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Women does viagra work So far this postseason each series has been a thrill to watch. Women does viagra work Great story lines, women does viagra work terrific pitching and big stars coming through in big spots. Women does viagra work Another plus of the postseason is getting to see and hear Jim Leyland. Women does viagra work Leyland in the dugout is on top of every pitch and his pre and post-game pressers are fun to watch. Women does viagra work After last night’s Tigers win, women does viagra work Leyland was asked about Miguel Cabrera’s hit that gave the Tigers the lead early in the game and the answer Leyland gave had me thinking, women does viagra work on the Mets who are our big boys? Answer is we don’t have one.

Women does viagra work David Wright was a big boy at one time, women does viagra work but since getting beaned by Matt Cain, women does viagra work he’s lost his bigness. Women does viagra work Jose Reyes was a big boy for most of this season but not the same kind of big boy that Leyland is talking about, women does viagra work one who puts a team on his back and carries it. Women does viagra work We used to have a big boy in Carlos Beltran but he was sent away for a prize pitching prospect Zack Wheeler who could be a pitching big boy soon. Women does viagra work Jason Bay at one time was a big boy but now he’s just a sorry middle aged boy. Women does viagra work Lucas Duda may blossom into a big boy as he has the size for the moniker but does he have the big talent to go with it? The closest Met right now to big boy status is Ike Davis, women does viagra work who before his fluke injury knocked him out for the season was reaching big boy status; will his injury and inactivity stunt his growth? Tune in, women does viagra work in March.

Women does viagra work Prince Fielder, women does viagra work Ryan Braun, women does viagra work Albert Puljois, women does viagra work and Miguel Cabrera all big boys , women does viagra workall putting their teams on their backs, women does viagra work Sandy Alderson needs to find us a big boy.

Women does viagra work I apologize for not posting this sooner. Metstrdamus is running his 2011 Hall of Hate, women does viagra work where you pick the most hated person in Mets history. Women does viagra work As you can see from the match ups, women does viagra work which are done in a similar style to the NCAA Basketball Brackets, women does viagra work it doesn’t have to a Mets player or someone in the Mets front office or management to be hated.

Women does viagra work Sometimes what gets Mets fans riled up, women does viagra work makes me laugh. Women does viagra work Reports yesterday were rampant that Wally Backman was going to jump the Mets ship and head to Washington D.C to join Davey Johnson’s Nats staff. Women does viagra work Why Mets fans would care that Backman would bolt to join Johnson astonishes me. Women does viagra work I’m a Backman fan and have been since he played for the club back in the day, women does viagra work but whether Wally stays in the Mets organization or not isn’t a real pressing issue as far as I’m concerned. Women does viagra work  Now today I see where Backman is staying with the Mets and most likely he will manage the Buffalo Bisons in 2012. Women does viagra work I hope Backman gets a shot at a big league managerial job, women does viagra work but with pitching concerns, women does viagra work  re-signing Jose Reyes, women does viagra work whether Jason Bay is done, women does viagra work can Lucas Duda become a serviceable right fielder and middle of the order power hitter and can Ike Davis come back 100 %, women does viagra work is paramount to the Mets concern not where in the world is Wally Backman going to wind up.

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Viagra order canada Listened to the Terry Collins presser on WFAN and the two whinny hosts, viagra order canada Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts who I think were more upset that the Collins intro took away from them rubbing Rex Ryan’ ample belly in worship. Viagra order canada But a couple of observations:

Viagra order canada WHOA!!!! Collins is a bundle of energy that’s for sure and complete opposite from Jerry Manuel. Viagra order canada It felt like Collins picked a couple of Four Lokos at a bodega on Roosevelt Ave before hitting Citi Field.

Viagra order canada Collins said all the right things (all the things we’ve heard in the past 10 of these pressers) about stressing fundi’s, viagra order canada pitching and the big one, viagra order canada ACCOUNTABILITY .  Like a batter spouse, viagra order canada we’ve heard this all before.

Viagra order canada I understand the love for Wally Backman but why turn it to hate towards Collins? That I don’t get. Viagra order canada As I said I would have loved to see Wally on that podium today but Alderson & Co. Viagra order canada thought otherwise, viagra order canada so at this point in the first month of the new management I have to give them the benefit of the doubt .

Viagra order canada By a show of hands (or comments) how many of you think the Mets will be Pennant contenders next year?

Viagra order canada Don’t forget to tune into THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN tonight on BLOG TALK RADIO as Doug Gladstone and George  “The Stork” Theodore will be my guests.

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Pro Baseball Central will be on the air this Thursday night at 9:00PM as we discuss the new and improved back end of the Mets bullpen, viagra cream The Madoff scandal and how if effects the day to day operation of the Mets and who will fill the last two spots in the Mets starting rotation. Viagra cream Joe McDonald will be at the Mets pressers for both Francisco Rodriguez on Wednesday and on Thursday when J.J. Viagra cream Putz meets the NYC press corp. Viagra cream So it should be a jammed packed show and we want your input as well so call in at (646) 595-4462 this Thursday December 18th @ 9PM. Viagra cream  

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I watch J-Man in his post game pressers after his bullpen blows yet another game and I must say I admire him greatly. Cialis professional 100 mg When asked about his bullpens latest choke job he said they pitched with “hesitation and trepidation from contact” which politely means that his relievers are scared shitless to throw strikes and until Aaron Heilman, cialis professional 100 mg Pedro Feliciano, cialis professional 100 mg Joe Smith and Scott Schoeneweis to name the four main culprits, cialis professional 100 mg grow a pair of balls and start challenging hitters there will be more of these type of games. Cialis professional 100 mg Warlord Jerry has used just about every option he has to his disposal (I‘d love to hear his conversations with Omar Minaya about the bullpen fiasco) and the fact that the Mets blew a 5-1 lead to a team that is not only out of contention, cialis professional 100 mg but played a three city road trip and came to town twelve hours before game time and put on a performance in the first three innings like they wished they could just forfeit the game and go home to the Steel City.  That’s what makes this latest meltdown and loss more painful not only was this a game that was handed to the Mets on a platter but the Cheesesteakers and the Tuna’s both lost last night so to sum up the NL East, cialis professional 100 mg it won’t be the best team won but the team that sucks the least that comes out on top.


The more I keep telling myself I shouldn’t get aggravated about this team, cialis professional 100 mg the more I become like a fucking wild man watching these games. Cialis professional 100 mg Here’s how psychotic I am. Cialis professional 100 mg I listened to the game at work and when Schoeneweis gave up the single to Steve Pearce, cialis professional 100 mg I shut the radio and walked out of the office and went home. Cialis professional 100 mg So what do I do when I get home? I watch the replay of the game. Cialis professional 100 mg I deserve a kick in the ass. Cialis professional 100 mg I’ll say this, cialis professional 100 mg I’ve been an Aaron Heilman defender but when you fall behind 3-0 to Luis Rivas (LUIS “FUCKIN” RIVAS) and you just struck out Nate McLouth, cialis professional 100 mg and you allow Rivas to get a base hit against you, cialis professional 100 mg you deserve to get hit with an empty Rheingold bottle. Cialis professional 100 mg This is why Heilman should not be a late inning reliever he is not a GANGSTA’ and J-Man knows he’s no GANGSTA’ and that the only GANGSTA’ he has is Wags who is out. Cialis professional 100 mg Schoeneweis? PULLLEEEZZEEE! Joe Smith? Like the swallows going back to Capistrano, cialis professional 100 mg when August rolls around Joe Smith’s right arm turns into a wet noodle. Cialis professional 100 mg Meanwhile a big  strapping young reliever is sitting in the bullpen spiting sunflower seeds as eunuch after eunuch is sent out to do a mans job. Cialis professional 100 mg PLEASE J-MAN, cialis professional 100 mg FOR ALL OUR SANITY, cialis professional 100 mg USE EDDIE KUNZ TO CLOSE UNTIL BILLY WAGS GETS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Cialis professional 100 mg What’s the worst thing that could happen he blows a fucking game! At least we will see a new arm flushing our pennants hopes down the toilet. Cialis professional 100 mg  The next 14 games for the Mets are against teams that are playing for next year (Nats-Bucs-Braves-Astros) the Mets MUST win a minimum of 10 games in that stretch , cialis professional 100 mg anything less than that well, cialis professional 100 mg then it’s time for Brett Farve, cialis professional 100 mg Eli Manning and NY Rangers training camp.


Warlord Jerry getting tossed out of the game in the 9th inning yesterday was more out of frustration of his inept relievers than Bill Hohn’s strike zone  but one thing it gave us was that Bill Hohn has not bought a calendar in thirty years. Cialis professional 100 mg Did you see that John Holmes ‘stache on Hohn when he took his mask off to toss J-Man? Holy Shit! Last time I saw a guy with a ‘stache like that Vanessa Del Rio was on the receiving end of Holmes’ schlong.


Reading Peter King’s MMQB and I see where a new football league called the United Football League will start up next year looking like it will take the place of NFL Europe as a developmental league for the NFL. Cialis professional 100 mg One of the teams will be here in NYC and owned by the Skill Sets and get this, cialis professional 100 mg will play at $iti Field. Cialis professional 100 mg Are you kidding me? How can a football team and a baseball team share a facility at the same time this make no sense and hopefully like most of King’s reporting this one is filed under BULLSHIT. Cialis professional 100 mg But I will make this prediction. Cialis professional 100 mg The Skill Sets within 3 years will buy the NY Islanders and move them from Uniondale to Brooklyn NY and Bruce Ratner’s  Downtown arena.


I can’t wait to see tonights lineup as J-Man is about fed up with Ramon Castro and his “injured ankle” what is it with Castro that when it’s time to step up this guy always runs and hides? If J-Man goes to him tonight and he says he can’t play then the Mets need to put his fat ass on the DL. Cialis professional 100 mg Problem is two many nice guys in that Mets clubhouse, cialis professional 100 mg someone needs to go Prince Fielder on Castro’s ass.     


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