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50 mg viagra But The New York Rangers have the biggest, 50 mg viagra BALLS OF THEM ALL!!!

50 mg viagra I am totally drained and hoarse from attending last night’s remarkable NY Rangers-Boston Bruins game at MSG. 50 mg viagra I haven’t been this exhausted from screaming at a sporting event since Johan Santana beat the Marlins on 9/27/08 to keep the Mets to keep their post season hopes alive.

50 mg viagra The Rangers looked like the rigors of this playoff push combined with another back to back game would take its toll on the Blueshirts. 50 mg viagra When the score got to 3-0 Bruins, 50 mg viagra many of the MSG customers turned on the team with boos. 50 mg viagra I was very disappointed in the play of the team but I’m not a boo’er, 50 mg viagra I’m more of a sulker when things go bad and just slump in my seat. 50 mg viagra So there I slumped looking at my watch trying to figure what ferry to get to get me home in time to catch most of the UCONN-Butler game (from what I’ve read this morning, 50 mg viagra I didn’t miss much as both teams lived up to their canine nicknames) when Vinny Prospal scored for the Rangers to make it 3-1. 50 mg viagra I figured, 50 mg viagra if the Bruins score again to make it 4-1, 50 mg viagra I’ll head for the 1 train to South Ferry, 50 mg viagra but 7 minutes later Prospal scored again to cut the Boston lead to 1 goal.

50 mg viagra Now all this time, 50 mg viagra in the row in front of us are four Bruins fans, 50 mg viagra three of them were respectful but one was just an out and out asshole, 50 mg viagra who stood after each Bruins goal with a beer in each hand proclaiming the Rangers wouldn’t make the post season. 50 mg viagra Now it’s one thing to come into enemy territory and root for your team, 50 mg viagra it’s another to act like an asshole and inflame the home team rooters, 50 mg viagra especially in the Blue Seats of MSG. 50 mg viagra As the Rangers started to score goal after goal, 50 mg viagra the Bruin fans slumped lower and lower into their seats. 50 mg viagra When the Brandon Dubinsky tied the score with three minutes and change left in the 3rd period, 50 mg viagra the Garden exploded and after the Gooooo-aaaaaa-llllll song was sung, 50 mg viagra the section pointed at Mr. 50 mg viagra Bruin and gave him the ASSSSSSSSSSSSSS-HHHHHHHHHOOOOOLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEE salute. 50 mg viagra When Michael Sauer scored the 4th and game winning goal, 50 mg viagra well, 50 mg viagra all hell broke loose.

50 mg viagra Two guys about 6’4 by 6’4 come running into the row I’m in and start screaming at the obnoxious Bruin fan whose beer muscles seemed have been deflated, 50 mg viagra Mr. 50 mg viagra Bruin then turned around and told the Ranger fan to fuck off, 50 mg viagra next you know fists were flying and Garden Security pounced on both guys. 50 mg viagra When order was finally restored, 50 mg viagra I turned to my son and told him, 50 mg viagra “Welcome to 1979”

50 mg viagra John Tortorella said it in his post-game presser, 50 mg viagra “this team has balls” not just balls but big brass balls.

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Not much on the Mets front today as we await Friday when hunting season opens. How quick does a cialis work No not for men in camo killing Bambi but for guys like Omar Minaya to don an orange hat and use the smell of devalued U.S. How quick does a cialis work currency as a lure to rope in a few good arms for the Mets pitching staff and maybe a bat and a bench player too.  But even during this lull in the Mets off season action, how quick does a cialis work you can always find some interesting things to discuss such as:


The New York Football Giants went into that cesspool called Philadelphia and showed the Philly fans that there is at least one team in NYC with a pair of balls. How quick does a cialis work Far from their best performance of the season the G-Men ran the ball right down the throats of the Iggles but still allowed to keep Philly in the game with some bad fumbles (Brandon Jacobs is a stud but he HAS to learn to put his shoulder down, how quick does a cialis work run low and tuck that ball up high as one day those fumble are going to cost the Giants a big game) and some spotty secondary play. How quick does a cialis work I love the cover of the NY Daily News with Tom Coughlin making the play of the game when he asked for video review of the illegal forward pass against Eli Manning in the 3rd period that was reversed and set up the Brandon Jacobs TD that put the GIANTS in front for good. How quick does a cialis work Just a side note with all the well deserved praise heaped on Justin Tuck and Osi Umenorya Chase Blackburn’s play at LB has been overlooked.


Mike Silva at NY Baseball Digest has a post and a link from Buster Olney on the Padres playing a tough negations game with Trevor Hoffman. How quick does a cialis work The last guy who I would want to come pitch for the Mets would be the most overrated reliever of the 20th and 21st century Trevor Hoffman. How quick does a cialis work Hoffman would not survive 5 minutes on 126th and Roosevelt Ave.


I’ve linked to Randy Newsom before at Dugout Central and Newsom has another great report from Venezuela posted. How quick does a cialis work Newsom is a pitcher in the Cleveland Indians system and is a very entertaining writer.


I have no idea if the great footballer and Sunderland manager Roy Keane and I are related (he is from Cork my family is from Silo) but one thing we Keane’s have in common, how quick does a cialis work we hate losing and we lack patience so when I read this story about Keane being very frustrated with the lads on the Black Cats and taking Sky Sports commentators to task I started to think me and Roy have to cousins.


Well what do you know, how quick does a cialis work  the ground at Willets Point are contaminated I’m shocked, how quick does a cialis work SHOCKED!!!!!  After reading this it may be more than the prices keeping me out of $iti Field and if I do show up it may be in a bubble.


I went to see FUERZABRUTA last night at the Darryl Roth Theater on 15 St and it was on of the best and most entertaining shows I’ve seen in a long time. How quick does a cialis work It’s a must see show!!!!! (Holy shit I think I’m morphing into Larry King)


I saw this link from the Shyster Ball site it’s a story on former Red Sox pitcher Bill Lee being honored into the Red Sox Hall of Fame. How quick does a cialis work I always like Lee and in fact my daughter needed something from my book case Saturday and while we were looking for a book on the 50 states I saw a copy I had of Lee’s The Wrong Stuff that hadn’t read in years. How quick does a cialis work I may just dust it off and give it a look.




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