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Viagra effects on women Some observations after last night’s Mets 2-1 win over the NY Highlanders:

Viagra effects on women I was quite perturbed that there wasn’t a pre-game show on SNY. Viagra effects on women  As the day went on yesterday I was really getting revved up for this game. Viagra effects on women But I switched on SNY at 6PM looking forward to Chris (Uncle Fester) Carlin and my main man, viagra effects on women Bobby Ojeda to hit me up with some knowledge before the game. Viagra effects on women  Instead I got the insufferable Beer Money. Viagra effects on women Total failure by SNY to not have a pre-game show even with the telecast on PIX-11. Viagra effects on women Speaking of PIX-11

Viagra effects on women Since Ch 11 was televising the game it seems they were given the opportunity to have a pre-game show on WPIX but instead of a pre-game show Mets fans were treated to a television train wreck. Viagra effects on women There was some guy named Mario Diaz who was teamed up with Art Shamsky, viagra effects on women who by the way has been pushing this book of his for what seems like an eternity. Viagra effects on women Really Art, viagra effects on women enough already, viagra effects on women that damn tome is sitting on a shelf down at the Dollar Tree give it a rest. Viagra effects on women So now this Diaz guy throws it to another guy I never heard (and if I’m lucky will never hear of him again) Dyrol Joyner. Viagra effects on women Joyner was so tongue tied and unprepared that I went from mocking him from my living room to actually feeling sorry for the dude. Viagra effects on women It was bad enough calling Mariano Rivera “Mario” but he kept stumbling and bumbling over his words, viagra effects on women it was quite an embarrassment. Viagra effects on women Then they went to some young lady who must have just re located here to the NY area because she was reading traffic and transit report right off a script and never lifted her eyes to look into the camera. Viagra effects on women There was an on field interview with Jeremy Heftner that focus on his family during the Oklahoma tornado which happen last week, viagra effects on women the same time Hefner addressed the effect on his family, viagra effects on women and an interview with Matt Harvey where he was asked if he ever met Julia Roberts since she stared in Mystic Pizza filmed in the town where Harvey is from. Viagra effects on women  Oh and good news, viagra effects on women Mr. Viagra effects on women Diaz said they will all be back on Thursday from the Bronx. Viagra effects on women Someone in the Mets organization needs to put a stop to that.

Viagra effects on women It’s amazing how Mets fans are such creatures of habit as soon as it was realized that Gary Cohen was off and Kevin Burkhardt was handling the play by play, viagra effects on women Mets Twitter was in a dither. Viagra effects on women It wasn’t the smoothest broadcast of all time that’s for sure. Viagra effects on women First off, viagra effects on women Keith Hernadez had a major brain fart calling Daniel Murphy’s broken bat a “dead solider” on Memorial Day no less and there was way too much Highlander love and way, viagra effects on women way, viagra effects on women way too many shots of Pee Wee Cashman sitting in the stands. Viagra effects on women You have to know your audience is made up of not just die hard Mets fans but also die hard Highlander haters.

Viagra effects on women There is no two ways around it, viagra effects on women those camo unis suck and if I never see them again that would be swell. Viagra effects on women Although John Buck, viagra effects on women Bobby Parnell and John Niese looked like they could wear the camo’s every day.

Viagra effects on women I don’t know why people get their panties in a bunch over the attendance numbers at ball parks. Viagra effects on women What the Mets and the rest of professional sports have to understand is with the advent of high definition televisions and the high ticket, viagra effects on women parking and concessions prices, viagra effects on women fans are finding that staying home in the living room or den with their big screen TV with full fridges of food and their favorite beverage of choice is winning out over fighting traffic, viagra effects on women long lines to eat and pee and  watching a bad product on the field. Viagra effects on women The NFL realizes this and is trying to figure out how to make fans want to leave home and experience football in a live environment rather than staying home and watching on TV.

Viagra effects on women Great start from Jon Niese as he had total command of his especially an effective cut fastball.  This is exactly what is expected and needed from Niese 6-7 solid innings each start.

Viagra effects on women After getting robbed of a 2 run homer by Brett Gardner, viagra effects on women Daniel (#ImWith28) Murphy comes up big with a clutch single to center to score JV1 with what proved to be the winning run.

Viagra effects on women How about Ruben Tejada in that 8th inning ? Every time he puts the ball in play recently it’s in the air for a can of corn out, viagra effects on women yesterday when the Mets needed a fly ball to get Mike Baxter home from first, viagra effects on women he hits it on the ground and Baxter was out at the plate. Viagra effects on women Total frustration.

Viagra effects on women Speaking of frustration, viagra effects on women Lucas Duda with RISP has hit (can you really call it that) a buck twenty-five with ZERO home runs and a paltry 6 Rib Eye Steaks .

Viagra effects on women As for Ike Davis, viagra effects on women just a hat trick last night 3K’s in 3AB’s

Viagra effects on women Prediction for tonight 3 hit complete game shutout for Matt Harvey #HappyHarveyDay      

Viagra effects on women  

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Viagra forums You figured Matt Harvey would have a rough start here or there as he adjusts to life in the big leagues where unlike Triple A mistakes end up over an outfield fence. Viagra forums But Harvey, viagra forums who is seen as a bit of a pitching savant, viagra forums should be able to make the adjustments, viagra forums if the mixed messages he hears don’t make him crazy.

Viagra forums For some strange reason Dan Warthen and Terry Collins love the breaking ball which is ok unless you forget all pitchers are not alike. Viagra forums Bobby Ojeda on the pre-game show on SNY yesterday seemed to send a cryptic message that Warthen’ approach is not the best for Harvey. Viagra forums Ojeda repeated that manta that Harvey is a power pitcher and he should stay working as a power pitcher and not worry about throwing off speed  and breaking pitches so much. Viagra forums Ojeda seemed to hint that the Harvey is a bit of a revelation as a good old fashion hard throwing starting pitcher.

Viagra forums My big concern with Harvey is that Dan Warthen is going to try to make him something he isn’t, viagra forums a finesse pitcher. Viagra forums  It’s the biggest knock on Warthen, viagra forums he has made this Mets staff into a bunch of nibblers instead of going with a more aggressive approach. Viagra forums When was the last time a Mets pitcher threw up an in on a hitter?  That approach is fine if you have a stable of Glavine-Maddox-esque pitchers but the Mets have some very hard throwers who should have better results than they do, viagra forums especially in the bullpen.

Viagra forums Parnell hits 100 mph on the radar gun and sits at a consistent 95 mph. Viagra forums Josh Edgin hits 95 as does Frank Frank and Manny Acosta.sSo with electric arms such as these why is the Mets bullpen so bad? Could it be the approach taught by Dan Warthen? I think so. Viagra forums The Mets bullpen has a 4.26 BB/9IP rate which is only second to worst to the Cubs who have a close to 5 walks per 9IP rate. Viagra forums Why with a pen of hard throwers do Mets relievers have such a high walk rate, viagra forums I’d have to say it’s the approach set by Warthen of nibble, viagra forums nibble, viagra forums nibble instead of attack, viagra forums attack, viagra forums attack.

Viagra forums Pitching is deception trying to keep the batter off balance. Viagra forums  I don’t think Warthen’s approach to pitching is effective in doing that. Viagra forums When was the last time we’ve seen a Mets pitcher go up the ladder on a hitter? How many times have you screamed at your TV set when the 7-8-9 batters reach base on a walk on off speed and breaking pitches  that miss the outside of the plate when challenging the batter should be the plan?

Viagra forums Terry Collins has been a loyal supporter of Dan Warthen and his teachings but I know I’m not alone wondering how Warthen was kept on staff after the purge of personnel of the Minaya era. Viagra forums With the ineffectiveness of the bullpen and the very valuable arms coming through the Mets farm system, viagra forums it is paramount of Sandy Alderson to find a pitching coach who not only can relate and help the growth of these young arms but he also needs a pitching coach to change the mindset of many on this staff to pitch aggressively. Viagra forums The approach that is in play now is not working and needs to be eradicated.

Viagra forums  

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Viagra pill splitter Observations from opening day at Citi Field:

Viagra pill splitter I’ve been going to Mets games for 48 years, viagra pill splitter I was 6 years old in 1964 when I went to see Bob Gibson beat the Mets  on May 9 th, viagra pill splitter and as excited as I was back then I was just as excited yesterday to be at Citi Field for opening day.

Viagra pill splitter Outside the ball park before the game there was a great positive energy that non-Mets fans just do not understand. Viagra pill splitter I stood near the SNY broadcast area where Bobby Ojeda, viagra pill splitter Chris Carlin and the iconic Ralph Kiner conducted the pre-game show. Viagra pill splitter There is a segment of younger generation Mets fans who really don’t appreciate Kiner and what he means to charter member Mets fans like me. Viagra pill splitter Ralph, viagra pill splitter Bob Murphy and Lindsey Nelson were a constant summer time companion on TV and radio. Viagra pill splitter Nelson left in 1978 and that was shocking, viagra pill splitter but we still had Ralph and Murph. Viagra pill splitter Murph left in 2003 and that was sad but through it all Ralph Kiner remained, viagra pill splitter albeit on a limited basis but Ralph always knew when to show up when you needed that boost of Mets elixir because when you’re a middle aged Mets fan the sight and sound of Ralph Kiner brings back memories of a simpler and great time of your life.

Viagra pill splitter Lots and lots of CARTER 8 jersey’s and t-shirts on display yesterday along with signs and banners praising Carter and mourning the loss of Gary Carter. Viagra pill splitter The Mets held a wonderful pre-game ceremony starting with the players, viagra pill splitter coaches and manager all wearing their warm up jerseys with CARTER 8 on the back and having Carter’ jersey hanging  up in the dugout.  It was also touching to see Darryl Strawberry, viagra pill splitter Keith Hernandez, viagra pill splitter Bobby Ojeda and Mookie Wilson catch the first pitch from Carter’s wife and children along with the unveiling of the KID 8 patch on the outfield wall and video of Carters Mets career that would make even the most cynical Mets fan dab their eyes.

Viagra pill splitter Seems the only people who are obsessed by the Mets attendance are the Mets Media Haters and Highlander fans. Viagra pill splitter  The Mets Media Haters harp on this due to their lack of talent and originality, viagra pill splitter I mean how much talent does it take to answer a telephone for five hours a day while reading a newspaper and sucking down soda after soda or sit at a laptop staring lovingly at your Derek Jeter gift baskets while writing what a great GM Pee Wee Cashman is because he is so brilliant in having a $200 mil payroll to cover up his fuck ups. Viagra pill splitter The Highlander fan knows that the first time the Mets show any success the Highlander reign of attention in this city will be over.

Viagra pill splitter Citi Field was jammed packed yesterday, viagra pill splitter the line at the Shake Shack was a couple a hundred deep, viagra pill splitter the fans lined the Shea Bridge soaking up the sunshine which could explain for some of the empty seats you’ve seen. Viagra pill splitter The crowd responded well to the player introductions, viagra pill splitter sure some folks felt it was a good time to boo Mike Pelfrey and Jason Bay but for most part the Mets faithful was happy to see their beloved team back in action.

Viagra pill splitter I didn’t see any of the usual Highlander fan jerk offs who come to Citi Field wearing their Jeter jerseys and caps which is encouraging.

Viagra pill splitter The Mets have made an upgrade on the main scoreboard to where it’s  setup like Gameday on MLB.com a virtual scorecard showing not only what the player has done in previous at bats but also showing you the location of balls put in play in those AB’s. Viagra pill splitter The pitchers line as well as pitch count, viagra pill splitter pitch selection and pitch count are there as well as both lineups, viagra pill splitter the player at bat’s season stats and career numbers as well.

Viagra pill splitter I have never bitched and moaned about the prices at the concession stands but $6.80 for a Nathans Hot Dog is ridiculous. Viagra pill splitter Compare that to $11.50 for a turkey with mozzarella and gravy on a semolina hero at Mama’s of Corona, viagra pill splitter why would you go for the hot dog?

Viagra pill splitter Nothing better than watching Johan Santana work. Viagra pill splitter Frist two innings he had a bit of a command issue, viagra pill splitter which is to be expected as I’m sure his adrenaline was flowing like Niagara Falls but it was the 5th inning that really sent the message as to what a competitor he is and why Santana is one the best starting pitchers in baseball. Viagra pill splitter He wanted badly to get 5 innings in today as his pitch count was limited to 80-85 so he knew this was his last frame of the day. Viagra pill splitter Getting Freddy Freeman out on strikes to start the inning was big because Santana killer Matt Diaz doubled to left and you could see the finish line of this start was near.

Viagra pill splitter After getting Jason Heyward to fly out to Bay, viagra pill splitter all Santana needed was one more out but he struggled against Tyler Pastornicky and Tommy Hanson walking both of them to load the bases for leadoff hitter Michael Bourn. Viagra pill splitter  This was the at bat of the game. Viagra pill splitter Santana fell behind Bourn 2-0 giving the crowd of Mets fans an uneasy feeling since it was September of 2010 when we last witnessed Santana pitch we forgot how much heart this man has on the mound. Viagra pill splitter He got Bourn to hit a comebacker to him and with what adrenaline was left nearly threw the ball over Ike Davis head but Ike caught it stepped on first inning over with no Braves crossing home plate. Viagra pill splitter Welcome back Johan.

Viagra pill splitter Andres Torres pulled up lame in the 7th on Pastornick’s triple and while I hate to see anyone get hurt, viagra pill splitter I hope Torres takes all the time he needs to get that calf 100 % so we can get a good look at Kirk Nieuwenhuis as the everyday center fielder. Viagra pill splitter Hopefully when Torres comes back it will be as the 4th outfielder, viagra pill splitter

Viagra pill splitter Daniel Murphy 2 for 4 yup #ImWith28

Viagra pill splitter  

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Viagra and lisinopril Ed Kranepool will join Lolita Lopez this Saturday and Sunday on WPIX 11 here in NYC for the pre game show at 12:30PM before the Mets and Highlanders meet in the South Bronx

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Viagra from mexico Why isn’t there a pre game show on SNY? Of all days Mets fans needed our guys to give us the info on Frankie Rodriguez calling out Brian Bruney in the South Bronx today.

Viagra from mexico So with no Mets pre gamer I turned to YUCK and Suzyn Waldman’s baby sister Kim Jones comes on to give us details of Frankie and Bruney ready to rock and roll but all we got was a brief video of the Mets holding back Frankie and no site of any High Priced Highlanders 

Viagra from mexico Waldman lite told us that Rodriguez went over to Bruney and asked him if “he had something to say to him” and Bruney said “no” Bruney then went to the clubhouse to change his soiled pinstriped underwear.

Viagra from mexico Two things, viagra from mexico what a piss poor job out of SNY with no pre game show and how lucky is Joe Giradi that the Bronx Robber Baron is incapicated?  Boss George would have given  Giradi an ultimatum to win today or be fired.

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Observations on last nights Super Bowl:


I am so happy I didn’t waste a minute of my time watching the pre game show, generic viagra on line cheap it’s bad enough I turn the game on at 6PM to get more Bob Costas than my daily requirement of self-important blow hards. Generic viagra on line cheap Someday a head of a TV network will realize what a waste of money these pre game shows are in this day and age of instant information just like FOX figured out the money they save on Aqua Net for Jeanie Zelasko could be put to better use like getting Doofus Joe Buck a personality.


By the time the fourth quarter rolled around and the game looking like a Steelers lock, generic viagra on line cheap and the continued parade of commercial after commercial just killing the flow of the game I was ready to call Michael Phelps to come over with his Aqua Lung Bong. Generic viagra on line cheap How about poor old Flipper getting outed while going one toke over the line? My God what’s’ next? Sully doing an “8-ball”?


Hey Rodney Harrison, generic viagra on line cheap I just spoke to David Tyree; he sends his regards and wants to know how his ass tastes.


WOHA! When did Brenda Warner get the Hollywood makeover? Da-am-n!!!!


Besides the Steelers and the Rooney family last night’s biggest winners were Al Michaels and John Madden, generic viagra on line cheap especially Madden who was totally on his game last night and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band who made me for the first time ever watching Super Bowls wanting halftime to last longer.


Rumors are running rampant through the ‘net that Scott Boras is in NYC to meet with the Omar about OP and Manny. There is no substance to these rumors but it looks like OP names on a contract is a foregone conclusion and with Manny still out there, generic viagra on line cheap there is still a scintilla of hope that maybe a package deal of OP/Manny could come to fruition. Generic viagra on line cheap But don’t hold your breath.


Outstanding find by UGOT2B-LIEVE is this video of Bobby Valentine telling a wonderful story on his mustache in the dugout appearance. This is classic.


More video wonderment this one from Michael Leggett of the great Random Fandom Red Sox NYC site as he took video this past weekend of the rubble that is Shea Stadium. With all the pics and video of the rubble left of Shea I find myself in a quandary. Generic viagra on line cheap I loved Shea and even at “Fitty” years old whenever I’d go to Shea no matter the opponent I had the same enthusiasm as I had as a six year old, generic viagra on line cheap in 1964, generic viagra on line cheap the first time I walked into Shea. Generic viagra on line cheap I have tons of memories in there not just of games and events I’ve seen there but with the people I went those games and events with. Generic viagra on line cheap Some are gone some are older and the first time I went to Shea with my son and daughter was very emotional for me and now that they are full fledged Mets fan I’m just glad they were able to experience Shea Stadium. Generic viagra on line cheap But then there are the days I went to Shea where the sewers were backing up and the corridors were so jammed you couldn’t walk and the lines for the bathrooms made you miss the action on the field and the pipes leaking from the mezzanine to the lodge section with a liquid substance that wasn’t water and the cramp seats and I say yeah it’s time for a new place. Generic viagra on line cheap The one big problem I have with $iti Field is its’ name and the corporate greed that goes with it and my biggest fear that the true Mets fan will be kept out of the place in favor of the stuffed shirts who are there for “the event” and have not put their heart and soul into the team like you and me. Generic viagra on line cheap If all my Upper Deck brethren get into to $iti then it will be a success if the it becomes just a place for the know nothing corporate hacks then it will be the end of the Mets as we know them. Generic viagra on line cheap I fear this because the Skill Sets have no feel for their fan base, generic viagra on line cheap because if they did I’d be wearing a RAMIREZ 24 jersey today.


This has nothing to do with the Mets or baseball but I got a kick out it. Generic viagra on line cheap Kulas Korner is a great hockey site and they have a video up of yesterdays Bruins-Canadians game where Alex Henry of the Habs and Shawn Thornton of the Bruins went toe to toe in a slobberknocker . Generic viagra on line cheap B’s play by play man Jack Edwards goes off on Henry who is what we used to call back in the 70’s a Goon, generic viagra on line cheap very funny stuff but not as funny as the awful looking throwbacks the Habs wore yesterday that reminded me of a barber pole.


Happy Birthday Leo “Bananas” Foster 


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Cialis and levitra I’ll watch it and you may watch as well but really other than Phillies fans and Rays fans does anyone care about the World Series anymore? Has MLB under the bumbling Used Car Salesman and the worst television network on earth FOX destroyed what was once the crown jewel of  American sports?

Cialis and levitra  

Cialis and levitra Forget about whether kids are watching or care about the Series an unscientific poll of my 13 year old and his friends will tell you they not only haven’t watched a single pitch they are more concerned about their up coming basketball season and the Friday Halloween Dance. Cialis and levitra It’s not that they are not baseball fans as out of 15 boys in my sons class 12 play organized baseball and they are all die-hard Mets or Highlander fans but when you have homework and practice for whatever sport is in season but the time 8:45 or 9:00pm rolls around your looking at some serious sleep time.

Cialis and levitra  

Cialis and levitra I not a big fan of Bob Raisman but he did lay out today in the NY Daily News all that is wrong with MLB taking Rupert Murdoch’s billions and selling it s soul to FOX. Cialis and levitra There is no reason in the world that the World Series shouldn’t begin at 7:30pm East Coast Time. Cialis and levitra First off, cialis and levitra no network should put on a pre game show for any sport. Cialis and levitra In this day and age by the time first pitch, cialis and levitra kick off, cialis and levitra tip off or face off comes around fans are well versed in what’s in store for that nights game. Cialis and levitra Do you think I rely on Jeanie Zelasko for my baseball information HA! HA!

Cialis and levitra  

Cialis and levitra It not just kids who are not following the World Series it’s adults as well. Cialis and levitra Every morning when I come in to work my co-workers ask me who won and what were the highlights as out six or seven guys that want to know none of them have watched one pitch of this series. Cialis and levitra Most of it is no Mets or Highlanders but even without the locals in it they all tell me the same thing, cialis and levitra the game is on too late and they’re not staying up until midnight to watch it.

Cialis and levitra  

Cialis and levitra You would have to think that someone in MLB has to have at least a sliver of common sense and is reading and listening to the fans (have you heard  anyone say the y LIKE the late starts and early morning finishes of these games? I didn’t think so) and bring it to the attention of the Used Car Salesman. Cialis and levitra If the Mets were to announce that all night home games were going to start at 8:45 PM how many games would you go to? Figure three hours minimum for a game so you’d get out of the ball park at quarter to midnight, cialis and levitra then by the time you get out the parking lot and home you would have enough time to take a nap and go to work  so of course the Mets or any team would not be stupid enough to schedule games at that time but for the championship of MLB they do and then wonder why no one is watching. Cialis and levitra  

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