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Viagra generic So Mets fans are you happy now? We all wanted to be rid of Jason Bay and his unproductive bat and Debbie Downer body language and the Mets have granted us that request. Viagra generic The club sat down with Bay and worked out a deal where Bay gets the full $21 mil he’s owed on his contract. Viagra generic It looks like the club and Bay have structured a deal where some of the $21 mil is deferred, viagra generic how much that helps the team this off season remains to be seen.

Viagra generic I think by now it’s clear that Sandy Alderson does not deal in emotions when it comes to this team. Viagra generic  We saw it last off season when after approaching  Jose Reyes’ agent during the season to talk contract extension and was told that Reyes would rather test the free agent waters. Viagra generic When the season was over Reyes’ handlers wanted the Mets to make an offer and were told by Alderson that he was not about to set the market price and it would be in Reyes’ best interest to get an offer and get back to him. Viagra generic They did with the only offer out there from the Marlins of 6 years and $106 mil, viagra generic to which Alderson said, viagra generic “enjoy South Beach”. Viagra generic It was the right move.

Viagra generic As we have seen with Luis Castillo, viagra generic Oliver Perez and D.J. Viagra generic Carrasco, viagra generic Alderson has no problem approaching the Skill Sets with the recommendation of eating salary. Viagra generic Even with all the red ink flooding Citi Field, viagra generic the move was still made to eat Bay’s remaining contract however it is structured is a positive move.

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Buy cialis online Last week at this time, buy cialis online it was Armageddon outside my house with rain and wind. Buy cialis online Today, buy cialis online the sun is shining and the temperature’s soring to the mid-70’s today so this will be a real quickie post as  I’m going out to play, buy cialis online I may even break out the shorts, buy cialis online but before I head out a few items:

Buy cialis online Looks like Mike Jacobs is the in line for the 25th spot on the roster as he not only will give Daniel Murphy a run at first base bit he is valuable and an emergency catcher. Buy cialis online Jacobs has no problem stepping in if asked to catch, buy cialis online in fact he has order a catchers mitt and is working down in the bullpen to hone his skills. Buy cialis online Carlos Delgado was a catcher at one time but he made it known under no circumstances would he go behind the plate. Buy cialis online  One more reason why I’m glad Delgado’s gone.

Buy cialis online Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports has a must read column on the shakedown artists at the World Anti-Doping Association who keep trying to embarrass MLB to the point it sends more cash it’s way for the witch hunt of chasing athletes for PED use. Buy cialis online  I know the Congress and the President  have a lot on their plate these days but someone needs to reign in the FBI agents wasting money and man power chasing down Barry Bonds, buy cialis online Roger  Clemens and other athletes about their use of PED’s. Buy cialis online  You want to say Bonds and Clemens are assholes ? You get no argument from me but if you’re going to start putting people in jail for that then Glen Beck needs to be on Death Row.

Buy cialis online Jenry Mejia pitched yesterday and is slated to go again today. Buy cialis online Not a good sign if you ask me. Buy cialis online Looks like Manuel is pushing for Mejia to join the Mets bullpen when the right move would be to let him start in Buffalo. Buy cialis online Also John Maine goes today against the Cardinals, buy cialis online time to step up Johnny.

Buy cialis online The Nationals have sent Jesus Strasbug  to their minor league camp. Buy cialis online  Look for Jesus to be resurrected sometime in May, buy cialis online as it will buy the Nats an extra year of control over the Savior.

Buy cialis online Johan Santana BELIEVES!!!!! Someone has to I guess.

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Cheap less viagra    20 days until pitchers and catchers

Cheap less viagra Unfortunately  I missed Mets Hot Stove last night on SNY but from reading Mathew Cerrone’s MetsBlog this morning it looks like Omar did his best Alexander Haig impression to let us Mets fans know the “He is in charge” No wonder I had a restless nights sleep.

Cheap less viagra From reading the Cerrone’s post, cheap less viagra Omar seemed fixated on the lack of any good solid free agents this off season and Minaya is right about that, cheap less viagra it was a weak crop. Cheap less viagra The Mets did corral one of the better freebird players in Jason Bay and the Mets abstaining from any of the free agent pitchers may turn out to be the right move. Cheap less viagra Time will tell. Cheap less viagra But Omar is acting like the free agent way is the only way to fortify the team.

Cheap less viagra I don’t know if the Mets ever called the Reds or Royals to engage in talks for one of my favorite trio of pitchers I’d like to see, cheap less viagra the pitching firm of Harang, cheap less viagra Arroyo and Meche, cheap less viagra but I just find it very odd that Omar feels the only way to add talent to this team is through free agents and diving in the ballplayers with disabilities dumpster.

Cheap less viagra If you really want to know what a Mets fan is really like, cheap less viagra you must read Faith and Fear in Flushing. Cheap less viagra Greg Prince has a post out this morning that deals with the identity of our team. Cheap less viagra This part of the post says it all:

Cheap less viagra Little wonder the Mets’ identity is frayed. Cheap less viagra No wonder the Metsosphere is continuously and maybe justifiably staticky, cheap less viagra jittery and expressing discontent. Cheap less viagra We are, cheap less viagra by nature, cheap less viagra a gaggle of nervous crosstalkers when we don’t have an actual season to dissect. Cheap less viagra Right now it’s all nervous crosstalk for Mets fans. Cheap less viagra We, cheap less viagra collectively, cheap less viagra remind me of the middle-aged ladies who’d set up card tables in front of somebody’s cabana at the beach club to which my parents belonged when I was little. Cheap less viagra (That’s the Sun Life I remember.) Those ladies indulged in nervous crosstalk, cheap less viagra too, cheap less viagra just like us. Cheap less viagra All we’re missing is four floppy hats, cheap less viagra a carton of Tareytons and a few hands of canasta.

Cheap less viagra  

Cheap less viagra Just walking by them made me jittery, cheap less viagra and I was only six.

Cheap less viagra  

Cheap less viagra After reading that passage, cheap less viagra I can’t get the image of the Brighton Beach Baths out of my mind.

Cheap less viagra Fernando Tatis has resigned with the Mets and for less than the $1.7 mil he made last year. Cheap less viagra Nice hometown discount eh? Tatis will also change is uniform number from 17 (that he should never ever have been given) to 6 4 3.

Cheap less viagra

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Generic ogden viagra Kudos to Paul Lukas and the great Uni-Watch site for calling bullshit on these so called retro uni’s the Mets are hawking. Generic ogden viagra As Lukas so eloquently states, generic ogden viagra these are the same pinstriped uniforms the Mets never wear only in a darker shade of white. Generic ogden viagra Plus they still have the name on the back and of course the ugly ass black shadow. Generic ogden viagra I guess the black is appropriate though as Mets fans we are always in mourning.

Generic ogden viagra If the Blue Jays are dumb enough to trade Roy Halliday to either the Highlanders or Red Sox then Jeffey Skill Sets may have competition for the dopiest executive in baseball. Generic ogden viagra Trading Halliday to their AL East biggest competitors would be like the Mets trading Johan Santana to the Phillies or Braves  Oh shit, generic ogden viagra I hope I didn’t give Jeffey an idea?

Generic ogden viagra Even though this doesn’t make sense because it’s the right move to make and the Mets the last couple of years haven’t made many right moves, generic ogden viagra I still feel the Mets will be a major player in the Halladay Sweepstakes.

Generic ogden viagra Mets Lifers are selling some great t-shirts that depict Keith Hernandez’ 17 and Mike Piazza’ 31 as retired numbers and shirts commemorating Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.

Generic ogden viagra The Mets made it official naming their new and improved coaching staff for 2010. Razor Shines leaves the third base coaches box after a horrendous season there and will be relegated to first base where we can do limited damage.

Generic ogden viagra Third base will be manned by Chip Hale who worked for the Minnesota Twins during the successful Tom Kelly era. Generic ogden viagra (How great would it be to have Tom Kelly step in as Mets manager? In fact I may post Kelly’s picture and managerial stats once a week to get the drums beating)

Generic ogden viagra Dave Jauss will be Jerry Manuel’ new bench coach but his real claim to fame is he is the son of legendary Chicago sporst writer Bill Jauss. Generic ogden viagra Papa Jauss was a member of one of favorite all time TV shows The Sportswriters on TV which used to play here on the old SportsChannel network.

Generic ogden viagra Back and hopefully better are Old School Dan Warthen and Randy Niemann  and of course HoJo .

Generic ogden viagra The most important and some what puzzling hire was that of Terry Collins as the Minor League Field Coordinator. Generic ogden viagra From reading his resume I can’t figure out what Collins qualifications are to get such an important job? It’s not like he is coming in with and championship pelts on his belt or a list of players that were developed under his rein plus last year he was managing in something called the Northwoods Summer League. Generic ogden viagra When you look at his body of work hw sure has held a lot of jobs in baseball and not too many with success. Generic ogden viagra I guess as long as he doesn’t curse out the bushers and take his shirt off he’ll be ok.

Generic ogden viagra {UPDATE: Mark Harrington of The Buffalo News thinks Collins is not only a great hire but the guy to step in if (when) J-Man gets the ax this season.}

Generic ogden viagra

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Cialis overnight delivery Been away for a couple a days so trying to get on track with some Mets news and other minutia:


Cialis overnight delivery You know what, cialis overnight delivery  if this is true then Bernie Madoff did a real half assed job of stealing. If you’re going to rip off rich people then damn it leave them fucking destitute. Cialis overnight delivery First I’m calling bullshit to all this “the Skill Sets are in good shape financially and the Mets are not for sale” Yeah right, cialis overnight delivery that’s why they are selling off players and taking back cash like they were empty Budweiser cans. Cialis overnight delivery That’s why they would rather trade off Billy Wagner as to not have him take arbitration and then get stuck with him for millions of dollars. Cialis overnight delivery That’s why the payroll will go DOWN next season. Cialis overnight delivery That’s why Omar Minaya is now a “cheaper to keep her” rather than divorce her GM and the whole inept front office will be back for the same reason. Cialis overnight delivery Hire Bobby Valentine? Are you nuts? He would want to be paid in American currency not Mr. Cialis overnight delivery Mets bucks. Cialis overnight delivery So you will get another season of Jerry Manuel’ stand up act and the Bingo Traveling All Stars in 2010. Cialis overnight delivery Oh yeah , cialis overnight delivery please get your season ticket renewals in soon or Freddy Skill Sets will have to hitch hike home from Aspen.

Cialis overnight delivery NEWS: JOSE REYES MAY NEED SURGERY

Cialis overnight delivery The shocking part of this story is the Mets medical staff found out now and not the night before opening day 2010. Cialis overnight delivery Around here that’s called progress.


Cialis overnight delivery Look, cialis overnight delivery it was the right move for the Highlanders as it forces the Red Sox to keep Carter on the 40 man roster and not free up a space for another pitcher (Paul Byrd?) but it’s still a scumbag move by the home office of scumbags, cialis overnight delivery the Highlanders. Cialis overnight delivery It doesn’t change the Billy Wagner deal but it does hurt the Mets as they wanted to see what they have in Carter as either a first baseman or an outfielder. Cialis overnight delivery I’m sure Daniel Murphy and Angel Pagan just became big Highlander fans.


Cialis overnight delivery Finally a bright light in this dismal season as Pat Misch pitched a beauty at Wrigley yesterday. Cialis overnight delivery Misch pounded the shit out the strike zone and got groundball out after groundball out. Cialis overnight delivery He only struck out two batters but he threw strikes and pitched to contact and let his fielders do the work, cialis overnight delivery outstanding job. Cialis overnight delivery But of course this being the Mets of 2009 a good job gone bad is the norm but it’s tough to get on Brain Stokes who has be terrific at the back end of the pen that last few weeks but I guess when you’re used nearly everyday this will happen.

Cialis overnight delivery NEWS: DJ AM THROWS OUT FIRST PITCH AT METS GAME, cialis overnight delivery FOUND DEAD A WEEK LATER

Cialis overnight delivery I’m starting to wonder why friends are offering me Mets ticket for free.

Cialis overnight delivery NEWS: SCOTT KAZMIR WEARS A HALO

Cialis overnight delivery So now what do I do with my RAYS KAZMIR 19 t-shirt? I’m thinking of having a week where I wear all the shirts and jerseys of players no longer on those teams. Cialis overnight delivery For the Mets I have ALOMAR 12, cialis overnight delivery VAUGHN 42, cialis overnight delivery ALPHONSO 13. Cialis overnight delivery Then I have Giants jersey SHOCKEY 80 Rangers JAGER 68 it’s like my own little old timers day.

Cialis overnight delivery The trade of Kazmir is not a shock as the rumblings have been there that Kaz and pitching coach Jim Hickey did not see eye to eye and that was proven when Kaz went to Rick Peterson for help after his shoulder injury. Cialis overnight delivery No one claimed Kazmir as his contract and injury record make it a prohibited claim but that never stops Artie Moreno of the Angels, cialis overnight delivery now there is an owner committed to winning.


Cialis overnight delivery Well, cialis overnight delivery maybe. Cialis overnight delivery The Mets are 12 games behind the Nats for the worst record in baseball and 11 back of KC for the next spot. Cialis overnight delivery After that there are seven teams all jockeying for a spot in the 2010 First Year Player Draft Jamboree. Cialis overnight delivery I don’t see either Washington or KC giving the big bucks to Harper. Cialis overnight delivery The one team that would worry me is Baltimore who if the standings finish like they are today, cialis overnight delivery would pick 3rd and might meet the demands of Harper. Cialis overnight delivery So we have to root for more loses Mets fans so new owner Jay-Z can make his big splash at his new job of Mets CEO.

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