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Canadian generic cialis Most jobs are not that much different from sports teams when it comes to problem players/workers. Canadian generic cialis There are always coaches/supervisors who feel they can take someone else’s problem or malcontent and turn them into a productive member of the organization. Canadian generic cialis  But then there are exceptions and if this case with the Mets that exception is Oliver Perez.

Canadian generic cialis In today’s NY Post, canadian generic cialis Kevin Kernan writes about OP not joining the early campers club in St Lonesome. Canadian generic cialis So here we are on the eve of the official opening of camp and Oliver Perez is the lead in a Mets story and of course it’s of a negative nature. Canadian generic cialis Everything  is of a negative nature when it comes to Perez.

Canadian generic cialis It all started on July 30, canadian generic cialis2006. Canadian generic cialis The Mets had just finished a sweep of the Atlanta Braves on the road to bring their record to 63-41 and a hard to believe 13 ½ game lead in the NL East. Canadian generic cialis Mets management and fans had visions of the post season and of parades and tons of World Series memorabilia for us to waste our discretionary income on. Canadian generic cialis  Man, canadian generic cialis we Mets fans were living the high baseball life until Duaner Sanchez decided he just HAD to have some rice and beans when he hit Miami, canadian generic cialis so he hopped in a cab with some friends and a drunk driver crashed into the cab and Dirty Duaner wrecked his shoulder and the Mets season. Canadian generic cialis With the trade deadline that day, canadian generic cialis Omar Minaya in a state of panic dealt of productive Xavier Nady to the Pirates for Roberto Hernandez who would fill nicely in the bullpen. Canadian generic cialis In order to get Hernandez though, canadian generic cialis the Mets had to take Perez as well.

Canadian generic cialis Perez had his good moments like game 4 of the 2006 NLCS and was very good in 2007 but injuries and ineffectiveness took it’s toll on Perez’ velocity on his fastball and the bad Ollie from Pittsburgh came back to haunt the Mets. Canadian generic cialis  The big debate after the 2008 season was should the Mets re-sign Perez or go for Derek Lowe. Canadian generic cialis  Another deal gone wrong.

Canadian generic cialis Perez, canadian generic cialis as well as Luis Castillo, canadian generic cialis are the remains of the failure of Omar Minaya. Canadian generic cialis The more Mets fans see both these players the more they are reminded of the failures of the last administration.  If the Alderson regime is serious about a change in philosophy and in restoring responsibility and accountability back to the franchise, canadian generic cialis they need to give both Perez and Castillo their release. Canadian generic cialis Both players are untradeable and there is no way in the world either player is making this team.

Canadian generic cialis The organization is having a tough time business wise. Canadian generic cialis Even without the Wilponzi scandal, canadian generic cialis the Mets would have a tough time selling tickets and finding people to believe the organization is moving forward.  The Mets can come up with exotic ticket plans but the bottom line is if you want the fans believe that winning is paramount and that is not business as usual when it comes to player development and competing for jobs, canadian generic cialis send them a sign, canadian generic cialis tell Ollie and Luis to stay home and let them know check is in the mail.

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Order viagra on line

Order viagra on line  

Order viagra on line Just a couple of items before I head out for the day to enjoy the 65 degree day today in NYC, order viagra on line so with Roy Orbison’ Black and White Night coming through my headphones let’s look at some Mets scuttlebutt:

Order viagra on line Looks all the angst over Johan Santana’ elbow was wasted energy by the media and fan base as Santana threw another BP session today and looked sharp and looks to be on track for opening day in Cincinnati:

Order viagra on line “I feel pretty good, order viagra on line” Santana said. Order viagra on line “I don’t see any reasons why I would not be ready for it. Order viagra on line We have been working out, order viagra on line getting everything in the right way, order viagra on line right track, order viagra on line and I don’t think there will be any problems.”

Order viagra on line David Lennon watch the session closely:

Order viagra on line Of his 36 pitches, order viagra on line Santana threw 22 strikes. Order viagra on line He got six swings and misses, order viagra on line with five of them coming on change-up. Order viagra on line Even when his change-up was high in the strike zone — a dangerous spot — the group of Mackowiak, order viagra on line Nick Evans, order viagra on line Rene Rivera and Cory Sullivan couldn’t touch it.

Order viagra on line Jose Reyes is riding the pine in today’s WB (S) C game between the D.R and the Flyin Dutchmen. Order viagra on line Have I told you how much I hate the WBC?

Order viagra on line Bye-bye Dirty Duaner? Could be since the Mets came save some coin by dropping him by April 1. Order viagra on line Add in the fact he has not been the same Dirty Duaner since his infamous Rice and Beans run car crash in South Beach as he still can’t hit 90 on the JUGGS , order viagra on line it could be the end of the line for Sanchez as a Met

Order viagra on line The more you look at the fight for the 5th spot in the Mets rotation the more I won’t be surprised if Petey signs with the Mets after the WBC

Order viagra on line Wilmer Flores parents have submitted a permission slip to Jerry Manuel so Flores will play shortstop today against the Nationals (1PM Ch. Order viagra on line 11) Flores was spotted in the clubhouse this morning with his Menudo lunch box and baseball shoes that light up when he runs (ahhhhhhhhh how cute)

Order viagra on line not a good song a GREAT song by Roy Orbison watch the video here. Order viagra on line

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Let me join Ya Gotta Believe in saying I’m sorry to Carlos Delgado for wanting to run him out of town earlier this year. Cialis india Who knew Del-GOD-o would turn around his season/career like he did? I didn’t that’s for sure but I got caught up in the rush hour a fellow starter to shower you with love and affection now you won’t look in my direction. Cialis india But I want to make it up to CD how about after a game next week we hit the mobile taqueria on 108 St and have a little rice and beans and talk about our plans for October.


Word out of Flushing is that Mookie Wilson, cialis india Davey Johnson and Doc Godden have declined invites to the Last Day of Shea. Cialis india I don’t care how pissed off these three are at the organization they should know that this day is not about the Skill Sets it’s about the Mets fans and the Mets players past and present. Cialis india Sure Mookie is ticked off that he was not given a bigger role In the organization and that the Mets didn’t hold on to Preston Wilson or even bring him back to the team and the fact that fans like myself were angry with him about being decked out in Cardinal regalia during the 2006 post season, cialis india time burry the hatchet Mookie. Cialis india Same with Davey the original bad ass has to realize he would be given a heroes welcome. Cialis india And Doc, cialis india my god  with all the bullshit that he has been through in his life you would think he’s want to here the cheers from the crowd in the place where he made his name and fame? Maybe he loves the Highlanders so much because they are the biggest enablers around (see Martin, cialis india Billy former player/manager/violent alcoholic) and the Skill Sets tried in vain to get him on a straight path, cialis india whatever Gooden needs to be a Shea he heeds to feel the love from Mets fans Com’on Doc come home I’m not mad at ya.!  


As much as our bullpen makes us want to pull our hair out remember one thing, cialis india you will never here  “Now pitching for the New York Mets, cialis india Eric Gagne”  Gagne makes Aaron Heilman look like Cy Young


It is official the great exalted (and bloated ) Mike Francesa has pronounced the 2008 New York Highlanders dead!  To pay your respects, cialis india Suzyn Waldman will be sitting shiva in her home in Westchester. Cialis india




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