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Viagra history This photo is paid for by the Twisted Citizens Committee To Bring Back The Old Forty-Duce, viagra history

Viagra history Steve Keane, viagra history President.

Viagra history Hey Bed-Stuy, viagra history Park Slope, viagra history St Albans and Eastchester, viagra history Mayor Moneybags is sorry your streets have not been plowed but there are more important areas of the city that need to be cleared of snow before you folks get relief.  The first tourist in NYC that wishes me a Happy New Year will get a punch in the face.

Viagra history Exhausted from shoveling snow? Sick of the holidays?  Depressed that this is the beginning of a long cold winter? Here’s a name that will make you smile and warm your heart, viagra history Benny Agbayani.

Viagra history Add another name to the Mets search for a low risk/high reward pitcher, viagra history Chris Capuano .

Viagra history Adam Rubin’ snitches in Mexico report on Oliver Perez getting lit up again in the Mexican Winter League. Viagra history Before you say “cut his sorry ass” a caveat, viagra history Ollie is holding left handed batters to a .163 BA. Viagra history He could be one very expensive LOOGY.

Viagra history So Brett Farve gets a $50K fine for sending pics of his tallywhacker to Jenn Sterger. Viagra history Sterger’s attorney is outraged, viagra history OUTRAGED that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell handed down such a light sentence. Viagra history  After looking at the evidence, viagra history Goodell suggested to Sterger to take Farve to small claims court.

Viagra history See what happens when you become Mike Francesa’s butt boy, viagra history as Jon Heyman has become, viagra history you make stupid statements that shreds your credibility.

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Whoever came up this World Baseball Classic bullshit tournament needs a punch in the face. Cialis buy You want to play a trumped up fantasy type game like this do it on a computer or X-Box. Cialis buy When it comes defending my country, cialis buy I’m all in but when it comes to baseball my heart is Blue and Orange. Cialis buy All I care about are the New York Mets and what spring training is for is to evaluate my team to see if we’re ready for the upcoming season and with this WBC, cialis buy that goal is taking a back seat and that pisses me off.


The Pudge to the Mets rumors are back and hotter and heavier as the team may be trying to give Shrek a prod in the ass or maybe they are just sick and tired of his underachieving.


As per Mike Silva NYBD, cialis buy the Philadelphia Inquirer is running a poll on which Mets collapse was the best the 2007, cialis buy 2008 or the on this upcoming season. Cialis buy Silva does a great job taking the paper to the wood shed but I’d say to Mike and all Mets fans just let these Philly Phuck heads be. Cialis buy It will be fun watching them embarrass themselves as they have no idea how to handle success. Cialis buy The whole town is like trailer trash winning the Mega Millions Lottery, cialis buy they will self-destruct soon. Cialis buy


You get the feeling at some point the U.S Dept of Justice will throw in the towel on trying to prosecute Barry Bonds. All this is a waste of Federal Agent manpower, cialis buy clogging the courts and a big waste of money. Cialis buy Just blame it all on the Bush Administration we’ll all understand.


I would pay money to watch Lou Pinella beat Steve Philips’ ass.


Just the thought of D-Wright lockering next to Jimmy Rollins and Derek Jeter makes me want to heave

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