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Buy cialis Nik Kolidas and Gene Anthony sat down with former Mets pitching coach and current Baltimore Orioles Director of Pitching Development Rick Peterson who gave his views on pitching today, buy cialis his work with the Orioles and his days with the Mets. Buy cialis As usual when it comes to the Kult of Mets Personalities there is always a bombshell or two from our guests and Rick Peterson is no exception. Buy cialis Enjoy!

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Cheap generic overnight viagra Following a Mets game on Twitter is a trip but following a Mets game on Twitter when it’s a Mike Pelfrey start is a trip on brown acid. Cheap generic overnight viagra With the absence of fan punching bags Ollie Perez and Luis Castillo, cheap generic overnight viagra Mets fans needed to find a new player to kick the shit out of and Big Pelf stepped into that role rather well this season.

Cheap generic overnight viagra What frustrates the living shit out of me with Pelf is he has the talent to be a dominant pitcher in the big leagues  along with the classic pitchers body but what he lacks is the cerebal “SKILL SETS” to combine the physical end of pitching with the most important part of pitching, cheap generic overnight viagra the mental part.

Cheap generic overnight viagra Let’s not dismiss the fact that Pelf lost his long time mentor with the passing of Harvey Dorfman, cheap generic overnight viagra the psychologist who not only wrote books on the mental part of baseball and one strictly on pitching but he also was a huge part of the careers of Al Leiter and John Smoltz.

Cheap generic overnight viagra Pelf would speak to Dorfman on a regular basis and this season was the first the big righty could not pick up the phone or fly Dorfman in for a skull session.

Cheap generic overnight viagra This situation is not lost on Sandy Alderson which is why I think these are the last three games of Dan Warthen’ reign as Mets pitching coach. Cheap generic overnight viagra  This just a gut feeling, cheap generic overnight viagra but I could definitely see Rick Peterson coming back as Mets pitching coach in 2012. Cheap generic overnight viagra Alderson and his staff have a history with Peterson who is cut from the same analytical cloth as the leaders of the Mets front office so it’s no pipe dream that this reunion could happen for 2012.

Cheap generic overnight viagra It’s also not to say that the Peterson approach will work with Big Pelf although Pelfrey had a fine season under Peterson’s tutelage in 2007, cheap generic overnight viagra his first full year with the Mets and seeing that the Alderson plan is go younger and cheaper with pitching talent it could be the missing piece to getting the most out of Pelf, cheap generic overnight viagra Dillon Gee and Jon Niese by having them work with Rick Peterson.

Cheap generic overnight viagra And don’t discount that fact the SNY would be sitting on a ratting bonanza by having Peterson and R.A. Cheap generic overnight viagra Dickey host a show discussing not just baseball but their views on life and the world around us. Cheap generic overnight viagra Talk about must see TV.

Cheap generic overnight viagra Even with Pelf having the representation of the Agent of Darkness, cheap generic overnight viagra how much does he think he is going to get in arbitration; in fact you’d have to think he wouldn’t want to have anything to do with presenting his case to an arbitrator no matter what the Agent of Darkness thinks. Cheap generic overnight viagra Pelf made a shade under $4 mil this season and in his Mets career he’s cashed checks of close to $9mil so I’d say he owes the club and should sign for a modest (though underserved ) raise of maybe $4.5 for 2012 with some incentives.

Cheap generic overnight viagra It’s easy to say “dump his ass” but where do you find a guy with the physical tools and plow horse endurance of a Mike Pelfrey. Cheap generic overnight viagra Hire The Jacket and send Pelf to the lab and let’s see if this is a talent really worth saving.

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Viagra from mexico Last couple of days I’ve been  busy as all hell with real work, viagra from mexico setting up podcasts and coaching so I’m a bit behind with my Mets rants so let me get right to ‘em:

Viagra from mexico Really were you shocked to hear that Jenry Meija blew out his elbow and is headed for Tommy John surgery? Last night on the BBA Baseball Talk Podcast, viagra from mexico D.J. Viagra from mexico Short of Hard Ball Talk and Rotoworld was a guest and we both felt the same way, viagra from mexico we weren’t surprised. Viagra from mexico Of course the first reaction is to curse Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel for their misuse of Mejia last season and to say that the organization didn’t do it’s best to work with Mejia to get him to use the proper pitching mechanics to try to help avoid this type of injury but as a baseball layman I really don’t know how much any of this played in Mejia blowing out his elbow.

Viagra from mexico After speaking to Rick Peterson for a bit during the winter he spoke about working on pitchers mechanics as the easy part of coaching it’s getting that pitcher to repeat the proper mechanic, viagra from mexico that’s the hard part.

Viagra from mexico The one bright spot, viagra from mexico I guess is most pitchers who endure TJ surgery comeback as good as ever with proper rehab and instruction. Viagra from mexico Let’s hope that’s the case with Jenry Mejia.

Viagra from mexico Jose Reyes is on fire and it has not gone unnoticed around baseball. Viagra from mexico Some reports have the Giants looking real hard at making a play for Reyes and to tell you the truth I don’t envy Sandy Alderson with having to make the decision on what to do with Reyes. Viagra from mexico Part of me wants Reyes to stay and sign a new deal and live happily ever after in Flushing. Viagra from mexico Then I think well if the Giants are as desperate as the should be (Mike Fontenot batting 3rd?) and you can pry away RHP Zach Wheeler and LHP Eric Surkamp in a Reyes deal that would be hard to turn down. Viagra from mexico The outcry from a large portion of this fan base will be ear splitting but then again this Mets fan base is the most Bi-polar any fan base in sports. Viagra from mexico They want to win but they don’t want to deal anyone they have affection for. Viagra from mexico The Reyes fans want him here forever as does the David Wright fans but as soon as both these Faces of the Franchise slump, viagra from mexico they blame them for everything but the Skill Sets shity investments. Viagra from mexico You can’t have it your way all the time. Viagra from mexico Sometimes the adults have to make the big decisions and even the most casual baseball fan knows you’re nothing without pitching.  So the question you ask yourself is do I want to build a winning team or do I want to keep players I like around and finish in the second division again and again  or do I think it’s time to revamp my team and go with a new game plan? After all that I still don’t know what the Mets should with Reyes and I wonder if Sandy Alderson feels the same way?

Viagra from mexico I do know this, viagra from mexico The Skill Sets need to sell the team, viagra from mexico if not all of it a majority of it as it would break my heart to see the Mets end up like the Dodgers and not be able to meet payroll. Viagra from mexico Either Fred gets some new cash flowing into this organization or the Skill Sets need to get the fuck out. Viagra from mexico I’m tired of all this sentimentality bullshit from him, viagra from mexico his incompetent brother in law and his dopey kid, viagra from mexico about wanting to keep the team in the family for years and years. Viagra from mexico You should have though about that when your pal Bernie was fucking you over but you didn’t see it because the money was flowing like a Niagara Falls. Viagra from mexico Now you want sympathy. Viagra from mexico You won’t get it here, viagra from mexico my sympathy is with the team and with Mets fan, viagra from mexico Fred you love the Mets so much then do the right thing, viagra from mexico sell the whole fucking kit and caboodle and keep a little piece for you along with a suite and go off into the sunset.

Viagra from mexico Those caps the Mets wore last night were horrendous, viagra from mexico I thought I was watching an episode of 30 Rock.

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Buy online order viagra Sorry, buy online order viagra I’m just standing here wondering what all the hubbub is over Mark McGwire’ admission on his steroid use last night. Buy online order viagra The best part of the evening was watching the sanctimonious Tom Verducci and Ken Rosenthal not accepting McGwire’s mea culpa. Buy online order viagra I love how Verducci, buy online order viagra Rosenthal and Jon Heyman are now all over McGwire and the rest of the Steroid Sluggers but never confronted them or did any investigative reporting during that era but now they’ve all become holier than thou. Buy online order viagra Th eonly reporter who spoke up at that time was Steve Wilstein of AP who asked about the bottle of Andro in McGwire’s locker. Buy online order viagra Too bad MLBN didn’t have him on.  

Buy online order viagra By the way I still have a few questions for Big Mac than Bob Costas failed to hit on. Buy online order viagra “Who got you the dope”? “Did it occur to you that this was a Federal crime having illegal narcotics “? Were you willing to pay any price to succeed in the game even if it meant getting arrested and going to jail”? “Who instructed you on how to administer the PED’s”?

Buy online order viagra I love how the panel on MLB Network was up in arms by McGwire saying he didn’t think the drugs made him better, buy online order viagra he said he took them for the sole purpose of helping recover from a string if injuries he suffered from. Buy online order viagra Sure you can call bullshit on that statement but like Rick Peterson says “In God we trust, buy online order viagra all others bring data” in other words, buy online order viagra It’s all opinion on how much affect the drugs had on his home run total. Buy online order viagra That’s not to say I don’t agree with those who feel the PED’s didn’t help him jack up his HR total, buy online order viagra it’s just that I can’t prove it.

Buy online order viagra Last word on this whole situation, buy online order viagra I have never been a fan of Tony LaRussa but I will say this for TLR, buy online order viagra he is one loyal son of a bitch. Buy online order viagra He has had McGwire’ pock marked back all these years and still has it.

Buy online order viagra I’ll take this as good news. Buy online order viagra Seven Train to Shea quotes a Twitter feed from Ed Price of AOL Fanhouse saying that Carlos Delgado is not moving to well around first base. Buy online order viagra If the move was strictly Omar’s, buy online order viagra Delgado would have been re-signed by the Mets already but it looks like Omar has doesn’t have final say on personnel matters anymore. Buy online order viagra This off season has not been a typical Omar Minaya off season. Buy online order viagra The Mets are much more patient, buy online order viagra to the point of Mets fans screaming in panic (me included) I guess that’s we are used to, buy online order viagra the Omar Way. Buy online order viagra Let’s face it, buy online order viagra if Omar had full autonomy Bengi Moilina would be sitting with a 3yr guaranteed contract right now.

Buy online order viagra Also on Ed Price’ Twiiter feed he claims Mets are talking 2yr/$15 mil contract for Joel Piniero

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Professional cialis After watching Big Pelf suffer through another bad outing and a partial melt down on the mound where I think it’s now at least three straight stats that D-Wright had to go to the mound early to have a heart to heart with Pelf. Professional cialis  Add the struggle back from injury to John Maine, professional cialis  Bobby Parnell’ difficulty making pitching adjustments the second time around, professional cialis  Ollie P being Ollie P, professional cialis Tim Redding not rehabbing correctly from off season surgery, professional cialis not dealing with J J Putz injured elbow and back to the reporting to pitchers and catchers in late February when Johan Santana seemed to be on a training schedule that did more harm than good and the whispers that maybe it was a mistake caning The Jacket, professional cialis Old School Dan Werthen should be squarely in the cross hairs of management to be the first coach relived of duties by the end of the weekend.

Professional cialis As much as Rick Peterson is one of the great pitching minds around it wasn’t a mistake to fire him during the season and when Old School Werthen came on board he made a difference but it seems to me that Werthen is either fed up or just out of ideas on how to get the best out of the Mets pitching staff. Professional cialis The most telling non-move from last night that brings me to this conclusion was the fact that Werthen never left the dugout in the first inning when Pelfrey was struggling with his command especially his fastball that was up, professional cialis up and away, professional cialis even Gary Cohen couldn’t believe that Werthen never came out after first Wright then Santos went out to check on the young righty as the situation was crying for an old head intervention. Professional cialis Maybe Werthen has given up, professional cialis maybe he’s tired of going out there and spewing the same old advice, professional cialis maybe he’d love to put his foot up Pelfrey’s ass but management is holding him back. Professional cialis Whatever it is, professional cialis it’s a problem and one that needs to be addressed not for this season as this season is over but for 2010 and beyond.

Professional cialis Are you getting the vibe that J-Man may not want to be fired as Mets manager? Last night during his post game presser Manuel made a joke at the expense of the Mets medical staff, professional cialis that validated those of us that have questioned the front office, professional cialis the training staff and the doctors. Professional cialis  When asked about Gary Sheffield leaving in the 5th with a leg problem, professional cialis Manuel said “They’re calling it cramps, professional cialis…. Professional cialis surgery is Thursday” and then he let out a laugh which translates to me Manuel saying to the fans “you guys are right this organization is a joke” After realizing that his boss will not be happy with his comment (J-Man has been called on the carpet about talking about making trades to bring in reinforcements) he tired to get SNY to not air the footage, professional cialis fat chance Jerry besides you said nothing that we weren’t thinking ourselves.

Professional cialis Last night looks to be Tim Redding’ last appearance as a Met word in the NYDN is Redding will be released and another move in the minus column for Omar. Professional cialis I said back in spring that Redding looked fat and out of shape but just his track record alone should have been a red flag for the Mets to sign him. Professional cialis But don’t worry Julio Lugo is working out at the Mets academy in the D.R. Professional cialis and will be here once he passes waviers. Professional cialis The longggggggggggggggggggggg summer continues.

Professional cialis The headline on Adam Rubin’ story says” Mets Deny Claims That Jose Reyes Suffered A Set Back in Port St. Professional cialis Luice” The Mets are also denying that today is Saturday, professional cialis water is wet and the organization is in FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All  Recogntion) mode.

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Thank you to everyone who commented and emailed me with suggestions to help me with my pitching staff. Buy viagra alternative I am happy to report that we won our first game of the season 10-0 (now 1-3 on the year) with only three walks against us in the game. Buy viagra alternative Rick Peterson would be proud of all of you.

Speaking of The Jacket, buy viagra alternative he will play himself in the movie version of “Moneyball” with Brad Pitt playing Billy Bean.  Art Howe will also be in the film playing the cadaver they extract  the ligaments from for Tommy John surgery.

The Mets are rolling through NOCAL yesterday 9-6 win. Buy viagra alternative Another strong start I felt, buy viagra alternative by Johan Santana who had one bad inning (the 6th) in the 7 innings he pitched as he had an incredible 79/22 K/B spilt plus he got the win to go to 5-2.

The pitching and hitting is as good for the Mets as any in baseball right now but the fielding needs to tighten up a bit especially with Wright and Castillo. Buy viagra alternative Yes I’m never happy I have to find something to bitch about with this team.

With Carlos Delgado on the DL (what a shock!) the Mets have to make decision on what to do with first base. Buy viagra alternative I don’t see how Jeremy Reed is an option over Daniel Murphy if they want to go a righty/lefty platoon. Buy viagra alternative In fact it looks like the increased playing time for Reed is more of a showcase as why would you need both Reed and Angel Pagan on this roster that now is top heavy with outfielders? Pagan can do as much if not more than Reed both with the bat and in the field plus the added bonus of being a switch hitter. Buy viagra alternative Maybe  a deal with the Orioles for Aubry Huff that would have the Mets send Reed and Eddie Kunz to Baltimore could snare Huff? By the way can we let Murphy play tonight at first base? It’s been four games since his last start. Buy viagra alternative FREE DANIEL MURPHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A reminder, buy viagra alternative I will be a guest tonight on The Seven Train To Shea Radio Program tonight at 7PM EDST.







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As we get ourselves ready for the big three game series with the Cheesesteakers let’s take a look at some of the Mets news of the day:


John Harper has become the P.R. Cialis testimonial agent for Warlord Jerry as he has for the second day in row wrote a story giving us the feel that Randolph was out of touch with his players and didn’t know what buttons to push to motivate his team. Cialis testimonial Also there are more quotes from Tony Bernazard who is taking on a much more public persona. Cialis testimonial Now I don’t know if that is for the better but if you think this turnaround is not in part due to the change on manager your, cialis testimonial delusional. Cialis testimonial The players like Delgado and Reyes won’t come out and say it but Ron Darling had no problem on the post game show last night saying that the Mets clubhouse is a much more relaxed place with J-Man. Cialis testimonial The facial hair ban, cialis testimonial the music ban and not having the ability to interact with his players led to the charge that Randolph didn’t have the feel or pulse of his clubhouse which is one of the biggest thing a manager needs to be successful. Cialis testimonial The x’s and o’s are not as big as some of us think but the ability to connect with your players is something Randolph via his Highlander training couldn’t do. Cialis testimonial After awhile Rick Peterson couldn’t do it either. Cialis testimonial What you hear about J-Man is that he is a straight shooter that we tells his players up front what their role will be and what he is doing. Cialis testimonial He looks them in the eye and let’s them know the deal which it seem is something Randolph and a hard time doing. Cialis testimonial J-Man is as cool as the other side of the pillow whereas Willie was in meltdown mode as we saw with his race comments and ripping SNY coverage sent a message to his team that he was losing it. Cialis testimonial


So Mets fans instead of ripping Tony Bernazard you should be praising him for being adamant in his stance that a managerial change had to be made. Cialis testimonial Omar wanted to be more patient but it looks as if Jeffey Skill Set was siding with TB but Full Autonomy Omar wanted to keep his guy Randolph as he felt is was his failure that Randolph wasn’t working out but TB prevailed and that makes me think that’s why the Randolph axing was handled so badly.


When the off season comes at what point do the Mets drop out of the Oliver Perez Sweepstakes?  Does OP let that dictator of an agent Scott Boras sell his service to the highest bidder or does OP uses his brains and works out a deal with the Mets and stays where he’s comfortable? Remember OP was a throw in the Roberto Hernandez deal and was a mess when he arrived in NY. Cialis testimonial But with extensive work by Rick Peterson, cialis testimonial Dan Warthen and Randy Neiman Perez has emerged as a top line starter. Cialis testimonial Sure he is still an enigma especially when he gives up walks after walk but still LHP like OP are a valuable commodity. Cialis testimonial So if you’re the Mets what is your first offer? He’s not getting Ace money or even #2 starter money so I’d start off with a 3yr/$36mil which of course Boras will be insulted by. Cialis testimonial My counter would be still 3 yrs but sweeten up the money to $37.5 mil with incentives that boost it over $40mil. Cialis testimonial Now Boras will want at least 5 yrs I figure but I don’t see the Mets going for 5 yrs with OP but then again he is only 27 years old but 5 yrs to a pitcher who is not a 1 or a 2 is tough pill to swallow. Cialis testimonial So how about a 4 year deal for $40mil with incentives that could bring the deal to $50mil total with a mutual option for a fifth year. Cialis testimonial If OP produces in those four years he could again be a free agent at the age of 31 and if he doesn’t produce, cialis testimonial well at least he’ll have a very nice nest egg to fall back on. Cialis testimonial


Check out Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest not just for his great interviews and all around insight on baseball but he has a great piece on the Ford C Frick Award and is looking to get out the vote for our own Gary Cohen. Cialis testimonial


The Brooklyn Cyclones are taking a page out of the parent club’s book as they are making a surge to the NY-Penn League playoffs.


Where O’ where has Aaron Heilman gone? O’ where O’ where can he be?  Right now the pecking order of the pen in the late innings is the hybrid Felicano/Smith, cialis testimonial Brian Stokes as the set up and Luis Ayala as the closer. Cialis testimonial Billy Wags could be back next week and if healthy goes back to closer and that drops each releiver down a peg. Cialis testimonial    



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Viagra cost Ahhhhhhhhhhhh vacation time, viagra cost it’s wonderful. Viagra cost Before I leave for Cape Cod and a trip to Boston and Fenway Park I will be in attendance at Shea for tonight’s game as the turnaround season rolls on. Viagra cost No post tomorrow as it’s a long travel day but I hope to post Monday my “Fitty’ Birthday” by the way , viagra cost so before I get some last minute stuff done and head to Shea a few thoughts:

Viagra cost  

Viagra cost Two of the biggest players of this turnaround have been Carlos Delgado and Mike Pelfrey and not surprisingly both players have been helped by the change in manager and pitching coach. Viagra cost Delgado seemed to hate being at the ball park when Willie Randolph was in charge as it seems Randolph’s reign in the clubhouse was a tension convention but for some reason the main streamers give us just bits and pieces of  life in Mets clubhouse under Willie. Viagra cost I guess theiy will let us know when their books come out. Viagra cost Rick Peterson told Mike Pelfrey to never throw a curveball again. Viagra cost Dean of School Dan Werthen worked with Pelfery on his breaking ball to go with his 90+ heater to make him a complete pitcher. Viagra cost No bracelets, viagra cost no gem stones just good common sense.

Viagra cost  

Viagra cost I can’t figure out Dirty Duaner. Viagra cost He gets ahead of batters and can’t finish them off. Viagra cost Is it bad luck or poor performance?

Viagra cost  

Viagra cost Brandon Knight, viagra cost the definition of a journeyman, viagra cost makes his Mets debut tonight as a stand in for Petey. Viagra cost Knight has had a great year in NOLA and was ready to join Davey Johnson and Team USA in Beijing but on the insistence of Dan Werthen he was summoned for this spot start.

Viagra cost  

Viagra cost Looks like the Highlanders stole Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte from the Bucs but I’m not worried about that as with all the rumors and names out there the guy I hope we land is Casey Blake. Viagra cost Blake has descent power and can player OF, viagra cost 3B, viagra cost and 1st  his one draw back is striking out a lot but we can live with that as Blake is the righty bat the Mets need.

Viagra cost  

Viagra cost Manny isn’t happy in Boston. Viagra cost The Red Sox front office, viagra cost owners, viagra cost players and fans are not happy with Manny. Viagra cost  I think you know where I’m going here, viagra cost If I’m Omar I have to make a call in fact if Omar wants to give me Theo Epstein’s number and I’ll meet him for lunch when I get  into town.

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