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Canadian pharmacy cialis Sorry for the hockey interuption. Canadian pharmacy cialis This young manin the picture is Rick Nash he is a good solid hockey player. When Nash woke up this morning he was a Columbus Blue Jacket and now he is a New York Ranger. Canadian pharmacy cialis Many NY Ranger fans are doing the happy dance when this was announced. Canadian pharmacy cialis Nash coming to the Rangers had a price, canadian pharmacy cialis three very good Rangers are now Blue Jackets. Canadian pharmacy cialis Thank you to Brandon Dubinsky for 8 teriffic years as a Ranger same to Artem Anisimov and Tim Erixon  all the best   

Canadian pharmacy cialis All I asked for was a summer of competitive baseball, canadian pharmacy cialis why is that so difficult? The Mets are in the midst of another second half free fall as they have won just one game in their last ten. Canadian pharmacy cialis The last three seasons after the break have been disasters for the Metropolitans:

Canadian pharmacy cialis 2011 31-40

Canadian pharmacy cialis 2010 31-43

Canadian pharmacy cialis 2009 28-47

Canadian pharmacy cialis During this recent run of losing baseball, canadian pharmacy cialis I’ve thought about a question I posed to R.A. Canadian pharmacy cialis Dickey back in the winter of 2010, canadian pharmacy cialis about the time Terry Collins was named manager, canadian pharmacy cialis I asked Dickey what happened in the second half of the season that led to slide he said after a long pause, canadian pharmacy cialis “lack of preparation” I asked by whom, canadian pharmacy cialis the coaches or players and Dickey replied “both”. Canadian pharmacy cialis Last year’s collapse and now this latest second half losing streak does not in my view, canadian pharmacy cialis fall under the lack of preparation or commitment , canadian pharmacy cialis it seems like it’s more like a lack of major league readiness and an overachieving first half.

Canadian pharmacy cialis We have gone over the faults of the bullpen ad nauseum  and yes those sixteen blown saves and twenty loses are the biggest kick in the nuts this season but there are still many holes on this team that need addressing and no mid-season deal can cure them.

Canadian pharmacy cialis The Mets outfield is a mess. Canadian pharmacy cialis There is not one solid “every day I can count on you” player that plays in this outfield. Canadian pharmacy cialis Scott Hairston is very good vs. Canadian pharmacy cialis lefties and as a pinch hitter but Hairston is what he is, canadian pharmacy cialis a bench player and when bench players start to get regular work, canadian pharmacy cialis you get to see why they are bench players. Canadian pharmacy cialis I really like Kirk Nieuwenhuis and I want him to be a Met for a long time. Canadian pharmacy cialis He plays terrific defense and he has that “baseball makeup” that scouts love. Canadian pharmacy cialis He also has a lot of holes in his swing and is quite perplexed by the breaking ball to the point where he is putting up Kingman-esque strike out rates. Canadian pharmacy cialis Lucas Duda plays right field like the displaced first baseman that his is. Canadian pharmacy cialis It’s hard to get on him for the awful reads he gets on fly balls as he was put there for his bat, canadian pharmacy cialis and that bat has gone limp. Canadian pharmacy cialis In Duda’s last 18 games he has 1 HR and 2 RBI. Canadian pharmacy cialis That is not the production you need from your corner outfielder. Canadian pharmacy cialis What more can you say about Jason Bay? At the end of this season Bay his agent and Sandy Alderson need to sit down and figure out an exit strategy for Bay. Canadian pharmacy cialis It would be best for both parties to part ways. Canadian pharmacy cialis Andres Torres does nothing useful and I’m guessing he is just here until Mike Baxter gets healthy and is re-activated. Canadian pharmacy cialis Torres should not be taking playing time from anyone. Canadian pharmacy cialis  Is Jordany Valdespin an outfielder? An infielder?  A bench player? Late for dinner? See a pattern here?

Canadian pharmacy cialis The catching situation is a mess as well (file this under lather, canadian pharmacy cialis rinse, canadian pharmacy cialis repeat) not just for the big league team but throughout the organization as well (we’re counting on you Kevin Plawecki )

Canadian pharmacy cialis David Wright has been an MVP quality player and after a disastrous start to the, canadian pharmacy cialis Ike Davis has found a pulse but you still have to question if Ike is the guy to man first base in the seasons ahead. Canadian pharmacy cialis Ruben Tejada looks set at shortstop for the next ten years and Daniel Murphy at second base……………………..there’s a big question. Canadian pharmacy cialis #ImWith28 has busted out of his slump and is producing now but he could bring back value if Alderson touted him as a 3rd baseman as 3rd basemen will be demand this winter.

Canadian pharmacy cialis Lots of work is to be done to get this Mets team up and running as a true contender. Canadian pharmacy cialis A reliever at the deadline is not the answer. Canadian pharmacy cialis  

Canadian pharmacy cialis  

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Viagra tablet weight I really have no time to put up a decent post as I have to be out and at the ball park for a practice in about 20 mins and then for there it’s a quick shower and off to college hunting for my son but I have to say a few things about the events of last night.

Viagra tablet weight It sucks that the hockey season is over but after a couple of hours of reflection and I have to say I have never been as proud of a Rangers team than I have of this years squad and makes it even better is the core of the team is young and getting better and better. Viagra tablet weight Ryan Callahan Ryan McDonagh Dan Girardi Carl Haglin and the next superstar in NY Chris Kreider give myself and all Ranger fans hope that this team will contend and win a Stanley Cup(s?) for years to come.

Viagra tablet weight Thank you Rangers, viagra tablet weight Coach Tortorella and all my fellow Rangers fans for one of the best season ever.

Viagra tablet weight Here we are at the Memorial Day weekend and our Metsies are a mere 2.5 games out of 1st place in a suddenly crabs ass tight NL East.  Johan goes today and the Dickster tomorrow, viagra tablet weight Jenry Mejia and Chris Young are progressing, viagra tablet weight Ike Davis seems to be responding to the organization vote  of confidence and like the NY Rangers, viagra tablet weight rooting for the Mets is fun again.

Viagra tablet weight Gotta run I have fungo’s to hit and colleges to visit LET’S GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viagra tablet weight Kings in 5

Viagra tablet weight  

Viagra tablet weight  

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Map Turned on my computer this morning to check my e-mail and lo and behold there was a message from Mets manager Terry Collins. Map What? You got one too? And you? You mean you all got an e-mail from the Mets skipper? Shit, map I thought I was special.

Map The crux of the letter was that after years of awful baseball played in Queens, map the Mets will now play the game the right way. Map In a roundabout way, map Collins is letting us now that after his years as minor league coordinator his suggestions fell on deaf ears, map that the organization was run by a bunch of clueless dolts who were fundamentally bad at teaching the fundamentals of baseball.

Map But now the time to talk about the season is done, map it’s time to put up and show Mets fans that this is the dawning of the age of good baseball, map the kind of baseball we, map as paying customers don’t mind being priced gouged over (The Mets still don’t understand that the prices they charge for tickets and concession are, map as Jimmy Macmillan would say, map “TOO DAMN HIGH” you want to build goodwill with the Mets fans, map you should have lowered your ticket prices by 50 %  and allow families to buy kids meals at the food stands at a discount) if the team does all the things that TC said in his opening day missive, map the fans will come back. Map The problems the last few years in Flushing was the fans cared more than the players did about the team but it’s time to put all the horse shit of the past behind us, map new front office, map new manager, map new attitude? I hope so. Map LET’S GO METS!!!!!!

Map I’ve always felt NY Ranger fans were the most passionate of all New York Sports Fans (I don’t want to get into the late season swoon by the Blue Shirts as I’m trying to have a positive day even though the Rangers are going into the tank and as I walked from the Subway to my office this morning, map I had to deal with ice cold rain hitting my face, map so far, map so shitty) but I think the Mets fans have taken over the top spot. Map Yesterday afternoon, map the Mets announced their opening day lineup:

Map Jose Reyes, map ss

Map Willie Harris, map lf

Map David Wright, map 3b

Map Carlos Beltran, map rf

Map Angel Pagan, map cf

Map Ike Davis, map 1b

Map Brad Emaus, map 2b

Map Josh Thole, map c

Map Mike Pelfrey, map rhp

Map With the sight of Harris in the 2 hole and Thole in the 8 spot, map a little bit of holy hell broke out on Twitter over this slotting. Map What other fan base is that passionate that they look at the opening day line up on the eve of the opener and go into shit storm mode? Had they waited to hear Collins reasoning maybe they wouldn’t be popping blood pressure pills today:

Map “Not only will Willie Harris start on Opening Day in left field in place of injured Jason Bay (left rib-cage strain). Map Harris also will bat second in Terry Collins’ first lineup as Mets manager.

Map The reason: Harris is hitting .267 with one homer, map two RBIs and seven walks in 22 career plate appearances against Marlins ace Josh Johnson — good for a .500 on-base percentage.

Map “Strictly numbers, map” Collins said about selecting Harris over Lucas Duda or Scott Hairston. Map “We talked about the importance of getting out of the gate. Map This guy [Johnson] is one of the best in the league, map one of the best in baseball. Map And if you’ve got a guy who hits this guy, map it would seem to me you should get him in there.”

Map Duda has never faced Josh Johnson, map and Scott Hairston is 0 for 5 with a walk and two strikeouts vs. Map Johnson. Map If Jason Bay was healthy, map all this fan angst would have been avoided as Angel Pagan would have been in the #2 spot and Bay in the 5 spot and Harris on the bench. Map By the way, map to make things worse, map Bay is 4 for 9 with a home run vs. Map Josh Johnson. Map Can’t we just enjoy the day, map Mets fans?

Map Another stain on the Minaya/Manuel resume, map Big Pelf pitched in pain last year.

Map Hopefully the Mets will be so good this season that Gary, map Keith, map Ron and Kevin Burkhardt won’t have to discuss the Skill Sets/Madoff financial fiasco. By the way, map yesterday at work I listened to the Highlanders-Tigers game on WCBS. Map I don’t know how Highlander fans do it, map listening to Suzyn Waldman made me want to punch someone in the face; the screeching of her voice was making my skin crawl. Map I thought she was just there to read commercial spots and give out of town scores? Yesterday, map she wouldn’t shut up, map even as I begged her through the radio (please you annoying yenta SHUT THE FUCK UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP) which kept my co-workers in a jolly mood. Map Sterling doesn’t bother me that much. Map Sure he is the worst play by play man in the history of sports broadcasting but for some strange reason I get a kick out him. Map Even his schmaltzy home run calls make me chuckle (“you’re on the Mark, map Texiera” or “The Grandy Man Can” are so lame their hysterical) the TV side is no better as the male version of Waldman, map Michael Applegate, map is as much a shill as Sterling but nowhere near as entertaining. Map Mr. Map Applegate is in fact down right annoying and what pisses me off more is I have no choice if I decide to take in a Highlander game on TV I have to watch YUCK as MLB Extra Innings blocks the feed from the out of town team. Map Plus I’m spoiled as Gary, map Keith, map Ron and Kevin are the Gold Standard of baseball broadcasting.

Map Check out THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN Podcast on Blog Talk Radio or as a download on iTunes

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I know a lot of you in Orange and Blue Country don’t give a rat’s ass about this post season (Most Mets fans it seems are like my Ranger fans brethren as when the Rangers are not in the Stanley Cup hunt that’s the end of hockey season for them) but I do as I have put my angst and despair of the 2008 Mets campaign behind me and quite frankly I am very much looking forward to both LCS series.


I’m hoping the Dodgers take the NLCS and I’m also hoping that Omar Minaya is hiding outside the Dodgers hotel with a big bowl of rice and beans from one of the fine Dominican eating establishment in The Heights to lure Manny back home, real viagra without prescription but this series is sooooooo close that the only thing I’ll predict is a Seventh Game. Real viagra without prescription This series comes down to bullpens as the Phinks have Brad Lidge and the Bums have Guns of Broxton to close for them. Real viagra without prescription The supporting cast in each pen has Mets fans drooling and hopefully Omar is taking notes on how to build a better pen. Real viagra without prescription This series goes 7 games and that’s as far out on a limb as I’ll go. Real viagra without prescription    


Same for the ALCS, real viagra without prescription my appeal for the Rays of Tampa is the owners Mets/Brooklyn roots, real viagra without prescription Scot Kazmir and the fact they take their name from one of my favorite pizzerias in Manhattan but then I have the issue with the Old Town Team of summer on Cape Cod and the Dropkick Murphy’s on my iPod and of course my close encounter with the Rem Dawg .  Tito is rolling the Dice (K) here by starting Matsuzaka over Jon Lester and then going with Josh Beckett in Game 2 saving Jon Lester for Game 3. Real viagra without prescription The Rays counter with James Shields, real viagra without prescription Scott Kazmir and Matt Garza so I’ll say whoever is up 2 games to 1 will win this series. Real viagra without prescription  


Tony B is such a bad guy that the Mariners are looking at him for their GM spot. Real viagra without prescription Sure I’m a cynic as I think it’s just window dressing as Bernazard meets the Latinio requirement for the interview process, real viagra without prescription Kim Ng filling two spots as an Asian-American woman so the minority window dressing will be complete this way the M’’s can give the job to Pat Gillick as he returns to the Emerald City.


I’m having the TiVo set for Life on Mars as I’m all over this show like a pair of Jordache Jeans. Real viagra without prescription If I see Michael Imperiolli walking around the neighborhood I’ll ask him if he wants some of my old quinoa shirts, real viagra without prescription wrap around sweaters, real viagra without prescription or platform shoes. Real viagra without prescription Don’t laugh I was a hottie back in those days.


What a night NLCS, real viagra without prescription Life on Mars and Opening Night of the NHL!!!!!! WOOOO-HHHHHHHOOOOOOO


Speaking of the NHL, real viagra without prescription Republican VP candidate Sarah Youbetcha will drop the first puck at Saturday’ Rangers-Flyers game  Also the Stepford Governor will be selling Tupperwear between periods .


WOW I haven’t bought an issue of Playboy since I wore those quinoa shirts and platform shoes but this issue is a must for me. Real viagra without prescription


Tonight in Philly, real viagra without prescription Deion Sanders get to throw out the ceremonial first bucket of ice water over Tim McFullofshit’s head.


     Looks like I better chop some more wood for the Hot Stove. Real viagra without prescription This sucks it really really sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Buy viagra no prescription It’s now time to at least have some diversion after the disappointing Mets season to welcome back the New York Rangers and the NHL season as the Rangers take on the Tampa Bay Mullets in Prague today. Buy viagra no prescription I’m looking forward to this Rangers season as Ranger fans have no real idea what kind of team we have. Buy viagra no prescription There is youth and more speed and some very good experienced vets with Capt Drury, buy viagra no prescription Scott Gomez and Markus Nasland on board and the great King Henrik in goal but the consenus about this team is they could be one of the biggest stories in the league this year or they could struggle all I know is I can’t wait until 12 noon today.

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