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Viagra retail discount I enjoy participating in the world of social media. Viagra retail discount I’m on Twitter more hours than I really should be but for the most part it’s a very informative vehicle for breaking news, viagra retail discount links to interesting stories and taking in all different views and opinions. Viagra retail discount What sucks about social media is the segment of participants who turn into your mother, viagra retail discount grandmother and  Aunt Sadie, viagra retail discount you know the one’s, viagra retail discount they tell you how you should react to news or statements that infuriate you or lure you into debate. Viagra retail discount It used to be a debate was an exchange of views, viagra retail discount ideas and opinions that although were different, viagra retail discount they were respected. Viagra retail discount In today’s social media world debate consists of I’m right and you’re an asshole. Viagra retail discount The news about Matt Harvey was a prime example of this new way of debate.

Viagra retail discount I saw the news about Matt Harvey’s partially torn Ulnar Collateral ligament when it hit the Twitterverse, viagra retail discount Mets Twitter erupted, viagra retail discount as you knew it would. Viagra retail discount How could this have happened?  Who fucked up? Whose head will role because of this? The Wilpon’s are broke, viagra retail discountSELL THE TEAM!(that one is universal in times of Mets disaster news) Mets Twitter didn’t care, viagra retail discount like a bunch of Third World dictators they wanted a scalp any scalp, viagra retail discount didn’t matter.

Viagra retail discount When the tweets went out for the call of the heads of Terry Collins and Dan Warthen, viagra retail discount the pearl clutchers, viagra retail discount who I mentioned above, viagra retail discount came out in full force. Viagra retail discount Some were beat writers who sit at press conference after press conference and never ask a pertinent or compelling question. Viagra retail discount  Maybe that’s the best way these days as we have seen recently with NY Daily News NY Jets beat writer Manish Mehta who has been getting killed for asking the Jets cartoon character of a head coach, viagra retail discount Rex Ryan to name his starting quarterback for the first game of the Jets regular season, viagra retail discount and when not getting an answer, viagra retail discount not letting Ryan off the hook and demanding an answer. Viagra retail discount  Since when is that wrong? Dick Young must be shaking his pitch fork in hell over this reaction.

Viagra retail discount Anyway, viagra retail discount so Mets fans wanted not just a head on a stick but answers on how or why did this happen to the Heir to The Franchise Throne? The first two heads fans wanted was Collins’ and Warthen’, viagra retail discount doesn’t matter if neither guy was directly responsible for Harvey tearing the ligament but because the majority of Mets fans would like to see a change in manager and pitching coach anyway, viagra retail discount this was as good as time as any to raise the rhetoric.

Viagra retail discount I’m as guilty as anyone in this. Viagra retail discount It’s not that I don’t like Collins or Warthen, viagra retail discount its more I feel there needs to be a change not just in body but in philosophy. Viagra retail discount Collins to me is much more valuable and a better fit as a minor league coordinator than a field manager and since his contract is up after this season as a manager, viagra retail discount I would have no problem whatsoever with the Mets reassigning him for next year, viagra retail discount but I’d like to reassign him as a Director of Minor League Field Operations.

Viagra retail discount My beef with Warthen is that I don’t agree with his passive direction to pitching. Viagra retail discount Warthen loves his pitchers to nibble around the plate and to throw a lot of off speed and breaking balls. Viagra retail discount Mets pitchers hardly ever throw inside to establish that part of the plate is as much theirs as it is the batters. Viagra retail discount I also feel both Warthen and Collins are woeful at bullpen management. Viagra retail discount Pitchers are overused not just in game situation but in preparation to enter a game situation. Viagra retail discount Too many times relievers warm up, viagra retail discount then sit down, viagra retail discount the warm up again, viagra retail discount and then sit down again. Viagra retail discount Mets relief pitchers are subject to more wear and tear on their arms warming up than they do in an actual game situation. Viagra retail discount To analyze Collins in game strategy would take another 1, viagra retail discount000 word post.

Viagra retail discount All this spewing of anger doesn’t mean I hold Collins and Warthen responsible for Matt Harvey‘s injury. Viagra retail discount   I am confused about Sandy Alderson stating the organization knew that Harvey was complaining about soreness in his forearm but didn’t do anything preventive about that. Viagra retail discount Also Collins it seems was out of the loop on this vital piece of information as well. Viagra retail discount There seems to be a fracture in communication here that needs to be addressed.

Viagra retail discount What also needs to be addressed is the number of injuries the pitchers in the organization have suffered;  Frank Francisco, viagra retail discount Jurys Familia, viagra retail discount Jeremy Hefner, viagra retail discount Jenry Mejia and now Matt Harvey, viagra retail discount all out with elbow injuries. Viagra retail discount If I’m the GM I have to look at this pattern and think about revamping the way the organization handles the care and prevention of these types of injuries. Viagra retail discount I understand completely that you can do so much prevented care and study on pitchers, viagra retail discount even Rick Peterson  who is at the forefront of Pre-habilitation with his use of the facilities at the American Sports Medicine Institute , viagra retail discount claims that with all the preventive measures you can take, viagra retail discount injuries still happen:

Viagra retail discount “It’s like driving the speed limit, viagra retail discount wearing your seat belt, viagra retail discount doing everything right, viagra retail discount accidents are still going to happen”

Viagra retail discount After the initial ranting and raving over the injury to Harvey, viagra retail discount seriously how did you expect Mets fans to react to the Harvey bad news? We were programed to thinking 2014 was the breakout season under Sandy Alderson. Viagra retail discount The only reason to be a bit optimistic was every five days being Matt Harvey Day and then watching Zack Wheeler start to understand what to do on a big league pitchers mound and the fact that enough money was coming off the books this off season for the Mets to be free agent buyers again, viagra retail discount pointed to the end of the non-competitive seasons and back to not just respectability but to be one of the teams in baseball to be talked about as World Series contenders; all that was sabotaged by a torn Ulnar Collateral ligament, viagra retail discount and you expect me to pause and be reflective? Are you fucking kidding?    

Viagra retail discount  

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Viagra sales canada I had a thought this morning while I was reading two interesting sports stories the fish wraps , viagra sales canada which organization was in worse shape, viagra sales canada the NY Mets or the NY Jets? In my estimation, viagra sales canada it’s the Jets.

Viagra sales canada I put the question out there in Twitter-land and no one in my time line agreed with me, viagra sales canada in fact I got a lot of “The Islanders are worst of all” which may be true (see DiPietro, viagra sales canada Rick franchise wrecking contract) but with the stories today that the Jets players feel that QB Mark Sanchez is a lazy piece of shit and has a sense of entitlement and the Wilpon’s look to be getting a cash infusion of $100mil with the sale of minority shares in the club, viagra sales canada it made we wonder which team is worse shape?

Viagra sales canada The responses I received all dealt with money, viagra sales canada Woody Johnson’s got it and Fred Wilpon doesn’t, viagra sales canada I can’t argue with that. Viagra sales canada  While the Jets are definitely the more monetarily rich team the Mets are wealthier organizationally.

Viagra sales canada As much as Mets fans focus (obsess?) over the financial failures of the Skill Sets, viagra sales canada the situation would be much worse if the Mets had a Mike Tannenbaum/Rex Ryan first line of management than the stronger Sandy Alderson/Terry Collins front line.

Viagra sales canada How Mike Tannenbaum escapes the Jets fans wrath is beyond me. Viagra sales canada Tannenbaum’ highlight in his resume is that he is a capologist , viagra sales canada which means he’s an expert on the NFL salary cap as a GM in charge of putting a team together he’s not a good mixoligist, viagra sales canada and please spare me the two AFC Championship games the Jets have gone to, viagra sales canada let’s look at the big picture, viagra sales canada after this season as a Jets fan can you truly feel your team is headed in the right direction? I didn’t think so.

Viagra sales canada We Mets fans know this sale of minority shares is just a blip on the Skill Set financial failure radar. Viagra sales canada If anything, viagra sales canada it buys them some time to pay off some loans that are due or past due such as the loan from MLB with a little leftover capital to bring in a pitcher or two. Viagra sales canada If you are going to have a payroll that keeps dropping like the temperature on a February night, viagra sales canada you would want to have a guy running your team that not only has the experience with this kind of situation but has been successful at it like Sandy Alderson.

Viagra sales canada See the Jets were the team with the high expectations and the head coach who spends more time bloviating than getting a handle on the pulse of his locker room. Viagra sales canada Terry Collins learned from his past failures as a field boss and last season did as good a job with a team that was hit by injury and without strong reinforcement from the minor league system than anyone could have hoped for. Viagra sales canada Ryan could take a lesson from Collins on how to reign in a clubhouse. Viagra sales canada  Ryan has always been looked at as the ultimate players coach but what he truly is, viagra sales canada is a coach who doesn’t know how to instill discipline or to be the adult in the room.

Viagra sales canada Woody Johnson seems to be suffering from the same malaise that the Skill Sets suffered from during the Madoff halcyon days when the cash flowed like water; he and his Jets brain trust have no clue on how to spend it. Viagra sales canada Just as the Mets were awful at building their organization the right way, viagra sales canada through player development, viagra sales canada the Jets operate the same way, viagra sales canada when you bring in guys like Santonio Holmes for big money that you can’t get rid of and Plaxico Burress another bad attitude and team wrecker as we Giants fans saw  when he refused to work with Eli Manning during the off season at OTA’s and is not a franchise receiver, viagra sales canada you find yourself in a deep hole just like the Mets used be in when they would reward players with big money for long terms for performances they achieved with other teams.

Viagra sales canada That’s why the Skill Sets not having money to spend may turn out to be a blessing for the Mets organization as the philosophy of the team has gone back to what had made the Mets good in the 60’s and 80’s, viagra sales canada player development. Viagra sales canada I know many Mets fans don’t have the patience for a rebuilding program but quite frankly it’s been overdue.

Viagra sales canada  

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Viagra london I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and enjoyed the extra day off yesterday to recuperate or to return gifts at the mall. Viagra london I’m still fighting off fatigue this morning, viagra london my first day back to work in 3 days, viagra london from the holiday and from a huge sports weekend.

Viagra london It all started for me on Friday night as I attended the Rangers-Flyers game at a jammed packed Madison Square Garden. Viagra london The Rangers are playing their best hockey in years and with a win last night against the Icelanders have the best record in the NHL Eastern Conference. Viagra london The Garden rocked like it hasn’t in many years and Rangers fans have fallen in love with this team made up of mainly homegrown players with top notch free agent signings (Marian Gaborik and Brad Richards) that have made the Garden faithful cautiously optimistic  for a deep Stanley Cup run.

Viagra london Then on Saturday, viagra london I was in front of my TV totally engrossed in the Giants-Jets battle in the Meadowlands. Viagra london The Jets got the ball first and tore through the Giants soft as a marshmallow defense for a touchdown and I thought the G-Men were going to ruin my Christmas but thanks to Brian Shottenheimer and Roarin’ Rex Ryan who forgot that Mark Sanchez and not Joe Namath was QB’ing there team. Viagra london It was a 99 yard TD from Eli Manning to the newest Giants star Victor Cruz (my family did not appreciate my Cruz Salsa dance I performed in the living room after Cruz crossed the end zone) that changed the whole game and put Rex and Shotty into a panic giving the Giants a big win. Viagra london As the game ended two guys who are more similar than they realize, viagra london Rex Ryan and Brandon Jacobs, viagra london traded insults instead of holiday greetings. Viagra london I now had two of the three wins I wanted for Christmas.

Viagra london On Christmas day while everyone wanted to open presents and eat and eat and eat, viagra london I watched the clock hit high noon and screamed out ‘WELCOME BACK NBA!!!!!” I was thisclose to going on Stub Hub and grabbing a couple of tickets for the game at MSG between the Knicks and Celtics as I try to never miss a chance to see my C’s when they come to town. Viagra london However it is not in my nature to get into a screaming match on the Baby Jesus Birthday with my wife so I as much as my finger was twitching to click on “BUY”, viagra london I stepped away from the computer and went back upstairs to spread holiday cheer and make sure I secured the TV for 12:00. Viagra london My favorite Celtic player is Rajon Rondo, viagra london in fact of all the teams I root for Rondo and Henrik Lundqvist are neck and neck for the title of my favorite player of any team I root for (Eli Manning would be my favorite Giant as for the Mets…hummmm… I’ll get back to you on that….) and to watch that performance by Rondo against the Knicks, viagra london made me even more joyous that Danny Anige didn’t deal him off for Chris Paul.

Viagra london Last night after another Rangers win and sitting with my family and reflecting on a having just a great holiday weekend, viagra london I looked around the room at our Christmas tree and the stockings hanging from the mantle and back to reality I returned. Viagra london First I stared at my Mets Christmas stocking, viagra london then I studied the various Mets ornaments on the tree, viagra london Mr. Viagra london Met, viagra london 1986 World Champions, viagra london David Wright and on the top of one of the dining room chairs, viagra london my Mets Christmas hat. Viagra london It hit me and hit me hard, viagra london it’s quite likely that the Mets will not bring me the joy and excitement in 162 games, viagra london that the three other sports teams I root for gave me in a weekend. Viagra london   Quite depressing.

Viagra london It got me thinking, viagra london I cannot be the only one who feels this way. Viagra london How many of you are multiple sports fans?  I then started to think about the men who own the teams I root for and how different the all are.

Viagra london The Rangers are owned by Cablevision and Jim Dolan is in charge of both the Rangers and Knicks. Viagra london Thankfully for Rangers fans, viagra london Dolan hates hockey, viagra london he loves the revenue it brings in but he leaves the hockey folks alone and for that we Ranger fans are grateful. Viagra london One thing about Dolan, viagra london he has no problem spending money and if Slats Sather feels a player (Gaborik, viagra london Richards) is worth the dough and fits the salary cap he always gets the green light to spend.

Viagra london The NY Football Giants are owned by both the Mara and Tisch families but John Mara is the man who makes the decisions for the team. Viagra london  Mara is what you want in a team owner, viagra london his family is football royalty, viagra london he has a presences in the league that is second only to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell , viagra london and he’s all about winning.

Viagra london The Celtics are owned by a syndicate but the managing partner and NBA Governor is Wyc Grousbeck. Viagra london Grousbeck has brought back the history and mystique of the Celtics. Viagra london Just about every game at the TD Garden, viagra london there are numerous Celtics of the past attending the game. Viagra london  I’ve mentioned before that I had the pleasure of meeting Grousbeck a few times at MSG and not only had great conversations with him but he even let me try on the 2008 Championship ring. Viagra london Now that’s an owner. Viagra london Which brings me to the Skill Sets.

Viagra london No matter how bad a season any of those three teams have, viagra london I’ve always been confident that the ownership of those teams will pull out all stops to make the teams better. Viagra london I never, viagra london ever get that feeling with the Wilpon’s. Viagra london   Even when they were flush with In Bernie We Trust currency, viagra london I’ve never had confidence that they would just supply the resources to the men running the team to make baseball decisions that would make the Mets better. Viagra london  It was never the Wilpon’s allowing the baseball people make baseball decision it was always, viagra london sure you can visit Player A to talk contract, viagra london but you have to take Jeff with you. Viagra london  Now I cannot say for certain that the other owners I’ve named are not meddlesome (especially Dolan but he is more hands on with the Knicks than Rangers) but if they have it’s never been brought out like it has with Jeff Wilpon. Viagra london Whether it was flying to meet Mike Cameron on the Mets private jet to get him to sign as a free agent, viagra london or being golf buddies with Tom Glavine and Al Leiter or just  forcing himself on the baseball operations when he had no baseball knowledge  what so ever.

Viagra london With all the money woes the Wilpon’s have the one good thing has been that Sandy Alderson has run the baseball ops as he wants and with no money to spend , viagra londonJeff has been a non-factor in player moves, viagra london which would be a positive if the Mets had money to spend.

Viagra london Yesterday the Chicago Cubs signed RHP Andy Sonnestine and RHP Manny Corpas to non-guaranteed deals. Viagra london The Mets with the lack of depth in the pitching department both on the big league and Triple A level should have been in on both these chuckers. Viagra london I know neither Sonnestine nor Corpas are enough to really get Mets fans hot and bothered about but it just shows how the cash situation is so bad with the Mets that they can’t even bid on two arms like this.

Viagra london The angst of the Mets fan is not towards the players or the front office; it’s all on the owners. Viagra london Mets fans who decide to not go to Citi Field or watch games on SNY or buy Met merchandise will do so because of their anger at the Wilpon’s for not falling on the sword and doing the right thing by selling the team. Viagra london No matter what happens on the field this coming season, viagra london this team will be followed by the Wilpon black cloud all season long unless the financial situation reaches to catastrophic proportions and Fred, viagra london Jeff and Uncle Saul are thrown out on their ass . Viagra london  What sucks most of all, viagra london many Mets fans that I talk to don’t want to talk actual baseball, viagra london they all want to talk about the Wilpon’s selling the team. Viagra london That is the number one subject on the Mets fans mind, viagra london not will Wright and Bay rebound or will Santana bounce back or will Ike have the breakout season, viagra london nope, viagra london it’s when the fuck are the Wilpon’s selling the team and that won’t end until the Skill Sets are gone. Viagra london It’s shame for them , viagra london a shame for Mets fans and a shame for baseball.

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Try viagra for free For most people the holiday season is over but for baseball fans we are anticipating our holiday season, try viagra for free the day pitchers and catchers start stretching out hammys and arms in what is really (no offense to those who like to use rodents as weather prognosticators) the first sign that daylight will be longer and temperatures higher, try viagra for free spring training. Try viagra for free  As Mets fans we are entering a new era in the history of the franchise with Team Alderson running the Baseball Ops and I don’t know about you but I’m still trying to figure out the direction in which we’re headed.

Try viagra for free Alderson has a lot of Clint Eastwood movie role qualities, try viagra for free he seems to never get rattled or sweat. Try viagra for free In fact I bet if Alderson were advising Mayor MoneyBags during the worst snow removal operation, try viagra for free we would not have had the disaster, try viagra for free the likes of which we haven’t seen since the late 1970’s when John Lindsay forgot that Queens was not part of Nassau County. Try viagra for free The problem we have here though, try viagra for free the Mets fan base is the exact opposite of the front office.

Try viagra for free The NY Jets fan base has bought in to Rex Ryan’ bravado and bluster. Try viagra for free Knicks fans are starting to boast about having a top 10 NBA team. Try viagra for free NY Rangers fans are looking with admiration of their team as it has become a real blue collar bunch that works it’s ass off. Try viagra for free Even NY Giants fans are still believers in their head coach (some, try viagra for free not all I know. Try viagra for free Even though I’m not a big Coughlin fan I agree with John Mara bringing him back next season. Try viagra for free I bet he gets a one year extension and then retires)   I just wonder if Mets fans will ever take on the persona of Sandy Alderson ?

Try viagra for free Most of us Mets fans are feeling very antsy about the pitching staff, try viagra for free there are two starting spots open along with at least three spots in the bullpen, try viagra for free and just a few shekel’s available in the Skill Sets budget to fill the spots.  There are also six bench spots that have to be filled as well and all I keep thinking is “How is Sandy going to do this”? Not only how but how and make this team competitive?

Try viagra for free Adam Rubin did a whole roster breakdown and of the starting eight, try viagra for free only second base is an open competition. Try viagra for free The outfield is set with Bay, try viagra for free Beltran, try viagra for free Pagan so the only question here is who will play centerfield and who will be in right? Talking to Carlos Beltran, try viagra for free he feels fine and looks fit but the biggest obstacle I see is that big bulky brace he will have to wear for as long as he plays baseball. Try viagra for free  I got the impression from Terry Collins, try viagra for free that Beltran will be given every chance to win the CF job but if he and his staff feels he’s not up to it, try viagra for free he’ll be the RF’er with Pagan taking over CF. Try viagra for free What choice does Beltran have if this move is made? None.

Try viagra for free The second base quagmire is most compelling. Try viagra for free If Luis Castillo can’t beat out the competition he’ll be given his release. Try viagra for free The feeling I get is Alderson hopes he craps out so he can release him. Try viagra for free Castillo fits on this team about as well as a eunuch in whorehouse. Try viagra for free  I’m very interested in seeing Brad Emaus play as I think he’s the guy the front office wants to win the second base job. Try viagra for free Dan Murphy will get reps at second as well but he looks to be more a utility guy and lefty bat off the bench. Try viagra for free Same with Nick Evans as his righty counterpart who can spell both David Wright and Ike Davis and maybe play a corner spot in the outfield as well.

Try viagra for free That still leaves about four spots to fill the bench. Try viagra for free One player who won’t be a benchmark is Lucas Duda and that’s a good thing. Try viagra for free Duda needs to play every day and that can only happen in Buffalo. Try viagra for free It’s a win-win for the Mets, try viagra for free if Duda hits like last year, try viagra for free he’s prime trade bait or he is the first call up if the any of the three starting OF’ers go down injured. Try viagra for free  How about signing Andruw Jones as a fourth outfielder? Maybe the longer he’s unemployed, try viagra for free the easier he could be to sign for an incentive laden contract.

Try viagra for free The storyline that will be most prominent in 2011 will be what becomes of Jose Reyes beyond this season. Try viagra for free I’d say it’s a given that no matter how well he plays, try viagra for free this is Carlos Beltran’ last season as a Met, try viagra for free in fact we could be talking months as Alderson will have to decide if it’s worth trading Beltran for prospects or taking the draft pick? With Reyes it’s a lot more difficult decision. Try viagra for free What Jose Reyes will we see in 2011? If it’s the Reyes of the last two seasons, try viagra for free where injury and production limit his playing time, try viagra for free then no way you go long term, try viagra for free in fact if 2011 is a carbon copy of 2010, try viagra for free then Reyes will be an ex-Met but if he bounces back and has a 2008 type season, try viagra for free then Sandy Alderson will have a real tough decision to make. Try viagra for free Let’s hope Reyes has a 2008 type season as that would mean not only seeing how Alderson handles a tough decision but I’m sure the Mets will have  better season than most fans think they’ll have.

Try viagra for free The Francisco Rodriguez saga will be compelling as well. Try viagra for free What happens if Rodriguez is closing in on the magic 55 games finished and the Mets are out of contention? Do the Mets hold him back and damn the consequences of a grievance? What if everything starts to fall into place and this team is still in post season hunt?  It’s the $17.5 mil dollar question.

Try viagra for free I’m getting mighty itchy for some positive Mets news. Try viagra for free This front office is keeping its plans very close to the vest and all the leaks in the organization seemed to have been plugged so we sit here waiting for a moves to be made so we can analyze and try to track how this team will go forward. Try viagra for free  Please Sandy, try viagra for free throws us a bone!

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Viagra buy Listened to the Terry Collins presser on WFAN and the two whinny hosts, viagra buy Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts who I think were more upset that the Collins intro took away from them rubbing Rex Ryan’ ample belly in worship. Viagra buy But a couple of observations:

Viagra buy WHOA!!!! Collins is a bundle of energy that’s for sure and complete opposite from Jerry Manuel. Viagra buy It felt like Collins picked a couple of Four Lokos at a bodega on Roosevelt Ave before hitting Citi Field.

Viagra buy Collins said all the right things (all the things we’ve heard in the past 10 of these pressers) about stressing fundi’s, viagra buy pitching and the big one, viagra buy ACCOUNTABILITY .  Like a batter spouse, viagra buy we’ve heard this all before.

Viagra buy I understand the love for Wally Backman but why turn it to hate towards Collins? That I don’t get. Viagra buy As I said I would have loved to see Wally on that podium today but Alderson & Co. Viagra buy thought otherwise, viagra buy so at this point in the first month of the new management I have to give them the benefit of the doubt .

Viagra buy By a show of hands (or comments) how many of you think the Mets will be Pennant contenders next year?

Viagra buy Don’t forget to tune into THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN tonight on BLOG TALK RADIO as Doug Gladstone and George  “The Stork” Theodore will be my guests.

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Can i take viagra Sorry for the late post but I was conferring with my attorneys, can i take viagra to see is we Mets fans can file a grievance against the MLBPA for filing a grievance against the Mets in the Mets v. Can i take viagra K-Rod case.

Can i take viagra I did not watch any of the Mets-Astros game last night and I’m glad I didn’t as it seems the play of the field made people wretch.

Can i take viagra Rod Barajas will be activated some time today and word is Josh Thole’s spot is safe. Can i take viagra So the Mets will go with 3 players out of 25 who play catcher. Can i take viagra Then they have a pitcher who may as well sit in the bullpen in a Snuggie with a bowl of pop corn as he never gets to see the light of the pitchers mound. Can i take viagra Now you know why the Mets organization is baseball’s equivalent of the person coming out of the bathroom with toilet paper sticking out the back of their pants.

Can i take viagra I  have my doubts about people like Tony Dungy, can i take viagra who is one of  these holier

Can i take viagra  than thou types, can i take viagra than I do about a guy like Rex Ryan. Can i take viagra In fact, can i take viagra I would trust Rex Ryan more than I would Dungy. 

Can i take viagra Matthew Cerrone thinks Bobby Parnell should be the Mets closer now and next year in the event that Francisco Rodriguez is gone from the team. Can i take viagra Hard to argue that point in fact I’ve been saying for awhile the most overrated position in sports is the closer, can i take viagra with the exception of Mariano Rivera.

Can i take viagra If you haven’t heard my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN show with Howard Megdal, can i take viagra it’s well worth your while, can i take viagra also don’t forget to vote of Howard for Mets GM right here.

Can i take viagra Alex Belth has touched on a great subject at his Bronx Banter site, can i take viagra film crews in NYC. Can i take viagra Where my office is located downtown we have crews for the now off the air Ugly Betty, can i take viagra Law and Order, can i take viagra and Rescue Me. Can i take viagra There is nothing funnier than a crew trying to shoot a scene and telling pedestrians to please wait before crossing a street and having New Yorkers telling to go fuck themselves and keep walking.    

Can i take viagra Now that the Mets are done for the year, can i take viagra are you following any other team that’s on the march to the post season? I always have a soft spot for the Giants so I like to watch their run (even though they’ve dropped 4 of 5 to the Padres and Phillies, can i take viagra two teams that if they needed to beat) for the NL West or Wild Card and the watching the White Sox-Twins series has been a thrill. Can i take viagra So tell me is their a team your following or are you just waiting for football season?

Can i take viagra Don’t forget to check out my NO PSL REQUIRED Fantasy Football League as there are some spots remaining.

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Generic viagra mexico As a NY Football Giants fan, generic viagra mexico my main enjoyment this past weekend should be that the Dallas Cowgirls choked again in the NFL post season (how about a great big Kranepool Society  FUCK YOU to Jerry  Jones the owner of the Cowgirls and how about that fat fuck Flozell Adams, generic viagra mexico left a playoff game with a boo-boo on his calf, generic viagra mexico fucking coward!) but in fact I am actually happy with the Jets winning yesterday in San Diego.

Generic viagra mexico The Giants fans-Jets fan relationship is strange by New York sports fan standards. Generic viagra mexico As a NY Ranger fan, generic viagra mexico I hate the Icelanders immensely (da-da-da-dada da-da-da-dada da-da-da-dada da-da-da POTVIN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!)  and as most local hockey fans, generic viagra mexico I’m blasé about the K.C. Generic viagra mexico Scouts/Colorado Rockies/NJ Devils. Generic viagra mexico They only player well known in Newark is their over weight and overrated goaltender. Generic viagra mexico As a Boston Cletics fan the good thing about having the Knicks and Nets around is I get to see the C’s in person four times a year. Generic viagra mexico As for the Bronx Bastards, generic viagra mexico the hatred between us and them is well documented. Generic viagra mexico But as far as Giants-Jets fans go, generic viagra mexico we just go about our business come football season.

Generic viagra mexico I got wrapped up the Jets game yesterday because the style of football they play is the antithesis of what the NFL is all about these days and a style I love. Generic viagra mexico It’s all about spread offenses and quarterbacks throwing 35 times a game Wildcat formation (which is a basic Pop Warner offense) and high flying wide outs and games in domes under controlled climates but then here come the Jets with a page out of” simple still works” playbook. Generic viagra mexico Pound the ball on offense, generic viagra mexico control the clock, generic viagra mexico have your QB mange the game and not have to make a big play, generic viagra mexico then on defense attack the line of scrimmage like a jail break and make the QB as uncomfortable in the pocket as you can, generic viagra mexico hit the wide outs hard early to get them out of their rhythm  . Generic viagra mexico Add in a few turnovers and you have a wining formula.

Generic viagra mexico During the season Jets coach Rex Ryan annoyed me with his big mouth and bluster. Generic viagra mexico The reason being I was so used to the Same Old Jets who are great in April on Draft Day and then again in August in games that don’t count in the standings but then come the regular season, generic viagra mexico well Same Old Jets. Generic viagra mexico But Ryan has taken that Same Old Jets stigma and turned it into a positive, generic viagra mexico a rallying cry. Generic viagra mexico Last night on the SNY Jets Post Game show the played a clip of Ryan and his team in their jubilant locker room. Generic viagra mexico Ryan gathered his team around him and said something that has converted me to be a Rex Ryan fan:

Generic viagra mexico “ok fella’s listen up, generic viagra mexico great game today, generic viagra mexico great effort and you should be proud of everything you’ve accomplished so far. Generic viagra mexico But tomorrow the headline in the papers will be THREE FIRST PLACE TEAM ADVANCE……..AND THE FUCKIN’ JETS”

Generic viagra mexico With that his players roared in delight. Generic viagra mexico This is Rex Ryan’ team  and the story of the Jets season so far is an unbelievable one and as crazy as this sounds from a Giants fan, generic viagra mexico I hope they win the Fuckin’ Super Bowl.

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