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Sildenafil oral jelly Was yesterday’s blow up between Tim Brydak, sildenafil oral jelly Josh Thole and Dan Warthen a shock or surprise to anyone? I didn’t think so. Sildenafil oral jelly This situation has been simmering for a few weeks  and as the losses pile up the finger pointing stars to sprout and in the words of Dan Reeves, sildenafil oral jelly “when you point a finger, sildenafil oral jelly remember there are four fingers pointing back at you”. Sildenafil oral jelly Terry Collins said something similar after the game about guys needing to take on accountability for their actions, sildenafil oral jelly which was directed at Tim Brydak, sildenafil oral jelly but is Brydak the villain here? Not to me he isn’t.

Sildenafil oral jelly For most of this collapsible second half, sildenafil oral jelly the bullpen has been held as public enemy #1 but there is so much more to the ineffectiveness of the Mets relievers than lack of talent, sildenafil oral jelly it’s more of lack of direction.

Sildenafil oral jelly Most Mets fans were puzzled when Dan Warthen was retained at the end of last season and many are pointing the fickle finger at him for the suckitude of the pen. Sildenafil oral jelly I would put myself in the group questioning why Warthen was retained, sildenafil oral jelly but the one part of the pitching game that has been as much a problem as blown saves and three run late inning jacks is the lack of a veteran backstop.

Sildenafil oral jelly Let’s face facts, sildenafil oral jelly if Josh Thole were in any other organization he’d be the Sunday catcher or the starter at Triple A, sildenafil oral jelly what earned him the job was his ability to hit for a decent average and get on base. Sildenafil oral jelly  His work on defense is not very good and since he’s so green around the grills as a receiver, sildenafil oral jelly he’s left to relaying signs given to him by Warthen to the pitcher on the mound and as we witnessed yesterday, sildenafil oral jelly Brydak is tired of it.

Sildenafil oral jelly Warthen and Terry Collins put Thole in a bad situation as he’s being told by Warthen on what fingers to throw down only to have Brydak shake him off. Sildenafil oral jelly Warthen I guess being adamant on what pitch he wants thrown, sildenafil oral jelly flashes the sign to Thole again for a fastball , sildenafil oral jelly Brydak shakes him off again as he wants to throw a breaking ball which to me his his perogitive since he is, sildenafil oral jelly you know, sildenafil oral jelly the guy responsible for what happens when that ball leaves his hand, sildenafil oral jelly but Brydak gives in an releases a heater and Adam LaRoche turned on it for a home run. Sildenafil oral jelly After giving Thole a stare down, sildenafil oral jelly Brydak comes out of the game is hotter than the Roosevelt Ave asphalt.

Sildenafil oral jelly What Thole should have done before the pitch to LaRoche was call time, sildenafil oral jelly motion to Warthen to come to the mound and then address both the pitching coach and Brydak by saying “can you two fucktards get on the same page”. Sildenafil oral jelly There’s no way in hell Thole would ever do this but I’m sure Jerry Grote would have punched both of them is the jaw.

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