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Viagra soft tabs Tuesday night I Tweeted from Citi Field, viagra soft tabs the fact that I stood next to Matt Harvey in the Mets dugout during batting practice and just his presences oozed Major Leaguer to me.  He wasn’t one of these rail thin peach fuzz cheeked rookies, viagra soft tabs nope, viagra soft tabs he had that thick trunk that the best power pitchers possess and he just carried himself around the dugout, viagra soft tabs that was boarding on a three ring circus with Mets bloggers, viagra soft tabs main streamers and models posing by bat racks in tank tops. Viagra soft tabs None of this fazed Harvey. Viagra soft tabs I had my voice recorder in hand and wanted to get at least a five minute interview with Harvey but he was headed to the bullpen to get his work in so all I could muster was a quick “how ya doing” and “good luck”

Viagra soft tabs It was a pleasure watching Harvey pitch last night (you could tell Keith Hernandez in Phoenix doing the game and Ron Darling in the SNY studios in Midtown were enjoying Harvey’s performance as well especially Darling) as I said he, viagra soft tabs has that thick trunk and uses it to push off the rubber to where he’s not using all arm to pitch. Viagra soft tabs A guy named Seaver used to that way back when and he was pretty good too. Viagra soft tabs  Harvey hit a high of 98 MPH with his fastball and averaged 95 for the night. Viagra soft tabs One thing missing from Harvey’s repertoire was use of his curve ball which according to Brooks Baseball he threw just three times. Viagra soft tabs It was a mix of fastball/slider for Harvey all night and he was at his most effective when he hit corners, viagra soft tabs especially the outside corner of the plate and work his fastball up the ladder. Viagra soft tabs Bobby Parnell should sit with Harvey and watch tape of this performance because if Parnell could approach pitching like Harvey did last night, viagra soft tabs the Mets would never have another 10 game losing streak.

Viagra soft tabs It’s hard to harness one’s enthusiasm for Matt Harvey and what’s to come the rest of this season and beyond after last night. Viagra soft tabs  With the awful start to the second half and the infighting amongst some players and the fans looking for a miracle in Sandy Alderson’s second year of stewardship with the Mets, viagra soft tabs Matt Harvey gave the team and fans the pick me up both needed, viagra soft tabs lets’ hope it lasts.

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Canada generic viagra I don’t know maybe I’m reaching here but is there anyone else worrying about Ruben Tejada and the length of time it’s taking him to get back from a strained right quad muscle ? Word today from Terry Collins is that Tejada will not participate in his rehab start as the quad is still tender.

Canada generic viagra The club felt the injury would take a couple of weeks to heal but here we are about 3 week since he hurt himself running to first base and it seems he not close to coming off the DL. Canada generic viagra I bring this up because yesterday we say Ronny Cedeno come out the game due to cramping in his calf bringing Justin Turner in to play short.

Canada generic viagra I would never want to question just how injured a player is but there is a difference in being injured and being hurt. Canada generic viagra Quite frankly when I hear a player shuts it down due to “tenderness” I have to think it raises eyebrows with the front office especially with how well Tejada was performing before getting hurt and add in how much they need his presences on defense with his bat being a bonus.

Canada generic viagra I don’t want to question Tejada’s pain threshold or his work ethic; I’m just puzzled how a 22 year old is such a slow healer.

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Online doctor viagra How did you feel about Jerry Seinfeld in the booth with Gary and Keith? The best part about Seinfeld in the booth is he’s an honest to goodness Mets fan. Online doctor viagra He wasn’t there to plug a movie (looking at you Kevin James) or a TV show, online doctor viagra he was there as a Mets fan.

Online doctor viagra I thought his line to Keith when Jose Reyes hit his home run was classic:

Online doctor viagra   “Yes! Jose Reyes cruising around third. Online doctor viagra Keith Hernandez is not liking this. Online doctor viagra Always whining about the Reyes homers. Online doctor viagra I love ’em! Always love a homer no matter who hits it … Boom! You have got to love this.”

Online doctor viagra Seinfeld may have gone a bit overboard gushing over Gary Cohen, online doctor viagra to the point where it seemed Cohen was getting a bit embarrassed but he was correct when he said that Gary, online doctor viagra Keith and Ron (and don’t forget the Great Kevin Burkhardt as well) form the best announcing team in sports.

Online doctor viagra Too me the line of the night is when he talked about Lady GaGa and how they cleaned up his suite after she soiled it with her presences:

Online doctor viagra  “Everything’s fine. Online doctor viagra We brought the bedbug dog in. Online doctor viagra What’s his name? Rusty, online doctor viagra the beagle? Now everything’s clean.”

Online doctor viagra That made me laugh out loud.

Online doctor viagra Too bad they didn’t  take calls in the booth as I’m sure Uncle Leo would have dialed

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Real viagra pharmacy prescription The Brooklyn Met Fan says we should not rush to judgment on Dwight Gooden’s latest arrest for DWI, real viagra pharmacy prescription BMF says that the story of what really happened will come out but Gooden is listening to attorney’s and not making a statement as of yet. Real viagra pharmacy prescription As I posted in the comments section of BMF’s site, real viagra pharmacy prescription as most readers here know, real viagra pharmacy prescription I’m a big Gooden fan and having met him a few times he was just a great guy but when you drive while intoxicated I have a huge problem with you.

Real viagra pharmacy prescription In much better news, real viagra pharmacy prescription Jose Reyes is back in St. Real viagra pharmacy prescription Lonesome and it seems just his presences in the locker room has amped up the team. Real viagra pharmacy prescription What Jerry Manuel has to watch for is Reyes trying to get two weeks of lost time into two days. Real viagra pharmacy prescription Reyes is adamant about being in the Opening Day lineup, real viagra pharmacy prescription we all hope he is.

Real viagra pharmacy prescription Mike Silva has posted a story on the old Mayor’s Trophy games between the Mets and Yankees which I never remember being a big deal.

Real viagra pharmacy prescription Josh Levitt of Jorge Says No fame has started up another site, real viagra pharmacy prescription MLBfreeagency.com the site as you’d imagine will focus on current and up coming free agents and all around good baseball talk. Real viagra pharmacy prescription It’s well worth your while to check it out and bookmark the site.

Real viagra pharmacy prescription Johnny Maestro, real viagra pharmacy prescription one of he great Rock and Rollers of the 60’s first with The Crest’s (16 Candles) and then with the Brooklyn Bridge (The Worst That Could Happen “Girl, real viagra pharmacy prescription I heard your getting married/heard your getting married/you know that’s not my scene” )

Real viagra pharmacy prescription Whose music was a stable of NYC, real viagra pharmacy prescription especially Brooklyn, real viagra pharmacy prescription died yesterday at the age of 70. Real viagra pharmacy prescription R.I.P. Real viagra pharmacy prescription Johnny

Real viagra pharmacy prescription

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Buy viagra line I like the fact that David Wright is stepping up his leadership role with the Mets. Buy viagra line In fact one of the best addition by subtraction moves the club made this winter was saying buh-bye to Carlos Delgado, buy viagra line who I felt was a very intimidating presences in the Mets Clubhouse and too many times Wright had to take a backseat to the senior vet. Buy viagra line Now with Delgado gone it’s time for Wright to takeover that clubhouse. 

Buy viagra line You need an everyday player to be the go to guy and Wright fits that mold better than anyone not named Johan Santana with the Mets. Buy viagra line As great a player as Carlos Beltran is, buy viagra line he’s a very low key guy and Jose Reyes who is the on field igniter could be Wright’s tag-team buddy in that clubhouse, buy viagra line in fact in a perfect baseball world the two faces’ of the franchise should be able to say or do what they please with the service time they have with the club, buy viagra line but both are deferential to the older vets on the team sometime to a fault.

Buy viagra line If Johan Santana can play the Cliff Floyd role with Wright and give him backup, buy viagra line it would be a major asset to this team. Buy viagra line It won’t cure all the ills, buy viagra line but it would help put on notice players, buy viagra line who don’t give 100 % effort physically and mentally, buy viagra line especially the mental part which was as much a reason for the Mets demise as the injuries were last year.

Buy viagra line Forget all the bravado of the team to beat bullshit, buy viagra line besides health, buy viagra line the biggest improvement with this Mets team and the whole organization for that matter is accountability. Buy viagra line The team motto for this spring and season should be “NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!!”

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Free consultation viagra Thank you Bengi Molina for NOT signing with the NY Mets and thank you Brian Sabean for bailing out the Mets with your offer to Bengi Molina.

Free consultation viagra Now that the Mets have $5 mil lying around they can either put that money towards giving Ben Sheets and incentive filled deal and strike before some other team grabs him or they could put that money towards a buyout of Rogers (Hornsby) Castillo or keep Castillo and use the money towards giving Orlando Hudson a deal and left Castillo be a part time player/groundskeeper. Free consultation viagra I know it’s a pipe dream that the Mets would buyout Castillo and sign O-Dog so please Jeffey Baby, free consultation viagra let’s give the cast to Sheets!!!!!!

Free consultation viagra More good news, free consultation viagra Jeff Francouer signed for just 1 year. Free consultation viagra Rumor is that Freddy Skill Sets and Uncle Saul Katz made a deal Richard Heene for one of his balloons and Jeffey and Omar are now orbiting around the skies of Corona.

Free consultation viagra Metsgrrl just received a framed picture from opening day at $iti field for being a loyal season ticket subscriber. Free consultation viagra The note that came with it wished her a HAPPY HOLIDAY. Free consultation viagra Obviously the Skill Sets waited until all holiday items were at 90 % off to buy the frames the pics came with.

Free consultation viagra As much as I feel the Mets need to go full force for at least 2 starting pitchers, free consultation viagra they still need a catcher. Free consultation viagra I like Omir Santos but his presences behind the plate has been questioned within the organization. Free consultation viagra I’m fine with Henry Blanco as a one half of a catching tandem as he is strong defensively. Free consultation viagra I can’t see going after Yorvit Torrealba with a lawsuit against the Mets still awaiting trial so the guy who makes the most sense would be Rod Barajas. Free consultation viagra Barajas is nothing at the plate but he’s very good behind it and the Mets need a very good defensive catcher.

Free consultation viagra Yes it is outstanding that the Mets have announced that Darryl Strawberry, free consultation viagra Dwight Gooden, free consultation viagra Davey Johnson and Frank Cashen will be inducted into the NY Mets Hall of Fame this summer. Free consultation viagra But isn’t it remarkable that all four of these gentlemen are not in there already. Free consultation viagra In fact the last player to be inducted into the Mets HOF was Tommie Agee in 2002. Free consultation viagra  Induction day will be August 1st, free consultation viagra  so far that’s the first “must game to be at” for 2010.

Free consultation viagra Sad news from the NY Rangers. Free consultation viagra John Haligan the teams long time PR man and top Rangers and NHL historian passed away today at age of 68. Free consultation viagra For years I sat in Section 432 of Madison Square Garden watching the Rangers and Halligan and his wife Janet were the two of the great people at MSG. Free consultation viagra John always had time to talk to us between periods and he would bring us the score sheets and any news on injuries. Free consultation viagra He respected us as people and as Ranger fans. Free consultation viagra This is a very sad day indeed.

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Next day viagra It’s time to tell Jason Bay and Bengi Molina we’re not interested. Next day viagra Call both their bluffs in fact just tell Bay’s agent “sorry we’ve had second thoughts” then call Molina’s guy and Rod Barajas guy and the first one to say yes to a 2yr incentive laden deal gets that deal.

Next day viagra The reason I’m ready to “Bay-O, next day viagra Bayyyyyyyyyyyy-O we’ve got no deal so you gotta go home”, next day viagra is I want the Mets to sign Johnny Damon to play LF in 2010 and 2011

Next day viagra Now I’m not saying that Damon is better than Bay, next day viagra he’s not, next day viagra but the drop off is not so fierce that you could get Damon for half the money you’d spend on Bay and with less commitment. Next day viagra Then of course there is the all important intangibles. Next day viagra Damon is a dynamic presences in the clubhouse, next day viagra he has dissed publicly by the Highlanders so you know he is going to come to camp ready to make a big statement, next day viagra and he wears two world championship rings from two of the highest profile team sin sports. Next day viagra Not to mention the good will you would build up with Scott Boras for making his client look good after he (Boras) dropped the ball with the Highlander negotiations.

Next day viagra I’ve come to the conclusion that the last team Jason Bay wants to be a part of is the New York Mets. Next day viagra There is no mystery team, next day viagra there is no competition for his services, next day viagra now would be the time to tell Bay and his agent we’re going in another direction and announce the signing of Johnny Damon to a 2yr/18 mil deal with incentives to get the money over $20 mil. Next day viagra Damon is a winner and those types of players are in short supply I Queens.

Next day viagra Enjoy Camden Yards Jason.

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