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Buy gel viagra The Mets dropping a duce last night against the Giants gave me a Willie McCovey flashback and also made me think of my dad. Buy gel viagra My dad was a big, buy gel viagra big Giants fan, buy gel viagra even followed them when they left for SF but as many Giants and Dodger fans did, buy gel viagra he switched to the Mets when they were born, buy gel viagra but early in his Metsfandom he still had a soft spot for his Giants. Buy gel viagra It wasn’t until McCovey, buy gel viagra my dad pronounced his name “McCoooovey” in his Irish brogue  , buy gel viagra started to hammer Mets pitching that my dad became a full fledged Mets fan as he would call out after Stretch socked another home run over the Shea Stadium wall, buy gel viagra “Ah fer Christ sake, buy gel viagra that damn McCoooovey, buy gel viagra he owns the Mets”   

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Buy gel viagra Losing both games of a double header is bad, buy gel viagra but losing both games of a double header on a day that’s grey, buy gel viagra cold and damp makes close to unbearable. Buy gel viagra I give my fellow Mets fans a big tip of my Mets cap for going out to Citi Field yesterday for the rain out aided double dip and if you stayed for both games, buy gel viagra then the Mets owe you a ticket for another game this season (preferably one in July or August when hand warmers and blankets aren’t needed) and a medal, buy gel viagra something like the victors of the two games in one day San Francisco Giants used to give fans at Candle Stick Park, buy gel viagra the Croix de Candlestick. Buy gel viagra    

Buy gel viagra Where to begin in the dissection of last night, buy gel viagra well for one it seems Miguel Batista needs to become a full time author  and he can start with penning a mystery as to why he was brought back to the Mets in the first place. Buy gel viagra The game he pitched against the Reds on the last day of the season has become folklore. Buy gel viagra What’s forgotten is the weather for that game was worse than last nights, buy gel viagra both teams were ready to go home from the time they reported to the ballpark (some more than others , buy gel viagra Hey it’s Jose, buy gel viagra here’s your hat, buy gel viagra what’s your hurry?) especially the visiting Redlegs   but it was that game that garnered Batista a contract for 2012.

Buy gel viagra It’s tough to win games when your 4-5-6 hitters can’t drive home a run to save their lives. Buy gel viagra Ike Davis (.148 4/27 w/RISP) Jason Bay (.071 1/14) and Lucas Duda (.077 1/13) are stone cold rally killers. Buy gel viagra There’s not much that can be done with Bay, buy gel viagra to quote the great Mike Francesa “Bay is Bay” and Duda’s has stated to show some signs of life of late but how do you solve a problem like Ike Davis?  His ankle is not the cause and it doesn’t seem his Valley Fever is to blame either for his anemic bat so what is it that has Ike off his game?  Talking heads Keith Hernandez (who has a sweeter gig than Mex ? He worked just the first game of the doubleheader leaving Gary Cohen and Ron Darling to man the TV booth for a 7 hour day. Buy gel viagra Keith is the Paulie Walnuts of SNY, buy gel viagra he shows up takes a seat and pulls out his sun reflector and works on his tan) and Bobby Ojeda have talked about the way Davis has lowered his hand (almost Roy White-ish ) and is late in getting the bat head out in front of the ball. Buy gel viagra That explains why when he’s not striking out; Davis is hitting ground balls to 2nd base.  I’m sure Ike and Dave Hudgens sit down every afternoon and go over at bat after at bat on the video screen but does it get to the point with Ike, buy gel viagra that maybe a trip to Buffalo is needed to work out his problems ? Before you go all ape shit on me, buy gel viagra this thought crossed my mind this morning when I read that the Atlanta Braves sent Jair Jurrjens  to Triple A, buy gel viagra isn’t Ike the hitting equivalent of Jurrgens ?  I’m not advocating sending Ike down today but if this trend of bad AB’s continues for the next 25-30 plate appearances, buy gel viagra it should become an option.

Buy gel viagra On the bright side, buy gel viagra Bobby Parnell seems to have found his niche as a late inning but not the closer, buy gel viagra reliever.

Buy gel viagra I’m pretty sure the uproar over the video tribute the Mets have planned for Jose Reyes tonight will last longer than the tribute itself.  It’s still confusing to me that many of the same folks that paraded around Citi Field screaming “Don’t Trade Reyes” are the ones outraged over the Mets tip of the hat to the former shortstop.  To those still kicking up a tantrum over this issue, buy gel viagra look at it like getting a shot at the doctor’s office, buy gel viagra it will hurt for a second and in a minute it will all be over, buy gel viagra and if you don’t cry you may get a lollipop.

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Free trial of viagra With one more night left in our camping trip we just finished a leaders meeting to deal with the two young bears that are now stalking the camp site. Free trial of viagra  I’ m operating on about 2 hours sleep as we were alerted last night around 10 PM that a bear about 2 yrs old and standing well over 6 ft tall and over 200 lbs was in our general vicinty. Free trial of viagra So we the leaders stayed up most of th enight keeping vigil on the camp site.

Free trial of viagra To make matters worse my son and four other boys from our troop spent the night in the woods about 5 miles from our camp to fullfill thier wilderness survival reqs for a merit badge. Free trial of viagra The boys go into the woods for a night with just a sleeping bag, free trial of viagra knife, free trial of viagra water, free trial of viagra mat, free trial of viagra and two hot dogs and an apple. Free trial of viagra When they returned to camp this moring around 6 AM my son informed me that he saw a bear near their shelter but he was scared off by the noise.

Free trial of viagra With all that I’m ready to go home and get some concrete under my feet by the way Jerry Manuel needs to play Daniel Murphy every day and Omar needs to give Livan Hernandez his release, free trial of viagra and Jeffey and Freddie Skill Sets need to come out hiding and speak to the fan base on how they are going to get this franchise back on track not for this season but for 2010 and beyond.

Free trial of viagra Time for everyone in the Mets organization to man up and realize this season is done and work on dealing off guys like Ryan Church, free trial of viagra Garry Sheffield, free trial of viagra Brian Schineder  and Fernando Tatis to name four.

Free trial of viagra It would be nice if someone in the Mets organization had the guts of a 13 year old Boy Scout

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