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Vgx-viagra As a baseball fan you can’t ask for more that this first round division series has given us. Vgx-viagra Four series all going five games is a baseball fans nirvana especially for those of us who detest the NY Highlanders. Vgx-viagra It’s a good thing I have unlimited texting in my phone plan since my Highlander fan pals were relentless in their venting to me even though they know I’m rooting hard for the Orioles.

Vgx-viagra All season my Highlander buddies spoke about how the power display their team put on this season was good for plenty of oooo’s and ahhhhhhh’s but come the post season they will have to be able to manufacture some runs. Vgx-viagra Now me as a Mets fan rooting for a team that has the power of a 10 watt bulb, vgx-viagra andwith the distain I look at customers at the bank who complain that the teller gave them all $100’s and $50’s when cashing a check, vgx-viagra  just wants to say why you no good greedy bastards. Vgx-viagra  But what do you know; the Highlanders have had a world of trouble pushing a run across the plate with good old fashion small ball. Vgx-viagra The long ball though has saved their season and when you get past the dramatic way Raul Ibanez went about tying and winning Game 3, vgx-viagra if not for those two knocks, vgx-viagra the fish wraps and social media would be in a three alarm tizzy over the demise of the Highlanders. Vgx-viagra     

Vgx-viagra Even if the Bronx Bastards win today and I think they will as CC Sabathia is only second to Derek Jeter on this team to show up when needed (sorry Ibanez still has a Philadelphia  size horse shoe up his ass) and I think both of them will find a way to win this game, vgx-viagra it safe to say those of the Highlander persuasion need to reflect on this series and if they are honest and clear thinking which is hard to find in that demographic , vgx-viagra they will admit the days of champagne baths and championships the next few years will be few and far between. Vgx-viagra I have news for those of you in denial Highlander fans, vgx-viagra the team you love to mock; the NY Mets are in better shape organizational wise than your Highlanders and that’s counting our broke ass ownership.

Vgx-viagra Hal Steinbrenner is no chip off the block, vgx-viagra where Daddy George would spend to mask mistakes and take on contracts no matter what; Prince Hal has one goal in mind, vgx-viagra to bring the payroll down to where he’s no longer paying into the MLB welfare system known as revenue sharing. Vgx-viagra  With a minor league system barren of talent what will the Highlanders do? Does ownership have confidence in Pee Wee Cashman that he can rebuild the talent base a la Stick Michael and Buck Showalter? Why do I give a shit? Well, vgx-viagra until this post season is done with, vgx-viagra the Mets won’t be making moves so I guess I have nothing better to do but to eavesdrop on my neighbors who I thought had it all and find out they just might have less than me.

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Free herbal viagra samples Putting my Mets fandom on the side for the moment (although I am wearing my Mets cap & sweatshirt today) yesterday was a baseball fans paradise. Free herbal viagra samples Four games, free herbal viagra samples four series, free herbal viagra samples some great games, free herbal viagra samples one not so great game but even a bad baseball game is better than no baseball games, free herbal viagra samples am I right?

Free herbal viagra samples

Free herbal viagra samples Some observations:

Free herbal viagra samples The Strasburg Shutdown will haunt Mike Rizzo all winter if the Nationals do not advance at least to the NLCS. Free herbal viagra samples How much do the Nationals miss their ace since both Jordan Zimmerman and Edward Jackson have not come up big in games 2 and 3? Leo Mazzone didn’t hold back in his criticism of the Nationals not just shutting down Strasburg but the way they did it with so much pomp and circumstance. Free herbal viagra samples I wonder if Rizzo when staring into his morning oatmeal regrets how he and the organization went about handling Strasburg. Free herbal viagra samples Maybe a skipped start or reassignment to the bullpen was the better move and maybe Rizzo is finally coming to the realization that the postseason is a privilege not a birth right unless of course you were born in the South Bronx.

Free herbal viagra samples I have made it known here that I am a big Tim Lincecum fan and I’ve been as stumped as everyone why The Freak lost his mojo this season. Free herbal viagra samples As much as deep down Lincecum was seething over being demoted to bullpen duty, free herbal viagra samples he didn’t sulk, free herbal viagra samples didn’t throw a tantrum and said all the right things but make no mistake when you are a two time Cy Young Award winner and a wear a World Series ring, free herbal viagra samples you have that certain something that separates also ran’s from champions . Free herbal viagra samples Lincecum stepped up like a champ yesterday as a Bruce Bochy’s stomach was doing flips every time Barry Zito delivered a pitch until he couldn’t take it anymore and lifted the sorry lefty. Free herbal viagra samples After great relief work by George Kontos and Jose Mijares it was time for The Freak to come in and step up. Free herbal viagra samples Not only did Lincecum step up, free herbal viagra samples he dominated. Free herbal viagra samples That’s what winning players do.

Free herbal viagra samples As pissed off as I am over Raul Ibanez becoming the next fairy tale hero of Highlander lore, free herbal viagra samples you can’t help but smirk a bit at the busted ass luck of the NY Highlanders. Free herbal viagra samples The last innings of the Highlanders-O’s game is the essence of how great a game baseball is. Free herbal viagra samples Joe Girardi made the biggest move of his managerial career in pulling the hitter formerly known as Alex Rodriguez in favor of Ibanez. Free herbal viagra samples Rodriguez made a wonderful grandstand move jumping up and down as if he was really thrilled for Ibanez. Free herbal viagra samples A-Rod said all the right rehearsed lines after the game talking up team before me and how he’s matured and is all about winning and a lot of other happy horse shit. Free herbal viagra samples There is no way in hell when Rodriguez went home last night and stared at his I AM CENTAUR mural above his bed that he didn’t shed a tear and spend a sleepless night trying to figure out where it has all gone wrong. Free herbal viagra samples  A-Rod is the Anti-Freak/      

Free herbal viagra samples I’ve loved watching the Oakland A’s games this year, free herbal viagra samples especially the games at the Coliseum. Free herbal viagra samples  I have no answer why the A’s fans don’t come out in force all season as they do in the post season but I’ll say this, free herbal viagra samples for all the fan bases involved in this post season , free herbal viagra samples they are the most vocal and creative of them all. Free herbal viagra samples Every crowd shot you see is of fans deck out in A’s clothing, free herbal viagra samples with banners and signs and beating drums and tom-toms, free herbal viagra samples can you imagine trying to get a drum into Citi Field or Highlander Stadium? Imagine real live working class baseball fans left to be baseball fans? I lasted until the 7th inning on this game since it was after midnight and I had to get up at 5:15 this morning for work. Free herbal viagra samples Add to that I had watched baseball from 1PM that afternoon, free herbal viagra samples I didn’t need to count rosin bags to fall asleep. Free herbal viagra samples It wasn’t until I turned on 101WINS while shaving that the great Mark Ernay relayed the news that the A’s came back from 3-1 down to win 4-3. Free herbal viagra samples Before leaving for work I just had to take a peek at the highlights on my At Bat app to see Coco Crisp come through with the game winning hit, free herbal viagra samples the 15th time the A’s have walked off with a victory. Free herbal viagra samples The A’s get to live another day for a Game 5 showdown with Justin Verlander. Free herbal viagra samples Don’t count these A’s out as you can see from this quote from Josh Reddick, free herbal viagra samples the A’s have a winning attitude:

Free herbal viagra samples “We’ve heard a lot of people say we’re not smart enough to know when to lose a game like most people do, free herbal viagra samples” said Josh Reddick, free herbal viagra samples who started the rally with a single. Free herbal viagra samples “We’ve been battling till the 27th out all year and we’re not going to stop now.”

Free herbal viagra samples WOW! Battling till the 27th out, free herbal viagra samples what an outstanding concept are you listening Sandy? Terry? Anyone?

Free herbal viagra samples  

Free herbal viagra samples  

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Viagra cartoon As I was in the middle of my interview with Bill Reynolds last night on PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL, viagra cartoon Raul Ibanez hit Ken Takahashi’ pitch that was below his ankles out of the park Iw as ready to yell OH FUCK! But I kept my composure and concentrated on the interview but if you listen to the show you could tell after the Reynolds interview I tried to fill the last half hour of the show although I was shell shocked by the Mets again unable to hold a lead.

Viagra cartoon I don’t know if it’s just frustration or that there is in power struggle between J-Man and Omar but some of Jerry Manuel’s moves have me puzzled. Viagra cartoon His choice of Fernando Tatis as and everyday player and burying Daniel Murphy on the bench is ridiculous. Viagra cartoon Tatis has been a great addition to the Mets but for Christ sake he ‘s not Lou Gehrig, viagra cartoon he’s a very good utility guy who produces when used sparingly. Viagra cartoon Please, viagra cartoon FREE DANIEL MURPHY at put him at first base. Viagra cartoon Same with Ryan Church can you leave the guy in RF? Let F-Mart platoon with Sheffield in LF because as great as Sheff has been he’s is 40 years old and can not play every day.

Viagra cartoon So now John Maine joins the walking wounded with a “tired arm”. Viagra cartoon How much you want to bet this is another line of happy horseshit from Flushing ?

Viagra cartoon PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Don’t tell me that Nelly Figs is coming up for Maine. Viagra cartoon I don’t care what Jon Neise’ numbers are in Buffalo bring him up and let him pitch and stop burying this kid. Viagra cartoon ENOUGH OF NELSON FIGUEROA already!

Viagra cartoon You’ll read no more criticism of D-Wright or Carols Beltran here as both of these guys have stepped up and gone above and beyond the call of duty. Viagra cartoon If I were managing a team against the Mets I’d never give either guy a pitch to hit I’d take my chances with the other six guys in the lineup.

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Viagra online consultation Nicely done by Omar signing Fransisco Rodriguez to 3 yr/$37 mil with an option for a 4th year. Viagra online consultation Now that Rodriguez is in the fold the other pieces of the off season puzzle should start to fall into place (Huston Street and then I’d look for a deal with Tampa Bay for a starter and don’t be suprised if Ryan Church is part of the deal with Raul Ibanez signing with the Mets)

Viagra online consultation Thanks to the Mets signing K-Rod Joe McDonald and I should have some good fodder for baseball talk tonight on Pro Baseball Central at 10 PM on Blogtalk Radio the call in number is (646) 595-4462 talk to you then

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It’s tough to cut through all the double talk coming from the GM meetings and I’m still trying to figure out just what the GM’s are doing in Cali besides drinking at the bar and going bowling, gel tab viagra hell they could have held the meeting on Staten Island down the street from my house for that matter.


What is becoming clearer is the off season mission of Omar Minaya. Gel tab viagra Is to add pitching, gel tab viagra pitching and more pitching and if a hitter (Raul Ibanez, gel tab viagra Nick Swisher, gel tab viagra MANNY) falls in his lap so be it.


I am intrigued by the rumors of the Famous Rays interested in Aaron Heilman and if Heilman could bring back Edwin Jackson that would be a big score for Omar.


If Javier Vasquez could be had for Gimp and his stupid contract I’d green light that one as well. Gel tab viagra What we have to remember here is the Mets are looking to bolster the back of the rotation so unless Derek Lowe really loves the colors blue and orange I don’t see him signing with the Mets when the Highlanders and Red Sox will be spending money like they own oil wells.


I still like my idea of going after Matt Capps and John Grabow from the Pirates. Gel tab viagra As much as I wouldn’t mind Brain Fuentes I hate that a player like that feels he has a team like the Mets over barrel and even if Omar were to land Fuentes I’d still go after Capps and Grabow.


Hey look two of the core are wearing Gold Gloves lets trade ‘em


Speaking of the Great Bloviator of WFAN, gel tab viagra it seems he had his pants pulled down<figuratively that is > by Ryan Church about Church hating NYC and playing for the Mets. Gel tab viagra Read here at MetsBlog and you see how the Rush Limbaugh of Sports Talk Radio was outed as the pompous jerk he has grown (REALLY GROWN) to be. Gel tab viagra Oh yeah and Mike tells us again how D-Wright is just another player and an awful third baseman, gel tab viagra you phony turd!


Click over to Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest and listen to his interview with John Manuel of Baseball America who tells us the state of the Mets Farm System is not as weak as we’ve been led to believe. Gel tab viagra Some of you Tony B haters will have to join the dark side soon as he has fortified the farm system with excellent free agent signings and a couple of fruitful drafts. Gel tab viagra     

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Online url viagra Funny I don’t feel “Fitty”? I had a very nice birthday it would have benn better if the Mets could have won (thank you Joe Smith and Scott Schoeneweis) but I did get some very nice gifts. Online url viagra A Mets t-shirt with the NY in a shamrock, online url viagra Fay Vincent’s book on old ballplayers, online url viagra the Shea Stadium DVD with the Essential Games and an baseball scoreboard that works off satellite like a GPS that give you up to date scores, online url viagra standings and probable pitchers for all MLB games. Online url viagra We had dinner in Hyannis and watched the Sawx as I think it’s a state law that no other baseball game but Red Sox games can be shown in public.

Online url viagra  

Online url viagra I see where Jon Maine was yanked from last nights game with  shoulder soreness that Old School Warthen says it is not serious but they will still send Maine to NYC for a “picture” as J-Man likes to call an MRI so my guess is by Friday Maine’s arm will be amputated.

Online url viagra With teams asking too much for Omar and the Mets to give up, online url viagra it looks like unless the price for Raul Ibanez drops alot the Mets wil go with Fernando Tatis as the everyday LF’er and call up Dan Murphy to add his bat and limited defensive skills. Online url viagra I know Omar lusts for Manny but the Mets do not have the chips for a deal to be made. Online url viagra Don’t worry Manny Mets fans we will have all winter to pursue the Manny Trail.

Online url viagra If anything the Mets look to need some bullpen help as Joe Smith and Scott Schoenwiess pitched awful last night as did Carlos Muniz and I am very disappointed in Muniz as he is getting his chance to show he belongs in the big leagues as he has not risen up to the task.

Online url viagra RHP Jon Neise was moved up to NOLA and looks like the guy who will take John Maine’s place if Maine is DL’d or even if the Mets decide to give him a start off.

Online url viagra Petey looks like he penciled in for Friday against the Astros with an 80 pitch limit let’s hope it not one and done for Petey.

Online url viagra  

Online url viagra Time to hit the treadmill as I had ice cream last night (hey it was my birthday) but now that I am officially an old man I have to watch my middle aged figure.

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