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Is vigrx available in stores Tonight at 11PM ET my guest on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN on BlogTalk Radio will be Mike Steffanos of Mike Mets.

Is vigrx available in stores Mike and I will discuss tonight’s Mets-Astros game, is vigrx available in stores along with will Jose Reyes stay or be dealt, is vigrx available in stores fan grumbling over David Wright and Mike’s view on the the Skill Sets and his thoughts on the new regime of the Mets.

Is vigrx available in stores Join us live at 11PM or listen at your leisure at BlogTalk or download the show on iTunes.

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Viagra I was fortunate to be invited to a conference call last night with Sandy Alderson and my fellow Mets bloggers. Viagra This is the second cc Alderson has done with bloggers and he seems genuinely happy to talk to us and values our input about the team. Viagra As great as it was talking to the Mets GM, viagra the biggest kick for me was reading all the Tweets from other baseball bloggers who were soooooooooooooo jealous that we were granted access to Alderson and reading how they wish the head of the team they root for would give the same courtesy. Viagra Imagine that, viagra the same wise ass’ who like to joke and make sarcastic remarks about the Mets, viagra are envious of Mets bloggers.

Viagra I’m slowly getting used to the frank and honest way Alderson does business, viagra whereas in the past, viagra I’ve always felt you had to read between the lines to find the truth out of anything coming out of Flushing , viagra but now it seems we’re getting the straight skinny from the Mets GM.

Viagra On the release of Castillo and Perez, viagra Alderson said that to some extent fan sentiment was a factor in releasing both players, viagra more so in Castillo’s case as the front office had hoped that Perez could make some kind of contribution. Viagra Alderson felt it was only fair that the new regime look at both players first hand instead of relying on hearsay. Viagra  

Viagra With Emaus winning the 2nd base job, viagra it’s clear his Rule 5 status helped him in winning the job over Justin Turner who had options. Viagra Alderson said that Emaus would only make the team as a starting baseman and not a bench player. Viagra  Alderson said he was happy that Emaus has come around with the bat and has shown signs of being effective turning the DP.

Viagra My question to Alderson was about the fight for the last spot in the bullpen, viagra but first I added a bit of editorializing:

Viagra “Between the offseason and spring, viagra it seems that there’s a minority in the fan base and a majority of the mainstream media that likes to dwell on the negative things that go on with the organization. Viagra They seem not to want to talk about that the team offensively has been terrific this spring, viagra it seems that batters have been taking to Dave Hudgens’s way of hitting, viagra a lot of walks, viagra a lot of doubles, viagra and the defense has been pretty good, viagra too, viagra maybe very good this spring, viagra but the big thing is the pitching. Viagra The pitching has been outstanding this spring and hopefully it will carry over to the season. Viagra Now you spoke about the bullpen, viagra and you do have decisions to make. Viagra How close is it in that seventh spot? It seems that we kind of figured the first six guys are in that pen, viagra and that last spot, viagra that seventh spot, viagra seems to be the one that’s up in the air. Viagra How are you going back and forth on that decision?”

Viagra Here is Alderson’ reply:

Viagra “That’s a very good question. Viagra If you look at the guys who are competing for the last two or three spots. Viagra You’ve got a young kid, viagra a Rule 5 pick who is untested, viagra who has improved, viagra we think, viagra greatly since the beginning of camp, viagra at least mechanically, viagra has shown a lot of command, viagra has shown good velocity, viagra and we think has real upside. Viagra As compared to somebody like Jason Isringhausen, viagra who is a veteran presence and not only because of what he can do on the mound but how he might influence the rest of that bullpen, viagra is an attraction for us. Viagra Then you’ve got a couple of guys, viagra [Blaine] Boyer, viagra Manny Acosta, viagra who are very, viagra very close in terms of overall results, viagra but they get there in different ways. Viagra Boyer is basically a ground ball pitcher. Viagra Acosta has the livelier fastball and is more of a strikeout guy, viagra maybe a little more command, viagra but occasionally gives up a three-run homer as he did yesterday. Viagra So not only is it a close competition, viagra but interestingly, viagra each of those guys represents a very different choice beyond how they perform, viagra and that’s what we’re trying to balance right now is the desire to win, viagra the feel-good story of somebody like Jason Isringhausen, viagra who has also performed well, viagra against the potential of somebody like Pedro Beato, viagra and then the two guys that we brought in. Viagra And we haven’t resolve those yet. Viagra We just had a meeting today with some of the front office people here with the coaches and Terry Collins and we resolved a few things but the bullpen is still unresolved.”

Viagra The problem is Boyer , viagrawho has had a great spring, viagra has an out clause in his contract to become a free agent if he doesn’t make the OD 25 man roster. Viagra In a perfect world I believe Alderson would take Izzy north and hope Boyer doesn’t get a ML contract from another team and he signs him to a minor league deal. Viagra The odds of that are slim.

Viagra There were great  questions  from all who participated and to read the entire transcript check out the post Eric Simon of Amazin’ Avenue   put together in detail of the conference call.

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Alternative viagra drug Bob Melvin is sure sounding like a guy who will be gainfully employed as Mets manager :

Alternative viagra drug Bob Melvin, alternative viagra drug in his own understated way, alternative viagra drug wants to open the door to the Mets’ clubhouse and give players a swift kick in the pants.

Alternative viagra drug “It’s not a talent problem, alternative viagra drug” Melvin said yesterday after his second interview with Mets officials for the team’s managerial opening. Alternative viagra drug “It’s the mindset. Alternative viagra drug Get back to the confident mindset this team needs to win and compete in that division.”

Alternative viagra drug “I don’t look at it as a rebuilding process, alternative viagra drug” he said. Alternative viagra drug “I look at it as we have the pieces with this club to compete, alternative viagra drug I don’t think there is any doubt about that. Alternative viagra drug Certainly with the payroll this team has, alternative viagra drug it gives you the resources to compete every year. Alternative viagra drug It’s just getting everybody going in the right direction and getting everybody healthy.”

Alternative viagra drug I have to agree 100% with Melvin on this. Alternative viagra drug I thought Jerry Manuel’ biggest downfall was his lack of leadership and his inability to motivate his players. Alternative viagra drug  I’m not talking Knute Rockne “RAH-RAH-RAH WIN ONE FOR THE GIPPER” motivation but the ability to put the right people in the right situation to have them succeed. Alternative viagra drug  The Mets were always a three game losing streak from turning tail and retreating, alternative viagra drug and that’s on the manger. Alternative viagra drug  You never got the impression there was any sense of urgency with Manuel, alternative viagra drug who loved to say “there’s a lot of baseball left” when the team was floundering. Alternative viagra drug “There’s a lot of baseball left”, alternative viagra drug is baseball speak for “I’ve got no clue on how to right this team” and that’s the mindset that Sandy Alderson was brought in to change.

Alternative viagra drug Getting everybody going in the right direction and getting everybody healthy.” The two words that stand out to me in that quote are direction and healthy. Alternative viagra drug The biggest problem the last front office regime had was a lack of organizational direction. Alternative viagra drug Omar talked “pitching, alternative viagra drug defense and athleticism” but never went out and traded, alternative viagra drug signed or drafted with that mindset. Alternative viagra drug There was no organizational structure in the minor league system and First Year Entry Draft would have been better served by using copies of Baseball America to draft players, alternative viagra drug but that way of doing business is over.

Alternative viagra drug I feel there is a large segment of Mets fans that would bitch and moan even if John McGraw, alternative viagra drug Branch Rickey and Ed Barrow were all reincarnated and brought into the Mets organization. Alternative viagra drug You want to get me excited over a manager? Then name Christina Hendricks the Mets field boss (WHOA!!!!!!!! Is it hot in here or is it Christina???????????)

Alternative viagra drug The foundation of the Mets organization has a huge crack in it and the basement has very bad water damage until the farm system and mindset of how the Mets do business gets fixed and back on solid ground, alternative viagra drug it doesn’t matter who sits in the manager’s office. Alternative viagra drug   If it sounds like I’m drinking the Sandy Alderson Kool –Aid, alternative viagra drug you’re damn right I am, alternative viagra drug the man has a proven track record of building a strong foundation he’s Tom Silva and Norm Abram all in one package. Alternative viagra drug So Mets fans give the man a little room to operate and if Wally Backman is not named manager then buy this DVD and get over it.

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Viagra tablet Happy Thanksgiving to one and all and let me say how thankful I am to all of you who come to this site and read my posts and more important comment on them as well. Viagra tablet I’m also thankful to the Mets bloggers who link to my site and also link to my posts, viagra tablet it’s so great to be a part of a passionate fan base that loves it’s team and doesn’t let inept management destroy their passion.

Viagra tablet Andrew Vazzano of The Ropolitans has a posting that asks “What three Mets past or present would you invite to Thanksgiving dinner”? My three are Ed Kranepool (of course) Tom Seaver and Jerry Grote. Viagra tablet After we got through discussing hitting and the art of pitching I’d unveil my plan to over throw the Skill Sets regime and save our Mets.

Viagra tablet We’re so sorry but we haven’t heard a thing all day, viagra tablet
We’re so sorry, viagra tablet uncle albert, viagra tablet Elmer
But if anything should happen
We’ll be sure to give a ring.

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Overnight viagra As I watched the Frankie Rodriguez (Frankie will be the name he goes by here)  press conference I should have felt happy and excited but all I could think about was the presser was held in the Bunch of Broke Ass’ (Citigroup) Headquarters and the owner of our team is very close to be an Old  Broke Ass and there is his son who could be a Dumb Broke Ass and all I could do was laugh and think that makes me A Dumb Mets Blogger Broke Ass and that led me to shout as the Great  Joe Bada Bing Benigno would say “OH THE PAIN”

Overnight viagra  

Overnight viagra The more the Skill Sets say the Mets are not effected by his getting duped by his buddy Bernie Maddoff the more I worry because as we all know “Don’t Worry” is doing 10 to 15 in Sing-Sing.

Overnight viagra  

Overnight viagra So now that everyone took their bows at the Bunch of Broke Ass’ Building today and we all patted Omar on the back for a job well done what’s the next move? It better be for Derek Lowe and one more veteran pitcher. Overnight viagra If it’s Lowe and OP even better. Overnight viagra But you know what I don’t think the Mets are signing either one of them because I think this Madoff scandal is bigger and more damaging to the Skill Sets than they are letting on. Overnight viagra The company line is “things are fine, overnight viagra no effect on the teams finances” but if that’s so prove it. Overnight viagra The Mets money woes go deeper than Bernie Madoff. Overnight viagra Every deal the Skill Sets are in has turned to shit. Overnight viagra They start a TV Network and I guess it makes money but for the most part it’s unwatchable. Overnight viagra There is not one show on SNY I have any desire to take my finger and press the channel on my remote to. Overnight viagra Then there is the deal with Citigroup and that name on the ball park marquee. Overnight viagra The place hasn’t open yet and it has failure written all over it. Overnight viagra Now the Madoff cluster fuck; it just adds to failure after failure by the Skill Sets regime. 

Overnight viagra  

Overnight viagra Remember boys and girls, overnight viagra if it weren’t for Nellie D when he was an equal partner in the team you would not be prancing along in your 31 PIAZZA jerseys as he made the push to acquire Mike Piazza and Doubleday also had no fear of the Highlanders as he knew that between he and Freddy Skill Sets that could buy and sell the Bronx Robber Barron, overnight viagra Nellie D was the aggressive owner who loved to make a back page splash. 

Overnight viagra  

Overnight viagra I guess what I ‘m getting to is maybe with all these bad investments and bad karma it’s time for the Skill Sets to sell the team. Overnight viagra If not outright maybe they need to sell parts of the team and put together a Board of Directors that are not family or cronies. Overnight viagra Get some people on board that can bring the franchise forward. Overnight viagra As much as I hate to get into a “keeping up with the Highlanders” mind set I want someone in this organization that has some creativity and foresight to market the team as it should “The Flagship Team of the National League” For years NYC was an NL town. Overnight viagra The Highlanders had fans but didn’t ‘t draw as many to the ballpark as the Dodgers, overnight viagra Giants or Mets, overnight viagra but the last decade or so that’s changed and the Mets have just say back and taken it under the Skill Sets leadership. Overnight viagra Maybe now is time for a change just like in the White House maybe after almost 30 years of owning the team it may be time for the Skill Sets to get out.

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Which is better viagra cialis I knew the rip off of the Skill Sets (along with other unlucky bastards) would get murkier as the NY Times lays out the fact that Freddy Skill Sets not only lost a lot of his personal  dough but he has investors he has to pay out from his Sterling Equities corporation and one of the guys with a debt due is none other than Nellie D former Skill Sets partner in the Mets. Which is better viagra cialis Could it be that Nellie (Make mine a) Doubleday gets back in the baseball business as part owner of the Mets? I doubt it as DD is up there in age but what is intriguing to me is he despises Jeffy Skill Sets immensely so maybe he finds a way to get back in the game or have one of his operatives get into Citi Field and concoct an over throw of the Skill Set regime. Which is better viagra cialis I feel bad for Freddy but the idea of seeing Jeffy squirm brings me joy.

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