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Natural viagra Marc Carig who covers the Mets for NEWSDAY after working the Highlanders beat asked a question on Twitter the other day about the Mets of 2012 and how they compared to the Mets of the late 1970’s. Natural viagra The late 70’s had the same feeling of despair and by 1979 Shea Stadium had become a place Mets fans avoided (attendance of 7, natural viagra000 a game were the norm back then) The negativity from Mets fans still centered over the trading of Tom Seaver to the Reds in 1977. Natural viagra That alone makes the late 70’s far far worse in my eyes than what’s happening now in Flushing.

Natural viagra There are some stark parallels between the 70’s and what’s going on now in Flushing, natural viagra ownership was a problem then as it is now. Natural viagra In October of 1975, natural viagra Joan Whitney Payson died and nearly took the Mets franchise with her to the beyond. Natural viagra Her husband Charles Payson wanted no part of running the Mets so it was left to his daughter Lorinda de Roulet and the dastardly rat bastard M. Natural viagra Donald Grant. Natural viagra Where Mrs. Natural viagra Payson had no trouble spending money on the team, natural viagra( she wanted desperately to bring Willie Mays back to NYC after see acquired the Mets she made an offer to Horace Stoneham to name his price for the contract of Mays. Natural viagra  In one of the few times that Stoneham was lucid he turned the offer down) Grant held on to every penny.

Natural viagra Today the Mets biggest problem is ownership and its lack of financial resources, natural viagra not just to add talent but to make mistakes disappear like Jason Bay. Natural viagra The team is in a free fall right now that has a very 70’s feel t to it and what makes this second half gag job so bad is 2013 looks no better. Natural viagra Why?, natural viagra because no one in the Mets ownership group can come out and tell the truth about the teams financial status. Natural viagra Management wants its most prize possession, natural viagra its season ticket holders, natural viagra to make a financial investment in the team in the form of purchasing tickets but won’t let them know what they are buying into, natural viagra so why would anyone buy in?

Natural viagra The biggest problem with this ownership is their lack of transparency as opposed to the 70’s when we knew that M. Natural viagra Donald Grant was a miserable pick and he had no problem living up to that reputation. Natural viagra  This lack of being truthful with the fan base has turned Sandy Alderson into Fred Astaire. Natural viagra Whenever Alderson is interviewed, natural viagra the first question is always about payroll and what it will be next season, natural viagra at this point is when Alderson pulls out the straw hat and cane and does the ol’ Wilpon soft shoe. Natural viagra  

Natural viagra I’ve never understood why the Skill Sets could never be honest with their fan base? You would think that someone in the organization would try to get them to change the way they disseminate their message?  I’ll give the Skill Sets this much, natural viagra as inept and awfully clandestine they are in conducting their baseball business , natural viagra they haven’t reached M.Donald Grant status yet on my despicable meter but knowing them they’ll keep trying.

Natural viagra If you haven’t read Jason Fry’s piece on the Faith and Fear site please go read it now. Natural viagra Hopefully someone in the organization will show this to Freddy Skill Sets and try to get him to realize the Mets fans may be leaving the piss off stage of fandom to the apathetic stage of who gives a shit?

Natural viagra I don’t know how Terry Collins does it night in and night out trying to put a positive spin on the ineptness of his team. Natural viagra  Collins is treading on dangerous ground here going from a guy protecting his players to looking like he has no clue. Natural viagra Bobby Ojeda has been as big a Collins supporter as there is but last night even he couldn’t take it anymore calling out the players for sitting out claiming they’re tired. Natural viagra Ojeda went on a rant about how that’s the difference between a winning team and a losing team. Natural viagra He was 1, natural viagra000 % on point. Natural viagra For once I’d love for Collins to come out and say that he’s let his team know that the difference between being a winning team and a losing team is desire. Natural viagra Right now the Mets seem to have no desire to finish strong, natural viagra something Collins has been preaching during this second half slide. Natural viagra It’s not throwing his players under the bus; it’s holding them accountable by calling them out for playing lousy baseball.

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Viagra dosage It has taken me all day to put a post together about yesterday’s Mets Christmas Party that myself and other Mets bloggers were honored to be invited to. Viagra dosage The reason it’s tough writing today is that this organization has pulled at every emotions a person can have, viagra dosage love, viagra dosage hate, viagra dosage compassion, viagra dosage pride all of these feelings swirl in my head when it comes to the New York Mets.

Viagra dosage All of the financial mumbo jumbo brings out the hate in me. Viagra dosage I hate Bernie Madoff, viagra dosage I hate the Skill Sets for getting involved with this rat bastard and not having the god damn street smarts that every good son of the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn is born with. Viagra dosage I hate with a fucking passion that the Mets have become a joke to the main stream media and to fans of other teams who have taken Mets bashing to the bully level. Viagra dosage The main stream media in this city has been busy destroying the organization and no doubt the owners of this team have given them plenty of ammunition to bash them, viagra dosage but to see these jackals mingle amongst themselves having a grand old time at Citi Field as the get ready to compete with each other on who can write the best ”Mets sucks” column puts me in a rage. Viagra dosage I hate that the owners treat the fan base like idiots. Viagra dosage I’m no John Kenneth Galbraith but I can figure out the more loans you take out to pay your bills, viagra dosage the more broke you really are. Viagra dosage Someday soon JPMorgan Chase, viagra dosage Bank of America and the other 29 owners of MLB are going get fed up and chase the Wilpon’s like Colangelo chased Looie Dumps in A Bronx Tale. It infuriates the shit out of me that the Skill Sets just keep adding debt on to debt and insist on feeding us a line of horseshit about the minority owners who will be riding down Roosevelt Avenue on white horse with millions of dollars in their saddle bags to save them. Viagra dosage The Wilpon’s are beyond saving. Viagra dosage There are some outstanding people who work for the New York Mets and I have had the privilege of meeting them. Viagra dosage From the media relations folks and the marketing and ticket sales and services people who work unbelievably hard at their jobs trying to sell the Mets brand on and off the field, viagra dosage when you see how hard they work and how long a day they put in, viagra dosage you get a tremendous appreciation into what goes into running a major league sports team, viagra dosage a job that would be tough enough in this city without all the turmoil that ownership is presently enduring.

Viagra dosage So as the hate wears of that’s when the love starts, viagra dosage as I mention I love how the folks who work for the team do their jobs and do so with pride and professionalism, viagra dosage especially Danielle Parrillo, viagra dosage Director of Communications and Shannon Forde, viagra dosage Director of Media Relations.  I love hanging around with my fellow Mets bloggers at the events we get invited to. Viagra dosage We all come from diverse backgrounds as Mets fans and bloggers and we all write from different angles but we all have one main thing in common, viagra dosage we love the Mets and want this organization to succeed.

Viagra dosage As ridiculous as this may seem, viagra dosage I have some compassion for the Skill Sets. Viagra dosage Yesterday I was venting to one of the Mets front office folks on how I wish the Wilpon’s would just sell and get the hell out of my Mets fan life. Viagra dosage The response I got was “Fred and Jeff would sell their homes and live in Citi Field if that was the only way they could keep the team”.  As we finished up our Q & A with Sandy Alderson, viagra dosage as he was leaving our group I went over to him to ask what he thought would happen on the season finale of “Homeland”, viagra dosage as we chatted about what we thought the biggest cliffhanger would be, viagra dosage none other than Jeff Wilpon joined us. Viagra dosage That’s right me, viagra dosage Sandy Alderson and Jeff Wilpon. Viagra dosage Whoda thunk it? Wilpon was asking us about the show as he’d never seen it so we discussed the premises of it with him. Viagra dosage When our little quorum broke up, viagra dosage I looked over at Jeff and said to myself how sad and beaten down the guy looked. Viagra dosage I thought back to what was told to me about how he and his father would sell everything to keep this team but the look and demeanor of the guy was of one who knew the end was near. Viagra dosage For the first time ever, viagra dosage I felt sorry for him, viagra dosage well maybe for a minute. Viagra dosage You and I know this will not end well for the Skill Sets. Viagra dosage I’ve yet to read anything from people who are savvy in dealing with all this financial information (your main guy for this should be Howard Megdal, viagra dosage in fact if the Skill Sets were smart they’d hire Howard as a consultant to help them figure out an exit strategy here)  on how the Wilpon’s can save their ownership of the team and with John Harper’s piece in the NY Daily News today you can see it will be sooner more than later when the Skill Sets will have to surrender control of the Mets.

Viagra dosage When that day happens I won’t be rejoicing. Viagra dosage I’ll be happy that they will have to sell and that an owner with capital will come in (I am just very very nervous about Cablevision and  Jim Dolan buying the team) and hopeful it will lift the pall that sits stagnant over Citi Field but I’ll feel a bit sad for the Wilpon’s as this will be a crushing blow to them, viagra dosage losing the Mets. Viagra dosage See I’m not a total prick.

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I should be enjoying some good old fashion schadenfreude over the A-Rod on ‘Roids story that broke this morning as it has all the elements that brings out the viciousness in me. Buying cialis soft tabs 100 mg There is Alex Rodriguez the biggest self-centered phony to hit this town in a long time, buying cialis soft tabs 100 mg then there is Gene Orza who allegedly tip off Rodriguez that the piss cops were heading to his home which enhances Orza’ rep as a scummy weasel and then of course there are the New York Highlanders who can’t get enough bad news to satisfy my hate but there are a couple of things that keep me from dancing like an extra in Riverdance.

What this outing of Alex Rodriguez does is justify the village idiot, buying cialis soft tabs 100 mg Jose Canseco as the voice of truth. Buying cialis soft tabs 100 mg Even though, buying cialis soft tabs 100 mg he will forever be a rat bastard and a no good snitch, buying cialis soft tabs 100 mg one thing he’s not is a liar. Buying cialis soft tabs 100 mg Everything he wrote in his two books (let that swirl around your head for a moment, buying cialis soft tabs 100 mg Jose Canseco writing 2 books) has come out to be true. Buying cialis soft tabs 100 mg Canseco may be an idiot but he is an idiot savant when it comes to performance enhancing drugs and the ball players that use them.

The other reason that I take no joy in this news is it hurts baseball. Buying cialis soft tabs 100 mg For reasons I can’t explain, buying cialis soft tabs 100 mg baseball is held to a higher standard than other sports.NFL players wind up on the police blotter weekly, buying cialis soft tabs 100 mg NBA players produce more out of wedlock kids than that nutty woman in California hell, buying cialis soft tabs 100 mg even Olympic swimmers hitting the chronic don’t face the scorn of baseball players who take PED’s. Buying cialis soft tabs 100 mg

A week before spring training starts I don’t want to hear about PED’s I want to hear about rookie phenoms and vets coming into camp healthy and fans thinking we have a chance for a big season and looking forward to summer and enjoying ourselves in our new home  ball park but no we can’t because of more fallout from drug use that happened six years ago. Buying cialis soft tabs 100 mg It takes all the fun out of being a hater. Buying cialis soft tabs 100 mg  


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