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Cialis buy One of the worst kept secrets surrounding the Mets was the fact that Chip Hale was ready to head back home to Northern California to join his buddy Bob Melvin as bench coach for the A’s. Cialis buy What was surprising was the domino effect Hale’s departure had on the rest of the coaching staff.

Cialis buy Mookie Wilson was let go with the old “we’ll reassign you in the organization” which is like when a cop sucks at fighting crime, cialis buy the NYPD sticks them in the property clerk’s office. Cialis buy But where does Mookie get reassigned to?  Word is he didn’t work well with Lucas Duada in getting him acclimated to right field and he wasn’t very good at positioning the outfielders or working with base runners  during games. Cialis buy Wilson also hasn’t fared too well as a minor league manager and since he had trouble coaching the outfield with the big club, cialis buy roving minor league instructor seems out as well. Cialis buy What’s left?

Cialis buy Jon DeBus got the boot from the bullpen it seems because he was a catcher and the club would rather have Buffalo pitching coach Rickey Bones, cialis buy a former pitcher, cialis buy in the pen to work with the relievers. Cialis buy DeBus was also in charge of working with Josh Thole and Ronnie Paulino and supposedly wasn’t helping Thole with his defense and was negligent in getting Paulino to show a better work ethic.

Cialis buy It’s a shame that Ken Oberkfell got the ax as Obie did what he was assigned to do, cialis buy be the yin to Terry Collins’ yang. Cialis buy Obie was brought in the be Collins bench coach because he was calm, cialis buy cool and collected a contrast to Collins “makes coffee nervous” persona. Cialis buy Obie is one of those good solid baseball men who did everything he was asked by the organization and now is shown the door. Cialis buy I hope he lands with a team that makes the post season and gets to cash one of the nice winner’s checks.

Cialis buy Tim Teufel gets the prize job as 3rd base coach/obligatory 1986 World Champ for 2012. Cialis buy Gotta meet that quota of 86ers ya know.

Cialis buy The job for Collins’ consigliore it seems is between Larry Bowa and Jim Ringgleman. Cialis buy Both are close confidants of Collins but I will be really pissed off if Riggleman gets the job as the Mets should be looking to stay away from quitters.

Cialis buy Once upon a time, cialis buy Murray Chass was one of the best baseball writers around. Cialis buy His coverage of baseball labor disputes was unparalleled due to his close relationship with former MLBPA President Don Fehr and his mouthpiece Gene Orza but after Chass was let go by the NY Times he became a bitter nasty old man and started a website (he’s refused to call himself what he really is, cialis buy a blogger) where he could spout his bitter nasty old man bullshit. Cialis buy Today he posted about Jeffey Skill Sets and how he is known around baseball as the most disliked executive in baseball. Cialis buy Of course, cialis buy Old Man Murray rails for most of the post about the Mets blocking the Highlanders Triple A team from playing in Newark next year (oh yeah I forgot, cialis buy Chass is an unabashed Highlander ball licker an older version of Ian O’Connor) but at the end of his piece he stated something that I have heard as well so that’s why I’ve included it in my post:

Cialis buy Sandy Alderson, cialis buy Minaya’s successor, cialis buy is completing his first season in the job, cialis buy and I have already heard that he is growing tired of Wilpon’s suffocating presence.

Cialis buy Now if this was just Murray being Murray I’d laugh it off but I have heard the same thing from folks whose take on things around the club I respect and stories they have told me have turned out very reliable. Cialis buy I’ve always said I’m a Mets fan for life but I’ll tell you this, cialis buy If Sandy Alderson leaves the Mets because of dealing with Jeffey is getting in the way of his work then I’d have to seriously think of stopping my support of the team until a new owner takes over. Cialis buy    

Cialis buy  

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Online order url viagra I don’t think Mike Pelfrey can be optioned to Triple A, online order url viagra but after seeing the swift sword of Sandy Alderson yesterday, online order url viagra I wouldn’t be surprised if Pelf throws another stinker today (I’m talking 3 innings getting batted around and a whole lot of hand licking) Alderson would persuade him to take a trip to Buffalo to work out his problems. Online order url viagra I hope it doesn’t come down to that. Online order url viagra Hopefully Pelf gives the team the quality start it desperately needs tonight but if he doesn’t maybe a two week stint with Rickey Bones who would be another set of eyes, online order url viagra could see something to fix Big Pelf.

Online order url viagra It didn’t take Alderson long to show that he won’t sit back with his hands in his pockets as we saw with his moves after last night’s game. Online order url viagra  If Alderson would have released Boyer at the end of spring training there was good chance he’d have been picked up by another team. Online order url viagra Now, online order url viagra odds are much slimmer that he’d be picked up, online order url viagra so if he doesn’t the Mets can send him to Buffalo to raise his game.

Online order url viagra The worst part of the week were the three bad outings by Pelf, online order url viagra Dickey and Niese that taxed and already shaky pen, online order url viagra so it’s imperative for the starters, online order url viagra starting with Pelfrey tonight to step up their game.

Online order url viagra It’s too early to panic, online order url viagra but according to Sandy Alderson it’s not too early to send a message. Online order url viagra The thing we have to remember here is Alderson and his staff has no allegiance to any of the players on this roster. Online order url viagra He inherited the whole flock and I don’t think he’d have any problem dealing away or demoting anyone on this team. Online order url viagra  

Online order url viagra Jose Reyes has been hitting the ball and has looked like the Reyes of old especially in the field but he is also up to his free swinging ways and that is something hitting coach Dave Hudgens is looking to fix. Online order url viagra But at this stage of his career, online order url viagra it will be hard for Reyes to adjust his attack, online order url viagra attack, online order url viagra attack approach at the plate.

Online order url viagra Even with the bad bullpen and inability to get a big hit the best thing I saw this week was Rob Castellano is back with his daily Mets Daily Farm Report on Amazin’ Avenue.

Online order url viagra  Do you think you know all there is to know about getting around Citi Field? If you had BallPark E-Guide you would. Online order url viagra BallPark E-Guide is a nice tidy download that tells you how to get around the ball parks, online order url viagra where to find cheap parking and discounts on tickets. Online order url viagra Right now there are e-guides available for Citi Field, online order url viagra Yankee Stadium, online order url viagra Citizens Bank Ballpark with Camden Yards and Nationals Park coming soon.

Online order url viagra If you didn’t see the piece on 60 Minutes on Albert Pujols last night do yourself a favor and check it out. Online order url viagra It’s well worth it.

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Viagra online sales As we sit here waiting for the Ike Davis Era to begin, viagra online sales let’s look at the trickle down effect of the promotion of Davis to everyday first baseman’s job with the Mets.

Viagra online sales Mike Jacobs was DFA’d and for a guy who was cut by the KC Royals and NY Mets within a few months, viagra online sales he still has a high opinion of himself. Viagra online sales Jacobs has made it known that he will not accept a job with the Buffalo Bisons if it means grabbing some pine. Viagra online sales Jacobs is hardly in a position to dictate when and where he’ll play, viagra online sales but with Davis coming up there is an opening for first base and Jacobs fits fine there, viagra online sales if that’s not good enough for Jacobs, viagra online sales well then good riddance.

Viagra online sales Now if Jacobs takes the assignment to Buffalo, viagra online sales how long will it last ? It all depends on how Davis fits in Queens. Viagra online sales If Ike is what we think he’ll be, viagra online sales then when Daniel Murphy comes back from his knee injury, viagra online sales then Murph needs to go to Buffalo to become a super.  What a better place and time for Murph to work on playing outfield, viagra online sales 2b and 1st base, viagra online sales hell you might as well grab a catchers mitt and learn that position to as an emergency catcher. Viagra online sales Hey you never know when your team will play a 20 inning game your versatility will come in handy.

Viagra online sales With the front office finally realizing that this is the dawning of the age of Ike Davis, viagra online sales there needs to be a few more moves to that would show that the front office is serious about getting this sink ship right. Viagra online sales Please enough of Gary Mathews Jr. Viagra online sales I don’t care how cheap his labor costs are enough is enough. Viagra online sales Angel Pagan should be planted everyday in CF case closed. Viagra online sales Bring up Chris Carter. Viagra online sales Send down Jenry Meija for the good of the organization and let him start so at least by the All Star break you could put him in the rotation.

Viagra online sales While were making alterations why not bring up Bison’s pitching coach Rickey Bones and reassign Old School Dan Werthen some where in the organization. Viagra online sales It’s time for a shake up.

Viagra online sales You want to fire Jerry Manuel ? I won’t shed a tear especially when you bat Frank Catalanotto clean up (rumor has it Ron Washington called Manuel while watching the game last night to ask him if he was high) but if you tell me Bob Melvin is the replacement, viagra online sales I say why bother. Viagra online sales Bob Melvin is just J-Man without the jokes. Viagra online sales We all know who should be given the job.

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Who thinks Oliver Perez to the bullpen is a good plan? I didn’t think so. Viagra tablets If you thought Aaron Heilman, viagra tablets Scott Schoeneweis , viagra tablets Armando Benitez  and Doug Sisk were the most hated relievers in Mets history OP could be jump to the number one spot on that list just not just for ineffectiveness but for his out right selfishness by not taking assignment to the minors.


I’d love to kill the Mets for not having the balls to ship OP’s sorry ass out to Buffalo but their hands are tied with OP having to give his ok for the demotion and it looked like he was ready to do so but Scott Bora$ got in his ear and OP revered course. Viagra tablets Too bad. Viagra tablets


OP can’t work on his problems out of the pen. Viagra tablets J-Man won’t use him in a big spot so his days will be sitting idle in the pen eating licorice and sunflower seeds. Viagra tablets At least in Buffalo he stays in the rotation and works with pitching coach Rickey Bones to get his mechanics straighten out.  Again, viagra tablets what will it take for OP to do the right thing, viagra tablets blowing a relief assignment and getting humiliated by the $iti Field crowd? It shouldn’t come to that.

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