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Female viagra viagra woman With all the talk of canning Jerry Manuel, female viagra viagra woman isn’t that just a smoke screen to cover up the inactivity of the Mets front office? I use the term “front office” instead of just signaling out Omar Minaya who in my opinion has been de-nutted by ownership. Female viagra viagra woman If Omar was axed today, female viagra viagra woman it wouldn’t bother me in the least, female viagra viagra woman same with the manager, female viagra viagra woman but until someone on the inside tells us the story of who is actually making the personnel decisions around here, female viagra viagra woman I have to put all the blame on the Skill Sets for the team not making moves to show the players and the fans they want to win.

Female viagra viagra woman Mets fans are in a much better position than the players, female viagra viagra woman who have no choice but to show up every day, female viagra viagra woman the fans, female viagra viagra woman they can go spend their time and money someplace else. Female viagra viagra woman That’s the beauty of living in NYC, female viagra viagra woman plenty of options here to spend those discretionary funds.

Female viagra viagra woman So fine you fire J-Man, female viagra viagra woman who is coming in Bob Melvin? I have no clue what Bob Melvin can do to shake this up. Female viagra viagra woman If you make a change why not give Ken Oberkfell the job, female viagra viagra woman and let him bring Ricky Bones with him to be the pitching coach. Female viagra viagra woman Obbie has been a loyal Skill Sets solider and Bones has plenty of knowledge of the younger arms in the system  as he like Obbie has been in the org for awhile, female viagra viagra woman so that  would seem to be the move to make.

Female viagra viagra woman Look in a perfect world, female viagra viagra woman I’d want the return of Bobby Valentine as my first choice. Female viagra viagra woman BV seems to like being on the tele but the allure of running a big league team and his return as a long lost hero would be just the thing to make BV say yes to the job but the Skill Sets are so stupid that they can not comprehend that by offering a sweet deal to Bobby V it would rejuvenate the team and the fan base. Female viagra viagra woman If the Mets announced today that BV will be the new manager I’d guarantee they phone and internet lines at the $iti Field ticket office would be overloaded. Female viagra viagra woman The only guy right now that can knock LeBron James watch over the back page is Bobby Valentine.

Female viagra viagra woman What about Kid Carter? Sure he went about things the wrong way when Willie Randolph was ready for the firing squard but I’m not mad at him. Female viagra viagra woman His personality and his stature as a former Met with a World Sereis ring and a plaque in the Hall of Fame gives him instant cred in the clubhouse and with the fan base.

Female viagra viagra woman Until the Skill Sets get it through their numb skulls that the fan base is now leaning toward apathy and have voiced their displeasure with the way this team operates by coming down with a chronic case of alligator arms when it comes to buying tickets, female viagra viagra woman they need a big splash to reinvigorate things in Flushing, female viagra viagra woman if not the only lines on 126th and Roosevelt will be for a tire change or a new car radiator.

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