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Cheapest viagra world This isn’t the best commercial acting I’ve ever seen but you have to admit, cheapest viagra world it beats the hell out the SUBWAY ads with Joe Torre and Willie “But it’s toasted Joe “Randolph

Cheapest viagra world Yesterday I was invited to an event at Highlander Stadium by Dunkin Donuts that featured an appearance by Highlander skipper Joe Girardi and our own Terry Collins. Cheapest viagra world This was a much different experience than I’ve had at Citi Field when myself and other Mets bloggers have been invited to participate in the pre and post-game activities that the main stream sports media attend daily.

Cheapest viagra world Before I get to the access I had to the managers, cheapest viagra world a little about how they do things media wise in the South Bronx. Cheapest viagra world When I arrived at the stadium I headed for Gate 4, cheapest viagra world the press gate, cheapest viagra world as I entered there are two x-ray machines just like what you see at the airport. Cheapest viagra world I had to put my knapsack on the conveyor belt so it could be scanned, cheapest viagra world I didn’t know if this was a routine for everyone or just anyone affiliated with the Mets that had to be screened in such a way, cheapest viagra world maybe my 50th Anniversary pin set off a red flag. Cheapest viagra world From there I checked in and was told to wait for a member of the Highlander security force who would then escort me to the Audi Club.

Cheapest viagra world As the Highlander constable along with a rep from Dunkin Donuts walked me to the club, cheapest viagra world the DD rep asked me if I was impressed with the way the suite numbers were named after Highlander players who wore that corresponding number, cheapest viagra world I just looked at her and said, cheapest viagra world “I’m here as a Mets blogger so I couldn’t care less” to which she started staring at the carpet like she lost a quarter and the Highlander constable started talking in his wrist. Cheapest viagra world Still the long journey continued until finally we hit Yonkers where I believe the Audi club is located.

Cheapest viagra world There I was surrounded by Dunkin Donuts coffees, cheapest viagra world both hot and cold and so many donuts that I thought of dialing 911 to alert Mayor Bloomberg of the felonious assault by calorie in progress at the Audi club. Cheapest viagra world I grabbed an iced coffee and headed to the area where the presser was to be held. Cheapest viagra world To my surprise, cheapest viagra world this wasn’t a bloggers/writers event; it was more of an owner/operator of a Dunkin Donuts event.

Cheapest viagra world As Terry Collins and Joe Girardi are introduced, cheapest viagra world I see Girardi is wearing his Highlander home jersey, cheapest viagra world just the jersey not full uni and Collins is wearing his “business casual” sport coat slacks and open collar shirt as he said he knew that a Mets jersey is not a welcome site around here. Cheapest viagra world That kind of pissed me off, cheapest viagra world I would have loved for him to come in in full uni or at least his Mets warm up and cap just to make a statement and stop giving in to the Mets are the step child bullshit that’s allowed to go unchallenged. Cheapest viagra world It got my blood boiling enough to go on a bit of rant that I thought may have gotten myself an early exit from the event.

Cheapest viagra world There weren’t any main stream media at this unveiling of Collins and Giraridi as spokesmen for Dunkin Donuts ice coffee it seems Girardi reps the iced caramel and Collins the ice moca, cheapest viagra world and the fact that the team that wins the Subway Series that manager will received a $25, cheapest viagra world000 donation to their favorite charity. Cheapest viagra world When it was brought up that the teams could split the series 3-3, cheapest viagra world the DD execs looked confused and a bit embarrassed and gave the” we’ll come up with something” answer. Cheapest viagra world How about giving both managers $25k a piece? For what they charge for a dozen donuts I’m sure it’s doable.

Cheapest viagra world So after a lot of playful banter between the managers, cheapest viagra world the floor was open to questions. Cheapest viagra world Myself and the few other bloggers (I didn’t see anyone I’ve met before but there was one other Mets blogger there or at least one other person asking Terry Collins questions besides me) were off to each side of Collins and Girardi but we had to fight for Q & A time with the fans in attendance so it was time to get aggressive.

Cheapest viagra world I’ve mentioned a few times here that of all the people I’ve met and had a chance to talk to at Citi Field, cheapest viagra world Terry Collins is the only one who intimidates me, cheapest viagra world well after yesterday I think I’m over that. Cheapest viagra world I think it was the location Highlander Stadium and the fact just about everyone in the room was a Highlander supporter, cheapest viagra world that I started to assert my Mets blogger self. Cheapest viagra world  While most of the questioners were raising their hands to ask questions I had enough and just called out to Collins and have him look my way so I can get some queries in. Cheapest viagra world  I ask about Jason Bay and his availability for last night’s game and Collins told me he’s be in the lineup he wouldn’t tell me where in the lineup as I guess he didn’t spring it on Bay that he was batting 8th  , cheapest viagra world at 11 Am, cheapest viagra world  I followed up with where will he play LF or DH and was told LF. Cheapest viagra world I then continued my bogarting of the event by asking about Omar Quintanilla’ fractured  finger and my new obsession, cheapest viagra world when Ruben Tejada will return as the everyday shortstop. Cheapest viagra world Collins gave a look of “yo ixnay on the injuries-ay” and the rest of the attendees were like yeah enough with the Mets questions. Cheapest viagra world Well too damn bad ! I don’t care about David Robinson or Brent Gardner on the DL or how many home runs Curtis Granderson will hit (Girardi is a baseball manger folks not a goddamn fortune teller) so have some fucking manners, cheapest viagra world let me get my Mets questions in and then you can go back to your inane Highlander inquires about the style of underwear Derek Jeter wears.

Cheapest viagra world I asked Collins about David Wright and how it seems that now that he is the most tenured Mets player he has taken his leadership in the clubhouse up a notch. Cheapest viagra world Collins agreed saying that his treatment of the young players is fantastic and when other players see his work ethic and preparation they follow suit. Cheapest viagra world I then inquired about Ike Davis and if there was anything he has seen in his last few games that would lead him to believe that Davis is ready to break out of this horrendous start. Cheapest viagra world Collins gave a politicians answer going on how Ike’s teammates are behind him and how he’s working so hard to get back to where the club feels he should be but nothing on if Collins thinks he’s ready to bust out. Cheapest viagra world After watching Ike last night it’s going to be a very hard sell by the front office to keep him on the big league roster. Cheapest viagra world Whatever it is, cheapest viagra world losing most of the last season to injury or the bout of Valley Fever, cheapest viagra world Ike’s not right and has become an almost automatic out at the plate.

Cheapest viagra world The last question of the session came from a Highlander blogger I believe (I’m kicking myself in the ass for not asking his name and who what site he wrote for) who asked Joe Girardi if he could do something to help the Highlander Bloggers  get access to the team. Cheapest viagra world Girardi had no idea what he was talking about he told the blogger he has no control over who what or where when it comes to media access. Cheapest viagra world At that point I had to give the Mets props and tell the audience that the Mets have been very gracious in letting me and other bloggers have access to Collins and his players and how fortunate we are that they give us the opportunity. Cheapest viagra world Up yours NY Highlanders brass!!!

Cheapest viagra world When the Q & A broke up, cheapest viagra world the Highlander blogger came over to me and said how he wished the Highlander’s would follow the Mets line of working with the bloggers. Cheapest viagra world I said to him “The Highlanders are run by a bunch stuffed shirt tight asses who have no use for social media” I guess I said that a bit too loud as the Highlander constable started to walk towards me, cheapest viagra world I just put up my hand and said “it’s fine, cheapest viagra world I’ll show myself out” with that I grabbed another free iced coffee and head for the downtown 4 train. Cheapest viagra world My work there was done.

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