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Viagra buy Maybe I’m just getting old and cranky because I couldn’t care less if Jose Reyes is the starting shortstop for the NL in this year’s All-Star came. Viagra buy I really don’t get all the angst coming from Mets fans over Troy Tulowitzki leading the popularity vote that is the All Star starters. Viagra buy In fact do you really give a shit about the All Star game anymore? As a kid, viagra buy I loved the All Star game because it was a big deal. Viagra buy Both leagues and league presidents made it more than an exhibition game is was a game for the winning league to brag about its superiority but now it just a bullshit exhibition game, viagra buy that the players find any way they can to avoid playing in or if they are bound to play, viagra buy leave as soon as they get an at bat or a pitching appearance. Viagra buy The TV ratings are piss poor as well so forgive me if I don’t get all bent out of shape if Jose Reyes is not the starting short stop for the NL , viagra buy he’ll make the team as the Mets rep so Mets fans find something else to scream about.

Viagra buy Staying with Reyes, viagra buy as great a season as he’s having  and the overwhelming support that he has from Mets fans who want him to be a Mets 4 Life, viagra buy let’s be honest with one another, viagra buy long term contracts hardly ever (maybe never) work out in favor of the team. Viagra buy As a Mets fan and especially if you are a t-shirt wearing, viagra buy Don’t Trade Reyes protestor who will be miserable if the Mets either trade Reyes or not re-sign him, viagra buy please tell me what the point of no return is? Do you keep Reyes at any price or do you have a ceiling on years and or money? Knowing that the ownership is swimming in the Red Sea of debt with a major civil suit hanging over their head at what point does it make sense to part with Reyes.

Viagra buy Reports are that now that the Entry Draft is done, viagra buy Sandy Alderson wants to touch base with Reyes’ reps to see what they are looking for in years and money. Viagra buy The answer they give Alderson will determine if Jose is dealt or kept. Viagra buy Do I want to see him shipped out? No. Viagra buy Do I want him signed to a new deal by the All Star Game? Yes. Viagra buy But if the success of the season and the vision of an eye popping deal in his feature prices Reyes out then Alderson will have no choice but to trade him.

Viagra buy There comes a point where the fan base has to realize that this franchise has money problems and as much as we all wish the Skill Sets would sell and get out of our hair, viagra buy we have no idea if or when that will happen. Viagra buy Sure most of the media who follow the team and have looked in depth at the Madoff-Piccard mess that has hurt the organization badly feel the Skill Sets are on borrowed time but we also have to come to grips that the team will not give Reyes anything close to a 7yr/$140+ contract. Viagra buy If Reyes’ agent goes in that direction, viagra buy Alderson will excuse himself and call Brian Sabean and work out a deal. Viagra buy How can you blame him? If the Reyes camp works with Alderson and they can get creative with options and bonuses and deferred money then there is a much better chance of Reyes staying with the Mets.

Viagra buy I believe deep down, viagra buy Jose wants to stay here, viagra buy he lives here, viagra buy and his kids go to school here and he has grown up as a Met. Viagra buy It’s all he knows. Viagra buy So I’m hoping what happens is both sides find some common ground and the team has the funds to make Reyes and Mets fans happy. Viagra buy        

Viagra buy I would stay firm on the length of contract if I were the Mets GM, viagra buy at 5years. Viagra buy The money, viagra buy as I said I would get creative but no more than $100-$110 million. Viagra buy Anything more than that in contract length and money would leave me no choice but to deal Reyes as miserable and heartbreaking that would be.

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