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Brand viagra professional Over the weekend while looking while watching the shingels of my roof fly through the air with the greatest of ease, brand viagra professional I did a Q & A with the talented author of Crashburn Alley, brand viagra professional Bill Baer (and Baseball Prospectus and Baseball Digest Daily and ESPN The Sweet Spot) on our beloved Metsies. Brand viagra professional Bill is hoping the Mets are fit to fight this season so as to keep the flames of this new found rivalry stoked. Brand viagra professional Be careful what you wish for Bill, brand viagra professional be very careful

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Drug sample viagra I’m in the middle of reading a terrific book about the careers of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson called ‘When The Game Was Ours” that was written with Jackie Mac Mullan, drug sample viagra the book chronicles the careers of Magic and Bird as they rejuvenated the game of basketball as both collegiate  and pro players.

Drug sample viagra The book explores just how similar both players were not just in talent but in mindset, drug sample viagra that the team comes first.   One of my favorite parts of the book is the great Celtics-Lakers rivalry that Bird and Magic revived from the days of Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain. Drug sample viagra As with Russell and Chamberlain, drug sample viagra Bird and Magic both held each other in high regard as men and as basketball players. Drug sample viagra But when it was game time, drug sample viagra the friendship was put on hold and it was all about winning and about the team. Drug sample viagra A couple of quotes in the book really stood out to me. Drug sample viagra The first one was from Kevin McHale, drug sample viagra the Hall of Fame forward who when asked about his days as a Celtic in the 80’s he said:

Drug sample viagra “It was the best time of my life”.

Drug sample viagra “Of all the things we did, drug sample viagra what stands out is how naturally we gave of ourselves to the team. Drug sample viagra No person was bigger than the rest of us”

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Drug sample viagra What struck me about that quote was, drug sample viagra here was a team that not only had All-Stars in its lineup, drug sample viagra but three Hall of Famers as well. Drug sample viagra What they all had in common was they bought in to the Celtic way and played for the front of the jersey not the back. Drug sample viagra All three had the talent to go off and do their own thing but Bird was the leader and lead by example.

Drug sample viagra Magic Johnson was the same way with the Lakers. Drug sample viagra His mission was to make everyone around him better and to put up championship banners. Drug sample viagra He also had the motivation of Larry Bird and vice versa as both men thrived off each others performance.

Drug sample viagra The other quote that got me thinking was this one by Mychal Thompson who was traded from the San Antonio Spurs to the Lakers and was taken aback by the intensity of the Lakers locker room before a Celtic-Lakers regular season game:

Drug sample viagra “You couldn’t cut the tension with a chain saw”, drug sample viagra Thompson said. Drug sample viagra The jovial big man, drug sample viagra who hammed it up with Magic many time before, drug sample viagra was surprised to see that even Johnson was grimfaced. Drug sample viagra Thompson asked Byron Scott, drug sample viagra “So why is everyone so serious around here”? “Because we hate the Celtics”, drug sample viagra Scott replied.

Drug sample viagra I bring all this up as a long segue into what the Mets really need to do this off season, drug sample viagra beside getting some decent pitching and a big bat, drug sample viagra they need to find out who gives a shit and who doesn’t. Drug sample viagra Not just players but front office people the manage, drug sample viagra coaches fans broadcasters everyone associated with this team. Drug sample viagra Do you think anyone in the Mets clubhouse when asked about playing the Phillies would say they’d want to beat them because they hate them? Are you kidding most players on this Mets team need double doses of Imodium AD when they hit Philly.

Drug sample viagra The Mets are in dire need of a guy whether he be a front office type, drug sample viagra or manager, drug sample viagra who just doesn’t give a fuck who gets mad at him to work at getting this team to play not only good smart fundamental baseball but to be a team. Drug sample viagra The best place for it to come would be from the players side but who on this roster right now has that ability to step up and lead?

Drug sample viagra The only name that pops into my head is Johan Santana, drug sample viagra he has that Magic-Bird mentality but he is not an everyday player and that hinders his ability a bit to be “the guy”. Drug sample viagra Guys like Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes like to talk the talk but they don’t back it up. Drug sample viagra They are like me when I say I’m going to drop 10 pounds then I go and eat a half of Entermanns Crumb Cake and wash it down worth a couple of Yoo-Hoo’s.  Its one thing to say what you’re going to do it’s another to go out and do it.

Drug sample viagra David Wright should be “the guy” and the Mets should have made it know by now the he “is the guy” but the problem with Wright is he is not a Type –A personality guy. Drug sample viagra I’m not mad at Wright for the season he had, drug sample viagra it was good by most standards except for his low HR total, drug sample viagra what I’m sad about is that Wright quit on the team. Drug sample viagra Yes that play where he failed to score before Jeff Francouer was thrown out at 2nd base for the third out in a game against the Marlins in September. Drug sample viagra Wright is the face of the franchise he is the guy on all the adds and who makes all the appearances he is the METS. Drug sample viagra So here it is two months after that blunder and I’m still steaming from that. Drug sample viagra Sure, drug sample viagra Jerry Manuel called him out and benched him the next day but what does that say when the guy who is your franchise player quits? What message does that send to the other 24 players? We saw it with Fernando Martinez when he failed to run out a pop up, drug sample viagra not to mention the awful baseball judgment by Angel Pagan, drug sample viagra there is a reason why not only the major league team are a bunch of losers but the top two farm teams are losers as well.

Drug sample viagra Here it is the hot stove season and a lot of the talk is about who will take over for Jerry Manuel when this team hits the skids again. Drug sample viagra The Mets are run worse than the Knicks, drug sample viagra or Nets in fact they’re more like the Fucking LA Clippers.

Drug sample viagra With all this talk about free agents and all, drug sample viagra the best money the Mets could have spent this off season would have been paying off Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel and revamp the whole philosophy of how this franchise does business. Drug sample viagra  The Mets are said to be going abck to the old style Mets uniform with the cream color and thin pinstripe, drug sample viagra they need to go back to the no name on the back of the jersey as well. Drug sample viagra Nothing will change in Flushing until someone in that clubhouse steps up and challeges his teammates or a manager is brought in to hold players accountable. Drug sample viagra Hopefully Jerry Manuel will look a this spring training as a way to get that message across. Drug sample viagra What has J-Man got to lose? He is on the tissue thin ice so if it were me I’d make it known to the players don’t be making to many plans to socialize this spring as they will be working until exhaustion hits.  Let the players know now that this is the policy and if you don’t like or feel you’re up to let us know and we will send you some place else, drug sample viagra no matter who you are or how much you make” Time for some tough love.

Drug sample viagra I don’t know about you but I’m tired of supporting a team that doesn’t give a shit. Drug sample viagra I know the players don’t take the losses as hard as the fans but Jesus H Christ can’t you act like you actually give a shit? I’ve said the difference between Mets fans and Highlander fans is we root for the team they root for the Championships. Drug sample viagra But what we also root for is hustle and desire as well.

Drug sample viagra Maybe Larry Bird and Magic Johnson would like to run a MLB team?

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Ordering viagra overnight delivery This from the great Can’t Stop The Bleeding site:

Ordering viagra overnight delivery In a bid to keep the peace at Citizens Bank Park, ordering viagra overnight delivery the Phillies wanted to cloak or replace the 16-by-16-foot Mets banner at the top of the set decoration at the Billy Joel/Elton John concerts tonight and Saturday.

Alas, ordering viagra overnight delivery they could not find anything suitable.

Ordering viagra overnight delivery Joel will wear a Phillies jacket for at least part of the show and will make some sort of joking reference to the Mets and their 10-games-back status

Ordering viagra overnight delivery My colleague Bob Ford and I hear that the Phillies had reached out to the “Face 2 Face” concert to express concern about Joel’s New York-theme set.

Ordering viagra overnight delivery It’s not that the Phils are worried about any kind of baseball rivalry, ordering viagra overnight delivery we hear; they just don’t want some yahoo having too much to drink and throwing something at it or starting a fight. Ordering viagra overnight delivery The Mets banner was visible at recent shows at Nationals Ballpark and Wrigley Field.

Ordering viagra overnight delivery Perhaps Joel will sing “Philadelphia State of Mind, ordering viagra overnight delivery” as well.

Ordering viagra overnight delivery My wife actually has Billy Joel albums but when I get home tonight they are going in the trash where they should have been in the first place.

Ordering viagra overnight delivery Imagine this old broken down douche is going to wear a Phillies jacket? What a piece of shit! If you don’t any song played at $iti Field by this hack then you’re not a Mets fan

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Viagra porn Trying hard to put up a post today as I replay a tough loss over and over in my mind, viagra porn no not the All Star Game, viagra porn I gave up on that at 10PM when RESCUE ME came on, viagra porn no I’m talking about my Babe Ruth team losing 8-0 to the top seed last night.

Viagra porn Don’t let the score fool you it was a closer game than that. Viagra porn We had one bad inning (the 3rd) letting in 4 runs on a couple of errors and a some solid base hits. Viagra porn But the biggest obstacle was the pitcher we were facing a 13 year old with a big time yellow hammer that buckled my guys knees. Viagra porn We could only muster two hits on the night and three base runners total (my son accounting for two of the base runners with a walk, viagra porn reaching first on a strike out/passed ball and two stolen bases) and now we face an elimination game on Sunday. Viagra porn Not much to say to the kids but “Hang with ‘em.

Viagra porn After the game we went home to watch the All Star Game and the first thing my son told me was “Dad, viagra porn let’s get all the when I was a kid stuff out early so we can just watch the game” I guess like how the All Star Game was played during the day and how the two leagues played the game like it was a World Series game and how the NL had all the stars and always won and because of that the AL couldn’t draw fans so they sullied the sport with the DH, viagra porn and how I miss Curt Gowdy calling the big games and that’s when I get the hand and “that’s enough old timer” and I quiet down.

Viagra porn I was listening to Joe (Bada Bing Bada Boom) Beningno and Evan Roberts yesterday and I agree with Joe that there is so much baseball available for us to watch that the All Star Game is no big deal, viagra porn as it used to be a chance for fans to see players they never get to see much but with the Extra Innings package and ESPN and MLB Network and Mets and Highlander games on every night there isn’t a team or a player I haven’t seen add in that there is no more rivalry between the NL and AL with so much player movement and the fact that both leagues are not run as separate entities (remember when there were League Presidents ?) That has made the All Star Game hum drum.

Viagra porn Admit it you were hoping that President Obama would have brought Artie Lang with him to the game to hang with Doofus Joe Buck. Viagra porn Now that would have been riveting TV.

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Viagra on line Different day some ol’ Mets news which means there is nothing to talk about. Viagra on line If not for the Rodriguez signing and the Putz trade this would be the worst off season since I started writing this blog which is going on seven years.

Viagra on line Derek Lowe is still on the ‘Ho Stroll, viagra on line Petey wants to come back (I love you Petey but no, viagra on line no , viagra on lineno- time to move on with the Mets life and yours)  and there is still is a big need for a right handed corner outfielder but today and the next three days I am putting all that to the side as it’s time ot concentrate on football as the New York Football Giants get to defend their Super Bowl Championship with a play off game Sunday against the Philadelphia Pigeons.

Viagra on line Here’s is what we know about the Pigeons, viagra on line they are Philly’s answer to the Mets as they never fulfill their fans desire with a Championship and know this too about Philadelphians They would trade 20 Phillies World Series Championships for One Pigeons Super Bowl Trophy. Viagra on line Philliy is a Pigeons Town first and foremost (with the Flyers second) but it’s too bad that Philly is running into the One NY team that has balls in the Football Giants.

Viagra on line Key to the game is Brandon Jacobs establishing his ball running prowess and the G-Men D-Line harassing the living shit out D-McMahon to the point he pukes (which he seems to do in big games)

Viagra on line This is a REAL NY-Philly rivalry and this time NY will come out on top

Viagra on line NY Football Giants 28

Viagra on line Philly Pigeons 17

Viagra on line GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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