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Buy cialis professional Time for some random samplings when complete thoughts just won’t do:

Buy cialis professional I’m surprised President Obama hasn’t announced that Jim Joyce will be given the Medal of Honor for showing such bravery for fucking up Aramando Galaraga’ perfect game. Buy cialis professional Sure it’s great that Joyce admitted to this major screw up and it’s admirable that Galaraga gave Joyce some love at home plate, buy cialis professional I wonder if the organist at Comerica Park played “Why Can’t We Be Friends” as they had their tender moment. Buy cialis professional Lost in all this is the fact that a major overhaul of the umpiring system in MLB is needed and needed fast. Buy cialis professional But we all know the Used Car Salesman will call his Blue Ribbon Committee together (pick out you best bow tie there George Will) they’ll look over the situation and do nothing. Buy cialis professional It’s the Bud Selig way.

Buy cialis professional There is enough technology now that using replay in baseball for plays other than home runs should be discussed. Buy cialis professional However, buy cialis professional if MLB did more to train its umpires better and weeded out the suck ass ones (I’m looking at you Joe West, buy cialis professional Angel Hernandez and Lance Barksdale) you wouldn’t have the fans clamoring for replays as you do now. Buy cialis professional Most of it is just knee jerk reaction that has become the American way.

Buy cialis professional It absolutely sucks that Daniel Murphy injured his knee again in Buffalo as he was taken out on a slide and is done for the year. Buy cialis professional In a post on Mets Today, buy cialis professional Joe Janish puts the blame for Murphy’s injury on the way the Mets Baseball Ops do business:

Buy cialis professional The Mets’ lack of foresight and reactionary, buy cialis professional force-feeding decision-making process are not new — they’ve marked the Omar Minaya era. Buy cialis professional Is there any logical reason why, buy cialis professional when Murphy was in Port St. Buy cialis professional Lucie, buy cialis professional he was officially banned from taking ground balls at any position other than first base? Wouldn’t it have made sense to have him work with someone like Sandy Alomar, buy cialis professional Sr., buy cialis professional Wally Backman, buy cialis professional or Kevin Morgan, buy cialis professional on footwork and other techniques around the bag, buy cialis professional in a non-competitive situation, buy cialis professional while he was down there? If they were serious about making him a “utilityman” and teaching him second base in particular, buy cialis professional wouldn’t it have made more sense to keep him in Florida, buy cialis professional working intensely and regularly with one of the aforementioned coaches — or an external, buy cialis professional short-term hire like Roberto Alomar, buy cialis professional Jose Valentin, buy cialis professional or a similarly adept and experienced former MLB second baseman? Such an expense is a smart investment for a club with a $140M+ payroll, buy cialis professional that is also desperate to develop “trade bait”.

Buy cialis professional  

Buy cialis professional That has been the story of Daniel Murphy and the failure of the organization that they have switched him from 3rd base to 2nd base to 1st base to left field and back to 2nd base all without the proper instruction that he needed. Buy cialis professional I’ve watched Razor Shines hit fly balls to him time and again at Citi Field but has anyone worked with him on technique like proper use of the drop step and picking up fly balls ? Same with 1st base, buy cialis professional the team finally asked Keith Hernandez to help him out and Murphy was more that conscientious student. Buy cialis professional Murphy has done everything the organization has asked of him but what has the organization done for Murphy? NOTHING!!!!

Buy cialis professional Stephen Strasburg beat the Buffalo Bison yesterday, buy cialis professional just a prelude to what we are in store for the next 10 years when he joins the Nationals next week.

Buy cialis professional If Oliver Perez refuses to go to the bushes again today therefore blocking the activation of Jon Niese, buy cialis professional I have a way of getting him to go

Buy cialis professional Last night Kevin Garnett looked old and broken down. Buy cialis professional Rajon Rondo, buy cialis professional maybe his fear of not making free throws, buy cialis professional refused to drive to rack-passing up going strong to the basket and passing off to Big Baby for jump shot is beyond wrong it’s almost criminal-Ray Allen was taken out the game by the only officials worse than MLB Umpires, buy cialis professional NBA Thieves Refs. Buy cialis professional But, buy cialis professional one thing I’ve learned about these Celtics, buy cialis professional just when you think they are a bunch of old broken down hoopsters and your ready to throw dirt on them, buy cialis professional they bounce back. Buy cialis professional I expect a full recovery on Sunday.

Buy cialis professional Prayers and good thoughts to The Coach

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Not much on the Mets front today as we await Friday when hunting season opens. Viagra premature No not for men in camo killing Bambi but for guys like Omar Minaya to don an orange hat and use the smell of devalued U.S. Viagra premature currency as a lure to rope in a few good arms for the Mets pitching staff and maybe a bat and a bench player too.  But even during this lull in the Mets off season action, viagra premature you can always find some interesting things to discuss such as:


The New York Football Giants went into that cesspool called Philadelphia and showed the Philly fans that there is at least one team in NYC with a pair of balls. Viagra premature Far from their best performance of the season the G-Men ran the ball right down the throats of the Iggles but still allowed to keep Philly in the game with some bad fumbles (Brandon Jacobs is a stud but he HAS to learn to put his shoulder down, viagra premature run low and tuck that ball up high as one day those fumble are going to cost the Giants a big game) and some spotty secondary play. Viagra premature I love the cover of the NY Daily News with Tom Coughlin making the play of the game when he asked for video review of the illegal forward pass against Eli Manning in the 3rd period that was reversed and set up the Brandon Jacobs TD that put the GIANTS in front for good. Viagra premature Just a side note with all the well deserved praise heaped on Justin Tuck and Osi Umenorya Chase Blackburn’s play at LB has been overlooked.


Mike Silva at NY Baseball Digest has a post and a link from Buster Olney on the Padres playing a tough negations game with Trevor Hoffman. Viagra premature The last guy who I would want to come pitch for the Mets would be the most overrated reliever of the 20th and 21st century Trevor Hoffman. Viagra premature Hoffman would not survive 5 minutes on 126th and Roosevelt Ave.


I’ve linked to Randy Newsom before at Dugout Central and Newsom has another great report from Venezuela posted. Viagra premature Newsom is a pitcher in the Cleveland Indians system and is a very entertaining writer.


I have no idea if the great footballer and Sunderland manager Roy Keane and I are related (he is from Cork my family is from Silo) but one thing we Keane’s have in common, viagra premature we hate losing and we lack patience so when I read this story about Keane being very frustrated with the lads on the Black Cats and taking Sky Sports commentators to task I started to think me and Roy have to cousins.


Well what do you know, viagra premature  the ground at Willets Point are contaminated I’m shocked, viagra premature SHOCKED!!!!!  After reading this it may be more than the prices keeping me out of $iti Field and if I do show up it may be in a bubble.


I went to see FUERZABRUTA last night at the Darryl Roth Theater on 15 St and it was on of the best and most entertaining shows I’ve seen in a long time. Viagra premature It’s a must see show!!!!! (Holy shit I think I’m morphing into Larry King)


I saw this link from the Shyster Ball site it’s a story on former Red Sox pitcher Bill Lee being honored into the Red Sox Hall of Fame. Viagra premature I always like Lee and in fact my daughter needed something from my book case Saturday and while we were looking for a book on the 50 states I saw a copy I had of Lee’s The Wrong Stuff that hadn’t read in years. Viagra premature I may just dust it off and give it a look.




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It’s good to see D-Wright is mad, viagra u.k I mean really, viagra u.k really mad:


{“I don’t like those guys, viagra u.k” Wright said. Viagra u.k “I know they don’t like us. Viagra u.k There are guys that I respect on that team. Viagra u.k I respect them, viagra u.k but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m going to be friends with them. Viagra u.k My whole career, viagra u.k I’ve tried to stay away from that. Viagra u.k I’ll shake somebody’s hand and say hello, viagra u.k but I’m not going to be buddy-buddy with anyone before the game.


“I’m not a big fan of the teams in our division just because we play them so much. Viagra u.k I would hope as a competitor that you would have that edge, viagra u.k that you would have a genuine interest to go out there and beat them by as much as you can}


Okay, viagra u.k it’s a start. Viagra u.k I don’t figure Wright to take on my Braveheart mentality when it comes to our division rivals although I’d love it if he did but what I found interesting was the “I’ll shake somebody’s hand and say hello but I’m not going to be buddy-buddy with anyone before the game” quote. Viagra u.k If you watch the Mets during warm ups it seems the players love to hug and kibitz with some players on the opposing team, viagra u.k and with the risk of being called a racist, viagra u.k it’s mostly the Latin players who do this. Viagra u.k I don’t ever see D-Wright calling them out for doing that. Viagra u.k In fact it was one of the pet peeves that Willie Randolph had when Omar and Tony B would be on the field before a game against the Nats and showing Manny Acta much love.


Saw this on Metsblog, viagra u.k seems Omar and Co. Viagra u.k are not too crazy about the Brian Schneider/Ramon Castro catching tandem and an upgrade behind the plate is on the off season to do list.


New York Magazine is celebrating its 40th Anniversary and the editors asked some sportswriters who they thought were the Top 10 NY Athletes of the last 40 years. Viagra u.k Each writer gave some excellent choices (check out Selena Roberts who went off on a whole different tangent) I made my own list and it was very tough to limit it to 10 but here are my Top 10 NYC Athletes from 1968-2008:



1.      Tom Seaver-He is the reason why we care about the Mets


2.      Joe Namath- Even though I’m not a Jets fan I was and still am a huge Joe Willie fan. 


3.      Lawrence Taylor-The greatest defensive football player ever and second only to Jim Brown as the greatest football player ever.


4.      Willis Reed-Game 7 1970 NBA Finals I still get goose bumps when I see videos of Reed limping on to the court


5.      Walt Clyde Frazier-Always the coolest guy in the room and what gets lost in the Reed scenario is Clyde lighting up the Lakers for 36 pts and 19 dimes.


6.      Mark Messier-The Captain Always The Captain


7.      Reggie Jackson-If there was a guy born to play in NYC it was Reggie


8.      Mariano Rivera-Yes it kills me but what’s fair is fair he is the greatest reliever in history


9.      Dwight Gooden-Every home start was an event must see baseball


10.  Pele-If you weren’t around during the days of the New York Cosmos this choice may not make sense to you but think of Pele like you would of Babe Ruth.



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How does viagra work Little Jeffey Skill Set can not wait until all of Shea Stadium is carted off to the landfill o he can open for business his new cash register a/k/a $iti Field. How does viagra work Jeffey could not give a shit how you and I feel about Shea and about the attachment some of the fan base has with the old ball park, how does viagra work no all he cares about is his suites will be full with no nothing assholes as himself and guys like you and me will regulated to the upper deck where we can be seen but not heard just the way the Skill Sets like it. How does viagra work You can just envision little Jeffey jumping for joy as Shea comes down piece by piece:

How does viagra work {The track on which stands once slid to make Shea a football stadium has been unearthed. How does viagra work The twin light towers will be taken down any day to further clear the area beyond the outfield so the Mets can build the plaza wrapping around Citi Field.

How does viagra work “They’re so high, how does viagra work and so close to Mr. How does viagra work Wilpon’s new baby, how does viagra work” said Toby Romano, how does viagra work a vice president of Breeze National, how does viagra work the demolition subcontractor, how does viagra work said of the towers’ proximity to the nearly finished Citi.

How does viagra work “Nice and easy, how does viagra work we’ll pull them down, how does viagra work” said Danny Collins, how does viagra work a Breeze foreman.

How does viagra work “If it were me, how does viagra work” said Jeff Wilpon, how does viagra work the team’s chief operating officer, how does viagra work who wants Shea to be gone as soon as possible. How does viagra work “I’d just go in and bring them down.” Wilpon added: “I’d love to drive a Bobcat, how does viagra work blasting through this place.”}

How does viagra work And you want to know why I get so fucking mad about the management and direction of this franchise?

How does viagra work Yes, how does viagra work Jeffey that’s the same irrational thinking that will doom this franchise as long as you keep sticking your beak in the baseball business where it doesn’t belong. How does viagra work Hey Jeffey-Poo maybe you can sell the Shea scarp and use the dough to pay off Gimp Castillo’s contract?

How does viagra work Then we have this quote from J W Colluci who is not a Mets fan as we see in this quote but he is a guy who doesn’t get laid much: 

How does viagra work {Inside the tight cab sat J. How does viagra work W. How does viagra work Colucci, how does viagra work an operating engineer.

How does viagra work How does it feel, how does viagra work he was asked, how does viagra work to be wrecking Shea?

How does viagra work “Sometimes, how does viagra work” Colucci said, how does viagra work a smile on his dusty face, how does viagra work “it feels better than sex.”}

How does viagra work  

How does viagra work Hey Mr. How does viagra work Colluci go fuck yourself.

How does viagra work  

How does viagra work  

How does viagra work  

How does viagra work Why does everything Isiah Thomas try to do become so complicated?

How does viagra work  

How does viagra work A Tim Marchaman sighting , how does viagra work tip of the Mets Cap to the Baseball Think Factory.

How does viagra work  

How does viagra work Mets Fever has the lowdown on the AFL all star game and Eddie Kunz blowing the save in the game. How does viagra work I really don’t know how much stock to put into Kunz’ time in the AFL he has had some very good appearances but lately he is not pitching well at all and how much does this play into his role for the ‘09 Mets and what it means for the moves Omar needs to revamp the piss poor pen?

How does viagra work  

How does viagra work Willie Randolph turned down a job with the Curly W’s to be a bench coach for Manny Acta. How does viagra work No surprise there as Acta and Willie hate each others guts.

How does viagra work  

How does viagra work Check out Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest  interview with former Mets reliever Skip Lockwood.

How does viagra work  

How does viagra work Tip of the Mets Cap to great site Uni Watch for the link to Roger Angell story on George Hendrick, how does viagra work now a Famous Rays coach on his being the player who started the awful baseball fashion statement of pants to spats which I hate to no end. How does viagra work   

How does viagra work Nice win by the Blueshirts last night but a tough one for Coach Renny as he took a the stick of Blue Jacets d-man Rotislav Klasla in the noggin and was knocked cold. How does viagra work  

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With the World Series a day away from starting MLB invokes its gag order on the other 28 teams so as the spotlight can be shown on baseball’s showcase event. Viagra from canada If your FOX this match up is a nightmare as neither team has a national following and most of the local yokels who claim to be long suffering fans of both teams are really bandwagoners but if you are a die hard baseball fan and put aside your allegiance to your favorite team and check your hatred for the NL champs at the door (Even if your a fan of the Highlanders and the Old Town Team, viagra from canada you can’t hate the Famous Rays as they helped pad your win totals for years so let them enjoy some national face time, viagra from canada besides most of the Famous Rays are future Mets, viagra from canada Highlanders or Red Sox anyway) this series has the makings of a great one.


Both teams are on a roll, viagra from canada both have excellent bullpens, viagra from canada both have engaging managers and both teams love to hit the long ball. Viagra from canada The only draw back to this series besides not having our beloved Metropolitans in it is, viagra from canada FOX is televising it and that means Tim Mc Fullofshit and Doofus Joe Buck both of which are having a horrible post season. Viagra from canada To make things worse FOX’ game telecast will give you motion sickness because their production team either hates sports or hates sports fans because after every pitch they cut to the stands, viagra from canada then the mangers, viagra from canada then the pitcher, viagra from canada then the batter, viagra from canada then back to the fans in the stands, viagra from canada then to the pitcher making the pitch an if the ball is not in play the repeat the sequence again. Viagra from canada By the 5th inning you’re searching for your Mr. Viagra from canada Met Puke Bucket that you thought you were finished with after the last J-Man pitching change of the season.


With all that I like the Famous Rays in 6. Viagra from canada The Famous Rays have met each and every challenge this season whether it was going into to Fenway to take two of three during the season to hold on to first place or overcoming the Game 5 collapse and Game 6 loss to win the AL Pennant this team is now officially battle tested. Viagra from canada As for the Phillies, viagra from canada Fuck them. 


Instead of tipping $100 bucks as the titie bar where Joba Chamberlain got his groove on the other night, viagra from canada he should have paid one of his buddies to be the designated driver plus get him a lap dance although you have to wonder the talent caliber in a Nebraska titie bar.


Here we have Mr. Viagra from canada Sodom and Mr. Viagra from canada Gomorrah meeting to work out a partnership to poison their fans with Mad Cow burgers, viagra from canada beak & toe Chicken Fingers and Snout Sausage.


Again the Mets are missing out on a great opportunity to add an edge to the organization if they don’t reach out Larry Bowa for their third base coaching job.


Sean Avery added spice to a very bad hockey game last night as the dull as dish water Rangers lost 2-1 to a Stars team that has given up goals by the ton so far this season but of course the Rangers or as they are known “The Wide of the Net Rangers” couldn’t hit the ocean with a puck off a pier again last night. Viagra from canada  Avery talked shit to back up goalie Steve Valiquette during warm-ups and to King Henrik during the game. Viagra from canada Brandon Dubinsky skated over to Avery to get him to move on and later in the game Avery was leveled by Dan Giradi and Paul Mara. Viagra from canada The Garden Faithful let Avery know he is no longer a favorite of theirs as well. Viagra from canada I read this today that Avery and MSG Networks John Gianone got into a very nasty altercation outside the Ranger locker room but Avery was his charming self when he was interviewed by the Maven after the game. Viagra from canada I will say this about the on air staff of MSG especially Al Trautwig who has been talking non stop bullshit about Avery since Saturday night but when Avery was a Ranger and doing his ball breaking routine no one on the network had a discouraging word about the Avery Antics but now that he’s not a Ranger anymore he’s a prick with ears. Viagra from canada

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