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Sildenafil plant I guess it doesn’t matter who runs the Mets, sildenafil plant injuries are still more complicated than high school trigonometry. Sildenafil plant Jose Reyes is set to hit the DL except Terry Collins is worried about not having Jose for the Phillies series after the All-Star break. Sildenafil plant I guess TC feels the Mets still have a shot at winning the division and as great as it would be to win that series, sildenafil plant it’s more important to get Reyes healthy and to not play shorthanded. Sildenafil plant The Mets under Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya were raked over the coals for doing this and it seems this way of doing baseball business has spread to the new regime as well. Sildenafil plant Reyes hasn’t played in five days and hasn’t felt any improvement in his tight hammy. Sildenafil plant Now he and his agent have decided to get a second opinion, sildenafil plant fine. Sildenafil plant The original diagnosis was a Grade 1 strain of the hamstring, sildenafil plant which is supposedly the least severe but because no one on the Mets is a fast healer, sildenafil plant this Grade 1 may be worse than first thought, sildenafil plant hence the second opinion.

Sildenafil plant Meanwhile Nick Evans is sitting in an airport in Buffalo waiting to board a plane to LA to join the big club. Sildenafil plant What’s interesting with Evans becoming a Triple A star, sildenafil plant this could be the break he needs. Sildenafil plant If he does take Reyes place on the Mets when Reyes comes back, sildenafil plant the roster move made will be an interesting one. Sildenafil plant Evans has cleared waivers twice this season, sildenafil plant if he can translate his hitting from Buffalo to the big club, sildenafil plant it’s doubtful he’ll pass thorough waivers again. Sildenafil plant  Good for Nick bad for the Mets.

Sildenafil plant I was happy to see Sandy Alderson agree with my premise that the Mets are relevant again if not contenders. Sildenafil plant Still, sildenafil plant Alderson is trying to balance relevancy and being in the hunt for a post season berth with the need to deal off some parts to build a better future for the Mets and keep the fan base interested enough to keep buying tickets and watching on TV. Sildenafil plant That’s a tough task.

Sildenafil plant To deal off Frankie Rodriguez (if Alderson can pull this off he is the GM I thought he’d be) Izzy and Tim Brydak that wouldn’t be a detriment to the team at all, sildenafil plant as you have cheaper and just as efficient if not better replacements in Bobby Parnell, sildenafil plant Pedro Beato and Mike O’Connor. Sildenafil plant The other trade chip will be easier to deal but could take the heart and soul out of this team.

Sildenafil plant No matter if you’re a Beltran fan or foe, sildenafil plant you cannot deny Carlos is having the most fun he ever had as a Met. Sildenafil plant Not only is he more than productive but when you see him giving “The Claw” to his teammates and then have them give him a hard time when he forgets to give the signal to the bench, sildenafil plant a happy Beltran is a productive Beltran, sildenafil plant it’s hard not feel good for him. Sildenafil plant It kills the anti-Beltran faction of the fan base because they can’t find any negatives about Carlos this season. Sildenafil plant Willie Harris has proclaimed him the leader of the team. Sildenafil plant His teammates see him pull on his knee brace and play every day and never complain about the pain that you know he has in that knee. Sildenafil plant With no Wright or Ike in the lineup, sildenafil plant he has taken it on himself to stay out there every day.

Sildenafil plant With all that, sildenafil plant Alderson should trade Beltran for the good of the future of the club and for the good of Beltran. Sildenafil plant The rest of baseball is watching Beltran closely and there will be no shortage of suitors for Alderson to make a deal with. Sildenafil plant It will hurt in the short run but dealing Carlos Beltran may be the best for the long term for the Mets.

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