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Canadian pharmacy viagra Dear Mets Diary, canadian pharmacy viagra

Canadian pharmacy viagra WOW, canadian pharmacy viagra it has been a while since I’ve written to you. Canadian pharmacy viagra How ya been? Me? I’ve been very busy with two kids graduating and going on to college and high school and moving my office from Manhattan to Downtown Brooklyn (just a 15 minute walk to the Barclay Center which if Walter O’Malley had his way would have been a fifteen minute walk to Ebetts Field II) then add in getting entrenched in the Celtics-Knicks playoff series (I hope the C’s didn’t leave all they had left on the court yesterday) and the NY Rangers getting ready to battle for the Stanley Cup (nice to see the Blueshirts in full “jam” mode but getting the hottest team in the NHL in the Caps and that prick with ears Ovechkin is going to be a rough series I know it) I’ve kind of neglected my duties of writing about the Mets. Canadian pharmacy viagra Problem is, canadian pharmacy viagra there’s not much to write about.

Canadian pharmacy viagra I’m not saying I’m not following my beloved Amazin’s but other than the days/night Matt Harvey starts (by the way Happy Matt Harvey Day) there really isn’t much to get overly excited about this team. Canadian pharmacy viagra In fact after a month of the season, canadian pharmacy viagra they are still as bad as they were the last half of last year and what’s worse I don’t see how they can improve?

Canadian pharmacy viagra With yesterday’s loss to the Phuck Phaces (4th loss in a row) the Mets will now have FIVE consecutive losing months since July of last season. Canadian pharmacy viagra  The bullpen has been beaten up this first month and though it looks bad on paper, canadian pharmacy viagra they reason the pen has been so ineffective is the Mets use about 4 relievers a game. Canadian pharmacy viagra Unless the pen consists of Mariano Rivera, canadian pharmacy viagra Goose Gossage, canadian pharmacy viagra Rollie Fingers  and the 1990 Cincinnati Reds Nasty Boys, canadian pharmacy viagra no bullpen can withstand that type of work load. Canadian pharmacy viagra Add in that Terry Collins and Dan Warthen have an awfully tough time knowing when and who to go to in relief situations, canadian pharmacy viagra you have the big time mess the Mets are in now. Canadian pharmacy viagra It would be nice if the Mets starting pitching could go more than 5-6 innings a start as well as it would take the pressure of the beleaguered  bullpen and also take the strategic thinking out of the minds of Collins and Warthen. Canadian pharmacy viagra   

Canadian pharmacy viagra The offense is pathetic too. Canadian pharmacy viagra I wish I knew what the hell is wrong with Ike Davis, canadian pharmacy viagra is he just in a slump or are the rumblings of him being uncoachable true?  Or is it too many people telling Ike what to do that he has a sensory overload on how to hit? The answer is probably a little bit of both. Canadian pharmacy viagra Right now the best move the Mets could make is to bring up Josh Satin to be Ike’s 1st base partner in a straight platoon. Canadian pharmacy viagra In 24 AB’s vs. Canadian pharmacy viagra LHP in Triple A Satin has a slash line of .333/.429/.583 sure it’s a very small sample size but ask yourself this, canadian pharmacy viagra would it be better to have Josh Satin on the big club roster or Marlon Byrd?

Canadian pharmacy viagra It seems that Juan Lagares is now the flavor of the week in centerfield as the Mets it seems haven’t a clue on how to put the outfield together. Canadian pharmacy viagra The only constant is Lucas Duda who has shown, canadian pharmacy viagra shall I say, canadian pharmacy viagra Confidence, canadian pharmacy viagra at the plate and has put together a very nice April, canadian pharmacy viagra although those 8 Rib Eye Steaks don’t look very meaty. Canadian pharmacy viagra Lagares can cover tons of turf in the centerfield which is a big help to The Big Lebowski in left and in right Mike Baxter has not looked too good in the outfield this season but he seems to have that Hawk Harrelson TWTW factor which I agree with Hawk you need and it’s something that sabermetrians can scoff at and ridicule but it is something that is sorely lacking in this team. Canadian pharmacy viagra The Will To Win. Canadian pharmacy viagra I see it in Baxter and most definitely in Matt Harvey and Captain David and #IMWITH 28 as well but collectively as a team I’m not feeling it. Canadian pharmacy viagra  

Canadian pharmacy viagra It doesn’t seem as if the fan base is feeling it either. Canadian pharmacy viagra The social media soap box known as #MetsTwitter has been abuzz the last few days with wonderment over not if Terry Collins will be relieved of his managerial duties but when it will happen and who will take over. Canadian pharmacy viagra  I would like to say this kind of talk is premature and that Collins can only work with the lousy hand he’s been dealt but I have to admit the last 48 hours has me thinking that change may do the Mets some good. Canadian pharmacy viagra  

Canadian pharmacy viagra This team needs some kind of a shakeup, canadian pharmacy viagra and by the way has anyone seen or heard from Sandy Alderson? Remember when Fab Freddy Skill Sets opened up his yap after Michael Bourn signed with the Tribe to proclaim that the team has the financial wherewithal to spend on players to make the club better?  If that’s the case then why is the GM bouncing players from Vegas to NY? How about some good ol’ fashion GM’ing by making a deal that will bolster not only the team on the field but the fans in the stands? Why should the Mets fan care about this team if management and ownership don’t seem to?

Canadian pharmacy viagra In a perverse way, canadian pharmacy viagra I hope the Marlins take 3 straight from the Mets (sorry Matt Harvey maybe you lose 1-0 in a complete game where you strike out 15 walk none and the only hit you give up is a Giancarlo Stanton HR) as then maybe Sandy Alderson will make some kind of move.

Canadian pharmacy viagra The Mets have been given a pass in the media so far as the New York Sports fan is in fully engulfed in the Knicks playoff run and the always entertaining sitcom, canadian pharmacy viagra The Jets of Florham Park, canadian pharmacy viagra but eventually Mets fans are going to start to rumble and the media is going to need something on an off day to write about and as we all know in NYC nothing sells papers and makes ratings rise like a catastrophe and the Mets are headed in a catastrophic direction.

Canadian pharmacy viagra Sometimes those Yogi-isms are so true and make a ton of sense. Canadian pharmacy viagra The Mets are headed for the fork in the road, canadian pharmacy viagra where will they take it? Also it does get late early and after five consecutive losing months the sun made be setting on the Mets.

Canadian pharmacy viagra So Mets diary I have bared my soul, canadian pharmacy viagra I hope I can write to you more frequently and in a more optimistic way as well. Canadian pharmacy viagra I have to confess the losing is getting to me. Canadian pharmacy viagra I’m so tired of blown late inning leads and multi game losing streaks God-awful at bats and 3 error games. Canadian pharmacy viagra Right I’m not confident there will be a positive turnaround for a while.

Canadian pharmacy viagra Lets Go Rangers!!!!

Canadian pharmacy viagra  

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Online viagra gel to buy  

Online viagra gel to buy  

Online viagra gel to buy We are somewhat back to normal, online viagra gel to buy whatever normal is. Online viagra gel to buy Roof is back on and today my ceiling should be finished and tomorrow I have someone coming in to steam clean and deodorize my carpet and couches just in time for the next storm tomorrow afternoon/night.

Online viagra gel to buy I’m starting to catch up on some of the Mets news of the last week or so and I see a lot of good opportunity for the Mets to add some players that bring a of of what’s missing on this team, online viagra gel to buy unfortunately these moves will take money something the Mets don’t have a lot of and that’s a damn shame because I think with a couple of key signings the Mets would morph into the SF Giants East.

Online viagra gel to buy I’ve said from the end of the season that the organization has an acceptance of failure as we’ve seen through the second halves of the last four seasons. Online viagra gel to buy This happens when you have a lack of battle tested players who know what it takes to win. Online viagra gel to buy From looking over the free agent list, online viagra gel to buy there are players available who fit that bill such as:

Online viagra gel to buy A.J. Online viagra gel to buy Pierzynski would be #1 on my wish list. Online viagra gel to buy I’ve been a fan of Pierzynski’s for a long time and have hoped the Mets would have traded for him as well, online viagra gel to buy now here he is sitting right there on the free agent front ready to picked by the Mets who are the neediest of teams when it comes to catching. Online viagra gel to buy You not only fill your huge need for a front line catcher but you add a guy with a World Series ring and a lot of snark and the Mets are sorely in need of snark. Online viagra gel to buy  How would a catching combo of Pierzynski and David Ross look in blue and orange?  Yes I know I’m asking too much.

Online viagra gel to buy I know we all hate Shane Victorino but if he were in a Mets uni that would all change for me. Online viagra gel to buy Please don’t give me he was Phuck Phace as a reason for the Mets not to sign him, online viagra gel to buy again he has a World Series ring and is an annoying little prick and that’s what the Mets need both a winner and annoying pricks. Online viagra gel to buy I’d take a shot at using him as the everyday center fielder even though he’s not the center fielder he used to be, online viagra gel to buy he’d still be a major upgrade over Andres Torres and don’t think if he became a Met he wouldn’t  ramp it up when the Mets take on the Phuck Phaces.

Online viagra gel to buy Cody Ross, online viagra gel to buy ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Cody Ross. Online viagra gel to buy Word out of Boston is Ross is looking for 3yrs/$25 mil a bit steep but then again it’s an negotiation and one the Mets should get involved in. Online viagra gel to buy Ross again comes with a winning pedigree and an edge which I know I’m sounding like a broken record, online viagra gel to buy the Mets sorely need. Online viagra gel to buy An outfield of Bay/Duda in LF, online viagra gel to buy Victorino in CF and Ross in RF with Ike, online viagra gel to buy Murph, online viagra gel to buy Tejeda, online viagra gel to buy Wright and Pierzynski added to the starting rotation and a couple of relievers added in make the Mets a true contender in NL. Online viagra gel to buy Sadly the odds of these moves happening as nil

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Viagra pill I got myself in a bit of a Twitter pissing match today over the news that R.A. Viagra pill Dickey was not picked by Tony LaRussa to start the All Star Game tomorrow night. Viagra pill I, viagra pill like the majority of Mets fans, viagra pill are totally piss off that Dickey is not starting the game. Viagra pill I made it known on Twitter how pissed I am and how wrong it is that Dickley will not be on the bump for the bottom of the first inning tomorrow night.

Viagra pill I’m not a fan of Tony LaRussa who I’ve always felt is a self-important prick and his decision to start Matt Cain over Dickey just solidified that opinion of the so called genius. Viagra pill I have many reasons why I feel so strongly about Dickey starting the game tomorrow night, viagra pill he’s earned it with a tremendous first half, viagra pill his story is one of the most compelling in sports and is a lesson in perseverance and verifying that hard work pays off and he plays for the NY Mets.

Viagra pill Part of the nastiness of my Twit fit was being called out for getting too emotional about Dickey not getting the start and then I was hit with the always clever “who gives a shit who starts the game” I do. Viagra pill I care for the reasons I mention and the fact that he is a NY Met, viagra pill the baseball team I live and die with. Viagra pill I don’t give a rats ass about any other player who was snubed by not being named to the team or the fact that Matt Cain has pitched well this season, viagra pill all I care about is a guy writing one of the best rags to riches story is not in the spotlight because of a retired manager who had to have his final “look at me moment” didn’t do the right thing by giving the All Star Game, viagra pill  a game most baseball fans have grown tired of, viagra pill a reason to tune in to see the best that the American League has to offer try to hit that mysterious of pitches, viagra pill the knuckleball and not just any knuckleball but an Angry Knuckleball.

Viagra pill The same folks who took me to task about my “emotional outburst” over Dickey not getting the start are folks I’ve had a bit of trouble understanding most recently. Viagra pill   I’ve tried to explain that the word fan comes from fanatic and when it comes to the teams I root for especially the NY Mets I am proud to say I’m a fanatic, viagra pill and when I feel the Mets or a Mets player is unjustly treated I react and I’ll never apologize for that.

Viagra pill What’s makes the, viagra pill I don’t want to say attack as that’s a bit strong but the nasty tone of the tweets is one of the tweeters who claims to be a big NY Rangers fan but felt it would be a shame if Martin Broduer left the NJ Devils. Viagra pill I tweeted back” fuck Marty Broduer, viagra pill the Devils and Newark NJ”. Viagra pill I mean if you are a true Blue Rangers fan why would you give a rat’s ass if Broduer left Newark for say Toronto or Montreal? Fuck ‘em. Viagra pill Henrik Lundqvist is better any way.

Viagra pill This would be like saying it would be a shame if Jimmy Rollins went to an American League team, viagra pill are you fucking kidding?

Viagra pill R.A. Viagra pill Dickey is too classy to rip the Genius for not starting him and he doesn’t have to , viagra pill as R.A. Viagra pill has enough Mets fanatics to handle this injustice for him.

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Cialis daily canada

Cialis daily canada Mike Silva at NY Baseball Digest has an outstanding piece on his site this morning on Carlos Beltran and his time as a Met and his comments on Mets fans needing to “get over 2006”.

Cialis daily canada I have to say it took me a while to appreciate Beltran and his contribution during his tenure. Cialis daily canada I think the turning point in the relationship came when Beltran went to Colorado to have surgery on his knee after the club, cialis daily canada namely Omar Minaya and Tony Bernazzard handled his medical care piss poorly. Cialis daily canada  Beltran was furious when the club made it seem he went rogue and receive an unauthorized procedure on his knee. Cialis daily canada When the truth came out it was Minaya and the team who were disingenuous.

Cialis daily canada What soured me with Beltran at the beginning of his Mets career was the double dealing he did behind the Mets back by offering himself to the Highlanders at a discount after the Mets made their substantial offer. Cialis daily canada It pissed me off because I saw Bobby Bonilla all over again. Cialis daily canada Bonilla, cialis daily canada after getting the best offer out there from the Mets during his first free agent foray, cialis daily canada took that offer to the Phillies to see if they would match it or go higher. Cialis daily canada By all rights, cialis daily canada Bonilla was within his right to find the best deal possible and it was in my right as a Mets fan to call him a greedy prick.

Cialis daily canada The other problem Beltran had was not wanting to be the out front guy in the clubhouse. Cialis daily canada Some guys thrive in that spot, cialis daily canada some guys, cialis daily canada it’s just not their personality. Cialis daily canada  Beltran to his credit produce as well or better than any position player the Mets ever employed but his personality as seen through the media left something to be desired. Cialis daily canada But in listening to players in the clubhouse, cialis daily canada where the opinions count, cialis daily canada Beltran was not just respected but revered.

Cialis daily canada As for Beltran telling Mets fans to move on from 2006, cialis daily canada it shows the major difference in how fans are more of the fabric of a team than the players. Cialis daily canada  Can I get over Beltran watching a wicked curveball break over home plate for strike three thus curtailing the Mets from getting to the World Series?  No, cialis daily canada and I shouldn’t. Cialis daily canada  I’m a Mets fan, cialis daily canada I can’t be traded or released or designated for assignment. Cialis daily canada I could leave as a free agent but the thought never entered my mind. Cialis daily canada I’m here for life. Cialis daily canada Players come and players go but fans are here forever. Cialis daily canada I still hold a grudge against Yogi Berra for not using George Stone properly in the 1973 World Series, cialis daily canada costing the Mets a  championship, cialis daily canada what makes Carlos Beltran think he’s  so special to escape my scorn?

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Alternate uses for viagra I’ve got a ton of work to get to today and if the rain holds off a baseball game to manage tonight so just a few quickies before my nose meets the old grind stone:

Alternate uses for viagra Good medical news finally as Davis Wright will head to Port St. Alternate uses for viagra Lonesome and engage in baseball activities that hopefully gets him back to the Mets by the All Star break. Alternate uses for viagra I love Jose Reyes telling Wright to “Have fun in St. Alternate uses for viagra Lucie” then laughing to reporters “There is nothing to do there”

Alternate uses for viagra Hopefully all Chris Capuano is suffering from is a cramp in his abdomen from not being sufficiently hydrated and not some oblique-intercostal bullshit muscle pull thingy.

Alternate uses for viagra The whole back page of the NY Daily News today is just bunch of sensational bullshit, alternate uses for viagra in fact I just spent more time on it than I should have.

Alternate uses for viagra The Jim Riggleman resignation is the talk of baseball today. Alternate uses for viagra After reading Ken Rosenthal’s article on Riggleman walking out on the Nats you can say there are two sides to the story and when you start hearing the manager and scouts all agree that GM Mike Rizzo has a problem with communicating with them, alternate uses for viagra you could see that Riggelman’ ultimatum that his contract option for 2012 be picked up or else was a cry to get the GM’s attention. Alternate uses for viagra Bottom line is Riggleman quit on his team and what makes it worse is his team is on a roll as they are just 4 ½ games off the Wild Card and they have been winning at home so Riggleman comes off as a real selfish prick with this move. Alternate uses for viagra I agree with Rosenthal as I definitely see Davey Johnson being the first choice to take over the Nats for at least the rest of the season as this is the perfect Davey Johnson situation.

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Viagra online sales

Viagra online sales I was fortunate to be one of the bloggers  invited  to attend the Mets Holiday Party  yesterday and it was quite the experience.

Viagra online sales From the time I arrived at the frozen tundra of Flushing (it was a bit surreal as I was the only passenger getting off at the Citi Field-Willets Pt. Viagra online sales stop on the 7 train and the wind was whipping and there was still wisps of snow on the platform. Viagra online sales Then walking out of the station there was not a soul around the ball park. Viagra online sales  It felt like the kind of dream I’ve had after one too many late night slices of pepperoni pizza before going to bed) and walked into the Seaver entrance of the ball park, viagra online sales I had a very awkward feeling. Viagra online sales The guard at the door asked me if I was “media” or a guest. Viagra online sales  I immediately turned into Ralph Kramden “Aaaaaa Humm-a-na-Hummm-a-ana, viagra online sales I don’t know” and with that I shoved a copy of the e mail of my invite at him. Viagra online sales The guard made a call and told me to have a seat and when the check in begins, viagra online sales look for your name on the “media list”. Viagra online sales Say that again but a bit slower? Sure enough on the “media list” we’re my name and my site along with other bloggers. Viagra online sales  After checking in, viagra online sales I walked to the elevator with Sweeney Murti, viagra online sales the Highlander beat man for WFAN. Viagra online sales When I asked what he was doing here ( like I’m now the keeper of who belongs and who doesn’t) he told me he was covering this for the MLB Network (oh ok permission to come on board the ship) Knowing that he has mentioned he’s a one time Phillies fan, viagra online sales I asked him about the Cliff Lee signing and if he was happy or sad since he covers the Highlanders. Viagra online sales It was here where I realized how much difference there is between the MSM and bloggers, viagra online sales Murti told be it didn’t matter to him as he has not rooting interest either way. Viagra online sales  It finally hit me, viagra online sales this is the man’s job. Viagra online sales It doesn’t matter who wins or losses or who’s a nice guy or who’s a prick, viagra online sales he just covers the Highlanders as that’s his assignment. Viagra online sales WFAN could tell him tomorrow that they are going to switch it up and have Ed Coleman cover the Highlanders and him cover the Mets and it would not phase Murti in the slightest.

Viagra online sales There’s the difference, viagra online sales as a blogger I have an emotional attachment to the New York Mets. Viagra online sales  There isn’t any objectivity here. Viagra online sales There is anger some (most) times and sarcasm and general wise ass-ness here but it stays within the Mets fandom. Viagra online sales We can call the owner names and curse the OP and Castillo contracts for burdening the organization but if someone outside the “family” says anything we get our backs up and we stick up for the team and the organization. Viagra online sales Now the last few years, viagra online sales this has been quite difficult. Viagra online sales So my trek to Flushing yesterday was as much a fact finding mission to see what this new regime will do to cleanse the sins of the past administration as it was to try to find out if the team is headed in the right direction.

Viagra online sales As our little group of bloggers stood around basically trying to figure out where to stand, viagra online sales where to leave our coats, viagra online sales and where the bathrooms were, viagra online sales we were saved by Danielle Parillo of the Mets P.R. Viagra online sales who gave us the itinerary for the day (and for that I am grateful, viagra online sales Danielle) we were led to the media area and split into three groups, viagra online sales print, viagra online sales TV and bloggers. Viagra online sales Yes, viagra online sales we had our own section. Viagra online sales After the GM, viagra online sales MGR and players were done with the first two groups they were led to the bloggers section.

Viagra online sales Sandy Alderson was the first to meet with us, viagra online sales we introduced ourselves and shook hands with the GM and then began the Q & A. Viagra online sales  It’s hard not to be impressed by Alderson. Viagra online sales I perceive him as a man of cool and confidence, viagra online sales I don’t think much rattles this man. Viagra online sales Each question was met with direct eye contact with the inquirer and there were no one or two word answers. Viagra online sales  The main questions were of course about pitching , viagra online sales Alderson made it known that was his main concern as well. Viagra online sales He is not going to sign a pitcher just because his name is familiar with fans; this front office will do its due diligence from scouting reports to in depth analytical study on pitchers to find the right fit. Viagra online sales Alderson’ personality is the polar opposite of most Mets fans, viagra online sales he’s patient.

Viagra online sales Terry Collins was next to talk to us and if anything the man is intense. Viagra online sales It is going to be quite intriguing to see how his high energy” if you’re not part of the solution your part of the problem” style will play in the Mets clubhouse. Viagra online sales I explained to him my biggest grip with the team and organization over the last few years  was the “woe is us” attitude from the ownership to the front office to manger, viagra online sales coaches and players where losing was accepted and injuries were used as a crutch. Viagra online sales Collins let me know that this will not happen with this team, viagra online sales those days are over. Viagra online sales He also said that this will be addressed on day one of spring training. Viagra online sales  As with Alderson, viagra online sales the Ollie Castillo question came up and Collins gave the same answer as the GM that both these guys won’t stay on the roster if they cannot produce. Viagra online sales  Collins also said that Ollie is on the list of starting pitchers come spring, viagra online sales so if anything the Ollie Castillo question will not be answered until the end of March. Viagra online sales Patients Mets fans, viagra online sales patients.

Viagra online sales Ike Davis was the first player to talk to us, viagra online sales when asked about Dave Hudgens the new hitting coach, viagra online sales Davis said he was thrilled as Hudgens is an “ASU (Arizona State University) guy and he also very happy that Ken Oberfell will be on the big league staff telling us that playing in Buffalo for Obie was the best baseball experience he’s had.

Viagra online sales Carlos Beltran came by and the first impression I got meeting him in person for the first time, viagra online sales was how big he is. Viagra online sales He’s very broad in the chest and shoulders so you can see where his gets his power from. Viagra online sales He told us his knee feels great and that his has been working out and is ready for spring training. Viagra online sales He said the Mets have told him that he is the centerfielder and that he is happy about that but if there is someone in the organization that the club feels is better suited for the position, viagra online sales he has no problem moving to right field. Viagra online sales I get the sense that he wants to show he’s a team guy but I can tell he wants to show the skeptics he can still man the middle of the outfield. Viagra online sales I asked him, viagra online sales since the knee is feeling better will we see the speed come back, viagra online sales he joked and said that at soon to be 34 years old he can’t run like when he was 24 and then asked me if I can still run when I was 24 (I was the oldest of the group) I laughed and said “I can’t run like I did when I was 44”, viagra online sales we laughed and Carlos said “I’m only kidding with you” like I’d take offense? We bonded Beltran and I get that contract extension ready Sandy!

Viagra online sales Jason Bay says he is headache free and has no signs or symptoms from his concussion. Viagra online sales He looks fit.  Last season is still gnawing on him and spring training can’t come soon enough to suit him. Viagra online sales I asked him how do the players stay below the noise and by that  I mean the extensive media coverage, viagra online sales the talk radio loudmouths, viagra online sales the many bloggers and playing in a city where baseball season is 24/7/365. Viagra online sales Bay said that playing in Boston helps with that but he said coming from Pittsburgh to Boston was a definite shock. Viagra online sales He said that as professionals they can’t let the outside forces take away their focus.

Viagra online sales After entertaining the kids by playing Santa Claus (Marty Noble who was attendance really should have donned that Santa suit he has the physic for the job) David Wright came over to us. Viagra online sales I remarked to him “is there anything you won’t do for this organization”? He gave me that patented D-Wright smile and said he will do whatever it takes to help this organization. Viagra online sales From talking to Wright, viagra online sales the impression I got was, viagra online sales he’s happy about the regime change. Viagra online sales He didn’t say anything specific but the word he used a lot in our conversation was “discipline”.  This is something that Matt Cerrone spoke about on my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN show last night, viagra online sales the players in the last few years have felt this sense of entitlement like they didn’t have to prove anything to anyone and that playing for the Mets was like a Supreme Court appointment. Viagra online sales That is over and done. Viagra online sales   When asked about meeting Sandy Alderson, viagra online sales Wright  again mentioned the discipline aspect of Alderson and how much he respected his baseball resume and just as important his dedicated service to the country. Viagra online sales Wright told the group, viagra online saleshe sees a lot of his father, viagra online sales a police officer, viagra online sales in Alderson. Viagra online sales  Wright also spoke of Collins and again this is just me speculating, viagra online sales I don’t think David was a big fan of Jerry Manuel . Viagra online sales Wright mentioned how Collins is a motivator and will instill (that word again ) discipline. Viagra online sales My take is that the clubhouse has been dominated by a bunch of players who feel they are on scholarship when all they are, viagra online sales are walk-ons.  From listening to Wright it seems it the Mets were overdue for this change in management.

Viagra online sales For more on the day at Citi Field with the Mets check out the great job that Rob Castellano of Amazin’ Avenue did in putting together a great video recap of the interviews.

Viagra online sales Back when I started doing this blog eight years ago, viagra online sales I was envious of the bloggers at a now defunct site Elephants in Oakland who wrote about the Oakland A’s as they were given an audience with Billy Beane.  As we all know the A’s under Alderson and Beane were the most progressive of front offices. Viagra online sales The same thing when Theo Epstein  took over the Red Sox and Paul DePodesta ran the Dodgers. Viagra online sales Here I was as a Mets fan stuck with Joe McIllvaine a GM who much better fitted for a head scout or head of minor league development, viagra online sales Al “The Empty Suit” Harrazin, viagra online sales Steve “Lively Libido” Phillips, viagra online sales Jim “Never Had A Chance” Duquette and Omar “See Joe Mcillvaine Description” Minaya running my favorite team, viagra online sales turning a blind eye to present and future of baseball management. Viagra online sales  When I knew that the Minaya regime was ready for over throw, viagra online sales the first name on my wish list was Sandy Alderson and ownership came to its senses and hired him and not only Alderson but his top lieutenants Paul DePodesta and J.P. Viagra online sales Ricciardi. Viagra online sales To the average everyday Mets fan, viagra online sales who gets his Mets news from fish wraps and entertainers on talk radio, viagra online sales they don’t get the excitement of this new regime that resonates from those of us who sit on our laptops all day wondering you will manger Appalachian League Kingsport Mets but in due time they will. Viagra online sales  All the bitching and moaning about not signing a big ticket free agent is off base, viagra online sales this front office may be the best free agent signings in Mets history.

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Viagra original pfizer order

Viagra original pfizer order A few nuggets as I pray my roof doesn’t leak tonight, viagra original pfizer order it may be a long, viagra original pfizer order long night on Staten Island:

Viagra original pfizer order ITEM: OMAR MINAYA WILL BE FIRED ON MONDAY

Viagra original pfizer order

Viagra original pfizer order Says who? Says Matt Pignataro of 7 Train To Shea that’s who. Viagra original pfizer order Matt’s source tell him that Minaya will be relived of his GM duties and WIL NOT be reassigned in the organization. Viagra original pfizer order It’s the only move to make. Viagra original pfizer order Just pay him and wish him well we’ve got rebuilding to do around here. Viagra original pfizer order By the way, viagra original pfizer order Matt will be my guest this Tuesday night Oct 5th at 10PM ET on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN on BLOG TALK RADIO.

Viagra original pfizer order ITEM: WHO STAYS WHO GOES ?

Viagra original pfizer order Adam Rubin on ESPNNewYork has a Take ‘Em or Trash ‘Em poll on the website. Viagra original pfizer order Some of the more interesting results are 58 % of the voters say to Trash Carlos Beltran. Viagra original pfizer order I’m sure the organization would love to move him but how much of his contract would the Mets eat to get Beltran out of town? It will be tough enough to move Beltran due to his salary but now with this lastest flare up with his knee, viagra original pfizer order it could be near impossible. Viagra original pfizer order I love how the Mets and Beltran are talking up the fact that the MRI on his knee show that it’s just inflammation and that his knee has healed nicely since the surgery. Viagra original pfizer order It seems to me the only thing Mets management and Beltran agree on is they both hate each others guts.

Viagra original pfizer order 97% say Trash Luis Castillo, viagra original pfizer order my question is who are the 3 % who voted to keep him? Same with the 2% out of 100 % who say keep Oliver Perez.

Viagra original pfizer order 93 % say David Wright needs t stay and 77 % think Jason Bay will rebound in 2011. Viagra original pfizer order The voters also overwhelmingly want The Skill Sets, viagra original pfizer order Omar, viagra original pfizer order and Manuel out of here with a huge negative vote. Viagra original pfizer order Oh boy is this going to be one helluva winter!


Viagra original pfizer order Yeah I know it’s not Mets related but this bugs the living shit out of me. Viagra original pfizer order I despise Tiki Barber, viagra original pfizer order always have while he played for the G-Men as he always came off as a selfish “Me-First” prick and I do not feel he belongs in the NY Giants Ring of Honor. Viagra original pfizer order Seems Barber could not take the high road when promoting the unveiling on Sunday night of the Ring of Honor as Big Mouth Tiki trashed Coach Tom Coughlin saying he was losing the team and that Coughlin has to treat people with more respect. Viagra original pfizer order A guy who cheated on his pregnant wife giving advise on treating people with respect, viagra original pfizer order WOW what an A-1 scumbag.

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Cheap canadian viagra God almighty I’m so sick and tired of this and it seems I’m not the only one. Cheap canadian viagra Bob Ojeda it seems took an ax and gave Jerry Manuel 40 whacks. Cheap canadian viagra The night before when asked about the Toxic Ollie situation, cheap canadian viagra Ojeda gave a great reply by saying he fought through three work stoppages to get guys like Ollie Perez the right to make a decision to either go to the minors or not because of tenure. Cheap canadian viagra Ojeda then said that he will keep his opinion on what Ollie is doing to himself which to me says while he defends OP’s deciosn to invoke his refusal to go to Buffalo, cheap canadian viagra he would love to ring his neck for being a selfish prick.

Cheap canadian viagra Mike Silva over at NY Baseball Digest has a post about the Mets players not taking losing personally and how they get this from the manager and management, cheap canadian viagra here is my comment that I posted on Mike’s site:

Cheap canadian viagra  The players are taking their queue from management as the owner has not countered the claims that the team has money trouble. Cheap canadian viagra When players see Ollie Perez come back just as bad as when he left and know the only reason he’s here is the money he’s due. Cheap canadian viagra Same with Castillo. Cheap canadian viagra Now the team has 3 catchers on the roster as no one will pull the plug on Rod Barajas with either a trade or his release. Cheap canadian viagra Same with Jeff Francouer. Cheap canadian viagra Then you have Alex Cora who for all his “leadership” qualities produces next to nothing on the field.

Cheap canadian viagra Same reason Jerry Manuel still has a job the Wilpons would rather lose and pay a manager than try to win with a new manager while paying his replacement.

Cheap canadian viagra  The fans are on to this con set by the Wilpon’s no wonder they were friends with someone like Bernie Maddoff.

Cheap canadian viagra  

Cheap canadian viagra Even when this team wins, cheap canadian viagra we don’t enjoy it as Mets fans are preoccupied with the awful in game moves by Jerry Manuel. Cheap canadian viagra Now it seems he is losing the clubhouse, cheap canadian viagra especially after Grandstand Cora took Mike Pelfrey to task for his jovial behavior in the clubhouse. Cheap canadian viagra That should be the managers’ job in fact why not just make Grandstand the bench player/manager since he so full of piss and vinegar? The guy should do something to earn his $2mil a year than to just be a grouch. Cheap canadian viagra Oh and speaking of Grandstand Cora, cheap canadian viagra it seems as per Kevin Kernan that Johan Santana and Frankie Rodriguez were sharing a smile as well in the clubhouse but Grandstand Cora must have had his hearing aid off:

Cheap canadian viagra After Tuesday’s loss to the Diamondbacks, cheap canadian viagra Rodriguez and Johan Santana were seen laughing in a corner of the clubhouse. Cheap canadian viagra A few minutes later Mike Pelfrey was joking with a group of reporters. Cheap canadian viagra Alex Cora yelled in the direction of Pelfrey’s locker and reporters to “show some respect.”

Cheap canadian viagra  

Cheap canadian viagra I just want the Skill Sets to be honest with us about whether or not they have the coin to compete for big ticket items. Cheap canadian viagra If they can’t, cheap canadian viagra it’s no disgrace; in fact it may be to the Mets advantage. Cheap canadian viagra Just think, cheap canadian viagra how happy was the fan base when we saw the home grown infield this season? How great is it to watch Ike Davis and Jon Niese and Josh Thole?  The franchise is 323 games BELOW .500 since its inception so losing is not a deterrent for Mets fans but indifference; lack of a plan and deceit from ownership will not be tolerated. Cheap canadian viagra So com’on Skill Sets free your conscience, cheap canadian viagra the truth shall set you free.      

Cheap canadian viagra So now what, cheap canadian viagra well there are reports today that the Mets are looking to move Jeff Francouer. Cheap canadian viagra That’s a good start. Cheap canadian viagra Next should be sending Rod Barajas somewhere and letting Josh Thole catch when RA Dickey, cheap canadian viagra Jon Niese and who ever the fifth starter is and then give Johan Santana and Mike Pelfrey to Henry Blanco. Cheap canadian viagra Let Chris Carter be the 4th outfielder, cheap canadian viagra I know his arm is atrocious but his bat is wasting away on the bench. Cheap canadian viagra I love defense but I’m willing to sacrifice some of it for offense. Cheap canadian viagra Then it’s time for the obvious move, cheap canadian viagra relieve Jerry Manuel of his position as manager. Cheap canadian viagra It doesn’t make sense to bring in a big name manager right now, cheap canadian viagra give the job to Ken Oberkfell or Tim Teufel as interim managers but if Omar Minaya is more than a figurehead he needs to go into the clubhouse along with Jeffey Skill Sets and let the team know it’s time for a change and jobs are on the line no matter what kind of contract you have. Cheap canadian viagra      

Cheap canadian viagra Awwwww who am I kidding this will never happen, cheap canadian viagra I’m so fucking delusional, cheap canadian viagra   forget that motto of Prevention and Recovery that real motto of the New York Mets is “Same Shit, cheap canadian viagra Different Day”

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Viagra effects on the penis

Viagra effects on the penis The big story coming out of last nights Mets game is what is the reaction of the other 24 players to the the handling of John Maine. Viagra effects on the penis After getting lifted last night after 5 pitches Maine looked like a guy praying for a life line. Viagra effects on the penis When the cavalry came to the rescue in the persons of Jerry Manuel and Old School Warthen, viagra effects on the penis instead of being thankful for saving him, viagra effects on the penis Maine gets all pissy with the manager.

Viagra effects on the penis

Viagra effects on the penis After the game and let me say SNY you suck! Why can’t we see Jerry Manuel’s post game presser live? Why do I have to wait through the insufferable Garry Apple to hear the John Maine pitty party that you promoed as must see, viagra effects on the penis if it’s must see then let me fucking see it! I’ll say this, viagra effects on the penis it was worth my wait but I shouldn’t have to wait and after I see and hear Maine’ melt down, viagra effects on the penis  I want to hear Bobby O break it down not Gary Fucking Apple!

Viagra effects on the penis Back to Maine, viagra effects on the penis finally J-Man and Old School are starting to take no prisoners with this team and the pitching staff. Viagra effects on the penis If J-Man is going to get the boot he’s not going down without a fight. Viagra effects on the penis You, viagra effects on the penis David Wright take the day off. Viagra effects on the penis What, viagra effects on the penis you don’t agree with that? Too fucking bad, viagra effects on the penis grab some pine.  John Maine, viagra effects on the penis there is either something wrong with your arm or your head and since you couldn’t break a pane of glass in any of your last starts and your delivery was in slow motion so badly that  Old School Warthen asked you if your ok and  you say yeah even though your mechanics and body language say different. Viagra effects on the penis In other words John Maine your are a selfish prick. Viagra effects on the penis Your whole post game rant was me-me-me-me and that has been a problem around here for too long. Viagra effects on the penis Even the golden boy David Wright acted a like a me-me guy when Manuel told him he needed a day off. Viagra effects on the penis I think we can all thank Fredi Gonzalez for mangers finally standing up to players and setting them straight.

Viagra effects on the penis I also think that closed door meeting with the Mets brass had something to do with this as well. Viagra effects on the penis Maybe J-Man told Jeffey and Omar “look if I’m going down then I’m going down with a fight and I’ll do it by any means necessary”

Viagra effects on the penis First Manuel pulled Ollie Perez from the rotation then sat Wright down now he’s called out Maine and how about Old School with his quote on Maine being a “habitual liar” when it comes to his health? The gloves are off Mets fans, viagra effects on the penis if J-Man and Warthen are going down then they going down fighting with bare knuckles. Viagra effects on the penis It’s about time.

Viagra effects on the penis Manuel and Old School know the next six games will decided their fate. Viagra effects on the penis 0-6 and it’s over, viagra effects on the penis 4-2 their safe, viagra effects on the penis 3-3 a toss up, viagra effects on the penis 6-0 then we may look back at that meeting in Atlanta might as the turning point of the season .

Viagra effects on the penis Tonight the Mets will honor the 2000 NL Champs. Viagra effects on the penis  There will be a pre game ceremony attended by Mike Piazza, viagra effects on the penis Edgardo Alfonzo, viagra effects on the penis Turk Wendell, viagra effects on the penis John Franco and Rick Reed. Viagra effects on the penis One other player will make an appearance, viagra effects on the penis Mike Hampton. Viagra effects on the penis I’m just hoping the fans attending tonight’s game don’t embarrass themselves and the fan base by booing Hampton. Viagra effects on the penis I wasn’t happy when he decided to leave after one year as a Met but he was the MVP of the 2000 NLCS and by leaving the draft pick the Mets received was used to draft David Wright, viagra effects on the penis so just for those two contributions he should get applause.  

Viagra effects on the penis How Bobby Valentine is not invited to tonight’s game is a disgrace and shows the short sightedness and pettiness of the Mets ownership. Viagra effects on the penis What are they afraid of Mets fans actually cheering at $iti Field?

Viagra effects on the penis Castillo to the Rox? Does that mean Daniel Murphy to second base? HELL YEAH!!!!

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Effects alcohol viagra  

Effects alcohol viagra

Effects alcohol viagra  

Effects alcohol viagra Good move last night by the Mets to call the game and not let Johan take the hill, effects alcohol viagra pitch 2 or 3 innings then go back to a delay and lose him for a start. Effects alcohol viagra So today we have a day/night affair with Santana starting the matinee and John Niese pitching after dark.

Effects alcohol viagra  

Effects alcohol viagra First time I can ever think off Ed (Grey Goose) Coleman actually had something of substance to report as he gave us this gold nugget from his blog on Omar’s state of mind before the meltdown of Monday:

Effects alcohol viagra   Here’s what happened and what triggered the outburst that stunned everyone. Effects alcohol viagra The press conference start time floated, effects alcohol viagra as, effects alcohol viagra it always seems, effects alcohol viagra everything Met-related does – it was 3:00, effects alcohol viagra then 3:30, effects alcohol viagra then 3:45. Effects alcohol viagra The SNY Network – killing time – put Rubin on prior to Minaya’s appearance. Effects alcohol viagra Meanwhile, effects alcohol viagra Minaya was watching, effects alcohol viagra along with several players – some friendly with Bernazard – in the Mets clubhouse. Effects alcohol viagra Minaya obviously felt that Rubin was gloating over toppling Bernazard, effects alcohol viagra the blood began to boil, effects alcohol viagra some of the players expressed their displeasure, effects alcohol viagra the anger rose and – voila – you had the perfect storm. Effects alcohol viagra Minaya carried it from there to the podium, effects alcohol viagra and the rest is history.

Effects alcohol viagra  

Effects alcohol viagra So Omar got his Latin up and the sight of Rubin set him off. Effects alcohol viagra Again the biggest crime that Mnaya committed was he made it personal and not business. Effects alcohol viagra Bernazard is a close friend of Omar’s and was close to Jeffey and again this organization takes on a Nixon like persona that they cover up and cover up when they should just practice “the truth shall set you free approach”. Effects alcohol viagra Bernazard should have been reigned in a long time ago as this nasty way of his seems to be nothing new, effects alcohol viagra the problem is if you’re going to be a prick you better be a very successful prick to survive.

Effects alcohol viagra  

Effects alcohol viagra Then Grey Goose tells how he would say hello to Bernazard and never get a reply so the only thing missing in Coleman’s last paragraph is this song playing in the background as he watched Tony B settle off into the sunset :

Effects alcohol viagra  One final time – Hi Tony, effects alcohol viagra how’s it going? Don’t worry, effects alcohol viagra he’ll be fine – people like that always make sure they are.

Effects alcohol viagra  

Effects alcohol viagra  

Effects alcohol viagra  

Effects alcohol viagra  

Effects alcohol viagra I forgot to post this link yesterday from the great Mike Vaccaro of the Post you says it’s time for Jeffey Skill Sets to man up:

Effects alcohol viagra  

Effects alcohol viagra     But this is 2009, effects alcohol viagra and the cost of rooting for a baseball team is too great to embrace a mindless allegiance. Effects alcohol viagra Mets fans have learned to live with — even to embrace — the notion of being the underdog in a city that co-stars the Yankees. Effects alcohol viagra But they have been served by an ownership that opened a ballpark stripped of any semblance of the team’s history and operates a franchise that too often has the look and feel of an open mike night at the Comedy Store.

Effects alcohol viagra  

Effects alcohol viagra Maybe between the fan backlash on the lack of a Mets feel at $iti Field, effects alcohol viagra and this latest Minaya/Bernazard fiasco, effects alcohol viagra the light bulb has gone off in Jeffey’s head that something has to be done in Flushing. Effects alcohol viagra According to Wally Mathews, effects alcohol viagra Jeffey said Omar was thisclose to getting fired for his embarrassing display and listening to Little Skill Sets it seems Omar went off the reservation his own and ownership is truly embarrassed  ( I wonder if a certain Used Car Salesman from Milwaukee called in some advice) It may take a big run by the Mets to save Minaya’ job or maybe he stays on but with someone over him in a capacity of President of Baseball Ops. Effects alcohol viagra Whatever, effects alcohol viagra this whole week could turn out to be a blessing in disguise for the Mets.

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