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Usa cialis I’ve told my kids, usa cialis if I start to get crotchety and nasty when I get old they have permission to dump me at the Port Authority and never worry about me again. Usa cialis I don’t think Murray Chass made that deal with his kids.

Usa cialis As you see on the right hand side of this site, usa cialis I am a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and I should say a proud member. Usa cialis I am also honored to be a member from the beginning when Daniel Shoptaw, usa cialis writer of C70 At The Bat (a St Louis Cardinals blog) sent me an e-mail about his idea. Usa cialis I could not write back to him faster to say “thanks for asking me and yes, usa cialis I’m all in”. Usa cialis It was one of the best moves I’ve made since I started blogging.

Usa cialis The BBA has grown so much between writing, usa cialis podcasting and having our own SABR chapter that I guess with success comes the slings and arrows of jealousy. Usa cialis That’s where Murray Chass comes in.

Usa cialis Even though he wrote with a pro-Highlander slant, usa cialis due to being the Highlander beat man for the Times until 1985 when he was bumped up to the National baseball beat. Usa cialis His baseball columns in the NY Times were always must reads. Usa cialis When labor strafe hit baseball, usa cialis no one had the access and the coverage of the negogation like Chass. Usa cialis He is also in the Baseball Hall of Fame by way of wining the J.G.Taylor Spinks Award in 2003. Usa cialis Chass “retired” from the NY Times in 2008. Usa cialis I put quotation marks on retired because it was more a buy out that a voluntary decision on Chass’ part. Usa cialis Chass was in poor health for awhile and I can sincerely say I am glad he is back to full strength and healthy once again.

Usa cialis But I do have a problem with Chass and that is because he has a problem with me. Usa cialis Well, usa cialis not just me, usa cialis but baseball bloggers in particular. Usa cialis The BBA sent out a press release which had a few spelling, usa cialis math an grammar errors on them. Usa cialis Instead of just hitting the delete button, usa cialis Chass thought this would an excellent time to prove his point that bloggers are an embarrassment to the written word. Usa cialis He pointed out every grammatical mistake and ridiculed the spelling errors. Usa cialis He laughed  at the BBA because we felt that with Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven getting 74.468 % of our votes in the BBA Hall Of Fame, usa cialis because we rouned the number off to 75 %. Usa cialis Chass berated us for not having basic math skills.

Usa cialis Now, usa cialis when Daniel sent out the response he received in a e-mail from Chass that made the bloggers of the BBA seem to uneducated buffoons, usa cialis my first response was to act like an uneducated buffoon. Usa cialis I was ready with a post filled with F-bombs, usa cialis and disparaging remarks about his employer showing him the door, usa cialis but one of the best reasons to be a member of the BBA is I was the only uneducated buffoon to act this way.

Usa cialis See, usa cialis even though Chass has a strong dislike to the folks who make up the BBA because we don’t have a college degree in English or Journalism, usa cialis or some of the membership write and analyze baseball via Sabermetrics, usa cialis or the fact that some of us are just fans who have played, usa cialis coached, usa cialis or watched baseball our whole lives and have now found a new way to express our love for the game, usa cialis just like Ol’ Murr. Usa cialis In fact, usa cialis while old thinkers like Murray Chass are sent to the showers, usa cialis the NEW kids on the block are getting hired for jobs at websites to show their graphs with pitch f/x, usa cialis UZR, usa cialis VOPR BABIP and all the other facts and figures that not only give insight to fans but to front offices all around baseball as well, usa cialis to that the old fedora, usa cialis cigar smokin’ writers react to like Dracula to a cross.

Usa cialis The other thing that set the BBA apart is they know how to respond to such slights. Usa cialis As I said, usa cialis I was ready to go jihad on old Murray, usa cialis but Daniel Shoptaw said “no” and so did a bunch of other members. Usa cialis What Shoptaw did was send Chass a reply e-mail, usa cialis thanking him for pointing out the errors in the press release and for making him send out future releases for proof reading by other members of the BBA before the are published. Usa cialis Clear, usa cialis rational, usa cialis ADULT behavior but Daniel Shoptaw proved that he is twice the man that Murray Chass is.

Usa cialis Oh by the way Murry, usa cialis I see you have a website now and I really shouldn’t link to it since you can’t stand me or what I do but I link to your site as a public service to my readers to show what you wrote about the BBA and to hopefully show my readership it’s best to grow old with gracefully.

Usa cialis I apologize for any grammatical mistakes or spelling error in this post. Usa cialis I’m not a writer, usa cialis I just play one in cyberspace.

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