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Viagra injectable What’s worse than watching a baseball game in September that’s meaningless? How about watching a meaningless baseball game in September being played in “Your Name Here” Stadium in South Florida in front of dozens of fans with an hour plus rain delay? Then when the game resumes your team in this meaningless contest has the lead and the pitcher who is thought to be the closer of the future comes in and blows the save for the fourth time in nine chances, viagra injectable but his ass is saved by a player who you couldn’t give away at least three times this season getting the game winning hit?

Viagra injectable So is the tale of Bobby Parnell and Nick Evans. Viagra injectable Parnell has been given the opportunity to show he should be the closer for the Mets from now until whenever but he has shown that he does not have the qualities needed to be effective at that position. Viagra injectable Parnell has a flamethrower for a right arm but has a ton of trouble locating pitches for strikes. Viagra injectable He also has this nasty habit of giving up a hit and then falls apart by falling behind in the count to the next batter who either walks or gets a nice juicy fastball or a flat slider to mash at. Viagra injectable It’s not just the pitches that are ineffective; it seems Parnell loses some nerve and confidence when he’s behind the 8 ball. Viagra injectable  Small fires become forest fires for him on the mound.

Viagra injectable It looks as though the manager who has shown a lot of faith in him is starting to doubt if Parnell can close out games:

Viagra injectable “Well, viagra injectable we’re going to talk to Bobby tomorrow, viagra injectable” Collins said. Viagra injectable “I mean, viagra injectable there’s a couple things (pitching coach) Dan (Warthen) had talked about with him, viagra injectable a couple of little pitch-location stuff that he’s just got to be able to make. Viagra injectable He’s got to make some pitches. Viagra injectable

Viagra injectable “He’s got a great arm and he’s got really great stuff. Viagra injectable But the bases on balls hurt him. Viagra injectable Getting behind in the count hurts him. Viagra injectable You saw the first hitter, viagra injectable he went right at him with good fastballs, viagra injectable got ahead of him in the count, viagra injectable and throws him a slider and it’s a mismatch. Viagra injectable But you’ve got to be able to get ahead.

Viagra injectable It has got to be deflating  to the team to have Parnell blow as many saves as he has and Collins made be sensing some frustration in the clubhouse so why not take Parnell out of this roll and let him work on getting his mind as well as his pitches back to where he can be effective. Viagra injectable There is too much talent in that right arm to give up on Parnell, viagra injectable but Terry Collins wants to end this season on a winning note as well as evaluating players who have a future with the Mets and who doesn’t. Viagra injectable  Using a committee of Manny Acosta, viagra injectable Jason Isringhausen  and the neophyte Josh Stinson looks to be the way to go for these final weeks of the season.

Viagra injectable As for Nick Evans, viagra injectable how can you not root for him? He’s been tossed on the scrap heap time and again but never gets discouraged and when he gets opportunities, viagra injectable as he is now playing 1st base on a nightly basis, viagra injectable he is producing with his bat and his glove. Viagra injectable From trolling around the team you can tell the players hold Evans in high regard as they know how hard he works to stay in the big leagues and if he can continue to produce like he has, viagra injectable and impress the manager like he has, viagra injectable he will have a spot on the 2012 Mets 25 man roster.

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Viagra usa Is it over yet? Last night’s game will not be in the rotation of Mets Classics on SNY, viagra usa between the rain delay, viagra usa Big Pelf’s throwing batting practice, viagra usa Jose Reyes and Angel Pagan forced out of the lineup with injuries, viagra usa and Gary Cohen admitting in public he was a fan the Mama’s and the Papas, viagra usa the only reason to keep watching the game telecast was to see if Keith Hernandez’ head would explode.

Viagra usa I can’t wait for Saturday’s Mets-Nationals game with the most bizarre pitching match up I ‘ve ever seen. Viagra usa R.A. Viagra usa Dickey for the Mets vs. Viagra usa The Sensational Strasburg. Viagra usa Just think, viagra usa you could add up the velocity of three of Dickey’s pitches and that total is still lower than one Strasburg fastball. Viagra usa The only drawback to the game is it’s on FOX, viagra usa so I’m guessing we get stuck with Doofus Joe and Tim McFullofshit UGH!!!!!

Viagra usa Sam Page has a great post on Amazin’ Avenue on what is a fair trade for Cliff Lee. Viagra usa When you look it over the Mets do have the chips to pull this off without giving up Jenry Mejia. Viagra usa I would hate to lose Reese Havens in a deal as well but if a package of Fernando Martinez, viagra usa Josh Thole, viagra usa Nick Evans and Eric Niessen brings Cliff Lee to the Mets, viagra usa it’s a steal, viagra usa even if Lee leaves after the season as a free agent. Viagra usa Ike, viagra usa Niese, viagra usa Mejia and Wilmer Flores would be untouchables, viagra usa Mark Cohoon too, viagra usa so anyone else is fair game to get dealt for a pitcher of Lee’s pedigree.

Viagra usa Leonard Davis of the Syracuse Chiefs was the prick who took out Daniel Murphy at second base to break up a double play that put Murph out of action for the season with a knee injury. Viagra usa The play was a scumbag move by Davis. Viagra usa Tues day night the Bison met the Chiefs and Dillon Gee was on the mound and had a 4-0 lead when Davis came up to bat. Viagra usa Gee proceeded to drill Davis in the back with a pitch as payback for the take out of Murphy. Viagra usa I hope Dillon Gee is a Met forever!

Viagra usa The Phuck Phaces are getting hit hard by injuries. Viagra usa HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

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Buy viagra in canada  

Buy viagra in canada Back in the mid 1970’s the NYC Board of Education said that I had to take algebra in High School but really who gives a shit how much a + b equals and (ab) x( cd)? After a couple of weeks of this nonsense I decided my time would be better spent at the OTB on 18 Ave and in a back booth at the J & V Pizzeria. Buy viagra in canada It looks like the management at 105.7 THE FAN in Baltimore feels the same way about exhibition baseball like I did about algebra.

Buy viagra in canada The Mets and Orioles game yesterday was delayed by rain (to the point that Big Pelf tossed but a mere 13 pitches as the rain came and cut his afternoon short) and O’s radio yackers Joe Angel and Fred Manfra did their best to fill about 40 minutes of improvisation when they were told by the head muck Dee-muck at the station to shut it down and go grab and Early Bird dinner. Buy viagra in canada Just as Angel and Manfra were sipping their soup the game resumed without any radio transmission back to Bawlermore. Buy viagra in canada

Buy viagra in canada It was an exhibition game at the end of endless spring training so no one really cares that the game wasn’t broadcast right? Right?

Buy viagra in canada I just called 105.7 and asked why they are not broadcasting the game as scheduled. Buy viagra in canada I was told by the producer that they have not resumed the broadcast after the rain delay because Fred Manfra and Joe Angle left and there is no one there to broadcast the game.

Buy viagra in canada I think this stinks. Buy viagra in canada Now I know it’s a “spring training” game and all that but come on. Buy viagra in canada How bush league can you get? Your broadcasters walk off the set during a rain delay and decide to go home? What do you think?

Buy viagra in canada What do I think? Are you fucking serious? Go take a walk around the Inner Harbor, buy viagra in canada or Babe’s Museum or score an 8-Ball, buy viagra in canada you’re in Bawlermore damn it!

Buy viagra in canada Angel was so distraught over missing the remaining innings he posted this on a Baltimore Sun blog:

Buy viagra in canada The decision to end the broadcast was made by the decision making level

Buy viagra in canada at our flagship station. Buy viagra in canada It didn’t come from us…..and certainly not from

Buy viagra in canada the Orioles. Buy viagra in canada Thanks for listening……..There’s a lot to look forward to

Buy viagra in canada with Orioles baseball. Buy viagra in canada Fred and I are grateful and privileged to be your

Buy viagra in canada Orioles baseball companions. Buy viagra in canada See you on the radio!

Buy viagra in canada In other words the boss said pull the plug and they did but Angel wants it to be crystal clear that he and Manfra didn’t walk off the job. Buy viagra in canada Watch out for that bus fellas!

Buy viagra in canada  oh yeah, buy viagra in canada enjoy this clip  

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