.

Selling viagra I’m getting worried that the manger and the front office are going to screw up on Jenry Mejia big time. Selling viagra Yesterday Mejia gave the team a dominant performance in relief and with the bunch of  JAG’s (just another guys) roaming the pen, selling viagra how much temptation is there for Jerry Manuel, selling viagra with April now a job/career saving month, selling viagra  to put pressure on the front office to bring the 20 year neophyte north at the end of spring training ?

Selling viagra Am I in the minority about this air traffic controller at Kennedy Airport letting his kid talk to the pilots? I know he just told the kid what to say and if this was little air field in the Midwest, selling viagra I wouldn’t give a shit but to do this at one of the busiest airport in world, selling viagra to me is the height of irresponsibility. Selling viagra I don’t want to see the controller lose his job but a suspension and fine seems to be in order here and maybe a rule like NO KIDS IN THE FUCKING TOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Selling viagra Sometime Marty Noble can come off as big fat windbag but in his Noble Thoughts column today he has some good nuggets like Frenchy breaking Ike Davis’ balls over an error he made at 1st base and then turning the tables on himself by proclaiming he will take three base on balls today and maybe win the leadoff spot in the bullpen. Selling viagra Also Frank Catalanotto and Jason Pridie are making heads turn early in camp.

Selling viagra Victor Rojas has been named as the TV play by play man for the Angels thus his leaving MLB Network. On his blog, selling viagra Rojas details his taking the Angels job, selling viagra it’s a great read and I wish Victor all the best with the Angels. Selling viagra Oh and a Happy Brithday to Victor’s dad Cookie

Selling viagra It’s hard to imagine how corrupt and out of control the sate government of New York is right now. Selling viagra It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or Democrat an Upstater or Downstater as tax payers and residents of the state, selling viagra the way we are treated by these bunch of bungling assholes in Albany is fucking disgrace. Selling viagra Should Governor Patterson resign? No, selling viagra he should thrown in jail! along with every fucking member of the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

Selling viagra I am a fan of Bill Simmons and have been from as far back as his days at AOL as the Boston Sports Guy but his take on Tiger Woods coming back to golf and comparing it to Muhammad Ali’s comeback after being banned from boxing for not joining the military is so ridiculous that there is no way in hell you could defend that opinion. Selling viagra But of course Keith Olberman not only has to make the point that Simmons’ opinion is so off base but he has to attack him personally. Selling viagra That’s what Olberman does. Selling viagra I know first hand. Selling viagra When I started doing Kranepool Society, selling viagra I had e mailed Olberman a few of my posts (I got his e-ail address for the SABR members list as I’m a member as well) just to see what he thought of my work. Selling viagra All I got back was a nasty e-mail from him stating how dare I send him these post and then commanded to never send him anything again. Selling viagra To say the least I was a bit upset. Selling viagra As time went on and I saw that Olberman has a problem in work and social settings so I didn’t feel so bad. Selling viagra So now that he ripped Simmons a new asshole, selling viagra I feel like a little camaraderie with The Sports Guy. Selling viagra Olberman is not the Worst Person in the World just the biggest douche bag.

Selling viagra Ooops I’m late for my anger management class!

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Cialis medication I stayed up to watch the Phillies fall to the Friars (the Padres play by play man kept calling the Padres that all night so now it’s stuck in my head) as Mets fans are happy Brian Giles turned down a deal to the Red Sox as he drove in the late inning runs to lead the Friars to the win. Cialis medication I then turned over to see J.J. Cialis medication Hardy beat the Dodgers in 10 innings so by the time I got to sleep it was about 1:30AM. Cialis medication I didn’t get up this morning until 9:30 which is like slipping into a coma for me. Cialis medication So by the time I rolled out of bed, cialis medication went for bagels and the papers (yes I’m a dinosaur that loves to read a hard copy newspaper) had my coffee it’s now like 20 to 1. Cialis medication My day is thrown off terribly. Cialis medication With no baseball games to coach I’m not used to weekend morinings with nothing to do. Cialis medication I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to write about but the late start to my day (even on my day off I’m up by 6 AM) I’ll just give a couple of quick hits:

Cialis medication Kudos to Petey for a great game last night. Cialis medication Maybe, cialis medication just maybe he can stay healthy for the stretch run and have a few more like last night left in him. Cialis medication Pitching back to back starts against the same team is very difficult even to a second division team like the Bucs so that makes last night start more impressive.

Cialis medication Don’t kill Eddie Kunz for last night, cialis medication either J-Man uses this kid like he is conditioned to, cialis medication to close or pitch the 8th inning or just send him back to Bingo. Cialis medication As Kunz said last night after the game he is used to pitching everyday or every other day last night appearance was his first in a week. Cialis medication This kid has been conditioned to close since college, cialis medication so he is what he is so either let him pitch late innings here or send him back to Bingo but whatever the Mets do stop dicking around with the kid.

Cialis medication With the news that Billy Wags is not ready to get back to action, cialis medication Omar and J-Man have to sit down and figure out what will be done about the late innings. Cialis medication One thing is for sure this mix and match of releivers has got to go. Cialis medication I guess we won’t know until tomorrow when Wags gets yet another MRI on his forearm/elbow but one thing is for sure the Mets need a game plan and if it involves taking either John Maine or Big Pelf to the pen then lets do it already.

Cialis medication Omar aquired Luis Ayala from the Nats for Anderson Hernandez early today. Cialis medication I guess Mel Rojas didn’t return his call.

Cialis medication D-Wright gets a day off today and Damien Easley will play thrid and bat third.

Cialis medication Joel Sherman had a column today on how the Highlanders will have a decison to make on the direction of the franchise and what to do with Captain Craptastic. Cialis medication Can you imagine the aggony of Highlander fans if Capt Crap ever was traded? How about to the Dodgers and Mr. Cialis medication T? We can only pray it happens. Cialis medication Also Sherman snuck in a comment about will the Steinbrenners even own the Highlanders after 2010. Cialis medication As soon as The Bronx Robber Baron takes his last breath, cialis medication Pack A Day Hank, cialis medication and Horse Whisper Hal will put the For Sale sign up so fast it will make your inter-locking NY cap spin. Cialis medication Remember what Peter O’Malley did so don’t think this is far fetched.

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