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Pfizer viagra 50mg Last night I had the privilege to be invited to be part of the Mets bloggers Q & A conference call with Mets GM Sandy Alderson. Pfizer viagra 50mg Eric Simon and the staff at Amazin’ Avenue have done another outstanding job of putting together a transcript of the conference call (click the link and read the whole transcript it will be the most informative information you’ll get about the Mets anywhere) and I thank them very much for undertaking the chore of transcribing and crediting each blogger with a link to our sites along with our questions, pfizer viagra 50mg Thanks again Eric.

Pfizer viagra 50mg A few observations I took from the call:

Pfizer viagra 50mg Alderson is playing his hand in the Jose Reyes sweepstakes like a top poker player. Pfizer viagra 50mg In years past, pfizer viagra 50mg the Mets were always duped into not just setting the market price on free agents but bidding against themselves. Pfizer viagra 50mg His answer to the question on whether he thought of Reyes as a franchise player was 100 % spot on:

Pfizer viagra 50mg Do I consider him a franchise player? Yes. Pfizer viagra 50mg But a franchise player is only valuable as such if he is contributing to a winning franchise as opposed to simply acting as eye wash for a team that is not very good.

Pfizer viagra 50mg Again, pfizer viagra 50mg everybody loves Reyes and wants him to be a Met For Life, pfizer viagra 50mg yet less than 5, pfizer viagra 50mg000 fans showed up on the final day of the season and what may have been Reyes last game as a Met. Pfizer viagra 50mg That’s why Alderson doesn’t play to the lunatic fringe of Metsfandom and for that I am so grateful.

Pfizer viagra 50mg Alderson got into the business end of running the Mets as Howard Megdal, pfizer viagra 50mg who should be your go to read with the anything Mets related but most certainly on learning the financial end of what the Skill Sets and the organization are up against in these trying money times with the Mets. Pfizer viagra 50mg It may a bit simplistic on my part but it seems Alderson is saying that he has x-amount of dollars in his budget given to him by ownership and he has to do the best he and his staff can to fill the roster with players good enough to compete and not hurt the bedrock of foundation of the organization, pfizer viagra 50mg the farm system. Pfizer viagra 50mg There are some (I’d say a minority) of Mets fans who don’t get the fact that finances of this franchise are in a total state of flux but no matter the outcome, pfizer viagra 50mg it would take either a discovery of oil or gold during the renovation of the Citi Field outfield for the Skill Sets to own this team for the long term. Pfizer viagra 50mg  

Pfizer viagra 50mg I really believe Alderson enjoys doing these Q & A’s with the Mets bloggers more than dealing with the MSM. Pfizer viagra 50mg The first one we did last year lasted about half an hour, pfizer viagra 50mg then when we met with Alderson face to face at the Mets Holiday Party he joined us in our own little group for more questions and didn‘t seem to be in a hurry to get away from us. Pfizer viagra 50mg Last night he spoke to us for an hour and seemed to enjoy the questions and giving us insight into what he and his staff are doing to making the Mets into a top flight franchise.

Pfizer viagra 50mg His answer to my question was about that, pfizer viagra 50mg he is hell-bent in turning around the perception of the NY Mets franchise, pfizer viagra 50mg as much as Alderson feels there has been progress in that direction he knows the only way to advance it is for him to put together a winning team:

Pfizer viagra 50mg {Steve Keane (The Eddie Kranepool Society): Your first year as a Mets general manager, pfizer viagra 50mg how would you assess your progress that you and your staff have made in the first year with the Mets? What has been the most challenging situation or thing that’s happened with you as the GM of the Mets, pfizer viagra 50mg and what’s been the biggest surprise on the positive side and on the negative side?

Pfizer viagra 50mg  

Pfizer viagra 50mg Alderson: I look at things in three areas. Pfizer viagra 50mg The organization as a whole, pfizer viagra 50mg the infrastructure, pfizer viagra 50mg what’s happening in player development and scouting, pfizer viagra 50mg and what’s happening at the major league level.

Pfizer viagra 50mg  

Pfizer viagra 50mg Organizationally, pfizer viagra 50mg I’m very pleased with where we are. Pfizer viagra 50mg We’re not fully where we want to be. Pfizer viagra 50mg In the areas of structure and process and personnel, pfizer viagra 50mg we’re making a lot of progress. Pfizer viagra 50mg We made some personnel changes last year, pfizer viagra 50mg we’ve made a few this year. Pfizer viagra 50mg The more important changes organizationally have come in the area of process as we blend the pre-existing staff with newly added staff. Pfizer viagra 50mg From an organizational standpoint, pfizer viagra 50mg we’ve made some progress.

Pfizer viagra 50mg  

Pfizer viagra 50mg Player-development-wise, pfizer viagra 50mg we’ve made significant progress, pfizer viagra 50mg I think our approach to the draft last year was a departure from previous years, pfizer viagra 50mg and I think at least early returns are that it was a positive change. Pfizer viagra 50mg If you look at our top prospects, pfizer viagra 50mg we were able to add to that list not only from not only the further development of existing players, pfizer viagra 50mg but also from the draft as well as the trade, pfizer viagra 50mg most prominently the trade for Zack Wheeler. Pfizer viagra 50mg I think player-development-wise, pfizer viagra 50mg the continued development of Matt Harvey and some others, pfizer viagra 50mg and remember at this time last year, pfizer viagra 50mg Matt Harvey had never thrown a professional pitch. Pfizer viagra 50mg I think some very positive things are happening at the player development and scouting level.

Pfizer viagra 50mg  

Pfizer viagra 50mg At the major league level, pfizer viagra 50mg I’m very pleased with Terry Collins last year and I think our major league staff will be even stronger this year than it was. Pfizer viagra 50mg Dave Hudgens did a great job in refocusing our offensive philosophy. Pfizer viagra 50mg I think we’ve made a lot of progress philosophically at least in how we are approaching the game, pfizer viagra 50mg not just in respect to hitting, pfizer viagra 50mg but a more aggressive approach, pfizer viagra 50mg a more accountable approach that Terry has demanded.

Pfizer viagra 50mg  

Pfizer viagra 50mg If you tie those three things together, pfizer viagra 50mg what I’d hoped to achieve in the first year primarily was to change the perception of the organization. Pfizer viagra 50mg Despite the fact that we didn’t finish over .500, pfizer viagra 50mg I think overall, pfizer viagra 50mg the way the team played, pfizer viagra 50mg some of the other things that happened over the course of the year, pfizer viagra 50mg did help to change the perception of the organization and its direction and its chances of success in the future.

Pfizer viagra 50mg  

Pfizer viagra 50mg My biggest disappointment going back to last year was just the way we finished the season. Pfizer viagra 50mg We finished poorly, pfizer viagra 50mg we started poorly. Pfizer viagra 50mg Part of that was attributable to injury, pfizer viagra 50mg but some of it was a result of weakening the team later for long-term benefit. Pfizer viagra 50mg I think for example, pfizer viagra 50mg if we’d kept Frankie Rodriguez, pfizer viagra 50mg we would have finished well over .500. Pfizer viagra 50mg I think that the lack of a closer cost us a number of games.

Pfizer viagra 50mg  

Pfizer viagra 50mg But, pfizer viagra 50mg the overall perception did change. Pfizer viagra 50mg I think that there is some greater confidence in the future for the Mets and that was an important thing to accomplish. Pfizer viagra 50mg I think the way we finished detracted from that somewhat, pfizer viagra 50mg I think we were able to move people’s thinking in that direction.}

Pfizer viagra 50mg I’d like to thank Danielle Parillo and Shannon Forde for putting this and all the Mets bloggers event together and of course a big thank you to Sandy Alderson for his time and insight    

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Viagra canada Last night I had the privilege to be invited to a Mets bloggers conference call with New York Mets V.P. Viagra canada of Player Development and Amateur Scouting, viagra canada Paul DePodesta. Viagra canada The conference call was to start at 6:30PM and the problem I had was I had a game at that time with my Babe Ruth League team. Viagra canada Thankfully I have a great bench coach to run the dugout and make moves and one of the parents who is a coach as well helped out while I headed to the car to call in on the conference call, viagra canada by the way, viagra canada we won 5-4 to keep our first place lead at two games. Viagra canada  

Viagra canada When I do one of these calls I always like to write down about 5 or 6 questions just in case someone asks a similar question. Viagra canada For this call I had 8 questions for DePodesta, viagra canada but when it came to my turn I decided to go with this:

Viagra canada “Looking at the recent draft, viagra canada the breakdown of picks was nearly even between pitchers and position players. Viagra canada Was that the plan going into the draft? Looking at the complete draft, viagra canada it seemed like there were clusters of picks that went especially towards pitching. Viagra canada Was this done because they were the best pick available at that time, viagra canada or was this something that was planned ahead — targeting pitching especially towards the middle and late rounds of the draft?”

Viagra canada DePo’s response was:

Viagra canada “To answer the first question about the 50/50 split — to be honest I didn’t even know that, viagra canada so that wasn’t necessarily our plan going in. Viagra canada I think that’s generally how it falls, viagra canada even with our rosters. Viagra canada Most of our minor league clubs are going to be about 50/50 between pitchers and position players. Viagra canada In terms of clustering some of the picks around a certain position or around pitching, viagra canada that certainly was planned. Viagra canada We felt there was a particular depth – an unusual depth – of pitching in this year’s draft. Viagra canada There were some moments where we wanted to take position players, viagra canada where we felt like if we were going to get the position player we wanted we needed to take them now. Viagra canada And after that we felt there was going to be a pool of pitching to choose from. Viagra canada We attacked that pool aggressively and when that pool was exhausted we re-evaluated where we were and went back to some position players. Viagra canada One of the things you’ll probably see is that rounds two through five were all college pitching. Viagra canada Once we got to round ten it was mainly high school pitching. Viagra canada That was certainly a calculated decision made before the draft.”

Viagra canada The one thing you read about this past entry draft was it that it was deep in pitching and the Mets took advantage of that depth.

Viagra canada I was going to ask about how the negotiations were going with Brandon Nimmo and if we will see Michael Fulmer, viagra canada Cory Mazzoni or Jack Leathersich on the MCU Park mound this summer. Viagra canada I really wanted to ask if the team has thought about hiring Rick Peterson as a system wide pitching czar using Peterson’s expertise in the physics of pitching and his working relationship with Dr. Viagra canada Glenn Fleisig of American Sports Medicine Institute. Viagra canada To me this is a perfect match since Peterson, viagra canada Sandy Alderson and DePodesta all have a working relationship going back to their Oakland days.

Viagra canada I’m pretty sure I can speak for all the Mets bloggers who have been invited to these conference calls and to the events at Citi Field that we have gotten more insight into how this organization operates and are thank full for the opportunities the Mets have given us. Viagra canada The new front office has a great deal of respect for us and for the Mets fans and they seem to enjoy these conference calls as much as we do.

Viagra canada A big thank you to Shannon Forde and Danielle Parillo of the Mets for arranging the calls and events at Citi Field.

Viagra canada Thanks also to Michael Baron of Mets Blog and James Kannengieser and Alex Nelson of Amazin’ Avenue for putting together transcripts of the conference call.

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Get viagra drug online I had the privilege to march in the Veterans Day Parade in Manhattan today with a contingent from the Greater NYC Boy Scouts of America. Get viagra drug online We carried 75 flags up 5th Avenue from 28 st to 53 st. Get viagra drug online I had the honor of carrying the flag of the Purple Heart honorees.

Get viagra drug online We got to meet some great men and women who served this country in WWII, get viagra drug online Korea, get viagra drug online Viet Nam and in the Gulf. Get viagra drug online A very uplifting day.

Get viagra drug online Back to baseball tomorrow.

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Cialis profesional Woody Johnson is right there with Mother Teresa and Gandhi when it comes to humanitarianism as he has proclaimed that those Jets season ticket holders in the upper deck will not have to pay a Personal Seat License. Cialis profesional That privilege will go to the folks who sit in the Lower Bowl (named after the squat toilets of Beijing) who get to shell out between $4K-$25K to watch one of the worst run franchises in the history of NYC sports. Cialis profesional “The Noble Peace Prize committee on line 1 MR. Cialis profesional Johnson”.

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