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There is a very interesting post on NY Baseball Digest today by Joseph Del Grippo on Johan Santana and his comeback from shoulder surgery. Non prescription viagra I find myself becoming obsessed with Santana’s comeback for many reasons, non prescription viagra his impact on the Mets winning baseball games by anchoring the starting pitching staff, non prescription viagra coming back from a surgery that takes a much longer time to rehab from and one that other pitchers have failed to comeback from and how does he prevent his arm/shoulder from being injured again.

Non prescription viagra DelGrippo touches on Santana’s mechanics and how from watching video he sees no change in the way Santana delivers a pitch, non prescription viagra thus his feeling is Santana’s injury problem comes from the way he delivers the ball and if he doesn’t tweak that he will hurt himself again . Non prescription viagra  Mechanics are the bedrock of pitching or I should say the ability to be consistent with repeating ones mechanic. Non prescription viagra     

Non prescription viagra What conflicts me with this is, non prescription viagra the way Santana delivers the ball has made him a huge success and even though DelGrippo may be right that by altering his pitching motion, non prescription viagra Santana could stay in good health but would he be effective plus at this stage of his career it may not be the easiest task for Johan to alter his delivery style.

Looks like MLB will add a second Wild Card team starting this coming season, non prescription viagra something I have no problem with especially since it gives the Mets a little more of a chance for a post season berth. Non prescription viagra For 2012, non prescription viagra it will still be a bit unfair as the inter-league schedule and unbalanced schedule tilts the scales in favor of some teams over others but it does validate and makes winning the division much more important and rewarding. Non prescription viagra With the Houston Astros going to the AL West next season it would make sense that a balance schedule will be implemented as with 15 teams in each league there will be an inter-league game every day. Non prescription viagra  As much as I’m not of fan of inter-league play, non prescription viagra I’ll live with it for an extra playoff spot.

Non prescription viagra Howard Megdal touches on the Mets catching situation and his hope that the Mets would bring back Ramon Castro with the extra fins that Freddy Skill Sets has in his shallow pockets. Non prescription viagra I always like Shriek when he was here and he would be an improvement over Mike Nickeas, non prescription viagra who it seems Mets fans are trying hard to convince themselves can contribute as Josh Thole’ backup, non prescription viagra but the truth of the matter is Sandy Alderson doesn’t have much faith in Thole/Nickeas or any backstop in the Mets system. Non prescription viagra That’s why names like Castro and Pudge keep coming up.

Non prescription viagra I’m starting to lose faith in Reese Havens

Non prescription viagra October 4th 2012 Cincinnati Reds @ NY Mets in the Wild Card Knock Out Game at Citi Field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who’s with me?     

Non prescription viagra  

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Order viagra 1  

Order viagra 1 If we thought Thursday night was a great night with the Bronx Bastards season ending, order viagra 1 Friday night was even better as the Phuck Phaces Phrom Philly went down in a heap to the Red Birds of St. Order viagra 1 Louis. Order viagra 1 Now believe me, order viagra 1 I am no fan of The Genius but as Dick Channey once said “in order to beat the bad guys, order viagra 1 you have to be a bad guy” and this instance, order viagra 1 as Mets fans we had to root for the bad guy.

Order viagra 1 The fallout in Philly is great because the whole town woke up this morning realizing they are back to being a worthless sports town again. Order viagra 1 The Dream Team Iggles are a nightmare and the Flyers having shipped off half their team in the off season will be fighting for a playoff spot in the NHL Eastern Conference. Order viagra 1 The best news for Philly sports fans is the NBA lockout so they don’t have to subject themselves to the stink that is the 76ers.

Order viagra 1 A couple of items I read today stuck out to me, order viagra 1 one is from our friend Metstradaums who not only reminded me about Gary Mathews Sr. Order viagra 1 “Mets are crybabies” line but also points out the Jimmy Rollins went silent after the game and then there is this quote from Jim Salisbury’ Phillies Insider column:

Order viagra 1 Long after the stadium had emptied, order viagra 1 and after most of the players had dressed and left the clubhouse, order viagra 1 Shane Victorino reached into his locker and pulled out a sheet of World Series tickets marked for games in Philadelphia. Order viagra 1 He looked at them wistfully then tore them in pieces and dropped them into the trash bin as he headed for the door and another cold winter.

Order viagra 1 Ha! Ha! Ha! Suck it Shane!

Order viagra 1 Over at The Real Dirty Mets Ed “RustyJr” Marcus has a terrific interview posted that he did with Howard Stern Show producer and longtime Mets fan, order viagra 1 Gary Della’Abate

Order viagra 1 Tony Plush is taking a lot of heat for his choice of words following last night’s Brewers win over the D-Backs but really why even have a reporter on the field after a game like that? We all know what Sam Ryan was going ask Morgan anyway, order viagra 1 “describe how you’re feeling”? “Describe that at bat”? Why do networks even bother? In fact, order viagra 1 what we got from Nyjer Morgan was great, order viagra 1 same as what we got from Tim Lincecum last year a big fat ‘FUCK YEAH”!!!! Between Morgan’s reaction and Prince Fielder blowing off Ryan and going over to Pedro Gomez of ESPN made it one of the best post games ever. Order viagra 1  Let’s face it if the Mets ever win another World Series, order viagra 1 I’ll be FUCK YEAH-ing people all winter.

Order viagra 1 Even worse was Craig Sager’ prolonged inane questions to Chris Carpenter, order viagra 1 who just pitched the game of his life and as his body language showed he wasn’t happy to have to answer questions from a La Gage aux Folles castmember reject while his teammates were celebrating.

Order viagra 1 If the Brewers played in Citi Field, order viagra 1 the Skill Sets money woes would be over, order viagra 1 the place would be packed ever night, order viagra 1 they have a lot of 86ers in them personality wise.

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