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The best move that John Maine made all spring was yesterday when he put the golf clubs back in the closet and went to Old Scholl Dan Werhten’ Remedial Pitching class at St. Buy cialis online canada Lonesome. Buy cialis online canada


Maine has been distraught over his sucky pitching this spring mostly due to apprehension from his arthroscopic shoulder surgery this past winter and from what you read it’s mostly a mechanical failure than anything physical that’s messing up Maine.


After viewing video of Maine’ delivery, buy cialis online canada Old School Werthen lengthened his stride to the plate and tweak his grip on his slider and worked on getting Maine to throw his change up with the same motion as his fastball which not only made a difference in his pitching but it seems to have eased Maine’ worried mind about his ability to be ready for the start of the season. Buy cialis online canada The proof will be on Thursday when Maine is schedule to pitch again.


If I’m Freddy Garcia I pray that the Mets allow me to stay in extended spring training and try to regain my pitching prowess. Buy cialis online canada As much as I’m a Garcia fan it’s time for a reality check for the Chief, buy cialis online canada his best bet is to sign that minor league deal and work out at St Lonesome and report to Buffalo as he still has to prove he can pitch in the big leagues and you can’t do that on the unemployment line.


If Kevin Burkhardt is going to succeed in having a larger role on SNY Mets telecasts this season he needs to learn one thing, buy cialis online canada you can’t tell fans how to act. Buy cialis online canada It’s a losing battle. Buy cialis online canada If people want to boo Luis Castillo they will until they are convinced that he is a productive player. Buy cialis online canada No one has killed Castillo more than me but he shown me this spring that he is determined to show he is worth keeping in the line up and the field. Buy cialis online canada Castillo has worked very hard this spring and has produced so I don’t know why anyone would boo him on opening day but then again I don’t why people who sit behind home plate on their cell phone and wave at the TV cameras like assholes either.


Wally Mathews has a column in NEWSDAY toady that held my attention for about four sentences and then I zoned out. Buy cialis online canada Isn’t there a Tribune Corp buyout package with his name on it?


Alexander Ovechkin scored his 50th goal the other night against the Tampa Bay Lighting and went into a pre-mediated celebration where he laid down his stick and put his hands over it like the stick was on fire. Buy cialis online canada Pretty funny stuff and very un-hockey like. Buy cialis online canada Well you would have thought he spit on a picture of Rocket Richard or took a dump in the Stanley Cup with all the outrage that has been thrown his way. Buy cialis online canada I like Ovechkin because he went after Cindy Crosby , buy cialis online canadathat whinny little bitch, buy cialis online canada and slapped him around a bit and reminded him that The Great 8 is the best in the game. Buy cialis online canada But the voice of the Northern Territoires  Don Cherry did not like the Ovechkin’ over the top antics. Buy cialis online canada This from a guy who wears Grandma’s drapes as a sports jacket. Buy cialis online canada Look , buy cialis online canada I’m a hockey fan and couldn’t a shit who likes the sport and who doesn’t but at least Ovechkin gives the sport a showman and someone who sparks passion in a league that fucks up more than it succeeds. Buy cialis online canada


I tried to watch the WBC Final last night but there were just too many things working against me getting involved in the game. Buy cialis online canada I worked a 9 hr shift and then came home and ate Chinese food, buy cialis online canada then I went over my Babe Ruth League team roster. Buy cialis online canada At that point it was 9 :15 and Joe Morgan, buy cialis online canada Jon Miller and Steve Phillips were in my living room and my head started hurting. Buy cialis online canada Then I made the biggest mistake, buy cialis online canada I lay down on the couch and took a 10 count. Buy cialis online canada


What do you do when you can’t Dictate anymore? You write about baseball of course and that is what Fidel Castro is doing these days with some fascinating stuff (sour grapes?) about the WBC. Buy cialis online canada He let’s his readers know that those Japanese players really, buy cialis online canada really train hard:


In relation to the Japanese I provided some details:


“Training sessions are incredibly rigorous and methodical.  They have devised technical methods to develop the reflexes required by every player.  Every day, buy cialis online canada batters practice with hundreds of balls pitched by left- or right-handers.  As for the pitchers, buy cialis online canada they are obliged to throw 400 balls every day.  It they commit any error during the game, buy cialis online canada they have to pitch another 100.   They do it with pleasure, buy cialis online canada as if it were a form of self-punishment.  In that way, buy cialis online canada they acquire a notable muscle control that obeys orders sent by their brains.  That is why their pitchers’ ability to place balls exactly where they want them amazes everyone.  Similar methods are applied to all of the activities each of the athletes must carry out in the positions that they defend and in their activities as batters


Shouldn’t the American Sports Medicine Institute open a branch in Tokyo?



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