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Online doctor viagra After a hectic weekend I finally have time to gives some thought son the Mets and the beginning of spring training:

Online doctor viagra Sandy Alderson and Johan Santana can spin his shoulders woes all they want, online doctor viagra Santana not being ready to pitch due to fatigue in his shoulder is a red flag. Online doctor viagra Sure it’s good that there isn’t any structural issue with his left shoulder but the fact that he needs to build up strength in the shoulder is problematic.  I hope the club and Santana use good judgment and work at a pace where Santana is fit to pitch and if it means a stay in extended spring training then so be it. Online doctor viagra Truth be told, online doctor viagra I’d rather see Matt Harvey pitch on opening day any way.

Online doctor viagra With Daniel Murphy out nursing his sore intercostal muscle the last guy I want see playing 2nd base in his stead is Justin Turner. Online doctor viagra In a perfect world Reese Havens would get the nod to show what he’s got and remain healthy to take the job form Murph. Online doctor viagra I like Murph but let’s be honest, online doctor viagra if Havens or Jordany Valdespin or Wilmer Flores got the chance to play 2nd base on a daily basis in spring and show themselves capable on offense and more importantly a better choice on defense, online doctor viagra then Murphy could be unseated as the everyday 2nd baseman. Online doctor viagra As much as I like Murphy he shouldn’t be guaranteed an everyday job. Online doctor viagra So it would be quite interesting to watch someone make it uncomfortable for management to make a decision at 2nd base.

Online doctor viagra I think I’m going to enjoy baseball more watching Collin Cowgill enjoy himself playing baseball.

Online doctor viagra Got to feel bad for Pedro Feliciano as he deals with his heart problems. Online doctor viagra Taking two weeks off and carrying around a heart monitor puts Perpetual Pedro behind the eight ball as he tries to regain his LOOGY role with the Mets since the team is ripe with left handed relievers.

Online doctor viagra There’s comedy and then there is high comedy. Online doctor viagra High comedy is reading my Twitter timeline as Lucas Duda was striking out and striking out and striking out and striking out and striking out and striking out

Online doctor viagra Last week I went to buy a new dishwasher for my home. Online doctor viagra I got the dishwasher and another rather unexpected purchase, online doctor viagra a new television.  My son persuaded my wife and I into this purchase to replace a projection TV we had for close to sixteen years. Online doctor viagra So now we have a brand new 60 inch LCD television that has a built in browser and wifi and everything else you can think of, online doctor viagra so Saturday being that is was rainy, online doctor viagra grey and cold outside what better way to spend the afternoon than to watch Mets spring training baseball.  I made a sandwich, online doctor viagra got a cup of coffee and sat down with my feet up in my recliner and sat back to enjoy Mets spring baseball. Online doctor viagra Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! What a wonderful experience, online doctor viagra and that’s the problem.

Online doctor viagra I have loved going to live sporting events since I was six years old. Online doctor viagra I still get all pumped up going to a ballpark or arena for a sporting event. Online doctor viagra I love that feeling because it validates that I still have a deep rooting passion for my sports teams. Online doctor viagra But I have to tell you, online doctor viagra with this new TV, online doctor viagra I started to wonder, online doctor viagra do I need to go to games in person anymore?

Online doctor viagra Last week I went to Madison Square Garden for the first time this season to watch the Rangers take on the Montreal Canadians.  The Garden has gone through its second phase on renovation and it looks a lot different inside. Online doctor viagra Thankfully the iconic ceiling is still the same but that’s about it. Online doctor viagra The Green Seats and Blue Seat section have been combined into one big sloping seating area. Online doctor viagra The only nostalgic feature left in the arena is the narrow seats and sparse leg space and the long bathroom and concession lines. Online doctor viagra It was while I waited on the men’s room line that I kept thinking if I were home I’d be able to watch something else other than this dog of a game plus I could grab a snack without waiting and use a clean bathroom.

Online doctor viagra This is a new phenomenon to me because there has never been any doubt about watching a sporting event in person or staying home to watch on TV as I always felt being at the event always enhanced the experience of watching a game. Online doctor viagra Damn you 60 inches of LCD gorgeousness, online doctor viagra why must you put these bad thoughts in my head.

Online doctor viagra If you ever doubted that Gary Cohen, online doctor viagra Keith Hernandez, online doctor viagra Ron Darling and Kevin Burkhardt are the best sports broadcasting team in all of sports broadcasting, online doctor viagra just take a look at Saturday’s Mets-Nat SNY broadcast of last Saturday.  The Four-some picked up right where they left off at the end of last season. Online doctor viagra There is chemistry with this group that no other announcing team has and they make watching Mets baseball that much more enjoyable.

Online doctor viagra I also love having Bob Ojeda sitting behind the plate give pitching play by play. Online doctor viagra Can we see that during the regular season as well? Please SNY?

Online doctor viagra  

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Viagra best price in europe I think the current state of events sums up the Mets season well. Viagra best price in europe The team has won three straight (yes it’s the Pirates I know they are Division III but a win is a win is a win) seven of ten and eight of the fourteen games they’ve played in the month of September. Viagra best price in europe There is a glimmering light of hope as this years team at least competes to win while last years dogs lied down most of the summer. Viagra best price in europe So we should all be singing a happy song but of this is Metsville where good news dissipates like a fart in the wind as bad news pulls the blanket over our heads.

Viagra best price in europe Jenry Mejia, viagra best price in europe he of the blazing fastball and youthful exuberance, viagra best price in europe felt something in his back that had Henry Blanco, viagra best price in europe Dan Werthen and Ray Ramirez doing the Flushing Two-Step to the mound. Viagra best price in europe Meija was done for the night. Viagra best price in europe As with the Johan Santana injury, viagra best price in europe we heard from everyone but a medical school graduate. Viagra best price in europe Jerry Manuel was still going with the muscle pull diagnosis which he uses for every ailment his players report to him. Viagra best price in europe So as of this morning , viagra best price in europeall we know is a 20 year old neophyte pitcher who was rated as one of the top pitching prospects in the baseball, viagra best price in europe was jerked around by a clueless management team will now go for an MRI on his back and shoulder today and you know the news will not be good. Viagra best price in europe Does JetBlue have flights to Birmingham AL?  

Viagra best price in europe When the list to fill the second base position for the Mets in 2011, viagra best price in europe the guy I wanted to win that job was Reese Havens. Viagra best price in europe Havens is a Dan Uggla type but with a better glove. Viagra best price in europe I was hoping his oblique injury would heal fast so he could get back on the field and show the brass his stuff. Viagra best price in europe Havens has not made it back and after a couple of months of inactivity it’s possible that Havens will need back surgery this winter. Viagra best price in europe That sucks, viagra best price in europe that really really sucks.

Viagra best price in europe Listen I like Jose Reyes and I hope he’s a Met next year (unless of course there is a blockbuster deal for a front line pitcher then adios Jo-Jo) and Reyes has a loyal fan base but for me after watching a week of Colorado Rockies games and seeing Troy Tulowitzki (TULO to his fans and admirers) if he played for the Mets, viagra best price in europe the best selling shirts at Citi Field would be Derek Who?

Viagra best price in europe Just verifies what we’ve only known for years only thugs wear Highlander caps.

Viagra best price in europe Why is it a shock that there are over 30, viagra best price in europe000 empty seats at Citi Field for this past weeks games ? The team is out of playoff contention, viagra best price in europe Mets fans have less than zero confidence in the front office as management for some reason has decided to wait until the Monday after the end of the regular season to tell us the inevitable that Omar will be reassigned and Jerry will be fired, viagra best price in europe kids are back to school which means homework, viagra best price in europe teams, viagra best price in europe clubs which take up as much of mommy and daddy’s time the kids, viagra best price in europe the of course there is the ticket prices. Viagra best price in europe I gave away two tickets to Mets-Brewers for next Thursday night in the Caesars Club section. Viagra best price in europe It’s just not worth taking two subway trains, viagra best price in europe a ferry and another train to get home by maybe midnight and then to get up at 5AM the next day to go to work for two teams playing out the string ? Nah!!!!

Viagra best price in europe It’s not just the Mets it’s all sports. Viagra best price in europe Every team is feeling the pinch of the economy. Viagra best price in europe That $500 bucks who were spending on tickets now goes to the utility bill. Viagra best price in europe The greed of ownership has ruined the experience of being at a game. Viagra best price in europe The majority of the people at sporting events are more concerned with the wine and cheese than with the hit and run and hitting to the opposite field. Viagra best price in europe If these prop fans are not inside the private club sipping and texting, viagra best price in europe they are sitting with in range of the centerfield camera on their cell phones waving like retards.

Viagra best price in europe I like it better in my Man Cave with the remote in one hand and nacho in the other. Viagra best price in europe Besides it’s nice to be the only retard in the house.

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Viagra online uk I’m about fried with this Walter Reed no show debate but it just shows how badly the Mets need a PR firm to come in and do a much needed makeover on how this organization does things and how to get a POSITIVE message not turn into a negative one . Viagra online uk When an event like a trip to meet with injured soldier’s turns into a frenzy of negativity something is definitely wrong and it’s time refocus and reinvent how your franchise is viewed by your fans and throughout baseball.

Viagra online uk One way would to bottle or just promote the folks running the Brooklyn Cyclones who do a great job on Coney Island year after year with game day promotions and making the overall atmosphere at MCU Park very enjoyable. Viagra online uk It doesn’t hurt to put a talented, viagra online uk hustling team on the field either.

Viagra online uk The Cyclones took game 3 of the NY-PENN League Semi-Finals and will now move on to meet the Tri-City Valley Cats, viagra online uk a Houston Astros farm team, viagra online uk in the Championship best of 3 series. Viagra online uk Darrell Ceciliani has bounced back from knee injury to get back to his hitting ways and C Blake Forsythe (who has not impressed me at all at bat and most definitely behind the plate) had a big 2run HR over the center field wall that is 412 ft from home plate and has not been cleared too often.     

Viagra online uk Who’s on second for the Mets in 2011? My guess? Daniel Murphy and a defensive infielder (Joaquin Arias or Luis Hernandez) start the season. Viagra online uk Reese Havens if we can stay healthy, viagra online uk gets about 200 AB’s in the minors, viagra online uk and takes over the position, viagra online uk moving Murph to a super sub role.   

Viagra online uk I’ll watch Mets-Phillies tonight because Jenry Mejia is getting another start in a match up with Roy Halladay but come 9PM I’m switching over to what has become must see TV, viagra online uk the NL West pennant race. Viagra online uk The Rockies are on a roll with 7 straight in the win column and then at 10PM it’s Giants-Padres from Petco Pk. Viagra online uk The only way this night gets screwed up is if the game is not on CSN Bay Area and I don’t get to here my second favorite announcers Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow. Viagra online uk The way the Mets are going, viagra online uk I’m starting to sway back to my roots with the Giants since I have the MLB Extra Innings, viagra online uk I’ve enjoyed these late night romps with Kruk & Kuip .

Viagra online uk  Check out my NFL WEEK 1 picks at NY Football Blog and don’t forget I will be joining Frankie Maniscalco on NY Football Blog LIVE on Blog Tak Radio Sunday Night at 9PM ET to talk Giants-Jets and the Buffalo Bills football  

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Viagra online consultation Is it over yet? Last night’s game will not be in the rotation of Mets Classics on SNY, viagra online consultation between the rain delay, viagra online consultation Big Pelf’s throwing batting practice, viagra online consultation Jose Reyes and Angel Pagan forced out of the lineup with injuries, viagra online consultation and Gary Cohen admitting in public he was a fan the Mama’s and the Papas, viagra online consultation the only reason to keep watching the game telecast was to see if Keith Hernandez’ head would explode.

Viagra online consultation I can’t wait for Saturday’s Mets-Nationals game with the most bizarre pitching match up I ‘ve ever seen. Viagra online consultation R.A. Viagra online consultation Dickey for the Mets vs. Viagra online consultation The Sensational Strasburg. Viagra online consultation Just think, viagra online consultation you could add up the velocity of three of Dickey’s pitches and that total is still lower than one Strasburg fastball. Viagra online consultation The only drawback to the game is it’s on FOX, viagra online consultation so I’m guessing we get stuck with Doofus Joe and Tim McFullofshit UGH!!!!!

Viagra online consultation Sam Page has a great post on Amazin’ Avenue on what is a fair trade for Cliff Lee. Viagra online consultation When you look it over the Mets do have the chips to pull this off without giving up Jenry Mejia. Viagra online consultation I would hate to lose Reese Havens in a deal as well but if a package of Fernando Martinez, viagra online consultation Josh Thole, viagra online consultation Nick Evans and Eric Niessen brings Cliff Lee to the Mets, viagra online consultation it’s a steal, viagra online consultation even if Lee leaves after the season as a free agent. Viagra online consultation Ike, viagra online consultation Niese, viagra online consultation Mejia and Wilmer Flores would be untouchables, viagra online consultation Mark Cohoon too, viagra online consultation so anyone else is fair game to get dealt for a pitcher of Lee’s pedigree.

Viagra online consultation Leonard Davis of the Syracuse Chiefs was the prick who took out Daniel Murphy at second base to break up a double play that put Murph out of action for the season with a knee injury. Viagra online consultation The play was a scumbag move by Davis. Viagra online consultation Tues day night the Bison met the Chiefs and Dillon Gee was on the mound and had a 4-0 lead when Davis came up to bat. Viagra online consultation Gee proceeded to drill Davis in the back with a pitch as payback for the take out of Murphy. Viagra online consultation I hope Dillon Gee is a Met forever!

Viagra online consultation The Phuck Phaces are getting hit hard by injuries. Viagra online consultation HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

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Buy viagra uk I figure sooner or later the bill on R.A. Buy viagra uk Dickey’s career resurgence will come due, buy viagra uk so until then let’s just enjoy his knuckler and the fact that he’s been rock solid in his five starts, buy viagra uk the anti-Ollie so to speak.

Buy viagra uk Rod Barajas had a tough night behind the plate trying to catch those floaters by Dickey saying as much after the game as he claimed it was his toughest night as a catcher but as bad as it looks on Barajas’ stat sheet it looks better for Dickey as it means his knuckler was getting’ jiggy with it all night.

Buy viagra uk One of the story lines of the last month or so has been that this year’s Mets are very easy to root for and no one player personifies that trait like Chris Carter. Buy viagra uk Finally getting a chance to play a full game The Animal hit his first big league home run and look very pleased about it as were his teammates, buy viagra uk the same teammates who respect the hell out him for his work ethic. Buy viagra uk I’d love to see The Animal get a few more starts.

Buy viagra uk Bingo (and NY Mets future) 2nd baseman Reese Havens had a bit of a set back as he was scratched from the Binghamton lineup for soreness. Buy viagra uk It could be an aggravation of an oblique injury Havens has been nagged with but I sure hope not as Havens is showing signs of being a power bat at 2nd base that would be a boon to the Mets

Buy viagra uk Jerry Manuel is nuts if he thinks the Mets will activate Carlos Beltran next week so he can use him as a DH in Highlander Park. Buy viagra uk De-Facto GM John Ricco said as much when informed by the Daily News of Manuel’ thinking out loud scheme. Buy viagra uk  The most optimistic view of when we will see Beltran in a big league game, buy viagra uk August 1st is my guess.

Buy viagra uk Anyone have a 2013 calendar?

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Buy discount viagra Gary Mathews Jr has been DFA’d

Buy discount viagra Luis Castillo is on the DL

Buy discount viagra OLLIE PEREZ IS ON THE DL!!!!! I hope he gets moved to the GL (Get Lost)

Buy discount viagra Reese Havens is tearing up Double A

Buy discount viagra The Savannah Sand Gnats pitching staff is dominating the SAL

Buy discount viagra And I just got my invite to the Brooklyn Cyclones open practice a week from Wednesday

Buy discount viagra Time to do the Happy Baseball Dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Vgx-viagra   13 days until pitchers and catchers

Vgx-viagra Last night’s hour long PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL show, vgx-viagra went by in a flash thanks our own Yankee-Doodle, vgx-viagra Michael calling in and Matt Silverman coming on to talk about the ’69 Mets. Vgx-viagra Some of the topics I wanted to get to in the opening of the show got pushed back as I went on a bit of a Fernando Martinez rant, vgx-viagra so I guess I’ll touch on those here.

Vgx-viagra By the way I got to see F-Mart’s AB last night with the bases loaded and two out in the Dominican Republic v. Vgx-viagra Venezuela Caribbean World Series game. Vgx-viagra Martinez did not get a hit in the AB but it was an impressive turn at the plate that lasted 10 pitches until he hit a foul pop that was caught by the Venezuelan right fielder.

Vgx-viagra I’m not anti-Fernando in any way; I just want the kid to stop acing like he’s a 27 year old journeyman who has never gotten a chance and be the 20 year old who plays so well this spring that he beats out Angel Pagan to be Carlos Beltran’s understudy.

Vgx-viagra Looks like me and Orlando Hudson have something in common; we both will never play second base for the Mets. So after all the debate about second base for the Mets what’s done is done, vgx-viagra Luis Castillo is the Mets second baseman for better or worse till death due us part (or until Reese Havens can prove he can play at the big league level) for 2010.

Vgx-viagra What is the under/over on how many times Gary Cohen or Howie Rose say “Just out of the reach of Castillo, vgx-viagra for a base hit” this season? Let’s set the number at 75.

Vgx-viagra The last place in the world I thought I’d ever see the name Municipal Credit Union would be on a ball park marquee.  I wonder if those of us with accounts at MCU will get a discount on Cyclones tickets.

Vgx-viagra I’m very happy for Nelly Figs and his great performance the other day for DR in the Caribbean Series but it wasn’t like he was pitching against the Phillies or Highlanders, vgx-viagra it was against Mexico and 45 year old  270 lb Vinny Castila, vgx-viagra The Big Fajita!

Vgx-viagra Maybe things are not as bleak for the Mets as we think. Vgx-viagra FOX has the Amazin’s scheduled for broadcast 8 times this coming season and one of the games is a prime timer versus the Bronx Bastards.

Vgx-viagra Maple Street Press is coming out with it’s Mets Annual in a few weeks and there will be a section on the Mets Blogosphere, vgx-viagra that will include yours truly.

Vgx-viagra Matt Silverman is putting out a revised paperback version of his book “100 Things Mets Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die” 

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