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Advice viagra Lot’s of talk about the Mets giving the Highlanders the thumbs down on their proposal to bring the Scranton/Wilkes Barre Highlanders to Newark NJ for one season as the clubs stadium gets a much needed overhaul. Advice viagra  The Mets are being made out to be the villians here when they did nothing wrong. Advice viagra As per the agreement with MLB before either the Mets or Highlanders try to do something like this they issue of territorial rights has to be addressed. Advice viagra The Bronx Bastards did just that and the Mets said no.

Advice viagra The outcry you hear most is that the Mets are being petty and by not allowing the Highlanders to let their Triple A team play in Newark is not in best interests of the City of Newark or baseball fans. Advice viagra That is pure out and out bullshit. Advice viagra I’ve been in Newark many more times that the folks who are crying about this so called injustice and I can tell you no Highlanders fans from Basking Ridge, advice viagra or Bernardsville are coming into Brick City to see the Triple A Highlanders. Advice viagra  I’ve been to Riverfront Stadium in the past and found it to be a nice ballpark but in recent years the park has not been kept up and lacking in any positive atmosphere to the point I really have no desire to go from Staten Island to Newark (about a 20-30 min ride) to watch a ball game. Advice viagra In fact the same conditions can be found in the Ball Park at St. Advice viagra George where the SI Highlanders play. Advice viagra The Newark Bears have fallen on hard times and it has nothing to do with the city but with poor management and the fractured economy as well.

Advice viagra Throughout this whole Mets bashing argument there has been no mention of the fans of Scranton/Wilkes Barre, advice viagra who I doubt will make the trip to Newark to watch their team play. Advice viagra I would guess there are colleges that have baseball fields in the Scranton area that could be converted into a temporary home for the Triple A Highlanders like what was done back in 1999 for the SI Highlanders, advice viagra turning the College of Staten Island baseball field into a temporary home until the St. Advice viagra George park was built. Advice viagra  

Advice viagra As Mets fans, advice viagra we all know that is the shoe was on the other foot, advice viagra Highlander President Randy Levine would have to told Freddy Skill Sets to kiss his ass. Advice viagra That’s the Highlander way. Advice viagra So now that it’s Freddy who gives the Highlanders his ass to kiss, advice viagra he’s a bad guy. Advice viagra As much as I’ve killed the Skill Sets over the years here, advice viagra I’ve got their broke ass backs on this one.

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