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Effects alcohol viagra Now that the Mets have a GM in place and ready to roll, effects alcohol viagra the next step seems to be hiring a manager (although Sandy Alderson seems to want his Cabinet in place first as we hear his wish list of Lieutenants include J.P. Effects alcohol viagra Riccardi, effects alcohol viagra Paul DiPodesta and Grady Fuson all outstanding candidates) and from looking around the Mets blogisphere there is great discussion on who that hire should be.

Effects alcohol viagra There are Wally Backman supporters as well as Backman detractors. Effects alcohol viagra There are folks pushing a Chip Hale regime (which I’m starting to sway over to) and there are Lee Mazzilli fans as well (which I can not fathom) then there is a candidate that we can agree on none of us want (Bob Melvin) and one the majority of us want (Bobby Valentine) but that won’t happen either.

Effects alcohol viagra So who do you support as the next field boss of the NY Mets? Alderson said all the right things on Friday about finding a man to fit this job. Effects alcohol viagra He acknowledged that a guy like Art Howe is totally wrong for this team and this city. Effects alcohol viagra He likes the fiery kick ass type (don’t we all?) but at the same time he has to be on board with the organizational philosophy and be that philosophy’s messenger. Effects alcohol viagra The manger must have the savvy to handle the pressure of the day in day out media, effects alcohol viagra which I feel will be a huge issue in the interview process as Alderson saw first hand the amount of media that covers baseball in this town on Friday. Effects alcohol viagra With all that, effects alcohol viagra the manager must have the respect and attention of his players and the ability to keep an even personality through goods times and bad and to instill confidence in his team. Effects alcohol viagra That to me was Jerry Manuel’s biggest failure as Mets manager. Effects alcohol viagra The stars of this team have a low level of self esteem and were too high after wins and too dejected after losses, effects alcohol viagra so the next manger has to be a part-time psychologists as well. Effects alcohol viagra It’s not a job for a rank amateur.

Effects alcohol viagra John Gibbons saw that and removed his name from consideration. Effects alcohol viagra Bobby Valentine would be perfect for the job but there is just too much ego for him to succeed under this regime. Effects alcohol viagra I really hope that Alderson doesn’t ruin the honeymoon by even thinking about Bob Melvin, effects alcohol viagra a younger version of Art Howe who would be eaten alive by the MSM, effects alcohol viagra bloggers and this knee jerk fan base. Effects alcohol viagra So who does it leave?

Effects alcohol viagra I was a gung ho Backman guy but I can see the point to the anti-Backman crowd as to the overload of hero worship that goes toward anyone who played for the 1986 World Champion Mets. Effects alcohol viagra I’m as much to blame for that as anyone; it was great time to be a Mets fan. Effects alcohol viagra Al of us from that era thought this was beginning of a Mets Dynasty. Effects alcohol viagra It never happened. Effects alcohol viagra No need for revisionist history here. Effects alcohol viagra What makes us fans that are Ga-Ga over the 86ers is the fact that we want to relive the 80’s again especially my shoulder length hair (did I just type that out loud?) when the Mets were Kings and maybe we think a Backman managerial stewardship would do that? There is no job Backman wants more than the Mets managers job and it’s problems from his personal life that have kept him from a big league job but after watching him in Brooklyn last year it will be interesting to see how well he interviews for the job.

Effects alcohol viagra As I said I was a strong Backman supporter but lately I’m more and more intrigued by both Ken Oberfell and Chip Hale. Effects alcohol viagra Just like Backman these men have paid their dues in baseball. Effects alcohol viagra Both men have won at all levels of the game. Effects alcohol viagra Both are strong in the fundamentals department and have the respect of their players. Effects alcohol viagra Now do they have the ability to deal with the day to day bullshit that comes with the job, effects alcohol viagra well unless Sandy Alderson would like to invite me to join him in the interview process, effects alcohol viagra I don’t know.

Effects alcohol viagra Terry Collins is another candidate I’ve heard mentioned but he might be better suited for player development role. Effects alcohol viagra Clint Hurdle’s name has come up as well and he would fit the personality part of the job but he seems to be a long shot in my book.

Effects alcohol viagra The best part of this whole procedure of hiring a manager is that I have total confidence in the man doing the hiring. Effects alcohol viagra I haven’t had this much confidence in a Mets GM since Frank Cashen ran the club and wait didn’t he run the club in 1986?

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Map of france with cialis Back from a day at $iti Field and a Mets 9-7 victory that was nearly blown by the bullpen (Sean Green in particular) and a 5th inning melt down by Big Pelf, map of france with cialis who was cruising after 4 innings inducing ground ball out after ground ball out but in the 5th he unraveled, map of france with cialis then got back on track in the 6th and 7th. Map of france with cialis Pelfrey would be a psychologists delight.

Map of france with cialis I was sitting in the Pepsi Porch today and after the Tatis homer the Home Run Apple did not go up probably due to the fact it hasn’t had a lot fo work this season and after the Schneider HR must have thought it’s day was done. Map of france with cialis A bunch of kids sitting in back of us started chanting “APPLE, map of france with cialis APPLE, map of france with cialis APPLE” and then the whole ball park joined in to scream “WE WANT THE APPLE” We had to wait until the end of the inning to get our second Apple raising of the game.

Map of france with cialis Tonight at 10 PM EDST  I will be a guest on Frankie The Sports Guy radio show tune in by clicking here.

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