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Herbal viagra cartridge I think we all need to take a big deep breath. Herbal viagra cartridge This Skill Sets Cash Call has gotten the fan base acting like a bunch of blue and orange Chicken Little’s. Herbal viagra cartridge  The skies of Flushing may look dark and ominous but it’s not falling. Herbal viagra cartridge This may in fact, herbal viagra cartridge be the best thing that could happen to the Mets.

Herbal viagra cartridge There seems to be a misunderstanding in the fan base that thinks spending lots of money equals championships, herbal viagra cartridge if that’s the case, herbal viagra cartridge how come there are only two World Series trophy’s on display at the Mets Hall of Fame? No one was better at pissing away the Skill Sets cash than Omar Minaya but his administration had no structure or foresight  or the balls to tell Jeffey stay out the baseball operations way. Herbal viagra cartridge The minor league system, herbal viagra cartridge the life blood of any organization, herbal viagra cartridge has been run about as well as Mayor Bloomberg’s snow removal system. Herbal viagra cartridge The biggest indictment of the failure of the Mets system is the image still burned in my memory of Fernando Martinez in his first day as a major leaguer, herbal viagra cartridge failing to run out a ball hit in front of home plate. Herbal viagra cartridge At that point, herbal viagra cartridge F-Mart should have been taken to La Guardia Airport and sent back to Buffalo and then the whole minor league system should have been bulldozed and built back from the ground up. Herbal viagra cartridge It didn’t because there was no one in charge with balls or brains to fix it. Herbal viagra cartridge Until now.

Herbal viagra cartridge The best move in the last couple of days by the Mets (besides signing R.A. Herbal viagra cartridge Dickey and Angel Pagan clearing the arbitration eligible list) was hearing Sandy Alderson in his straight shooter way, herbal viagra cartridge talk to us like intelligent adults. Herbal viagra cartridge There was no spin or sleight of hand like we’re used to, herbal viagra cartridge there was a right between the eyes shot of reality (Adam Rubin’ transcript of the Alderson conference call is required reading for the Mets masses)

Herbal viagra cartridge “First of all, herbal viagra cartridge I want to emphasize that the plan that we have pursued the last couple of months was limited by only one fact, herbal viagra cartridge and that was the level of the existing payroll. Herbal viagra cartridge Our payroll going into the season will be somewhere between $140 million and $150 million. Herbal viagra cartridge I think that is significantly higher than we’d like to be on an annual basis — a product of adding some additional players that we felt the roster needed as well as some existing commitments. Herbal viagra cartridge The plan and the approach that I’ve taken over the last two months has not been affected at all by any other outside factors.

Herbal viagra cartridge  

Herbal viagra cartridge “From my standpoint, herbal viagra cartridge when I took this position, herbal viagra cartridge when I interviewed and took this position, herbal viagra cartridge I was of course aware of the pre-existing involvement of the Wilpons and the Mets with Bernie Madoff. Herbal viagra cartridge I wasn’t privy to all of the detail, herbal viagra cartridge nor am I or most of us at this point privy to all that detail. Herbal viagra cartridge And I wouldn’t expect to be. Herbal viagra cartridge At the same time, herbal viagra cartridge none of that has affected what I have done over the last two months. Herbal viagra cartridge I don’t expect that it will have any impact on what I do over the next several months, herbal viagra cartridge including into the 2012 offseason.”

Herbal viagra cartridge Gone are the days of wasting money on has beens and underachievers as bench players just because they are your friends or are good at playing Hearts. Herbal viagra cartridge Why give a 35 year old utility infielder $2mil when you can use a minor leaguer for $450K or a journeyman for a make good deal where performance equals a pay raise? We’re not used to such competence around here and I guess it takes time to understand, herbal viagra cartridge there is spending money and there is spending money wisely.

Herbal viagra cartridge Alderson also showed his leadership qualities by turning negative news into a positive when asked if he was worried about having the cash resources going forward:

Herbal viagra cartridge No. Herbal viagra cartridge I mean, herbal viagra cartridge obviously there’s a certain level of ambiguity surrounding this news. Herbal viagra cartridge But from my standpoint, herbal viagra cartridge the facts are as they currently exist. Herbal viagra cartridge And to some extent the decision to find a minority partner or some other source of recapitalizing the franchise is positive news from my standpoint. Herbal viagra cartridge If there was an initial problem before, herbal viagra cartridge that can only be positive from my standpoint.”

Herbal viagra cartridge There seems to be a panic by a small group of Mets fans about the future of Jose Reyes and his tenure with the Mets. Herbal viagra cartridge From hearing Alderson address this it will be Reyes performance and his contract demands that will dictate if he stays a Met for years to come. Herbal viagra cartridge Ken Davidoff of Newsday has said of Pee Wee Cashman, herbal viagra cartridge that he is “a stone cold killer” in the way he deal s with players as we’ve seen with Derek Jeter and the Rafael Soriano signing. Herbal viagra cartridge I would say Alderson is a more of a calculated assassin. Herbal viagra cartridge  Alderson will do what’s best for the Mets not Reyes and for that Mets should be grateful. Herbal viagra cartridge  Alderson is not going to make the Mets a small market team he is going to make then a more efficient organization when it comes to handing out long term deals. Herbal viagra cartridge  Anyone have a problem with that?

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